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23909 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Sep 2006 at 5:36 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-17 09:34:43 PM  
I can't believe I'm the first person to think of Mozzarella.
2006-09-17 09:35:19 PM  
I swear to gawd, the longer I study linguistics the worse my English gets. At this point I tell people I'm no longer a native English speaker -- I broke English, so they took it away from me.

Sentences like the buffalo monstrosity are part of the reason why.

/"Food (that) cats eat smells funny" is fine for me with or without the that.
//Maybe you should buy different cat food.
2006-09-17 09:35:59 PM  
This had me quite buffaloed as well.
2006-09-17 09:36:14 PM
Most definitely not amused, and neither is...
2006-09-17 10:01:56 PM  
ernst_k: yes, "Food cats eat smells funny" is grammatically correct.... just not very clear.

Clearer examples: "The woman I love", "Places you should see", "Games people play".
2006-09-17 10:08:22 PM  
How much wood would a woodchuck fark if a woodchuck could fark wood? A woodchuck would fark as much wood as a woodchuck could fark if a woodchuck could fark wood.

say that five times fast
2006-09-17 10:17:55 PM  
Yonkers yonkers yonkers Yonkers yonkers Yonkers YONKERS
2006-09-17 10:24:06 PM  
Developers Developers Developers Developers!
/SB was here.
2006-09-17 10:25:22 PM  
Bare bears bare bears bear bear bare bears.

Or, Furless bears that are born by furless bears in turn give give bearth to furless bears.
2006-09-17 10:35:56 PM  
now I swear I didn't write give twice when I made that post. And it should be birth. That one's my bad.

2006-09-17 10:39:25 PM  

Want me to blow your mind? An actual verb is a noun. As in you saying "That word is a verb." You are labling it as a thing, in this case a verb. Therefore, a verb as a concept is a noun. A verb in actual action ceases to be a conceptual noun and is now a verb. Which by saying that returns it to a noun...

I had to draw a diagram, but in the end it all made perfect sense.
2006-09-17 11:12:06 PM  
I am taking the absolute worst Grammatical Literacy class this semester... and that sentence just blew my mind.
2006-09-17 11:19:34 PM  
/looks around for cure for cancer
2006-09-17 11:30:19 PM  
Yup, we learned this in linguistics class. You can write/say the word "buffalo" any number of times and get a grammatical sentence - though good luck parsing it!

logic523 Thanks for giving me more of these; I knew there were other ones out there!
2006-09-17 11:31:17 PM  
"Natural" language my burro.
2006-09-17 11:43:22 PM  
The whole sentence is a tautology. Kind of idiotic.
2006-09-17 11:52:12 PM  
Brain hurting now...
2006-09-18 12:01:12 AM  
Buffalo doesn't look like a word anymore.

My head asplode.
2006-09-18 12:06:35 AM  
Some big buffaloes out there were buffaloed by that sentence.

2006-09-18 12:08:45 AM  
"Thanks for calling 'Thanks for Calling How Can I Help You' how can I help you?"
2006-09-18 12:53:46 AM  
Manny Mota Mota Mota Mota
2006-09-18 02:07:09 AM  

haha, that's exactly what i was thinking.

also, i bought a new New Jersey jersey.
2006-09-18 02:14:15 AM  
This use of grammar, it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future?

/Rimmer's command of the future past imperfect perfect participle still doesn't make him any less of a goit, and my brain hurts after trying to classify that tense...
2006-09-18 02:36:40 AM  
man, i've had enough of those!
//tie me kangaroo down!
2006-09-18 04:00:19 AM  
Not quite as good but I did come up with this one...

Twatted Twatt twat twats Twatt twats twat.

As in drunken fool from Twatt (Orkney Islands, UK) hits another fool from Twatt in the Vagina.
2006-09-18 06:36:42 AM  
Yet another great Rapaport (William J.) gave us that one. They're everywhere!
2006-09-18 09:08:41 AM  
Note to self: Drink coffee, THEN read Fark.
2006-09-18 09:08:51 AM  
Can you do this with "Smurf"?
2006-09-18 10:06:41 AM  
Thats how we talk in Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
2006-09-18 11:03:38 AM  
since no one has done it yet...


/now it is done.
2006-09-18 11:52:19 AM  
Yay, my Computational Linguistics prof. finally gets a day in the light on Fark. I should see if my C. Complexity prof. ever made it for the Kasparov vs. The World analysis... GO UB :P
2006-09-18 12:25:06 PM  
Wow, there's a glitch in the matrix... deja vu.

2006-09-18 05:31:48 PM  
That just blew my mind.
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