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(   Pop star has a breakdown in front of waiting fans. Cries, yells, needs her mother to calm her down. Too bad it wasn't Britney   ( ) divider line
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19535 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jul 2002 at 3:56 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-07 01:12:36 PM  
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wussie
2002-07-07 04:04:04 PM  
/ me hears cats howling in background.
2002-07-07 04:07:03 PM  
From what I figure, it probably has to do with the fact she underwent one of those bulimia enducing super diets. She wasn't nearly as thin as she is now when she first started singing.
2002-07-07 04:07:13 PM  
My favorite "singer" stunt was Bjork going apeshiat on some reporter in an airport. That chick is whack.
2002-07-07 04:09:32 PM  
pop star is just paper tiger!
2002-07-07 04:12:05 PM  
wow, sounds like my ex-girlfriend at any social gathering
2002-07-07 04:15:30 PM  
Ex-girlfriend? But you're The Pope!
2002-07-07 04:17:57 PM  
Poor baby. It must be soooo stressful to have all those adoring fans, damn them and their stupid hunger for autographs.
2002-07-07 04:24:27 PM  
..Did anyone else noticed how farked the picture caption is? "...she broke down and yelled til an assistant calmed her by caressing her cheek." So many things wrong with that statement.
2002-07-07 04:24:46 PM  
"she broke down and yelled til an assistant calmed her by caressing her cheek."
~Oooooohhh yeeaahh.
2002-07-07 04:28:33 PM  
Pop star?

Dude.... everyone KNOWS it's soda.
2002-07-07 04:29:16 PM  
Andonbray: Yes, but we can forgive Bjork because she's not from this planet.
2002-07-07 04:58:29 PM  
what a dumb biatch.
2002-07-07 05:06:48 PM  
I'm sure I would have figured this to be a lot funnier if I actually knew who said popstar was before reading this.
2002-07-07 05:08:25 PM  
Bjork just so happens to be married to Space Ghost.
2002-07-07 05:10:17 PM  
bjork beatin the crap out of a reporter
2002-07-07 05:10:56 PM  
ah hell. stupid bjork thinger

not used to using "'s all the time
2002-07-07 05:22:55 PM  
Anyone notice her mother has abnormally long fingers??
2002-07-07 05:30:53 PM  
Gilga, it was before seminary
2002-07-07 05:40:58 PM  
I bet she has got some tasty egg roll going.
Me so horny!

Dork rhymes with Bjork. =+)
She is a trip, no doubt. Incredible, unique voice. I can only listen to her if I am in the mood.
That video of her snapping on that reporter is classic.

Your comment gets this from me.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-07 05:41:49 PM  
"...crying for nearly half a minute before she finally stopped"

A whole half minute eh. Glad to see she "finally" stopped that horrendous breakdown.
2002-07-07 05:47:24 PM  
There're two dots over the O in "Bjork." ( I can't remember what it's actually called. An Omlaut, maybe? )

Bjork actually rhymes with Jerk. :)
2002-07-07 05:49:57 PM  
slayers, someone already took advantage of the fact that 'dork' rhymes with 'Bjork.'

Check out the Bjork Song at Brunching Shuttlecocks... it's an absolute riot.

2002-07-07 06:44:15 PM  
They should really knock it off with these pre-fab pop stars and go back to letting artists entertain. It's traumatic for these poor girls, and results in weak-ass watered down music anyway. She probably began crying when she ztarted thinking along the lines of "All these people are lining up for my autograph, and I don't even have a shred of talent. My songs are written for me, my stage setup is designed by someone I've never met, I don't even get to do my own hair and makeup - it's all someone else's work."

Hell, if I came to that realization, I wouldn't just start crying - I'd kill myself. Right in front of all those pathetic fans.
2002-07-07 06:46:26 PM  
This just happened to me last week. There I was, surrounded by hundreds of people yelling Chinese at me and I just lost it. Wasn't pretty. I said bad things.
What's really pathetic is that I actually know who she is.
Canto-Pop does that to a person.
2002-07-07 07:46:27 PM  
Boo farking hoo.
2002-07-07 08:03:27 PM  
"There're two dots over the O in "Bjork." ( I can't remember what it's actually called. An Omlaut, maybe? )"
I think they're called umlauts? Anyway, I copy/pasted my vowel Ö with umlauts for my blue Öyster cult mp3's, the tecnique may work as well with BjÖrk as well. I'm sure some cyber junkie will figure out a proper high tech way do to this. By the way, I got the Ö from my copy of 7 Screaming Dizbusters, seems appropriate.
2002-07-07 08:05:54 PM  
Shaolin Kung-fu is great, wonderful. Cecilia should get together with Stephen Chow. Although he might make her wear the mustache during sex.
2002-07-07 08:47:33 PM  
who shiat, what's wrong with this ladies fingers? They are about a foot long
2002-07-07 09:07:01 PM  
ö = alt+ 0246

just look at your character map, if you're using windows.
2002-07-07 09:26:27 PM  
I think throwing around the title of 'pop star' is a little
pretentious these days.

It's as bad as calling anyone who's ever farked on film a
'porn star.' Put out one album on a major label and you're
a pop STAR!

As a matter of fact, the only real difference aside from
the medium, is that porn stars actually entertain us.

"da da da"
2002-07-07 10:59:30 PM  
pop star is appropriate.
its "pop" your a star, then "pop" you're not a star any more. Goodbye! thanks for playing.
2002-07-07 11:12:25 PM  
wow. what a nut job.
2002-07-08 12:19:29 AM  
I'm with Kurpal.... Cantonese pop music is some sca-ree shiat if you're not strapped down in an appreciation chair and fully-prepared.
2002-07-08 03:18:35 AM  
First opera stars catching on fire, then pop signers having breakdowns...Parasite Eve AND Perfect Blue!

What a month for fans of weird creepy games and anime...
2002-07-08 03:29:32 AM  
(Pop star) "I can't believe my mom came to see me sing my crappy music! I think I'm going to cry, I'm so ashamed of myself."

(assistant) "It'll be ok. Just think all of these fools actually PAYED MONEY to be here. Who should feel ashamed now?"

(Pop star) "Yeah I guess you're right. I'm so happy.....I tink I'm gonna cry!"

(Mother) "What the Fark is wrong with you!"
2002-07-08 12:32:15 PM  
happens to me all the time.
2002-07-08 12:36:29 PM  
Anyone notice that her mother doesn't look too much older than she is?

Jeez I wish I were asian, those people just don't age like we whiteys do. NOT FAIR.

Not that I have to worry about that yet, but someday I will curse my Anglo-Saxon Bits for giving me wrinkles at thirty-five.

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