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(Some Drunk Guy)   Drunk guy wanders into stranger's house and cooks himself a pizza   ( divider line
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8193 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jul 2002 at 12:58 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-07 10:27:09 AM  
This happened to my girlfriend a few weeks ago. The town drunk wandered in and passed out on her sofa. Her and her family didn't notice until an hour or so later.
2002-07-07 11:12:52 AM  
Savagehenry: Why do I get the impression you're boring?

Yossarian_Lives: Laughing my ass off!

FBR: I agree that's a bit asinine
2002-07-07 12:27:07 PM  
my friends have "Kramerage" at my house and do this all the time. walk in, make a sandwich, walk out, eat. No problem here.
2002-07-07 12:36:19 PM  
I walked into somebody's house and made a sandwhich before, only I was sober, but I was hungry.
2002-07-07 01:02:49 PM  
i've done some really stupid things drunk. but never have i tryed to make pizza in some strangers house. wake up next to his daughter yes. but i won't steal his food. thats just wrong
2002-07-07 01:33:31 PM  
one nite i had a taxi drop me off at home

but it wasn't mine, it was my ex-husbands house

his girlfriend wasnt amused when i jumped into bed
2002-07-07 04:48:14 PM  

my point exactally.. this has to be STOPPED!!!
2002-07-07 05:28:03 PM  
Feh, if it happened in Madison, he would have just been picked up and dropped off at some other random person's house.
2002-07-07 08:32:09 PM  
I wanna do that. mmmmm drunk...
2002-07-07 09:49:30 PM  
Farkwicket! Hillarious post... people like you are the reason I even go to the comments section. Um.. shouldn't this intruder also be getting underage drinking? He's only 19... 21 is the age in WI.
2002-07-07 09:54:26 PM  
Sheseala.....No, kidding.. in Madison I had some guy come up to me once and asked me for directions to Sydney Australia... lol.. he had just a smidgen of alcohol on his breath. We drink a lot in wi.. welll prolly every state does...
2002-07-08 12:38:48 AM  
but what about the pizza? Think of the pizza!
2002-07-08 09:22:29 AM  
This happened at my best friends house, but they ate the cookies instead of the pizza... tho pizza was available. Our local newspaper mentioned it on a side column thing and called him the "cookie monster". He got arrested, but they didn't press charges. He thought he was at his aunt's house. At least that's what he said...
2002-07-08 03:38:57 PM  
where can i find this guy? my friends and i here in nyc want to rally for him. we can get bus, go to wisconsin, get him drunk (again), and since wisconsin has cheese, we can break and enter and make fondue in strangers' houses.

who's in?

seriously though, this stunt sounds like something i'd do while intoxicated.
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