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(Herald Tribune (SW Florida))   City considers allowing golf carts to roam freely on streets   ( divider line
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2006-09-15 09:48:18 PM  
Watch out at them farmers markets......
2006-09-15 09:48:43 PM  
I loved that mission on GTA: Vice City where you had to chase around those guys in a golf cart and then beat them to death with a 9-iron. Good times, good times.
2006-09-15 09:49:46 PM  
Luckily the aging boomers will be too cool for this sort of thing whehn they retire.

/they will use astral projection
2006-09-15 09:50:21 PM  

Golf carts are electric. After four to six hours of charging a battery, an average cart will run for 20 to 35 miles. Charging a golf cart's battery adds about $16 to a monthly electric bill.

fallacy. some golf carts use on-demand gasoline engines.
2006-09-15 09:50:47 PM  
this won't end good.
2006-09-15 09:51:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

/Owner of Caddy Carts, laughing all the way to the bank
2006-09-15 09:52:10 PM  
In Lake George NY you can rent little go kart-ey things and drive them on the streets.
2006-09-15 09:52:25 PM  
I drove a golf cart for 3 years as a make-shift band equipment truck. It ran on Gas.

Driving on the streets==SCARY. Everyone else is too damn fast.
2006-09-15 09:52:47 PM  
Golf carts are electric. After four to six hours of charging a battery, an average cart will run for 20 to 35 miles. Charging a golf cart's battery adds about $16 to a monthly electric bill.
And gas is free, right?
2006-09-15 09:53:35 PM  
This is real in some developments. The Villages, FLA allows carts everywhere. THey have little bridges and tunnels for them to cross main roads. It's infuriating to look at, but it seems to be working.
2006-09-15 09:54:14 PM  
Can you run the golf carts over freely with your much larger car???? Please??????
2006-09-15 09:54:18 PM  
Golf carts are electric. After four to six hours of charging a battery, an average cart will run for 20 to 35 miles. Charging a golf cart's battery adds about $16 to a monthly electric bill.

I'm not buying your math.
2006-09-15 09:57:56 PM  
Submiter forgot to say "What could possibly go wrong?"
2006-09-15 09:58:52 PM  
but what if you don't play golf?
2006-09-15 09:59:19 PM  
I loved learning golf until my buddy got the bug and took it WAY too seriously. Sucked for me, he's good now and I , well, I still suck.
2006-09-15 09:59:47 PM  
Howie_Feltersnatch: If you played it right, you could actually ram the golf cart into the people and knock them off the golf course and into the water, thereby killing them. The best was when you would pull the handbrake jump out of the car and make it tumble towards a group of senior citizens.

Good times indeed.
2006-09-15 10:05:39 PM  
we are gonna need another tag

florida is just not gonna be big enough

"GOLF CART" tag offically requested

/in advanced of the many holf cart related insanity stories coming out of Florida
2006-09-15 10:09:17 PM  
Last time I looked it up, lots of municipalities allow golf carts on the streets as long as they have proper lighting, rear view mirrors, etc and stay only on streets with a speed limit no higher than 35 mph. They are usually called "neighborhood electric vehicles" in the statutes.
2006-09-15 10:09:32 PM  
Cool just like Catalina. It's fun to get drunk and cruise.
2006-09-15 10:13:08 PM  
On South Bass Island (Put-In-Bay) in Ohio, the entire island is Golf Carts, and a few scattered cars. They have to have turn signals, headlights, a horn, seatbelts, license plates, tail lights. And yes you can get a DUI on a golf cart. It's actually kind of funny to see an entire Island with a few hundred golf carts roaming the streets.
2006-09-15 10:13:11 PM  
2006-09-15 10:16:39 PM  
As a former resident of North Port I would say no problem, if the city kept its promises on repaving the streets and there are only maybe 3 damn sidewalks. This place was totally unprepared for the explosion in it's population. Then the bottom dropped out. Ha ha, glad I got out early.
2006-09-15 10:19:27 PM  
Well, damn it. I had written this long post about how I work as a programmer at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and about the intricacies of the law... then I read the article. And the article as actually dead-on. What a farking surprise.

Anyhoo, I just added a reference to this particular piece of legislation (regulating the use of "low speed vehicles" on highways) to the customer service knowledge base. And odds are nobody has read this far in my post. And if you have, well, I present you with a certificate for one free cookie.
2006-09-15 10:24:20 PM  
I'll take my free cookie now please.
2006-09-15 10:30:31 PM  
mmm cookies...
2006-09-15 10:30:59 PM  
Recently got to drive a golf cart around in a "golf car community," which is the nice way of saying "active retirement community," which is the nice way of saying "freaking ton of old folks in one place."

Anyway... after driving around on a golf cart on city streets I decided that it's not for me. Imagine every crazy driver you've ever had tailgate you, cut you off, or *insert crazy car story here* - now imagine the same story with you in a cart that maxes out at 18 mph, has no doors, and will tip over if you turn to quickly.

... wheeeeee!
2006-09-15 10:33:52 PM  
I think it's cool they come with their own keg holder!
[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-15 10:36:41 PM  
I already have my cookie, it's in one of these folders on my see drive! thanks Harieola!

now for some milk...
2006-09-15 11:04:13 PM  
fireclown: Golf carts are electric. After four to six hours of charging a battery, an average cart will run for 20 to 35 miles. Charging a golf cart's battery adds about $16 to a monthly electric bill.

if i am reading that right, and one charge costs $16 dollars a golf cart would be worse than any car getting better than 2 miles per gallon of $3 gasoline

anyone want to buy dump truck rides to school?
2006-09-15 11:08:27 PM  
Hey you KIDS!

Get offa my fairway!
2006-09-15 11:13:14 PM  
Golf carts allowed to roam freely? At least with the leash laws, they stayed the hell out of my trash.
2006-09-15 11:15:45 PM  
Welcome to Phoenix.
2006-09-15 11:26:41 PM  
Wow, a vehicle that moves slowly enough that it blocks traffic and all the drivers don't want on the road?

It's called a bicycle. Share the road peeps.
2006-09-15 11:31:11 PM  
I only need to charge twice a summer and I generally use it for short trips every week. You can mount solar panels on the roof and almost never need to charge.
2006-09-15 11:56:23 PM  
Bah. Buy a good go-kart, take it to some such community and drive like crazy...

Or put a good go-kart engine in a golf kart...

2006-09-16 12:39:29 AM  
I live out in the country, and sometimes I take my 77 year old neighbor to town. The trip takes us by a golf course, and he takes great delight in leaning over and laying on the horn when we pass them. He likes to try to catch them while they are preparing to swing, and cackles like a witch whenever he does. The golfers wave their arms at us or give us the finger, and he just waves back at them. He is a kindly old colored gentleman, and this is definitely out of character for him.

/Yes, I'm from Florida
2006-09-16 12:53:48 AM  
Peachtree City in Georgia has the golf-carts-on-the-street problem, and it IS a problem. Peachtree City drivers are bad enough without throwing golf carts at them.

Seriously, don't drive a vehicle that you like through that little yuppie hellhole, because said vehicle will NOT leave the area in the same state it entered.
2006-09-16 12:55:15 AM  

You bastard! I golf just so I can ride in the carts..

2006-09-16 01:09:00 AM  
When I was your age there were golf carts all across this great land, as far as the eye could see. Now they're almost gone. It does my heart good to know that some will still roam free.
2006-09-16 01:13:54 AM  
I think golf cart drivers have a touch of teh ghey in them.
2006-09-16 02:30:51 AM  
just a TOUCH ???
2006-09-16 03:08:33 AM  
Oh I can see this if it carries over to my city.

All the people that unfortunately have to use electric wheelchairs will NOW want to trade up and go to a golf cart to get around by.

Then once they get it then they will want to further pimp it out with rear boomboxes, speed boosters and 007 wheel spikes as they try to run me over with them on the street or rip up my ankles!

Oh thank you ever so much Mr. 'I'm stuck in a wheelchair for life!' Now I'm going to become immobile too because you want to stick a canister of nitrous oxide and speed down the sidewalk and run over my body in a rush getting to the store for your latest issue of Penthouse magazine

What is really scary is maybe watching them chase after squirrels or small dogs in them just to piss the crap out of them!
2006-09-16 06:42:18 AM  
O give me a home
Where the golf carts do roam
Where the caddie and imperial play....
2006-09-16 07:20:10 AM  
Being a notorious speed trap town, this will be a bonus to the local PD when it comes time to writing tickets during Season.
2006-09-16 10:31:38 AM  
BobtheFascist [TotalFark]

Welcome to Phoenix.

Closer to Sun City or any Dell Webb community.
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