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50986 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Sep 2006 at 7:42 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-15 05:31:13 PM

Ralph Lauren's Bugatti Atlantic
2006-09-15 05:37:29 PM  
WTF are they smoking?
2006-09-15 05:41:19 PM  
Not a Duesenberg on that list?
2006-09-15 05:43:21 PM  
They can leave the Bugatti, Rolls, and Eleanor off the list. Dino is suspect.

Any number of Packards should be candidates, as well as the 40 Ford coupe.
2006-09-15 05:47:39 PM  
Need to get rid of that ugly ass Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato and put on the bentley hunaudieres (even though it's a concept car).
2006-09-15 05:49:39 PM  
Eat More Possum Any number of Packards should be candidates

I have to agree (my great-granddy and his brother sold Packards in Richmond, VA).

I think they should've added the Mercedes 230SL Pagoda Convertible circa 1965 on that list.
2006-09-15 05:50:19 PM  
Manta537: Not a Duesenberg on that list?

I was coming in to post the exact same thing.
2006-09-15 05:53:23 PM  
Form follows function, biatches.
2006-09-15 05:53:33 PM  

That was the first thing to pop in my head. I would aslo add the Packards, 1930's Cadillac, Shelby Cobra, a many more. I need a list of about 100.
2006-09-15 05:54:28 PM
2006-09-15 05:54:58 PM  
Get that damn Bugatti off the list!

I'm cool with the E-type, the Phantom, the DB4. Maybe not so much the Dino or Eleanor.

As for newer cars? Throw on the Weismann Roadster.
2006-09-15 05:59:31 PM  
That is the ugliest Mustang I've ever seen.
2006-09-15 06:05:31 PM  
Funsucker: That is the ugliest Mustang I've ever seen.

Agreed. I really prefer this one:
2006-09-15 06:06:10 PM  
What? No Pontiac Aztek?
2006-09-15 06:09:37 PM  
If I saw something that looked like most of those cars on my wall, I'd take a flyswatter to it.
2006-09-15 06:12:31 PM  
I second the Bugatti Atlantic. Saw the RL show here in Boston, I was absolutely gobsmacked over it.
2006-09-15 06:15:13 PM
2006-09-15 06:17:19 PM
2006-09-15 06:24:51 PM
2006-09-15 06:43:37 PM  
mrCasual: Ralph Lauren's Bugatti Atlantic

2006-09-15 06:54:37 PM  
Jag E-type? I agree. One of the all-time classic car designs, and one that was also mass-produced enough that I saw them everywhere as a kid.

The 1930 Benz? Never saw one of these before. Looks like the farking Batmobile. Too excessive, though still impressive for the 1930s.

The Bugatti? Are you shiatting me?

The Talbot? Never saw one before, not that impressed.

The Pagani? Looks like a Matchbox car, or something some 7th-grader drew up during study hall.

The Shelby? A plain Mustang from those years looks better. The California Special from that year looks 10 times better than that fugly Shelby:

The Ferrari Dino? Sure, it's a pretty car, but there are nicer-looking Ferraris, including both new ones and vintage ones. Some of the most beautiful Ferraris are the older, rounder, less "supercar" looking ones, like this 1962 250 California Sypder:

The Mercedes gull-wing? No argument, that's on almost anybody's short list of classics.

The Rolls? Most Rolls models are fugly. This one is fuglier than most.

The Aston-Martin? I don't think Aston-Martin has ever made a car that isn't beautiful. Though that one is too, and to each his own, I think they've made nicer looking models. I even think the current models are very nice, though far from their best:

So anyway, I think a few of the selections are correct, a few are near-misses, and several are not even close.
2006-09-15 07:02:50 PM  
Cyberluddite: The Bugatti? Are you shiatting me?

The Talbot? Never saw one before, not that impressed.

The Pagani? Looks like a Matchbox car, or something some 7th-grader drew up during study hall.

I came in here to see if two cars are on that list

A) Bugatti Veyron
B) 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupe

There can't be a list of beautiful cars without those two.

As for the Zonda, I agree with you. I think the Koenigsegg CCX is much more deserving of that spot.
2006-09-15 07:22:13 PM  
They also focused too heavily on exotics--some of which are fugly and overblown anyway--and forgot about some really pretty, classic cars that were, at least at one time, pretty much everyday cars.

For example, there probably isn't an American male alive who was a teenager anytime between the years about 1963 and 1980 who didn't, at some point in his life, dream of owning a first generation (1963-1967) Corvette Sting Ray. And why not? What a great-looking car that was, especially for its time, when one considers that even the newest one is almost 40 years old:

And I'm a big fan of most BMW models, but has BMW ever made a more timeless, classic model than the 3.0csi? These cars are 30 to 37 years old, and they're still beautiful:

There are plenty of other cars that were way ahead of their time, and that were trendsetters for many later cars that followed (and copied) them. Including some plain old everyday cars, like this one. Would you believe that this everyday Buick Riviera is 44 years old? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it should be in the top 10 or anything, but still, that's a pretty damn advanced design for 1962 or 1963.

Exotic cars for the super-rich are nice, but let's not forget about cars that you don't need to be a billionaire to afford. The ones that an ordinary person could buy are the true classics in my book.
2006-09-15 07:25:36 PM  
Some of those are very nice but this is just all sorts of fugly:
2006-09-15 07:43:58 PM
2006-09-15 07:44:32 PM  
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is numero uno in my heart.
2006-09-15 07:45:10 PM  
I didn't see the Chevrolet Corvair in that compilation. ...oh.
2006-09-15 07:45:37 PM  
The ugliest motorcycle in the world beats the most beautiful car in the world every single day of the week and twice on Sunday.
2006-09-15 07:47:09 PM  
612 hits and the link is farked?
2006-09-15 07:47:43 PM  

Lamborghini Miura

2006-09-15 07:48:46 PM  
Lotsa Mustang fanboys here. Pfffft. Rebadged Falcons.

Now thats a sexy American car: 66 Oldsmobile Toronado

/High-tone Son Of a B*tch
2006-09-15 07:49:09 PM  
I came in here to post the Bugatti Atlantic. mrCasual FTW; thread over.
2006-09-15 07:49:57 PM  
Why do people always think bubbly curvy cars are the best-looking? Personally, I think they're ugly as sin.

This is the best-looking car ever made:
2006-09-15 07:50:04 PM  
For some very strange reason, they didn't put the Lamborghini Diablo on there. It belongs in the #1 spot.
2006-09-15 07:50:29 PM  
YAY!1!1!111! another pointless list no one agrees with YAY!1!1!1!111111!!11111

\We should a least turn this into a "most beautiful car you ever owned" list just to make it remotely relavent
2006-09-15 07:50:30 PM  
No morgans? Fo shame!

Link is Farked :(
2006-09-15 07:50:46 PM  
Was this one on the list?

If it wasn't, it should be!

/loves the F1
//best damn car in need for speed ;)
2006-09-15 07:51:58 PM  
Common thread: almost no Detroit influence. Why, you ask?
2006-09-15 07:52:16 PM  
Shelby Cobra should be on that list.
2006-09-15 07:52:45 PM

Yes, I know it's (mostly) fictional. I don't care!
2006-09-15 07:54:44 PM  
Yeah, legion_lives, that's another of those everyday cars with a body design that was many years ahead of its time. Kind of a piece of shiat mechanically, though--the first American front-wheel-drive car, but they hadn't thought out the FWD system. Plus, big-block cast-iron V8 engine and differential up front with zero weight in the back made it one squirrely handling son of a biatch.

And I don't think anybody who posted a Mustang pic is a fanboy--I'm sure not. It was just being pointed out that the fugly Shelby in the article looks like shiat, even compared to other Mustangs.
2006-09-15 07:56:05 PM
2006-09-15 07:56:12 PM  
links farked for me and i can usually get through even when there are 50 comments saying farked, it must really be dead.

i just want to say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or beerholder for women). i work my ass off to save for a '57 bel-air, it won't make any lists, but i think its the most beautiful car ever.

\sadly i have a girlfriend, so i can't save too much money
\\regular nookie is nice though
\\\bel-air would be nicer
2006-09-15 07:56:20 PM  
1984 Ferrari 280 GTO
2006-09-15 07:56:36 PM  
Funsucker: That is the ugliest Mustang I've ever seen.

/ I will second that! that is bad
2006-09-15 07:57:20 PM  
no FD rx7?
2006-09-15 07:57:40 PM  
What? No Edsel?
2006-09-15 07:58:22 PM

and of course my favorite, the meteor:

Duesenberg, except no substitutions.
2006-09-15 07:58:58 PM  
Damn typo

*Accept no substitutions.
2006-09-15 08:00:16 PM  
Cyberluddite I agree, it is much nicer looking Mustang, true. I just see so many people oggle over a 66 Mustang and really its not that special of a car.

Anyhow, the Toro's FWD wasn't that bad IMO: the chains were farely well made. They had to be: 455 Rocket V8s in some of those suckers.
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