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(Daily Sparks Tribune)   King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV of Tonga has died, apparently of a vowel overdose   ( divider line
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2731 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Sep 2006 at 10:42 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-11 08:09:05 AM  
Somebody should hook these guys up with the people of Kyrgystan.
2006-09-11 08:13:48 AM  
No, submitter, it was irritable vowel syndrome.
2006-09-11 09:06:27 AM  
I was like "I'm gonna click this and make an IBS joke" and I come in here and see that. Well played.
2006-09-11 09:24:49 AM  
Sir Cumference the Flatulent: Somebody should hook these guys up with the people of Kyrgystan.

I came in here to say that...
2006-09-11 10:45:49 AM  
I've never laughed so hard, this early in the morning.

Jorb well done.
2006-09-11 10:46:44 AM  
King Taufa'a-who?
2006-09-11 10:47:51 AM  
Sir Cumference the Flatulent

Damn you, sir!
2006-09-11 10:48:29 AM  
good job submitty and witty!

got me to laugh. Not easy to do on a Monday morning....
2006-09-11 10:55:09 AM  
It sucks that the guy with the coolest job in the world ripped them off. He was court jester.

He took them for $25M and only had to pay back. $1M.

/I would pay $1M to be court jester if I had the cash.
2006-09-11 11:01:13 AM  
headline was a bit tongan sheik
2006-09-11 11:03:09 AM  
Sir Cumference the Flatulent [TotalFark]

Somebody should hook these guys up with the people of Kyrgystan.

dammit im too slow!! damn you! boo hiss!!
2006-09-11 11:03:12 AM  
Dear Poster,
You must now come clean the coffee off my monitor. Shame on you for causing laughter before 10am.
2006-09-11 11:03:37 AM  
Any idea how to pronounce it??
2006-09-11 11:03:46 AM  
Doesn't this guy play defense for the Seattle Seahawks? I had no idea he died, he looked fine in the game against Detroit yesterday.
2006-09-11 11:08:50 AM  
Manumana unavailable for comment?
//yes, I know he was Samoan
2006-09-11 11:10:15 AM  
Can we send some of those vowels to Krzkstn etc?
2006-09-11 11:10:16 AM  
What an insensitive headline, submitter. I hope you never have to suffer through the loss of a Tongan King. I mean, besides this one.
2006-09-11 11:15:34 AM  
Cue the 419 Scams in 5...4...3...2...
2006-09-11 11:34:46 AM  
2006-09-11 11:01:13 AM toonz

headline was a bit tongan sheik

WINNAH! that was brilliantly horrible!

And the Welsh are desperate to import some of those vowels too, the bloody English stip-mined all of theirs leaving behind a desolate landscape dotted with Alphabetical disaster sites like this one:
[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-11 11:36:13 AM  
Long live the King. We are not amused.
2006-09-11 11:37:24 AM  
Pray for Omarion.
2006-09-11 11:38:45 AM  
I bet Ted L. Nancy is sad today.
2006-09-11 11:45:10 AM  
He should have received therapy at Krzgygstan(sp?), a place where they desperately need vowels.
2006-09-11 12:20:07 PM  
King of Tonga died? He shoulda gone with "Evade".
2006-09-11 12:49:07 PM  
At least he died doing what he loved, how many of us cubicle dwellers could say that?
2006-09-11 12:52:18 PM  
So we need to get together a syzygy of Tongan, Welsh, And Cyrillic, yes?

/proof that even English needs a few extra vowels
2006-09-11 01:04:19 PM  
Sir Cumference the Flatulent
Somebody should hook these guys up with the people of Kyrgystan.

That was going to be my comment too. Good job with that being the Weeners.
2006-09-11 01:26:50 PM  

To smitty for an excellent headline.

To Sir Cumference the Flatulent for quit wit and cunning humor. My hat's off to you, good Sir.

T Witty Comment and toonz for other original content.

Keyboards all around!!
2006-09-11 01:28:00 PM  
I submitted this with a much worse headline. Bravo, smitty.
2006-09-11 02:03:22 PM  
That reminds me, it's time for my daily vowel movement.

/Queue Mary Tyler Moore doing her Tarzan yell.
2006-09-11 02:15:52 PM  
He had been in consonant pain since they removed his colon. He had to punctuate into a plastic bag.
2006-09-11 02:20:04 PM  
I mourn the death of no royal person. This is 2006. Shouldn't we have guillotined them all by now?
2006-09-11 02:28:28 PM  
first two posts stole my thunder.

/IVS + kyrgystan = ftw
2006-09-11 02:40:19 PM  
Judging by the apostrophe, wouldn't that be a vowel obstruction?
2006-09-11 03:55:48 PM  
That's slightly amusing. You have an obituary headline for some obscure King no one has ever heard of that makes fun of his name, and everyone rolls with it. Meanwhile, people are still in an uproar a few posts down because some smitty made a joke about Anna Nicole's son.

/not trying to make a point
//I just think it's kinda funny...
2006-09-11 04:47:59 PM  
My wife met him when she worked in a law firm in Honolulu. Said he and his entourage dressed like hawaiian tourists and were really cool to be around.
2006-09-12 12:25:55 AM  
That's too bad, he was a decent guy. I have several Tongan friends, he came to my town a few years ago and visited.

A well loved guy.

The problem is, his sucessor is seen as a real jerkwad playboy idiot.
2006-09-12 06:41:24 AM  
"Hey Vanna, Pick me a letter!"
2006-09-12 08:48:07 AM  
This guy doesn't deserve to be mourned. He was a petty tyrant, ruling over his Tongan subjects like a medieval despot.

The only downside to his death is that his son and heir is an even bigger jerk.

Tonga is basically propped up on a huge amount of financial aid sent from New Zealand -- much of which the corrupt and autocratic Royals appropriate for themselves and their allies.

All land and most businesses are owned by the King and basic freedoms are nonexistent. A Tongan newspaper was banned for printing articles critical of the monarchy.

"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."
2006-09-12 01:14:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

He'll be missed
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