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(Some Earthling)   What would happen if the moon crashed to earth?   ( divider line
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10890 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jul 2002 at 11:38 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-03 06:07:48 PM  
Die? Or can we all descend into and survive in mineshafts, a la Dr. Strangelove?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-03 06:24:51 PM  
Jeebus, I kinda knew most of that shiat would happen, but still we would be farked! Looks like going underground doesn't help since the underground gets scooped up and blown out into space. Didn't think of the atmosphere being sucked out. Or the two planets combining in a molten, cooling, re-rounding mass. Good thing that's not gonna happen.

Science is cool.
2002-07-03 08:22:57 PM  
Science is the work of Satan. Anyways, my, what a pleasant prospect. Good intelligent answer too.
2002-07-03 08:58:26 PM  
I'll see you on
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-03 09:12:40 PM  
would i get a lot of free cheese?
2002-07-03 11:41:38 PM  
Since I didn't feel like reading the article due to drunkeness, all I can say is that would be "da bomb!".
2002-07-03 11:41:45 PM  
Why am I thinking Moonlight In Vermont?
2002-07-03 11:42:09 PM  
I'm sure we'd all die.
2002-07-03 11:44:19 PM  
Somebody better call Flash Gordon quick!! Damn that pesky Ming!
2002-07-03 11:44:46 PM  
Then we'd all be farked!
2002-07-03 11:45:31 PM  
What would happen if the moon crashed to earth?

We'd all be in deep shiat. That's what would happen.
2002-07-03 11:47:43 PM  
I hate it when the moon crashes into the earth.
2002-07-03 11:48:26 PM  
What do we do now?

We die...
2002-07-03 11:49:02 PM  
John Bailey - 5/6/2002
Ph.D. Computer Science M.S. Computer Science M.M. Music

Why didn't they get a proper expert to answer it, rather than a music student who turned to computing when he realised he couldn't get a job?
2002-07-03 11:50:14 PM  
I think that would suck. I vote against it.
2002-07-03 11:51:31 PM  
Tarvuz: a 'Last Starfighter' reference, I think?
2002-07-03 11:52:08 PM  

It'd probably cause people to use incredibly long paragraphs!

2002-07-03 11:52:11 PM  


won't have to worry in about 4B years when the sun encompasses the earth.
2002-07-03 11:53:17 PM  
damn that "n" key for being so close to the "h" key...
2002-07-03 11:53:52 PM  
SLF - it doesnt take an expert to tell you the if the moon crashed to earth, we'd be farked.
2002-07-03 11:54:09 PM  
Yes last starfighter.

i am more concerned with the fact that the moon is slowly moving away from us and it is causing earth to wobble out of synch. good thing ill be dead before it gets bad enough to care.
2002-07-03 11:54:30 PM  
This is rediculous. Do you know what the magnitude of the angular momentum of the earth-moon system is? Do you know what it would take to make the moon crash into the earth?

2002-07-03 11:54:54 PM  
"Have you ever wondered if the human race is the result of a civilization from another planet seeking out a place to preserve their genes?"

Wasn't this on the X-files? err... wait, it was on some weird 60s thing where they found a spaceship from mars with big bugs that came to life and ate the british people.
2002-07-03 11:56:35 PM  
Yes! Fear the wrath of my Ko-Dan armada!

Oh, and that answer sucked. Who gave the question to this yahoo? They should have asked a physicist, astronomer, or planetary scientist. They could have at least done some back-of-the-envelope type calculations instead of just guessing at everything.
FNG [TotalFark] [BareFark]
2002-07-03 11:59:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-04 12:00:10 AM  


Just in case it happens they need to warn us so we wont be mad at them for not warning us.

Of course its not the lack of warning about 9/11 people care about. Its the lack of preventative action depite significant warning signs.
2002-07-04 12:00:15 AM  
Actually, when he mentioned that the Moon was the largest planet (relative to it's planet's size), I think Pluto's moon Charon is larger, making it more of a double-planet than Earth.

But, whatever. I like cheese, too.
2002-07-04 12:01:05 AM  
SLF..very good..I just wanted to throw that in there for the heck of it
2002-07-04 12:05:35 AM  
We have now survived the first 5 minutes of the 4th of July in the USA without a Moon crashing into the US.
2002-07-04 12:06:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available] It happend in the movie "The Time Machine"
2002-07-04 12:08:42 AM  

a). Read the article.

2). lern two spel
2002-07-04 12:09:04 AM  
Let's blow it up. We have the technology.
2002-07-04 12:09:09 AM is not the 4th out here in the good ol' NW
2002-07-04 12:12:17 AM  
The Lorax:

Yeah, well, Pluto isn't much of a planet anyway.

2002-07-04 12:16:38 AM  
FNG: Word to the Thundarr reference.
2002-07-04 12:18:27 AM  
if we blew up the moon, the earth would spiral into the sun( or out into space ;). Well no one's said it yet... In unrelated news, tin foil sales are up.
2002-07-04 12:20:59 AM  
When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie... that's amore.
2002-07-04 12:21:30 AM  
In related news:

Sun Blowing Up Deemed Hazardous to Earth.

2002-07-04 12:25:45 AM  

I was just Kranking that album.... Sounds great with a good set of headphones!
2002-07-04 12:28:13 AM  
Bush's popularity would soar as he announces his "War on Celestial Bodies"

"Well we haven't been hit by a moon or planet since so he must be doing a good job!"
2002-07-04 12:43:53 AM  
Why is a guy with degrees in Computer Science and Music answering a question which involves neither field?

Actually, the Sun will explode before the Moon could hit the Earth...

Either this guy mistakenly thinks our sun will go supernova (it has too little mass, or so says NASA) or he is wording things really poorly. In 5 billion years the sun will swell into a red giant, but will only remain so for about a billion years. Then it will throw off it's outer layers (NOT explode) which will become a planetary nebula such as these. The sun itself will become a white dwarf consisting only of what was once the solar core. No explosion involved.
2002-07-04 12:48:44 AM  
something doesn't sound right here. if the moon speeds up to orbit the earth once per day that would make it geosynchronos, which is where they park comm birds. geosync is closer to the earth not farther.
2002-07-04 12:49:27 AM  

What would happen if the moon crashed to earth?

I'll tell you what would happen- I'd be goin' on about 10,000 dates! No, wait, I'm thinking of Hell freezing over. I apologise.
2002-07-04 12:51:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Mmmmm ... Cheese
FNG [TotalFark] [BareFark]
2002-07-04 01:03:03 AM  
grin crankle, good eye
2002-07-04 01:04:41 AM  
I'm glad SLF wasn't the only one who noticed this:

"John Bailey - 5/6/2002
Ph.D. Computer Science M.S. Computer Science M.M. Music"

Maybe I can develop my own theory using my Graphic Design training
2002-07-04 01:11:40 AM  

The guy is just assuming what would happen. No one can predict the course of evetns to take place in the 5 billion years. But one prediction is as good as another when it games to the game of time.
2002-07-04 01:13:38 AM  
I don't remembers my fingers getting mangled in a train accident, but I sure as hell can't type tonight..
2002-07-04 01:23:11 AM  
No one can defeat the Quad-Laser.
2002-07-04 01:30:51 AM  
FNG: Thundarr rocked! Although technically a comet passed between the Earth and the Moon causing the Moon to crack in half and magic to appear on Earth.

Yes I watched every episode no matter how many times I had already seen it.
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