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(   Victorian Police award a driver and his passenger the Stupid tag for hanging outside the car and sitting on the door frame while going down the highway. Darwin shakes head   ( divider line
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2250 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Sep 2006 at 9:45 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-03 09:45:54 PM  
2006-09-03 09:48:06 PM  
2006-09-03 09:48:58 PM  
Drink Drive You're A Bloody Idiot

/Victorian Police Ad
2006-09-03 09:49:54 PM  
that shiat aint nothing. check this video out​+t+tops
2006-09-03 09:50:56 PM  
Ghost ride da Whip?
2006-09-03 09:52:31 PM  
Darwin/Evolution trifecta in play?
2006-09-03 09:52:37 PM  
I did that in a taxi once, back when I was young and stupid. Also known as "July".

/yeah, yeah, I know
2006-09-03 09:54:35 PM  
2006-09-03 09:55:16 PM  
Can we get an obvious tag for, they were not wearing seatbelts.
2006-09-03 09:55:48 PM  
But but but you shouldn't HAAAAVE to waer a seaaaatbelt11?!!
2006-09-03 09:58:06 PM


2006-09-03 10:00:05 PM  
This ranks up there with the guy who was smashing mailboxes hanging out of a car when the 2x4 smacked him in the head. Ouch.
2006-09-03 10:00:40 PM it wrong that i was hoping one of them would eat asphalt?

/double dumbasses
2006-09-03 10:01:14 PM  
Victorian police?
2006-09-03 10:07:23 PM  
2006-09-03 10:15:34 PM  
>define: hoon

A Hoon is an Australian colloquial term given to an individual whom typically drive fast and dangerously. The term is so widespread that in the Western Australia state government has brought in what are known as 'Anti-Hoon' laws to cut down on young males causing auto accidents by excessive speed and street racing. See also Jeremy Hoon
2006-09-03 10:42:38 PM  
messageinblood66: check this video out

Fake, car corrected drive line at least twice, someone in backseat steering on cruise control. The camera needs to show the car empty. They are pretty stupid, not cool.
2006-09-03 11:22:01 PM  
Was that a clever double-entendre with darwin?
2006-09-04 04:10:06 AM  
put yo stunna shades on
2006-09-04 02:09:33 PM  
I ended up at Freaknik' in Atlanta somehow and witness this happen. Needless to say they were pull over.
2006-09-04 02:11:06 PM  
go dumb
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