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(CNN)   New southeastern conference commisioner. Same sports dominance   ( divider line
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711 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jul 2002 at 7:07 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-02 06:54:45 PM  
commissioner....sorry about the spelling
2002-07-02 07:12:32 PM  
Better headline would be: "Conference of Shame names new commissioner; promises to maintain standard of having at least three schools on NCAA probation at any given time"
2002-07-02 07:12:53 PM  
Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State suck. GO LSU!
2002-07-02 07:15:22 PM  
Exactly what L Buff said. Isn't Alabama's payroll higher than the Cincinnati Bengals' payroll?
2002-07-02 07:16:15 PM  
The SEC DEFINES college football. All other leagues are just wanna-bes.

And cheating? Hey, that's just tradition.
2002-07-02 07:19:44 PM  
I read that title twice and still have no idea what it says. Where's my ritalin?
2002-07-02 07:20:48 PM  
ACC 0wnz0r j00
2002-07-02 07:26:07 PM  
ACC- Almost Competitive Conference
2002-07-02 07:34:38 PM  
2002-07-02 07:35:34 PM  
The SEC has been hit with 42 major rules violations since record keeping began in 1953, the most of any league.

Clearly there is a conspiracy against the south to keep us down. Yet, we still keep whipping everybody.
2002-07-02 07:40:56 PM  
Actuall, your not whipping shiat. Big 12 and the Big 10 got ya'll licked by a mile
2002-07-02 07:40:57 PM  
Damn straight.
2002-07-02 07:44:45 PM  
The important thing about NCAA probation in the SEC is that the schools keep revolving them. That way LSU can have a good stretch while Bama isn't allowed scholarships or bowl games. Ten years later, they can switch out.

Florida ran a clean program when Spurrier was there, but I'm guessing that Ron Zook will be pretty desperate if the Gators go 6-5 this year, so it's time to re-insert UF into the rotation...
2002-07-02 07:56:35 PM  

A couple great football fan shots:



2002-07-02 07:58:25 PM  
Sorry about the Longhorn Tx shot - here it is:
2002-07-02 08:07:59 PM  

Actuall, your not whipping shiat. Big 12 and the Big 10 got ya'll licked by a mile

LSU whipped Illinois in the Sugar Bowl and Nebraska had its ass handed back to them by Miami.
2002-07-02 08:09:46 PM  
You can all kiss the PAC 10's ass. Most competitive conference in the nation last year, and probably this year again too.
2002-07-02 08:19:31 PM  
You're right, the SEC dominates the other conferences. Like FSU vs. OU 2 years ago, where OU dismantled the FSU offense in a fashion I've never seen before or since 13-2. Or how about the 1999 Cotton Bowl: Texas 38, Mississippi State 11? Or maybe the 1997 Nebraska manhandling of Tennessee which launched them to their Orange Bowl win and 5th national championship?

Nobody is tougher in every sport top to bottom than the Big 12.

At least you have Miami....oh wait, no you don't.
2002-07-02 08:20:50 PM  
Super CMC, Miami is in the Big East not the SEC.
2002-07-02 08:26:42 PM  
I know. My point was Miami beat the shiat out of a Big 12 school.
2002-07-02 08:59:50 PM  
So you made the point that there's one good Big East school, it doesn't affect the SEC's argument one bit. Nebraska shouldn't have been in the national championship game last year anyway, though I doubt Oregon or Colorado would have fared much better against Miami the way they were playing.

The problem for the Big 12 is that they're so talented from top to bottom that they're going to keep knocking each other out of the national championship race(last year TX vs. OU & OU vs. Okla.St. for example). Nobody can get out of a conference that tough unscathed. Besides, it isn't just football that this discussion covers. Baseball, basketball, swimming, track & field, these are all fields that the Big 12 always sends a bunch of high quality teams to. The SEC is talented, I won't argue that. They have some great schools with rich traditions. I don't think they match up overall against the Big 12 though.
2002-07-02 09:33:42 PM  
Dionysos FSU is in the ACC
2002-07-02 09:39:02 PM  
But is there one school in the SEC that the football team can be proud-of (of which the football team can be proud)?

I don't THINK so.
2002-07-02 09:47:10 PM  
Cardinal: Believe me if I could afford to go to a private school I would, but my parents aren't rich. (I was accepted to Harvard and Notre Dame by the way). Therefore, I go where it is cheapest for me- LSU all expenses paid with scholarships.
2002-07-02 11:35:23 PM  

Year after year the SEC has been the toughest conference. Every 5 years or so another conference comes along that compares for a year or two but they can never sustain excellence as the SEC has. Five years ago the Big 10 and ACC was all the rage recently it has been the Big 12 and last year the Pac-10 had some good teams (for the first time in two decades). But the SEC has been mentioned in the same breath as all these other conferences every year. So have your argument about who the best is this year because your conference's star will soon fade and another will try to measure to the SEC and we'll have this argument again with them.

Go Gators!

2002-07-02 11:45:39 PM  
Why is it that the Pig 12 and Slack 10 are always BEEotchin?
Thier schools byte the big 'un. I'm not just touting the SEC, but FLORIDA in general. With FSU, Miami, and UF no other state has better football teams. Nebraska, Please, Oregon, uhh ok NO!, Texas, not too shabby, but still way behind. No other state produces better football players than the the hellhole I call home.
Go Gators!
2002-07-03 12:22:03 AM  
Just one more time...

2002-07-03 12:29:43 AM  
You can listen to a great interview with the new commissioner, Mike Slive, here...
2002-07-03 12:50:17 AM  
Go Vanderbilt!! OK, at least in the academic realm...
2002-07-03 01:31:50 AM  
PAC-10 hasn't had any good teams in 10 years? Hel-ooo... Oregon a couple of years ago, Huskies #3 two years ago, and national champions in '91? Hmmmmmm....
2002-07-03 01:45:04 AM  
Academic fraud and recruiting violations come to mind when I think about the SEC.
2002-07-03 01:46:48 AM  
Oh ya, why is it we goto college again?
2002-07-03 01:47:22 AM  
College football is as southern as Bryan hot dogs and Osmos wood. You northern folks may play the game, but you don't know the SEC. It's more important than the pledge.
2002-07-03 02:12:58 AM  
Pac10 owns the NCAA in nearly EVERY sport. Simple as that. Football is one of the few sports in which they have not completely annihilated teams (but they are still pretty high up there in national titles).

To explain the Pac10 in football (which was really only "bad" for a couple years), they had a certain rule that was not practiced by other confrences (I believe it involved offseason workouts and/or food programs). This hurt recruits and players, and created problems for teams. Now, they changed this rule and the confrence has been doing much better (and, without some "great" BCS computers in the past couple of years, could have/should have had teams in the title game twice in a row). Remember, Washington beat Miami and Oregon State in 2000, which were arguably the hottest teams in the nation by the end of the year. Oregon, well, we saw what Colorado did to Nebraska. Then we saw what Oregon did to Colorado. Finally, we realized that NU really wasn't that great after all. Miami fans will tell you differently, but CU gave the Huskers the same kind of a$$whooping, but people quickly forgot that, and the fact that the Ducks turned the Buffaloes into cow pies.

Oh, and I believe the Big12 is the only confrence with a winning record against the Pac10 in the past decade or so.
2002-07-03 02:41:16 AM  
Pac10? Never heard of them. Sounds like a bad Fark login.
2002-07-03 09:14:51 AM  

That's just your East Coast bias bullshiat the Pac10-ers always whine about.

BTW I said b4 the game that Oregon should have been in the title game. But the outcome would still have been the same. And also two good teams and two mediocre teams does not a make a good conference. Pac10 has not been good top to bottom in a long time. So don't go 'reminding' me about UW 10 years ago or Oregon for one yr. Come talk to me when you guys have more than a flash in the pan.

2002-07-03 10:01:16 AM  
SEC= Special Education Conference
2002-07-03 10:32:57 AM  
The football is just for show anyway. Here in KY, it's basketball that really counts. GO BIG BLUE!
2002-07-03 12:30:36 PM  
Is football all that you are basing this on? If you look at overall college athletics, the PAC-10 is actually better than the SEC, and for that matter, so is the ACC. If you look at the Sear's Cup standings for this year, Stanford won the overall title again. UCLA finished 5th. Texas was second, followed by Florida and North Carolina. The ACC was also the only conference that had all of its schools finish in the top 50 in the Sear's Cup standings. The PAC-10 has more national championships over the past 7 years than any other conference. Both the ACC and PAC-10 sponsor 22 sports compared to only 20 for the SEC. If the $EC could only show that it can compete without cheating, I might think better of them. Until then, Go ACC!
2002-07-03 01:55:51 PM  
ACC is competetive in most sports. Likely between Duke and FSU the ACC swept the football/basketball swing. Nothing else really matters.
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