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(Times Herald Record (NY))   "Gnome Chomsky" aims for Guinness record as world's tallest garden gnome; Knicks to sign him as Eddy Curry's backup   ( divider line
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3348 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Aug 2006 at 9:05 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-30 08:20:04 AM  
Winklebottom would be proud.
2006-08-30 09:10:32 AM  
Wow, that is just absolutely amazing. Let's kill it.
2006-08-30 09:12:35 AM  
Wonder if he's pro-Hezbolah gnomes.
2006-08-30 09:16:45 AM  
cant wait for the next story about how he was gnome-napped
2006-08-30 09:20:12 AM  
Finally, a Chomsky that is not self-important and full of shiat!
2006-08-30 09:20:34 AM  
yes get fuzzzy!
+10 pts to sub
2006-08-30 09:23:29 AM  
The homeowners association is going apeshiat over this!
2006-08-30 09:31:46 AM  
Wow, my hometown paper makes Fark!

\Go Hudson Valley!
2006-08-30 09:31:58 AM  
"the towering creation stands some 13 feet, 6 inches tall in front of a 10-hole edible miniature golf course overlooking Route 209."

uhhhhh edible mini golf??? Did i miss something here?
2006-08-30 09:41:49 AM  
Great scrap value.
2006-08-30 09:46:45 AM  
Eddy Curry? Obscure names in headline trifecta in play.
2006-08-30 09:50:53 AM  
My gnome is better.
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-30 09:52:34 AM  
Edible miniature golf course?
No thanks, just a ball-lick should do fine.
2006-08-30 10:08:30 AM  
Ah, Gnomeland, the Gnomish homeland, where the Gnomes a known to roam...
2006-08-30 10:10:51 AM  
1. Obscure names? Uhh... No. Center for the Knicks, famous for being traded from the Bulls. Heart condition. 2nd round pick... are we making any sense here.

2. Noam Chomsky is one of the great speakers of our time. Self Important doesn't describe him whatsoever.

3. That's one big gnome.
2006-08-30 10:33:51 AM  

2. Noam Chomsky is one of the great speakers of our time. Self Important doesn't describe him whatsoever.

He should be a great speaker. He's a freakin' linguist.

Doesn't make him any more qualified than you or I to speak about issues outside of linguistics, however, and he is known for that.
2006-08-30 10:44:51 AM  
I'd rather hear political insights from this thing than the real Chomsky.
2006-08-30 10:47:16 AM  
This thread is useless without the Gnomes views on generational grammer.
2006-08-30 10:55:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I've come to enforce the Guarantee!
2006-08-30 11:15:33 AM  
at least make the giant gnome look cute. Why are his legs so long?
2006-08-30 11:32:56 AM  

Great linguist.
Lousy pundit.

/just a mouthpiece for teh Marx
2006-08-30 12:15:55 PM  
I don't understand why there are people who attribute such importance to what Chomsky has to say about anything outside of his field. He's a college educated guy who has lots of opinions on psychology and politics, even though they aren't in his field. What makes that so damn important? There's got to be millions of guys (and gals) like him.
/"Ooohhh...he's educated, and has an opinion! He must have something important to say!"
//Not saying he doesn't have viable ideas (although he's a little too leftist/marxist for my taste), just that people seem to attribute far more importance to him that he deserves.
///End Screed.
2006-08-30 12:31:04 PM  
Did this article satisfy your expectations?
2006-08-30 01:27:17 PM  
Did they find this in Gnomeregan, cause I vowed to never go there again!!
2006-08-30 01:31:42 PM  

but is he a cunning linguist
2006-08-30 01:40:16 PM  
He should be a great speaker. He's a freakin' linguist.

That's not exactly what we do.

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