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(ABC News)   Arab scholars determine that Israel is responsible for Arab oppression of women   ( divider line
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2002-07-02 09:12:12 PM  
must be a slow link day at fark ...
2002-07-02 09:12:14 PM  
Yeah something like that...
2002-07-02 09:12:51 PM  
nice use of the [OBVIOUS] tag though...
2002-07-02 09:13:21 PM  
more soccer boobies ... please!
or at least the Enron photos on a decent server!
2002-07-02 09:14:18 PM  
Yeah, blame the effects on your ass-backward culture on one tiny country and one tiny part of occupied land.
2002-07-02 09:15:08 PM  
""The Arab region has the lowest value of all regions of the world for voice of accountability," particularly in regard to political processes, civil liberties, political rights and media independence."

and the highest rates of flying planes into skyscrapers.
2002-07-02 09:16:49 PM  
*sigh* Thanks for another misleading, flame-breathing headline. By the way, these folks should confer with Mexican scholars and compare notes. I suppose being raped is marginally more acceptable than being killed by your brother for dating a non-Muslim. Marginally.
2002-07-02 09:18:10 PM  
You are kidding me! First they kill Christ, and now this? I'm outraged!
2002-07-02 09:18:23 PM  
isreal? how is saudi arabia even effected by isreal? I understand lebanon, syria and egypt saying that isreal effects their society (although i dont agree) but how does countries which don't even border isreal and are actually bolstered by anti-isreali hysteria harmed by isreal? its the same old thing... blame the jews (which I am not by the way). It starts to make me think that maybe judaism is the true religeon since so many farked up cultures,governments and groups attack them (american militias, medieval catholic church, russian government, nazis and now the new generation of nazis which we call extreme fundementalists).
2002-07-02 09:19:54 PM  
As critical as I have been of Israeli policy, it is pretty dumb having to bring them into it for every damn Arab failing.

Several years back in Saudi Arabia, a group of women got into their husbands cars and drove to Safeway as a protest. Women are not(or at least weren't) allowed to drive. They were then promptly arrested and held until their husbands or male family members came to pick them up. Just like one would do with little kids.
2002-07-02 09:20:19 PM  
The report also touched on the Mideast crisis, saying Israel's occupation of Arab lands is "one of the most pervasive obstacles to security and progress in the region."

Exactly, the headline is misleading. Arab nations oppressed their women long before 1947.
2002-07-02 09:21:22 PM  
I'm not racist, I'm regionist. I hate everyone in the middle east equally.
2002-07-02 09:22:56 PM  
push. the. button. PLEASE!
2002-07-02 09:24:14 PM  
Doesnt say anything about israel. Just your typical flamebait headline.
2002-07-02 09:24:23 PM  
Qhammes - Near the bottom left AND right of your keyboard you will notice two keys labeled 'shift'. Try these, they will miraculously convert lower case to Capital.
2002-07-02 09:26:36 PM  
Hey at least the can keep their women folk in line....
time for more inflammatory remarks.....
2002-07-02 09:28:12 PM  
"Doesnt say anything about israel. Just your typical flamebait headline."

Are you blind, or just stupid?

"The report also touched on the Mideast crisis, saying Israel's occupation of Arab lands is 'one of the most pervasive obstacles to security and progress in the region.'"
2002-07-02 09:29:18 PM  
I blame the People's Front of Judea for this.
2002-07-02 09:29:39 PM  
Well, it was a fairly misleading headline, the only portion which *seemed* to suggest that this had anything to do with Israel was at the end where it suggested that they were a barried to progress. So not exactly the cause, but Israel is preventing any progress on the issue.

Anyway. Bah. Boobies.
2002-07-02 09:29:49 PM  
What is this?! What backward farkwad would list this as obvious. Farkers are getting more ignorant everyday.
2002-07-02 09:31:26 PM  

It's obvious that the Arabs blame Israel for everything. Notice that, no matter what happens, they'll say it's Israel's fault.

What the hell... it's easier than thinking.
2002-07-02 09:31:58 PM  
OK, someone explain to me this headline, please. The only mention of Israel in the entire story is this:

The report also touched on the Mideast crisis, saying Israel's occupation of Arab lands is "one of the most pervasive obstacles to security and progress in the region."
2002-07-02 09:32:03 PM  
It's obvious because that's what we expect to hear coming fropm Arabs, not obvious that it's true.
2002-07-02 09:32:08 PM  
I think that the "obvious" listing is meant to cause comment. Hey, I'm commenting, aren't I?
2002-07-02 09:33:06 PM  
just beat me
2002-07-02 09:33:45 PM  
That headline is very very misleading. This study was a very liberal(for the Arabic world)and touched on several areas to improve. Honestly, get a life to those that decide to bash those durn Airbicks.. read the report.
2002-07-02 09:35:12 PM  
'The report's editor, Egyptian economist Nader Fergany, said they studied a range of elements about Arab society, from its lack of freedoms to problems from a growing population, expected to hit at least 400 million within 20 years.'

I think "lack of freedoms" is the operative phrase there, and I'm not just talking about the women. I'd like to know exactly to what they attribute said lack of freedoms. It certainly couldn't be the government, or the oppressive influence of fundamentalist Muslims...could it?
2002-07-02 09:38:13 PM  
Fark readers determine that headline is misleading
2002-07-02 09:40:01 PM  
Garbage headline. The only mention of Israel is that the ongoing occupation is a threat to security in the region, which I think anyone would agree with. The word progress is not meant in terms of social progress, but in terms of political progress.

Israel is not being scapegoated for the problems of the Arab world, as the headline suggests. Just meant to make people think "Boy, those Ay-rabs sure hate Jews." What a bunch of garbage.
2002-07-02 09:42:04 PM  
By the way, what has happened to the link quality... it seems there are two ways link quality should go based on certain parameters:

1. More and more people read fark and even though the quality of almost everything seems so often to simply decline, the quantity of submissions leads to an increasing number of high quality headlines/stories. The admins can keep up, and we see more or at least higher quality headlines each day.

2. More and more people read fark every day. The admins allot a fixed amount of resources to being admin'ing each day. The increasing number of submissions means an increase in the amount of excrement in the queue, also, the admins quick scanning skills (even though so many more of the headlines are such total crap and should not even be considered) do not improve. The result is a poorer fark experience each day.

Or am I maybe just suffering from "the good old days" syndrome?
2002-07-02 09:42:16 PM  
Why doesn't Fark lay off the anti-arab shiat? Its getting a little ridiculous.
2002-07-02 09:42:23 PM  
Thank you, frank. Does anybody else have a comment that doesn't relate to the headline, i.e., the article itself? Or are you only here for the Boobies? (Don't get me wrong, I'm a beer-drinking, Camel-smoking female boobie-enthusiast, but c'mon, people.)
2002-07-02 09:45:50 PM  
(Heeheehee, I wrote 'Boobies' hoping it would come up Boobies, and it did! I lurve that filter.)

*ahem* So, we were discussing the Middle East.
2002-07-02 09:46:41 PM  
you know, arabs are amazing to me. they are not accountable for any of their own faults it would seem. and on top of that, you always need to blame israel for something to give it a little flavor. i for one think the jews must be the cause of the 15% unemployment rate in the arab world, anybody with me..?
2002-07-02 09:46:53 PM  
Arabs suck.
2002-07-02 09:47:06 PM  
I am drunk, and you know what I meant. Carry on. :P
2002-07-02 09:49:39 PM  
Hi my name is Trojan Whore..I did not read the article..duhhh
2002-07-02 09:50:07 PM  
From the article:

> The world's seven regions are Sub-Saharan Africa, South and East Asia,

> Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, North America and Arab states.

Apparently South America sank into the ocean last week.

2002-07-02 09:50:29 PM  
my name is tarvaz-

i must never watch the news.
2002-07-02 09:50:36 PM  
Good one Tarvuz. I was thinking the same thing.
2002-07-02 09:51:33 PM  
I'm a ... Camel-smoking female boobie-enthusiast
Man, could that phrase ever be misinterpreted...
[image from too old to be available]

2002-07-02 09:52:09 PM  
I have to chime in on the side of "what does that headline have to do with the story." I don't biatch about misleading headlines, they are a staple of Fark, but this is like having a story about swimmers oppressing water skiers. Maybe they do, but where in the article does it even imply it.
2002-07-02 09:52:32 PM  
Or not...back to the article, heathen.
2002-07-02 09:52:34 PM  
obviously frank(2) and tarvUz must never keep up with current. from egypt to indonesia it's all the same story. jewbashing is common amongst all arabs, not confined to the middle east. can you not pick up on sarcasm or what?
2002-07-02 09:52:48 PM  
Yeah. It's Israel's fault we're a bunch of barbarians who have yet to progress from savagery to civilization, feudalism to decent government, superstition to science, and wiping our asses with our turbans to toilet paper. It's entirely the fault of those goddamn Jews, again. We should wipe them off the planet. Yes, that is a wonderful idea..kill them all! TOD ZU DEN J^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Oops. Got carried away there for a moment and drifted into the wrong time period/area/language.

Morons. Nuke the entire region.

/obligatory troll
2002-07-02 09:53:12 PM  
They have Safeways in Saudi Arabia?
2002-07-02 09:54:10 PM  
Yes I must try and keep up with the current. What the fark do you know about what goes on in the arab world you moron, except for what you see on CBS news?
2002-07-02 09:54:18 PM  
Hi, I'm Trojan_Whore. When someone points out a mistake I've made, I dont' have the balls to admit I'm wrong. Also, I'm a racist.
2002-07-02 09:54:22 PM  
there are more american businesses in saudi arabia than you would probably think.
2002-07-02 09:55:06 PM  
sure i am. go to the middle east and see how popular you might be anywhere in the middle east...
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