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(IndyStar)   If you recently ate a delicious pizza at a Pizza Hut in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there might be a chance your pizza was prepared by an employee with Hepatitis A. Health department offering free clinic for customers to be tested   ( divider line
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2006-08-26 03:04:28 PM  
Papa Johns > Pizza Hut
2006-08-26 03:37:30 PM  
[scary] if i knew more about hepatitus
2006-08-26 03:37:32 PM  
Pizza Hut offers delicious pizza now?
2006-08-26 03:37:53 PM  
Hepatitis A > Papa Johns
2006-08-26 03:38:17 PM  
The only thing worse than a pizza with Hepatitis from Pizza Hut would be a pizza with Hepatitis from Domino's.
2006-08-26 03:38:43 PM  
I thought my pizza tasted like Pam Anderson.
2006-08-26 03:39:01 PM  
If it wasn't delicious then are you in the clear?
2006-08-26 03:39:06 PM  
Jizz in the special sauce > Hepatitis A
2006-08-26 03:39:18 PM  
i've been to fort wayne and there's no such place...

/you couldn't pay me to go back
2006-08-26 03:39:21 PM  
toarmina's > Pizza Hut
2006-08-26 03:40:17 PM  
mmmmmmmm.....diseased liver pizza
2006-08-26 03:40:43 PM  
No big deal - get the shot or immune globulin, you'll be just fine...
2006-08-26 03:44:16 PM  
It amazes me that Pizza Hut is allowed to use the word pizza in its name.
2006-08-26 03:46:37 PM  
Hepatitis A is mostly transmitted through contact with contaminated faeces (shiat/poo, and other bodily waste), which can be carried to the mouth. This can happen through swallowing food or water that has been in contact with infected faeces or when using the toilet and not properly washing hands afterwards.

Hepatitis A is easily transmitted through person to person contact. Food, liquids or eating utensils that have been handled by an infected person can transmit the virus. It can also be transmitted through oral or anal sex where infected faeces may be present.

Hepatitis A can be transmitted:

* in child care centres and pre-schools
* by infected food handlers
* in locations/sites with poor sanitation and hygiene (eg, in developing countries)
* by poor hygiene standards
* after natural disasters, such as floods, when drinking water can become contaminated with sewage
* during sex, particularly oral/anal sex

To avoid transmission of hepatitis A, always wash hands thoroughly:

* after going to the toilet
* before preparing food
* after handling nappies and condoms

Avoid sharing food, cutlery, crockery, cigarettes and drinks with other people.

In a natural disaster, listen to warnings about contaminated drinking water and follow any instructions issued by the relevant authorities.

Hepatitis A Transmission
About the Hepatitis A Virus
Treatment of Hepatitis A
Symptoms/ Illness of Hepatitis A
2006-08-26 03:48:47 PM  
i lived in fort wayne for a summer and had a great time. a really good place for disc golf, and the night life isn't all that bad either. as for jobs, it was a disaster. i remember minimum-wage type places that had signs in their windows saying "we are NOT hiring." this was in the summer of '03
2006-08-26 03:49:40 PM  
I moved out of there just in time.
2006-08-26 03:51:38 PM  
Get the shot and you will be fine. Probably he had it from whatever and was handling raw food. Had a guy here get hep a, he was the "meat man" for a catering place. The health dept offered free shots and people got theirs.

Business slowed for like a week then doubled by people "wanting to support the place".
2006-08-26 03:52:12 PM  
2006-08-26 03:52:13 PM  
don't all children get the hepititus shot. I'm pretty sure i've had several.
2006-08-26 03:54:41 PM  

nah, your parents were just trying to kill you. you showed them!
2006-08-26 03:55:45 PM  
when did pizza hut have delicious pizza?
2006-08-26 03:59:49 PM  
Heh, Urthan_sack, I grew up there!

Yeah, it's a crappy town....I wouldn't mind going back there to see how much it's changed though.

I left there around 7 years ago, so I could actually get a job....something that place had problems with....well unless you like being an assy line monkey.
2006-08-26 04:02:20 PM  
BBRModitha: when did pizza hut have delicious pizza?

It's better than some...
2006-08-26 04:03:12 PM  

Usually just the Hep B vaccine, Hep A is optional for children and adults.
2006-08-26 04:07:03 PM  
Hepatitus is a live virus that affects the liver. I doubt if it can survive a 400* degree oven for 20 minutes. Although serving, and packaging might transmit it. First symtoms may be noticed by urine, change of color, (dark) or an extremly strong odor. Swelling on the right abdomen, or pain at same location indicates progressive state.

Check with er for some bloodwork.
/and pray.
2006-08-26 04:16:15 PM  
From TFA:

Hepatitis type A inflames the liver and within two to seven weeks of exposure causes symptoms including mild fever, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, yellowing of the skin or eyes (also called jaundice), dark urine or pale-colored stool.

Apparently I got hepatitis last night from drinking too much.
2006-08-26 04:18:33 PM  
Big news of course all over here...and it's the Pizza Hut in Aboite (for those of you unfamiliar with the area, it's where all the snobs the hell can you be a snob if you live in this town gets me...)

Dick Freeland is going to be hurting form this one, you know some lawyer is eyeing his house as a hell of a settlement offer.
2006-08-26 04:19:38 PM  
urthen grew up everywhere...that's what dirtbags do...

stfoley: did the a~line thing here in socal in the 70's and am so glad i'm retired...

actually socal is nowhere too...

/likes hong kong and tokyo better
//nicer soil there
///eat at home: infect yourself?
2006-08-26 04:20:23 PM  
Gotta love the trough kings that come rolling in just to snort and squeal about Pizza Hut.
2006-08-26 04:20:42 PM  
I worked at a Pizza Hut in Park City, KS, in the late 80's. There was this highschool hottie that had been passed around a couple times that worked there too. We all had to get tested for some kind of Hep that was from her. Can't remember what type. Never nailed her myself - thank you geek aura.
2006-08-26 04:25:40 PM  
Apparently Pizza Hut's new 5-5-5 deal is 5 days on 5 antibotics for 500 dollars.

/ I wouldn't order it
2006-08-26 04:26:34 PM  
HAV has an incubation 14-45 days, fecal-oral transmission, is self-limiting, only results in fulminant hepatic failure in
2006-08-26 04:27:56 PM  
that should continue "less than 1% of infected individuals, and never becomes chronic."
2006-08-26 04:29:29 PM  
So you're saying don't eat feces?
2006-08-26 04:43:51 PM  
Waiter, there's ass on my pizza!
2006-08-26 04:47:10 PM  
Papa Johns is OK, but they make money on skimping on topings. We once ordered an X-large pizza with olives and it had no more than 2 olives worth of olive slices on it.
2006-08-26 04:51:40 PM  
bwohlgemuth: Dick Freeland is going to be hurting form this one, you know some lawyer is eyeing his house as a hell of a settlement offer.

Dick Freeland? That name makes me laugh and think of lesbos.
2006-08-26 04:57:53 PM  
Aint that nice. Here in the south we have Hungry Howie’s and I from time to time get a hankering for their calzone-like subs. On the way from home one day I called. Like most reasoning people I call early so I do not have to put up with standing around the store as they prepare my order. The guy that answered the phone had to be so new he was completely unfamiliar with the menu there and it was pissing me off. After unsuccessfully explaining my order to the gruff guy that sounded like he had a hangover I asked to speak to whomever had the female voice in the background. When she answered the phone I placed my order. By this time 5 minutes had already passed and I was getting closer to the store. I walk in the front door and see the woman standing at the register with a male employee, a 2nd male employee was working the oven. I said to myself that if the male at the counter was who I talked to on the phone I would purchase my sub and head out. The guy at the counter sounded just like that weird character on The Family Guy. Not the old guy that has a thing for Chris, but the weird guy with the bad skin that talks to himself and taught CPR. I surmised the jerk working the oven had to be the guy that was on the phone. Without saying a word I walked out. I was not going to take the chance of that guy getting his vengeance on me.
2006-08-26 05:05:21 PM  
Crown Of Negativity: Pizza Hut offers delicious pizza now?

Hepatitis A or not, what ^^ said.
2006-08-26 05:12:24 PM  
If you recently ate a terrible pizza at a Pizza Hut in Fort Wayne, Indiana, don't worry, that's just the usual crap Pizza Hut makes.

/Hep A = special herbs and spices
2006-08-26 05:22:12 PM  
Crown Of Negativity: Pizza Hut offers delicious pizza now?

Yeah what he said.. I never saw it on the menu so I assumed it was tasted like donkey balls.
2006-08-26 05:22:16 PM  
Big deal. Hepatitis A isn't shiat compared to Hepatitis C.

Most people are vaccinated against A unless they grew up in a trailer park.
2006-08-26 05:28:15 PM  
Dick Freeland, owner of Pizza Huts all over Indiana (which are actually better than the crappy ones across the country) and owner of a frigging castle in Fort Wayne/Aboite.
2006-08-26 05:33:27 PM  
Sing-a-long with me:

Wash your hands after going to the bathroom
Wash your hands after changing baby too
'Cause you don't want to catch hepatitis
And we don't want hepatitis to catch you
2006-08-26 05:35:19 PM  
What are the chances of anybody eatng a delicious pizza at Pizza Hut?
2006-08-26 05:41:10 PM  
delicious pizza at pizza hut?

new to me
2006-08-26 05:46:51 PM  
mc_madness, what do you know about hep C?
2006-08-26 05:52:03 PM  
If this had happened in NYC, no one would ever know about it, because no New Yorker would ever admit to eating at Pizza Hut...
2006-08-26 05:55:22 PM  
haha, I used to live in Coventry Apts about a 1/4 mile from this shiathole. Used to get pizzas all the time from said Pizza Hut. thank you Superior Essex for rolling me off your useless boondoggle project when you did. Given the lifestyles, ignorance and personal habits of so many people today I'm suprised more things like this don't happen more often.
2006-08-26 06:55:17 PM  
Heh, we live in the Fort Wayne area and have not been to a Pizza Hut for ages.

What for-- when you have the Acme on State, 469 Sports and Spirits in New Haven, and the Pizza King?! (And don't forget Marco's near the Seminary.)

/another vote for "What?! Pizza Hut now serves delicious pizza?!"
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