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(NBCSanDiego.com)   Virgin Mary's 2006 summer concert tour still going strong, now appearing in the wood paneling at a San Diego restaurant   (nbcsandiego.com) divider line 35
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2006-08-23 11:03:15 PM
I hear her new album "Now You See Me Over There" hit platinum this month.
2006-08-23 11:18:04 PM
Why is it that all the Mexican immigrants see the Virgin Mary in everything?

Maybe they get too dehydrated walking through the desert.
2006-08-23 11:18:23 PM
Here we go again...
2006-08-23 11:18:46 PM
Looks like "The Scream" by Edward Munch to me.
2006-08-23 11:18:59 PM
I'm pretty religous, but my first thought was "The Scream".
2006-08-23 11:19:01 PM
Verg & Mary
2006-08-23 11:24:12 PM
yea well maybe if they stop reporting stupid shi* like this people will stop seeing it everywhere
2006-08-23 11:27:20 PM
I have a statue of the Virgin Mary. It doesn't look anything like her.
2006-08-23 11:28:04 PM
I went through the entire photo gallery and all I saw was bullshiat.
2006-08-23 11:28:24 PM
Anyone notice that the virgin mary doesn't seem to get enough vegetables in her diet?
2006-08-23 11:31:56 PM
2006-08-23 11:33:31 PM
you know whats funny, two years ago today, i would of gave my left nut to be in a long term relationship with someone who understands me,

a year ago today, i moved 1300 miles to be with someone.

today, i would give my left nut to have nothing more important to me in the world then going up into some little magical world in the clouds. well to believe in that anyways and to not care about anything else.
2006-08-23 11:34:46 PM
eh i just realized two years ago today i was locking up in jail for a plant... life has gotten a hell of alot better since then, its just difficult now in a different way
2006-08-23 11:36:04 PM
Seriously, I looked through that entire slide show, didn't see a single thing that looked like jebus/mary. Does this mean i'm not good at pattern recognition or that I have no desire to see images in my everyday objects?
2006-08-23 11:40:00 PM
You can also get Adam and Eve on a raft.
2006-08-23 11:41:10 PM
Poutine Breath: Looks like "The Scream" by Edward Munch to me.

2006-08-23 11:45:47 PM
Did not read the article...and don't need too.
The headline was all I needed.
Thanks submitter!

/still laughing
2006-08-23 11:46:48 PM
God I hate that place, it smells like pee

Well, it smells like soup, but the soup smells like pee to me.
2006-08-23 11:58:34 PM
It kind of looks like Admiral Ackbar to me. And I'm not one of his biggest fans.
2006-08-24 12:16:46 AM

Seriously, I looked through that entire slide show, didn't see a single thing that looked like jebus/mary.

how would you know ?
2006-08-24 01:11:40 AM
Okay, anyone else think we need a SoCal tag?
/lives in SoCal
//So I should know
2006-08-24 02:21:47 AM

There's a cyborg in New York that wants to meet you.
2006-08-24 03:13:33 AM
Golden Palace purchases the wood panel in 3, 2, 1...
2006-08-24 03:43:29 AM
I used to love the "Where's Waldo?" books. We need an updated version with Mary in it.
2006-08-24 03:47:52 AM
The contractor putting that paneling in should have been sued for using a board with that much cross-cut limb knot in the piece. It's sure to splice, shrink, or crumble much faster than the rest of the panels.

If it doesn't, then it's definitely holy.

If it does...then it's definitely holey.

/went WAY too far for that pun
2006-08-24 04:21:24 AM
Looks like a gallary of "batshiat crazy"
2006-08-24 04:21:59 AM
HAR HAR gallery even
2006-08-24 04:49:53 AM
"Virgin Mary?" "I farked her!"

2006-08-24 04:50:37 AM
2006-08-24 06:57:12 AM
Why is it that there are never any UNHOLY APPARITIONS?
Say Satan sodomizing Jesus with his 3 pronged phallus appearing on a tortilla.
2006-08-24 07:06:50 AM

Why is it that there are never any UNHOLY APPARITIONS?
Say Satan sodomizing Jesus with his 3 pronged phallus appearing on a tortilla.

Well... because no one bids too much on ebay for Satan's best potato chip art work... and I bet that just adds to the list of things Satan is pissed off about!

2006-08-24 07:30:39 AM
I have a boil on my ass right now that is the spitting image of the Virgin Mary.

Should I pop it or call the news media?

I need a sign!
2006-08-24 09:16:00 AM
I can see it! I can see it!
I don't recall the scripture..when did the Virgin Mary become a triple amputee?
2006-08-24 11:16:27 AM
Goddammit, seeing sh!t like this just makes me want to yell.
2006-08-24 02:43:28 PM
Used to be cool, now she's totally sold out.
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