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(Fark)   Drew will be on 106.9 The Fox, Norfolk, VA this morning at 8:10 a.m., assuming he can talk through this hangover   ( divider line
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701 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Aug 2006 at 7:39 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-23 07:41:18 AM  
fark yah! i'll be listening

2006-08-23 07:51:12 AM  
When's that.

You know, in Internet Time?
2006-08-23 07:52:07 AM  

2006-08-23 07:52:08 AM  
Will Ba Ba Booey be there?
2006-08-23 07:53:01 AM  
wow, Drew has been busy lately. I'm looking forward to when he reaches a New York area station.
2006-08-23 07:53:09 AM  
I'm listening right now.. this should be far better than anything else on local radio this morning!
2006-08-23 07:53:09 AM  
Maybe he can talk about how, since he's expected to be pulling in up to a million a month in advertising deals, he'll be making TotalFark free for life to current subscribers who helped push his site's readership to the levels that allow him such a generous existence.

Huh? What?
2006-08-23 07:53:41 AM  

/Camden, NC
2006-08-23 07:54:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Talk about having a face fit for radio. Damn, they're both dogs.

I'd know. I suffer from the same DJ affliction.
2006-08-23 07:55:37 AM  
That chick isn't bad looking at all, judging by the 3 pixels of her you posted, samsonlonghair.
2006-08-23 07:56:00 AM  
There's a listen live link on their website. But, man, I gotta tell ya, that's some hard listening. John is not only ugly, but extremely lacking of wit - but I bet he thinks otherwise.
2006-08-23 08:00:50 AM  
I've never been up early enough to hear Drew on the radio.
2006-08-23 08:03:38 AM  
There WebCast player doesn't play or webcast. wtf?
2006-08-23 08:05:09 AM  
does anyone know if Drew has ever been on the Don & Mike show?
2006-08-23 08:05:44 AM  
The best thing about the Fox radio station here is Mike Arlo, been around this area for ages and has an extensive knowledge of classic rock. Great guy.
2006-08-23 08:10:55 AM  
Death by Misadventure: There WebCast player doesn't play or webcast. wtf?

Click on the "Listen Live Now!" link on the top right. It works fine for me in both FF and IE.
2006-08-23 08:13:26 AM  
this should be far better than anything else on local radio this morning!

No kidding, I was just there last week (en route from NC) Trust me, Drew has stories upon stories. He's just fun to listen to.

does anyone know if Drew has ever been on the Don & Mike show?

No idea, but that would be great radio. Don Geronimo is friggin hysterical.
2006-08-23 08:13:43 AM  
it's starting.. they just mentioned Fark as the "most visited news site on the Internet".

/ Fark is news... that's the funniest thing I have ever heard John (the DJ) say.
//Arlo is the best
2006-08-23 08:16:10 AM  
ooops.. sorry.. they had to play BTO first... dammit

Hopefully they will STFU and let Drew do all the talking.

/misses Henry Del Toro
//RIP "Bull"
2006-08-23 08:18:50 AM  
Ya know gregp, if it weren't for BTO Tal Bachman wouldn't have had a career based on a lame song.

In other words..yeah. Weak.
2006-08-23 08:18:50 AM  
I worked w/ Henry for 3 1/2 years. Was totally sad when he died. FM99's curren't morning show is pure shiat now. I've never had any good belly laughs like I did when Henry was there.
2006-08-23 08:20:36 AM  
Hey Drew, tell the world how you will take over Google with Farkoogle!
2006-08-23 08:23:02 AM  
Well that was short
2006-08-23 08:23:29 AM  
Well, that was totally boring.
2006-08-23 08:24:32 AM  
Great, I got to listen just in time for them to say so long. And the studio is just a mile away from my house. What does that have to with anything? Absolutley nothing!
2006-08-23 08:24:38 AM  
Well, BTO is not the problem with 106.9. Their biggest problem is the Corporate playlist that was foisted upon them. They play the same 4 Buffett songs, the same 3 Fleetwood Mac songs, the same 2 Billy Joel songs, etc etc etc.

The only bright spot is Mike Arlo's "Arlo's Archives" segment daily.

The FOX is no better or worse than any other corporate-owned station around here though... but I too miss Henry "The Bull" del Toro. I have not had a good radio-based laugh in a very long time.

ok, so Drew is off the air now. I'm going back to my iPod now.
2006-08-23 08:26:11 AM  
I grew up listening to Henry Del Toro. Was shocked as hell when he passed. Was even more shocked when I was at a graveyard looking for another famous person's grave when I (literally) almost stumbled across his grave. My heart goes out to his mother. About 2 weeks or so after Henry's death, his father died.

FM99 hasn't been the same since.
2006-08-23 08:28:15 AM  
Henry's dad died before Henry did, actually. I also was so sorry for his Mom.
2006-08-23 08:29:57 AM  

Henry's dad died before Henry did, actually. I also was so sorry for his Mom

now that we've got that straight...
2006-08-23 08:31:07 AM  
$600K buys a lot of beer :)
2006-08-23 08:31:37 AM  

I'll defer to you on that. My memory on the exact details is much less than perfect.

I do like this ETR thing FM99 has going. I'm usually jumping between FM99 and MaxFM.

/Needs more 80's metal
2006-08-23 08:35:44 AM  
What we need in Hampton Roads is a resurrection of Dr. Madblood. It'd give Arlo something to do other than the midday shift and upgrading lawn seats at the Amphitheater.

/Crap. Now, I've got "Green Eyed Lady" stuck in my head.
2006-08-23 08:36:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd hit it.
2006-08-23 09:11:21 AM  
Every local radio show here in hampton roads has jumped the shark...

Tommy & Rumble has its moments but 99% of the time I listen to it, it's just not they're trying way too hard.

Mike & Bob Show on 96x used to be fantastic, now its dissolved into a bunch of inside jokes among the crew that just really aren't funny to anyone else.

Don't even get me started on that farking morning crew on 94.9.
2006-08-23 09:30:27 AM  

2006-08-23 09:48:05 AM  
Yeah! 106.9 The Fox...

I used to be the 7 to midnight guy on the Fox... after Stevie, and before Alex... Arlo is a great guy, what you see is what you get with him...

And, BTW... Leila does not have a face for radio...IMHO... if you have ever seen her in person...
2006-08-23 09:54:14 AM  
2006-08-23 08:26:11 AM bbphotova

I grew up listening to Henry Del Toro. Was shocked as hell when he passed. Was even more shocked when I was at a graveyard looking for another famous person's grave when I (literally) almost stumbled across his grave. My heart goes out to his mother. About 2 weeks or so after Henry's death, his father died.

2006-08-23 09:56:47 AM  
2006-08-23 10:00:55 AM  
Either Drew is an alcoholic or a stupid charicature.
2006-08-23 10:37:23 AM  
weird here in detroit we have staion 106.7 the fox...but its country...and not that weird...nevermind

\sorry for wasting a momment of your life
2006-08-23 10:43:39 AM  
I have to agree that FM99 has lost a lot of its magic in the morning show. Henry Del Toro was great due to his unpredictable nature; however, he did have his shortcomings as well. He graces outweighed his flaws and it was sad to hear of his passing. A lot of his legacy still lives in the morning show at FM99.

The current show still has a lot of potential, but it does not have the spontaneous nature and energy it used to have. Rick Rumble is truly a talent (I have met him in person and have had the honor of sitting in the studio during a show (got to do the sports when Rod Fitzwell was on vacation). Tommy Griffiths has calmed down WAY too much (he was a GREAT stabilizer to Henry Del Toro's zaniness).

That said, except for listening to FM99 on the way to work (old style tuner in my vehicle and I am too lazy to channel surf) I do not listen to radio at all.

Nice to hear that Drew was in the area. Wish I had known sooner so I could listen.

/would have recommended places to visit while here if I had known
//too bad there are none
2006-08-23 10:44:14 AM  
Hampton Roads radio stinks. I'll stick to XM. The last bright spot was the old 93.7 The Coast. Once that was fliped, I left.
2006-08-23 10:47:39 AM  
Drew was not here. He called in from an undisclosed location.

Smart move on his part.
2006-08-23 10:53:58 AM  
Gotta leave those not from this area with three pranks that were pulled off. One that I know of had the radio station in question (FM99) fined. From least awesome to most.

1) An intern (known to be young and quite attractive) was going to take naked pictures and post them online. The lead up was done over a week on the radio. Most people missed the fact that the day of the shoot was April 1st. Those who went online to view pics got visuals on two of the male staff clothed only in towels. (the execution was what was funny with that one - well played)

2) It was reported that an armored car was sidewiped (or similar) on the corner of Little Creek Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard. It was reported that motorists avoid that intersection so that the contents of the truck could be cleared off the road. Many people were late for work (not realizing ahead of time that the two roads, though they do exist, do not interect)

3) The one that got the fine. There is a man-made park built over a landfill known as Mount Trashmore. It was reported that gases were reported to be leaking from the mountain but there was no need to "fear an eruption". Let's just say a lot of people took this April fool's prank a bit too seriously.

I am sure that other stations in other parts of the country have better. Gotta remember the little events worth recalling around here lest I go insane.

//Stay away
///Point and laugh from a distance
2006-08-23 10:59:57 AM  
Yeah well, 96X has Mancow and he is the worst ever.

Miss the old Coast and Christy Michael's show.
The Bob just isn't the same.
2006-08-23 11:12:37 AM  
Bored at work and thus I am typing.

It must be difficult consistently being fresh and original everyday whilst staying within the strictures of the FCC. I have done a LOT of phone work in the past and am infamous for some of the things I have stated to those on the other end of my line. That said, I do not think I would be successful at such a job.

Two infamous ones from my days of tech support:

Speaking to a customer who has stated to me that he is mexican. He was telling me jokes during a long call.

Me: I am curious. Is your wife hispanic as well?
Him: No. She is caucasian.
Me: I see. So she is mexican by injection then.

(all that was heard from the phone drop and hit the floor, followed by laughter)

The other needs a bit of set up. I used to work in laptop support (in addition to desktop). Some of the laptops had a hardware reset, normally a small hole that if poked would disperse all current (save the CMOS) from the system. (a quicker alternative then removing the battery and the AC adapter)

Me: Okay. Do you have the laptop upside down and level on your lap?
Him: Yes.
Me: Do you see the little hole I mentioned earlier?
Him: Yes.
Me: Is the paper clip ready in your hand?
Him: Yes.
Me: Great. Now stick it in like a sixteen year old boy on prom night.

(a nearby coworker overheard me and fell out of his chair in disbelief)

/perhaps not funny to others
//I had fun
///more mature now. . .maybe
2006-08-23 11:22:22 AM  
2006-08-23 11:36:56 AM  


I guess a person isn't allowed to pay their respects to a fallen hero in your world. I didn't say I was digging him up.

/GySgt Carlos Hathcock RIP
2006-08-23 12:15:49 PM  
Hampton Roads radio stinks. I'll stick to XM.

Ditto from a lifelong resident. I got XM about 4 years ago, and I would listen to FM99 on the way to work, occasionally going over to the Fox when Rumble was on vacation. On the way home, I'd listen to one of the XM comedy stations or maybe jump through the decade channels.

Then I found Opie and Anthony, and except for the occasional traffic check, my XM usually stays on 202.
2006-08-23 12:23:41 PM  
k3rmy - Don't forget about fishing just off the PeTA pier in Norfolk.
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