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(Washington Post)   Mark Trail is unkillable -- will eternally waste space on your funny pages.   ( divider line
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2002-07-01 01:24:10 PM  
Sort of belies the name "funny pages," huh?
2002-07-01 02:50:27 PM  
Oh well, he's still cooler than Beetle Bailey.
2002-07-01 02:54:04 PM  

I have seen Mark Trail sit down and smoke a kilo of crack.

He is unstoppable. General Zod is his apprentice.
2002-07-01 06:36:04 PM  
mark trail rules. read it every day. i read it because i don't expect ANYTHING to happen.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-01 07:17:06 PM  
A waste of comic space indeed.
2002-07-01 07:17:59 PM  
In Trail World, villains are clearly marked. Men with facial hair or long hair -- mustaches, sideburns, ponytails -- are always evil through and through.

Kind of like Chick tracts where the evils guys are very defined.
2002-07-01 07:18:46 PM  
The comics sucked since Watterson quit making Calvin & Hobbes anyway.
2002-07-01 07:18:50 PM  
Funny - drop and "l" and you can respell "unkillable" as "unlikable".
2002-07-01 07:19:39 PM  
I have never ever seen or heard of this comic strip before in my life. It sounds like I am lucky. Calvin and Hobbes rules the world!
2002-07-01 07:20:18 PM  
Mark Trail???? who the fark is that and why would I care.
2002-07-01 07:20:22 PM  
Well, yeah. If someone has facial hair, it's because they're evil and from a parallel universe.
2002-07-01 07:22:40 PM  
I'll take ten mark trails over dilbert, the family circus, and the rest of shiat that gets passed as cartooning these days.

Must...resurrect...Calvin and...Hobbes....
2002-07-01 07:24:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-01 07:25:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Edge of my farking seat.
2002-07-01 07:26:15 PM  
Beats farkin Nancy. Worst comic ever.
2002-07-01 07:29:43 PM  

Everyone who joins the Calvin and Hobbes army gets a free cookie.
2002-07-01 07:32:04 PM  
Mark Trail only shows up on Sundays in my neck of the woods.Which is fine be me.I do wish they'd kill Judge Parker or Rex Morgan,M.D or whatever the hell those boring dull serialized comics are that no one can follow or read.
2002-07-01 07:33:00 PM  
Wow, I've never read it before, but after reading that article, the comic sounds sort of funny in a stupid sort of way. I'm going to start reading it every day!

Thanks, Washington Post!!
2002-07-01 07:33:05 PM  
Crap.I didn't intend to make a lousy pun."Neck of the woods" indeed.
2002-07-01 07:35:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Ah, another Jonny Hart on our hands here...
2002-07-01 07:40:54 PM  

Cathy is the worst comic ever, its the same fark'in strip everyday:

a.Cathy is too fat,

b.Cathy can't find clothes that fit,

c.Cathy can't control her eating habits (see a.)

2002-07-01 07:44:43 PM  
Ever photocopy the comics pages and then use liquid paper to wipe out the original dialogue and replace it with your own?
Mar Trail is the best!
2002-07-01 07:47:52 PM  
I do read the Star Ledger (well, only the Sunday comics, which come on Saturday for some reason), and they did manage to keep Mark Trail out of the Sunday stuff. Of course they keep the same old crap in there...

-Prince Valium and the stories that NEVER make any sense sicne they don't carry it in the weekday comics (is there even a weekday comic of that?).

-The Lunkheads, with their same one panel reruns things over and over.

-Cathy, who I wish would have a heart attack from too constrictive a bathing suit already.

-Rose Is Rose, probably one of the top 5 WORST comics ever.

And of course the usual Family Circs/Peanuts crud. They even brought in some new blood but it's all horrible. Get Fuzzy got brought in to replace B.C., and about the only funny thing about that is the title panel with the cat saying "That's not funny". It's funny cause it's TRUE. Then they squeezed in some stupid soccer comic called Cleats, which I SO hope gets out of there soon. Only funy soccer related stuff happens on Home Movies with Coach McGurk.

Only decent stuff in there anymore (at least to me) is Foxtrot, Zits, Mutts, and occasionly Rhymes With Orange and Non-Sequitor.

*goes off to hug his Calvin and Hobbes and Far Side books*
2002-07-01 07:48:33 PM  
Touche, Faxinator, touche.
2002-07-01 07:49:20 PM  
let's not forget sally forth and (gag) family circus while we're talking about shiatty comics. as someone remarked about sally forth in the beetle bailey flame war recently, everyone's always smiling, but nothing funny ever happens.
2002-07-01 07:52:45 PM  
Kurpal - you mean what Max Cannon does with Red Meat? And I'll join the Calvin and Hobbes fan club.

Oh, and by the way, I love Red Meat. Its just that all the strips look the same. Which is part of the fun.
2002-07-01 07:53:34 PM  
Let's just tighten up today's dialouge a bit....

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-01 07:53:35 PM  
I don't care one way or another about Mark Trail, but as long as the Columbus Dispatch continues to carry the utter shiatfest that is Snuffy Smith, I will forever wonder what childish moron picks the comics they choose to carry.
2002-07-01 07:53:43 PM  
Is Mary Worth still around? Another strip worthy of being put to pasture. Ditto for B.C.
2002-07-01 07:56:38 PM  
i hope you're only referring to the snuffy smith that has been since fred lasswell died last year. he was great. the guy that's doing it now is a no-talent hack. snuffy is a mere shadow of the strip it once was.
2002-07-01 08:00:06 PM  
Oh, sorry about a new post so soon, but anyone else remember that strip Norm from about, oh, the late 80's/early 90's? It was that one about an old guy and some girl that hung out with him, and he had this baby wooly mammoth that the girl got hooked on fried chicken? I think the guy making it stopped it or something, but they should at least rerun that just for the hell of it (at least it was a DIFFERENT idea, and actually had a pretty decent story line and art style to it).

Oh well, as long as Cat and Girl and Pokey the Penguin are on the web, I'll be happy.
2002-07-01 08:11:44 PM  
Get Fuzzy is the only readable comic anymore.

Bil Keane and Jim Davis need to die.
2002-07-01 08:13:17 PM  

Clap, clap, clap...

Bravo! you've just made Mark Trail readable
2002-07-01 08:14:22 PM  


Also, Garfield is a great comic.. sure, it's unoriginal, but damn if it isn't funny.
2002-07-01 08:17:51 PM  
What the fark is Mark Trail?
2002-07-01 08:18:41 PM  
What the fark is Mark Trail, and who the fark even reads the funny pages any more? Since Outland and the Farside have gone, there's frighteningly few comics of any worth. Oooo, look! Cathy's still a psychotic biatch!
2002-07-01 08:24:10 PM  
luckily, we here in the twin cities get _both_ mark trail and judge parker. woohoo.

actually, the molasses-in-february like pace and otherworldly, leave it to beaver worlds they inhabit are charming in their own stilted way.

besides, they're fun to draw on...

we have to have a letter writing campaign -- garfield, feeble circus and the lame trio (hi and lois, beetle bailey and hagar) have to go. get fuzzy has lots of potential and if the boondocks guy can calm down a bit, that's pretty good too...
2002-07-01 08:34:47 PM  
Bloom County was/is the best strip ever. This will always be so. It is the plutonic state of perfection by which all other strips are judged.

P.S. Bil Keane and his Family Circus... while certainly sucky... can often produce zen like trances after exposure.
2002-07-01 08:35:42 PM  

FoxtTrot is one of the best currently written strips around.
2002-07-01 08:36:53 PM  
I don't get the whole idea of the "soap opera" comic. it seems to me it's out of place in the comic strip medium.

The article makes fun of Mark Trail's expectation that kids have the attention span to follow plot lines drawn out over weeks, as if ANYONE had the attention span to take a few lines of dialog and 3 pictures a day and keep interested in a coherent story. jeesh.
2002-07-01 08:43:09 PM  
Seems to me that those "soap opera" comics are like Dragonball Z. Takes 10 weeks to resolve a simple plot line.

Ok ok, not exactly like Dragonball Z. Mary Worth doesn't have wicked spiked hair or a tail.

2002-07-01 08:43:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-01 08:46:16 PM  
Dween --

Dragonball Z is totally different. It's a show. If they only showed you three frames a day of dragonball Z, THEN it would be like a soap opera comic.
2002-07-01 08:46:28 PM  
I dig me some Frazz.
2002-07-01 08:47:31 PM  
Mary worth also involves a lot less screaming... I hope...
2002-07-01 08:54:31 PM  
No, the worst comic strip of all time is "The adventures of Prince Valiant in the Time of King Arthur" The strip is older than Mark Trail, and King Arthur has been dead for approximately 32 years of strip time
2002-07-01 08:57:49 PM  
There's more than 3 frames in a Dragonball Z episode? Really? I don't believe you.
2002-07-01 09:04:03 PM  
the rare Mary Worth, when she encourages a friend to commit suicide....*credit to Simpsons and the Fat Comic Guy*

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-01 09:14:50 PM  
Sorry, I've gotta side with those who say Family Circus is the worst. "There it is, in the lower-right corner, just waiting to suck." And that the combined passing of Bloom County\Outland, Calvin and Hobbes, and Farside virtually killed print comics. (although Foxtrot redeems them a bit) At this point, virtually all the comics I read are online. That's where all the really interesting stuff is - newspapers these days are too afraid of their precious market forecasts to print anything the least bit edgy.
2002-07-01 09:15:39 PM  
lol dween

ok ok ... BRENDA STAR 4EVARR!!~~! only cuz of the full hardcore nudity

wait ... thats not brenda starr .. my bad!

i read the chicago tribune, and here are my pinions on the best and worst ..

best - get fuzzy, boondocks, doonesbury, dagw00d, mr. boffo, and my favorite, non sequiter (fox trot gets honorable mention but can't be a weiner because you have to be a computer geek to get half the punchlines).

absolutely have to go immediately - out of the gene pool (so horrible), cathy, cathy, shoe (c'mon, he's dead, and it hasn't been funny since 95), cathy, agnes (i just read it because its so incredulously stupid), cathy, cathy, and cathy.
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