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(ABC News)   1.5 billion expected to watch World Cup final   ( divider line
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2242 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jun 2002 at 5:24 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-29 11:06:29 PM  
Hehe... That's the only kind of football we have in Canada. Have you ever seen a CFL game in November? It is the farking coldest shiat you would ever have to put up with. Picture Green Bay but -40.
2002-06-29 11:07:06 PM  
Not that I would advise anyone to actually watch a CFL game...
2002-06-29 11:10:37 PM  
Come to Canada Eeek and I'll show you my crossbow hunting styles.
2002-06-29 11:11:33 PM  
I love hunting things named after monkey sounds.
2002-06-29 11:13:09 PM  
06-29-02 10:08:20 PM Azz
I'm here to make a point. Football fans have 100x more passion towards their teams, and the sport in general. The kind of atmosphere that you see on european Football matches you will never see in USA.

Azz, nothing against you, but this is just plain wrong. Take my American Football team, the Green Bay Packers. I'm on the season ticket waiting list, at number 56,000 and change. No one realistically expects that I'll ever see tickets in my lifetime; whoever I will the waiting list number might, though. Moreover, Green Bay has a population of about 80,000, and essentially shuts down for every game. Drive through anywhere in rural Wisconsin, and I guarantee you you'll see two flag poles at the front of every other farm house: 1 with the American Flag, the other with a Green Bay Packers flag.

Think I'm lying? Take a drive.

Its on the license plates, they lead the news every night, and people wear cheese on thier heads about it.

I'd imagine you could say the same about Pittsburgh, Chicago, and other teams in the U.S.

I'll grant that Euro. soccer games are intense, and I've been to a game in London (sorry, don't remember the teams, but if I recall correctly it was Premier League). But hey, they've got nothing over good American football games.
2002-06-29 11:15:32 PM  
Green Bay is an oddity of pro sports though. That place is small, yet packs the house. I challenge anyone to find more fervent fans than cheese heads. I mean, they actually wear cheese on their heads and like it!
2002-06-29 11:16:55 PM  
Not only that, but a cheese head costs like $30. There are also cheese ties, vests, and pants (yes, really).
2002-06-29 11:22:47 PM  
It's more serious than I thought. Must alert the RCMP! Wisconsin is on the border and cheeseheads are a threat to Canadian way of life!
2002-06-29 11:27:08 PM  
06-29-02 11:10:37 PM Cabes
Come to Canada Eeek and I'll show you my crossbow hunting styles.
No, I spend all my money on football and baseball. Then while I am at those games I drink beer and look at boobies. So, I'm not going to waste it on a trip to Canada. I've never seen a crossbow. In fact, I hate, no, despise hunting. I was making a, well, in America, we call it a joke. So, to be done with it, I don't like your sports, you don't like mine. I really don't give a shiat.
2002-06-29 11:29:41 PM  
Can't wait for Fark's first cricket thread. That should get the ass clowns jumping.
2002-06-29 11:36:35 PM  
I think you are taking me too seriously as well. I'm just some bored ass dude looking for some fun at work. If I have offended you in any way, I apologize. I am not being serious. Let's just agree to disagree. Thanks for particiating. I had fun. If you didn't think this was fun, I apologize once again.
2002-06-29 11:42:10 PM  
One last thing:
Oldest known bottle of Tabasco unearthed
Farkers have clicked on the above link 5457 times
1.5 billion expected to watch World Cup final
Farkers have clicked on the above link 1433 times
That just proves my theory: Most Fark readers don't like soccer.
2002-06-29 11:43:57 PM  
I thought this was a football thread!

Just kidding.
2002-06-30 12:05:38 AM  
For all those who diss America's dedication to their sports....

Here in Phoenix, when the Coyotes made the playoffs, the fans were ecstatic. Here's some images to show what I mean.

5 minutes before gametime:
[image from too old to be available]
30 seconds into the game:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-30 12:06:52 AM  
Uh, to clarify, that second image shows how everybody in white has blended together, not how there is nobody remaining
2002-06-30 12:10:35 AM  
Here is one of those fans that will be watching. Probably NSFW.
2002-06-30 12:18:35 AM  
Ok, one thing i have noticed here. First of all, I disliek soccer and i don't care one way or the other about baseball. The comparison of the world cup support to baseball is liek comparing apples and oranges. The baeball you compare to is a leauge thats jsut north american teams, not the whole world, like the soccer is. Have a world championship for baseball and I am sure there will be support for the teams like there is for world cup. Personally i wouldnt watch it though, and i have no plans to watch world cup either.
2002-06-30 12:20:21 AM  
RESPECT MrBadSport! Phoenix Coyotes used to be my beloved Winnipeg Jets. We used to do the white-out too! It was awesome. Due to the weak Canadian dollar and the fact that no one in Winnipeg stepped-up and built an arena (may they burn in eternal hell) we lost 'em. May they serve Arizona as they once served Manitoba. They were ambassadors and raised much moolah for charities. I miss them.
2002-06-30 12:22:13 AM  
World Cup of baseball? That suck as much as a world cup of basketball. We all know who would win right from the start.
2002-06-30 12:23:26 AM  
Having watched a few world cup matches now I must say that I am disappointed with the poor officiating and also the amount of dives taken by players.
2002-06-30 12:28:56 AM  
They apprently got the refs from Pro Wrestling circuits.
2002-06-30 12:40:21 AM  
Of course everyone loves Green Bay in Wisconsin...there's nothing else to do there other than go to football games and play hide the salami with the cows (and I am not talking about the women), or at least so I hear. Anyone willing to pay $30 for a piece of styrofoam painted to look like a piece of cheese and prance around with it on his head is really lacking a social life.
2002-06-30 12:41:03 AM  
Why do you think they call them the "Peckers"?
2002-06-30 12:42:39 AM  
Ourobus, I guess people saw Rivaldo cheat in Brazil's first game, seeing him get away with it, and decided to follow suit.I agree, it's disappointing.
2002-06-30 12:55:45 AM  

Canadian football is quite a bit more exciting to watch than the American variety, having just 3 downs makes the play go a lot more quickly (relatively speaking, this is still football I'm talking about here).

As far as the game tomorrow goes, Brazil will take the early lead, but then in the final minute they'll be ordered to lie down and let Germany win. ;)

2002-06-30 01:02:54 AM  
About the World Cup of Baseball:

Places like Japan, Dominican Republic, and especially Cuba have been beating the USA in Olympic baseball about half the time. It would be better than a World Cup of Basketball though. Enjoy the soccer/football final in 6 hours or so, everyone. Couldn't think of 2 teams I'd rather not see here.
2002-06-30 01:08:50 AM  
Olympic baseball? Never heard of it. I think that maybe bullshiat.
2002-06-30 01:15:30 AM  

It took me less time to type the words 'olympic baseball' into google than it took you to post that last message. Look here:

2002-06-30 01:16:49 AM  
*Gosh* I was wrong. Boy, do I look stupid.
For the first time in history, professional baseball players would be participating in the Olympic Games. That prompted USA Baseball to select a ragtag group of minor leaguers, to be led by Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda. Wooden bats were also utilized for the first time in Sydney, as seven teams looked to dethrone the two-time Olympic gold medalists from Cuba and change the landscape of international baseball.
minor leaguers
If our (USA) pro's ever play the world in baseball, we will win. Period.
2002-06-30 01:17:51 AM  
See above, SC.
2002-06-30 01:42:53 AM  
HeatherAngelic, a network is carrying the final. It's on ABC. Of course, by the time you read this it will too late. Oh well.
2002-06-30 01:46:17 AM  
Eeek If our (USA) pro's ever play the world in baseball, we will win. Period.

I'm hoping we don't. Olympic basketball bores the shiat out of me now that we've let the pros in. Baseball actually has some drama to it.

BTW, we won the last olympics in baseball with that minor league team. Very impressive considering the Cubans usually kick our ass. I saw the U.S. play Japan in Atlanta in '96. It was fun although we lost.
2002-06-30 04:16:27 AM  
2002-06-30 10:22:41 AM  
I couldn't have watched it even if I had wanted to do so - our local ABC affiliate didn't even bother to show the game. They just went ahead with their regular Sunday morning schedule.
2002-06-30 10:37:16 AM  
2002-06-30 11:31:07 AM  
Cabes, I miss them too :( if I had the money or resources I'd forcibly take back the team or just build a time machine and go back to 1993. If we don't get an nhl team back with this new arena (which we probably wont) then I'll go on an ass kicking spree of which nobody will be spared.
2002-06-30 11:51:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"A trillion is more than a billion, numbnuts."
2002-06-30 11:52:10 AM  
Argh..damn borders...
2002-06-30 04:02:19 PM  
I watched the gmae live at a bar in germany(im american) and they were all celebarting even after germany lost. one guy threw a chair, but then it was like 'Yeah Deutschland, lets go get drunk!' then they all drove around honking, sweet.
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