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(Some Guy)   Why Jon Stewart should run for president   ( divider line
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26614 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Aug 2006 at 10:14 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-15 08:14:50 PM  

I mean, I like his comedy as much as the next person, but seriously. Kick it down a notch. Please.

Plus I don't think this is something HE wants to do. It takes a certain type of person to go into politics, and I don't think he's one of them.
2006-08-15 08:22:13 PM  
Probably never happen in a million years, and I'm not sure it's all a bad thing.......

..........but I have to admit he'd probably get my vote before MANY others, including any [other? hehehe] possible candidate I can think of right now...
2006-08-15 08:30:18 PM  
I admit I probably would vote for him, but I doubt he wants to run. I don't think he feels qualified (from comments he's made at various times) and I don't think he really wants that responsibility..
2006-08-15 08:38:10 PM  
Not likely. Stewart's bread and butter is cynical honesty, two words that successful politicians avoid like the plague.
2006-08-15 08:47:39 PM  
2006-08-15 08:53:33 PM  
President, no. Congress? Abso-f*cking-lutely.
2006-08-15 09:13:23 PM  
RocketRod: (pops)

Did you mean to paste the same link as the submission?
2006-08-15 09:37:40 PM  
Why not?

I'd rather have a guy who TELLS jokes than a guy who IS a joke.
2006-08-15 10:15:14 PM  
Seriously, he would be great in Congress. He would make C-SPAN interesting, and I think he would probably actually be a very good Congressman.

After George "Pooty-Poot" Bush, I'd prefer a serious President, more of a diplomatic statesman than a hillbilly full of one-liners OR a "truth to power" type satirist/comedian.
2006-08-15 10:17:16 PM  
No he shouldn't.


Because he wouldn't have enough time to make the Daily Show.

Is everyone else insane?
2006-08-15 10:17:37 PM  
Isnt there a Robbin Williams movie coming out soon based on this very premise?
2006-08-15 10:18:25 PM  
Reasons he shouldn't run:

He would farking hate it

2006-08-15 10:19:10 PM  
Oh yah I forgot to mention that because he is Jewish, John Stewart will never win.
2006-08-15 10:19:24 PM  
He's more effective now.
2006-08-15 10:19:50 PM  
Right. And I'm sure that other world leaders will respect a guy whose political qualifications are that he hosted a fake news show on Comedy Central.


But actually, it'd be a hoot to see him in Congress. He wouldn't be effective, but the stodgy old legislators need some comedic relief.
2006-08-15 10:20:25 PM  
...because it will keep democrats from winning by splitting the vote?

/not a republican
2006-08-15 10:20:36 PM  
Getting the obligatory presidential plug out of the way early (pops). Given that he's brought up in EVERY Election '08 thread, I figure it might be toward the top this time.
2006-08-15 10:20:57 PM  
there is a new movie coming out later in the year called "man of the year" in which a "jon stewart" like fake news guy runs and gets elected. There is a trailer on YouTube
2006-08-15 10:21:18 PM  
FTA- Remember how John Kerry was supposed to get all the 18-24 year olds off their lazy asses and into the voting booths?

[image from too old to be available]
I thought Diddy was the man responsible for that?
2006-08-15 10:21:30 PM  
He's got my vote! And how on earth can anyone think they "aren't qualified" for the presidency? I mean, how less qualified do you have to be?
2006-08-15 10:21:47 PM  
isn't there already a movie about this.
with Robin Williams as witty fake news anchor.

/saw trailer the other day
2006-08-15 10:22:22 PM  

Isnt there a Robbin Williams movie coming out soon based on this very premise?

Yes, it's called Man Of The Year, and it doesn't look half bad.
2006-08-15 10:22:24 PM  
2006-08-15 10:22:29 PM  

yep, i saw the preview for it at Talledega (sp?) nights
2006-08-15 10:23:17 PM  
Yeah, Array, he's such a phoney. He's been lying about his real name all along.

Come clean, Mr. Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.!!

/set sarcasm detector to max
2006-08-15 10:23:25 PM  
He'd have to take too big of a paycut.
2006-08-15 10:24:16 PM  
If I were American, I'd nominate Colbert for President.
Too bad I'm not.
2006-08-15 10:24:26 PM  
The Robin Williams movie will also feature none other than...

img.fark.netView Full Size
2006-08-15 10:25:40 PM  
People in Congress need to act more like him. Drop the phoney superiority and call people out in plain, sarcastic English when they screw up. Thought it would be a lot easier if there was a dialogue-like process like they have in Parliament.
2006-08-15 10:25:57 PM  
As an alternative to running for a political position, how about we have him mediate the debates? It'd be far more entertaining AND far more effective.
2006-08-15 10:27:56 PM  
I love him too, but Crossfire appearance notwithstanding, do we know how much of his genius is him and how much is his writers?
2006-08-15 10:29:29 PM  
i have a Stewart/Colbert '08 sticker on my car.

even tho he would never go for it. i would so vote for him.
2006-08-15 10:30:58 PM  
Honestly, if blogs had existed in the 50's & 60's and someone on there had posted a story saying "Why Ronald Reagan should run for president." Would you react any differently? I don't know. While I don't know what kind of president Stewart would make, he would certainly get my vote before some *coughHillary* *coughJebcough*.
2006-08-15 10:32:20 PM  
HOW is this better for america?


Come on guy. Any more bias here!
2006-08-15 10:32:33 PM  
He should annoint Dave Matthews as his running mate, and the Dudes and Grungettes could whip themselves into a rapturous Emo frenzy.
2006-08-15 10:32:43 PM  
Stewart is like any other liberal. Full of complaints with zero solutions. Give me someone who doesn't just biatch! someone who can actually have a game plan with execution.
2006-08-15 10:32:54 PM  

I love him too, but Crossfire appearance notwithstanding, do we know how much of his genius is him and how much is his writers?

How much of Bush's actions are just the actions of Cheney and his cabinet? (Puppet on a string)

Not to say a President shouldn't listent to his cabinet, as long as there is due intelligent discourse from people who actually know what they are talking about.

/Would vote for Stewart over lots of ppl
2006-08-15 10:32:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-15 10:33:35 PM  

you may want to get that checked out...sounds pretty bad. coughing up a clinton and a bush??? that's asking for trouble
2006-08-15 10:33:59 PM  
But actually, it'd be a hoot to see him in Congress. He wouldn't be effective, but the stodgy old legislators need some comedic relief.

Really? I figured Senator Santorum would be good enough!

/sweet, drippy comedic relief
2006-08-15 10:35:07 PM  
He would get a lot of young people to vote.
2006-08-15 10:35:20 PM  
I don't think it's a bad idea, until he start making Isreali jokes at a news conference or making fun of the French. God damned French, with their no sense of humor. Cheese eating surrender monkies is what they are (where'd I get that joke.)
2006-08-15 10:35:44 PM  
Yes, but what could Jon Stewart actually DO besides have opinions?
2006-08-15 10:35:50 PM  
Would he do it seriously? Probably not (unfortunately).
As a joke? Almost definitely (Schwartzenegger election, anyone?).

In all honesty, I would vote for him if he ran. I don't know if he would like the job or not, but if elected, he would do wonders for politics. Plus, seriously, how cool would it be to have the Daily Show broadcast from the oval office?
2006-08-15 10:36:00 PM  
loworbit: Touche'. Nicely played.
2006-08-15 10:36:33 PM  

/Nope, not even remotely satisfying... I guess I'll never figure it out.
2006-08-15 10:36:45 PM  
cfletch13: If I were American, I'd nominate Colbert for President.
Too bad I'm not.

Here here
2006-08-15 10:36:56 PM  
I actually originally meant to mention that he might split the Democratic vote, which would be bad (I'm not partisan, but I'm just sick of the Republican party).

Also, RocketRod, I am nothing of a political blogger, as should be clear. Just someone who sick and tired of the bullshiat of politics, and would love someone like Stewart, with his refreshing cynical honesty, as Coolhaus put it, to actually make it in Washington.
2006-08-15 10:37:00 PM  


seriously, first off who takes political blogs seriously?

second, 9/10 of this guy's arguments why Jon should run is basically saying Jon should mediate the debates
2006-08-15 10:38:09 PM  
senorB, he is a genius. have faith.

i would vote for him if he were somehow forced to run. i dont think i would vote for him if he actually wanted to run for president. i dont think i could vote for anybody who runs for president, because if you seriously want that much responsibility, you're probably a douchebag control freak or else just stupid
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