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50154 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jun 2002 at 5:02 PM (13 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-28 09:48:29 AM  
Come to papa-san!
2002-06-28 10:05:22 AM  
That last one is hilarious.
2002-06-28 12:39:56 PM  
She certainly did capture attention, eh, DrToast? No wonder soccer became so popular in Korea so suddenly. Oh what, there were some guys running around on grass chasing a ball?
2002-06-28 05:06:09 PM  
2002-06-28 05:06:39 PM  
ahhh my next ex wife
2002-06-28 05:06:47 PM  
Isn't tha Bill Gates above her left hand?
2002-06-28 05:07:14 PM  
Well, I don't hate soccer quite so much anymore. Maybe it's not ALL evil.
2002-06-28 05:07:30 PM  
*jaw hitting floor*
2002-06-28 05:07:47 PM  
ching chong chow....; gooky wooky... GROOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLll
2002-06-28 05:07:53 PM  
Yeah Brill Grates :-)
2002-06-28 05:08:15 PM  
God, I love her so hard...

I want to see pics of that Brazil soccer fan too (the Asian chick). *drool*
2002-06-28 05:08:23 PM  
Definitly some stalkers
buuuuutttt so very hot.. quite enjoyable

btw.. What soccer/football game? =P
2002-06-28 05:08:53 PM  
She'd make the perfect wife. She's hot and doesn't speak english.
2002-06-28 05:09:04 PM  
Site is Farked. Badly. Anyone care to post the pics? I've got some bad kittens that need killin'...
2002-06-28 05:09:33 PM  
ZestyWeenus: ya mean that little blonde one with those micro shorts?
2002-06-28 05:09:39 PM  
seems to be farked already
2002-06-28 05:09:52 PM  
Link farked hard and put away wet.
2002-06-28 05:10:22 PM  
Heywood: Yeah, that one. She makes my pants hurt.
2002-06-28 05:10:22 PM  
Up next...

Germany vs. Brazil
2002-06-28 05:10:22 PM  
Continue porking, I mean, farking.
2002-06-28 05:10:24 PM  
I'd pee in her butt.
2002-06-28 05:11:33 PM  
ZestyWeenus: Actually those honeys are fairly common in so cal
2002-06-28 05:11:33 PM  
Farked already?!?!

Oh well, I like the Brazilian chick anyway...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-28 05:11:38 PM  
if I could see it, I would probably hit it...
2002-06-28 05:12:07 PM  
oh. my. god. that. ass.
2002-06-28 05:12:37 PM  
DAMN!!!!! :-)
2002-06-28 05:13:16 PM  
Heywood: I know. I'm so damn jealous...
2002-06-28 05:13:23 PM  
excuse me while i whip this out
2002-06-28 05:13:39 PM  
ZestyWeenus: I whole heartedly take back what I said...
2002-06-28 05:13:56 PM  
i understand now why there are so many men in the US who hate soccer....THEY'RE ALL GAY!!
2002-06-28 05:14:05 PM  
hurt me
2002-06-28 05:14:27 PM  
HeywoodJ.Blowme: Tell me about it I just got home from Santa Monica. They are swarming today.
2002-06-28 05:14:36 PM  
ZestyWeenus: Tucson? Ya got honeys like that there, or is that Phoenix Imma thinking of?
2002-06-28 05:15:10 PM  
I'll still take Japan over Korea.
2002-06-28 05:15:20 PM  
Where's that pic of the Brazilian soccer fan making the kissy-face?

I liked that one, too.
2002-06-28 05:15:26 PM  
Ackee123: The pain of being in San Francisco (with all the other Chinese Jews) :-)
2002-06-28 05:15:26 PM  
Site is farked, but you can try this URL to grab the pix:
2002-06-28 05:15:26 PM  
Can't get to that Korean one.
2002-06-28 05:15:36 PM  
time to take little howard out for some ice cream
2002-06-28 05:15:49 PM  
Kiloman. hehe.
2002-06-28 05:15:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-28 05:16:33 PM  
Any URL with "sexy" and "photos" in it is borderline NSFW, but alas I could not resist and clicked it anyway - only to find the site is Farked. That sums up how my day's been going.
2002-06-28 05:16:48 PM  
cheap knockoff-that's funnier than shiat...
2002-06-28 05:17:06 PM  
Link no worky :(
2002-06-28 05:17:38 PM  
Heywood: If there are any here, I haven't seen 'em.
2002-06-28 05:17:56 PM  
Oompaloompa: same damn people
2002-06-28 05:18:51 PM  
ZestyWeenus: Oh YOU'LL have to mover faster than that :-)
2002-06-28 05:19:16 PM  
Uhum. Its friday night over here so where the nsfw stuff!? He?

Guess I have to out again to get some .. damn fark.
2002-06-28 05:19:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-28 05:19:59 PM  
upon closer examination of the blonde asian brazil fan, there seems to be someone standing next to her in the same type of outfit...oh god....

(cranking up the purple headed yogurt machine)
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