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(Wired)   NPR grumbles but allows people to link without permission   ( divider line
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3013 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jun 2002 at 2:44 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-28 11:55:56 AM  
That's so stupid. Do you want people to visit your site or not? Getting a link posted on Fark for example is a huge exposure and one hell of a marketing idea. But no, we plagurized it, you can't have it.
2002-06-28 02:47:34 PM  
this sucks, not the grumbling, but the link/thread itself

2002-06-28 02:48:00 PM  
Quit yer biatchin'
2002-06-28 02:49:01 PM  
The wired news tag always reminds me of WinMX for some reason.
2002-06-28 02:49:04 PM  
good times...good times...
2002-06-28 02:49:48 PM  
Cares, who? Me, not... I want walking fish and crashing car plane stories! And soya milk is still people!! PEOPLE I SAY!
2002-06-28 02:49:55 PM  
2002-06-28 02:50:21 PM  
Yep, here's another follow up about NPR...guess we beat 'em. Yessir.
2002-06-28 02:50:28 PM  
Best post ever, Gromitigo
2002-06-28 02:52:58 PM  
All that pressure from Martin Sargent did the trick.
2002-06-28 02:53:02 PM  
Had to be done.
2002-06-28 02:55:37 PM  
Wouldn't allowing people to link to their site now be a step in the right direction? What's with all of the biatching among the Farkers?
2002-06-28 02:56:27 PM  
If I owned a pr0n site, the first link on my page would be to
2002-06-28 02:56:40 PM  
I don't think anybody should go to, much less link to, the NPR site.
2002-06-28 02:56:44 PM  
Already with the "damn librals" and "socialist" rants.

For those of your who didn't take Latin...
Ad Hominem
2002-06-28 02:57:35 PM  
I really need some coffee...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-28 02:59:46 PM  
These new ads on Fark are very interesting.

"Do you urinate more than 8 times in a 24 hour period?"
2002-06-28 03:00:58 PM  
NPR as inked a deal with the RIAA. Now under the DCMA, linking to their site is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and up to a $100,000 fine for each offense.
2002-06-28 03:03:40 PM  
Thanks, Johnc98...

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi
2002-06-28 03:04:27 PM  
Can someone tell me if NPR is supposed to liberal or conservative? I can't tell anymore. Nevermind, I don't care.
2002-06-28 03:04:49 PM  
I met Garrison Keeler and he was really nice.
2002-06-28 03:05:28 PM  
Johnc98: By attacking "liberals" or "socialists" one is not attacking the individual person, which would be an ad hominem attack, but rather attacking the policies and mind set which these poeple hold.

Now quit being dumb, you goat raper. See. That's an ad hominem attack. ;-)
2002-06-28 03:05:30 PM  
And don't forget
"Cogito ergo possum"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-28 03:05:36 PM  
hey, nothing wrong with that ad, grey one. i urinate about that often. blow my nose more & throw up about half that. minky spanking is about half or a little better as well. these are serious biosocial issues which must be discussed!! i'm sure there's something on NPR about it. i try to find it and post a link.
2002-06-28 03:09:43 PM  
It's nice to see that there are companies that listen to logic from time to time. Had NPR actually succeeded, I'm almost certain they would have set a legal precedent that could have had profound effects across the entire Internet. Imagine not being able to link to a site without first getting the website's permission. Where would that leave sites like Fark and Slashdot? What would that do to the underlying freedom of the Internet? The Internet would end up nothing more than a corporate tool, and again, it would be the little guy that suffers the consequences.

Perhaps this is nothing more that an alarmist attitude, but it's still something to consider, nevertheless.
2002-06-28 03:10:35 PM  
Zack- I was stretching it a bit, but the "in-parenthesis" statement is that by using a word as a slur, that rational discussion is destroyed by name-calling...
2002-06-28 03:14:54 PM  
Johnc98 - That I can agree with.

Unfortunately, every liberal I've met and talked to has reinforeced why people use it as a slur ;-)
2002-06-28 03:18:00 PM  
Did anyone ever actually see their page for a "linking request? It was nuts- they asked you just about everything short of your blood type and a semen sample.
2002-06-28 03:20:00 PM  
"But what wouldn't be fine is if someone sets up a business to link to us and profit from that" -- for example, if someone sets up an online "radio station" whose main content was NPR's programs.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-06-28 03:21:54 PM  
I friggin' hate those liberal media types at NPR. They really give journalism a bad name.

2002-06-28 03:32:36 PM  
Links to NPR's site "should not (a) suggest that NPR promotes or endorses any third party's causes, ideas, websites, products or services, or (b) use NPR content for inappropriate commercial purposes," according to a new policy posted on Thursday.
"And the support of free speech is supported by NPR. I would include a link to their web site, but they don't wish to be associated with our idea to support free speech."
2002-06-28 03:33:59 PM  
It seems that NPR forgets the P stands for Public, the people who pledge money so they can afford the website in the first place.
2002-06-28 03:37:03 PM  
Good call Paddle..MPR in Minnesota was pimpin' for money all week.
2002-06-28 03:49:57 PM  
Not wanting NPR to appear to endorse things that it doesn't endorse it a good idea - but not very practical. And has nothing to do with linking per se.

Maybe they should tell me to take my NPR bumper sticker off my Camaro because its next to a "No Fat Chicks" sticker. Wouldn't want the public to think that NPR endorses gas guzzling muscle cars or discrimination against large women...

"Public Radio - Where thousands toil so that hundreds may listen."
2002-06-28 03:52:22 PM  
Wow....Do you think this has *anything* to do with the whole 2600/Ford thing? Hmmmmm?

NPR: "Um, okay everyone. You can link to us. But only because we're being generous."
2002-06-28 03:55:25 PM  
Since when does anyone need *permission* to link? That's one of the things that chaps my ass about where I work.. "You have to get permission from these other places to see if we can link from them." Really?

2002-06-28 03:55:27 PM  
I thought the headline said they were allowing people to "think" w/o permission--a nice change from normal radio.
2002-06-28 04:55:36 PM  
The only good thing about about NPR is Car Talk. I live for a Saturday morning cup of joe listening to click and clack.
2002-06-28 07:11:27 PM  
Oh come on, The Terry Gross / Gene Simmons interview was about the funniest F'n thing I had heard in months.
2002-06-29 02:17:57 AM  
2002-06-29 09:42:57 PM  
NPR gets very little tax dollars. But thanks for the knee-jerk reactionist comment.
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