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25876 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Aug 2006 at 5:56 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-09 06:52:02 PM  
Cheer up!
Only one more week!

I think we found out the true reason why a bunch of people would jump down a dry well...
2006-08-09 06:53:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-09 06:53:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/But what happened to the pigeon?
2006-08-09 06:56:34 PM  
Tom Lehrer unavailable for comment.
2006-08-09 07:02:21 PM  
DaveDecibel wins.
2006-08-09 07:02:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-09 07:02:57 PM  

Thats what he said? I thought for ceratin he was saying "Ernest"
2006-08-09 07:13:07 PM  
Nice one Heathen!

/Doing the "err err" pigeon
2006-08-09 07:14:32 PM  
Maybe he wasn't trying to save the pigeon, he was trying to eat the pigeon. A pigeon stuck in a well can't get too far.
2006-08-09 07:17:25 PM  
I know I've read similar stories in the past, always in India. Please tell me this is just an urban legend.
2006-08-09 07:20:11 PM  
Peaceboy: The last guy in the well, in his final dying breath, said to the pigeon, "EARN THIS!"


Reverend Otis: Thats what he said? I thought for ceratin he was saying "Ernest"

Captain Miller: [weakly mutters something]
Private Ryan: [leans in closer] What, sir?
Captain Miller: James, earn this... earn it.

Or maybe you were thinking Miller uses his dying breath to suggest a new name for Ryan :)
2006-08-09 07:24:17 PM  
Let's ship more jobs to India! I mean, that's determination and sticktoitiveness. Lazy Americans would never do anything for the poor pigeon.

--- sarcasmodometer explodes ---
2006-08-09 07:27:59 PM  
All they needed was the Indian rope trick - in reverse.
2006-08-09 07:29:30 PM  
2006-08-09 07:29:57 PM  
Wow, Darwin is on a roll today.
2006-08-09 07:34:57 PM  
Animal Karma

Yesterday 5 meerkats died for a child's stupidity.

Today 5 humans die because of a pigeon.

Nature always balances things out.
2006-08-09 07:37:21 PM  
Another set of victims of the Goodfeathers.
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-09 07:41:49 PM  
Utilitarianism loses once again.
2006-08-09 07:41:56 PM  
Save it...for dinner.

/starving children in india
//not as long as there are pigeons in wells
///to kill them
2006-08-09 07:44:18 PM  
You shall be receiving an invoice for a new keyboard, monitor and mouse shortly.

That is all.

/Pigeon > 5 Humans?
2006-08-09 07:45:38 PM  
Ugh! I shoot these farking rats w/wings before they can drop a load off on my roof...

2006-08-09 07:48:08 PM  
I ran over a pigeon two days ago in a rented Kia.

It made a wet thunk/pop sound sound.

Karma is a biatch.

2006-08-09 07:49:53 PM  
The last guy in the well, in his final dying breath, said to the pigeon, "EARN THIS!"

I just saw that scene for the first time ever on tv while i was reading your post. i nearly died.
2006-08-09 08:07:34 PM  
Attention humans! Gravity is ON!
2006-08-09 08:08:36 PM  
That's India folks. Where they have a temple for rats.
2006-08-09 08:10:57 PM  
2006-08-09 08:19:07 PM  
It's stuff like this that keeps them a third world country.
2006-08-09 08:31:26 PM  
falser - My feelings exactly
2006-08-09 08:34:17 PM  
CrazyCurt: sticktoitiveness

Well done.
2006-08-09 08:46:17 PM  
They used to show us these training videos when I worked in the oilfield in which precisely this sort of thing happens in an enclosed space. Of course we all laughed, untill they brought out the newspaper articles. This shiat happens all the freaking time. The strange thing is that it seems to happen more often in India than anywhere else.

/not kidding
//maybe it's somthing cultural?
2006-08-09 08:49:47 PM  
Read the article did not read any of the above comments but it seems to me that the DUMBASS tag should trump the sad tag.
2006-08-09 08:59:44 PM  
And that's exactly why outsourcing tech support to India is a stupid farking idea.

Yes, Sir, my name is John, please to jump into well for me.
Please, Sir, I appreciate your knowledge, but would be better if we do it correct way.
Now, please jump into well for me again.
2006-08-09 09:00:33 PM  
And again. And all over again.
2006-08-09 09:31:49 PM  
This is natural selection in its purest form.
2006-08-09 09:38:05 PM  
I think choice and consequence got it right. I'm willing to bet there was something at the bottom of the well that kept them from breathing properly, probably a heavier-than-air gas. One person goes in, passes out from a lack of oxygen. Someone sees them, thinks they're injured, and goes in after them. They pass out. Next person sees them, goes in thinking the same thing. It's like one of those insect traps. Eventually someone smart comes along and says "Hey, maybe going in after them isn't such a good idea" and figures out what's going on.

Apparantly the first four weren't so smart.
2006-08-09 09:51:56 PM  
Google "confined space entry" and learn. Very dangerous. Knowledge could save your life.
2006-08-09 09:58:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-09 11:01:37 PM  
Crap, 5 less people to outsource American IT jobs to!
2006-08-09 11:10:12 PM  
Today they named it the "Union Carbide" pigeon.
2006-08-09 11:20:39 PM  
Are pigeons sacred too?

/always wanted to sneak a clip of rodeo bullriding on to their TV networks.
2006-08-09 11:51:55 PM  
"Preliminary investigations show the deaths occurred due to suffocation," said DG Jhalawadia, a local government official.

No shiat?
2006-08-10 12:48:51 AM  

Kinda like running the skimmer basket across the gene pool.
2006-08-10 12:48:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

/Shocked this hasn't been posted
2006-08-10 12:49:49 AM  
rokstar66 Google "confined space entry" and learn. Very dangerous. Knowledge could save your life.

Wow. According to Wikipedia " conducted revealed that 1.6 rescuers died for every initial victim." That's insane.
2006-08-10 02:43:44 AM  

And these are the people taking our technology jobs?

yes. Villagers are taking your jobs.

Your logical prowess speaks a lot about you.
2006-08-10 02:55:32 AM  

Google "confined space entry" and learn. Very dangerous. Knowledge could save your life.

Wow. I'm the kinda guy who at least tries to help when i can. What do you do - just let the person die?
2006-08-10 07:17:47 AM  
They should have waited for Richard Gere, he bought the girl on the ad like 100 for free!
2006-08-10 08:07:41 AM  
Why is there no India tag?
2006-08-10 10:04:58 AM  
i do not believe this could be any shorter or uninteresting
2006-08-10 10:40:02 AM  
Wow. I'm the kinda guy who at least tries to help when i can. What do you do - just let the person die?

Run and get help. CO2 is heavier than air. It can pool at the bottom of enclosed shafts as I understand it.
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