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34844 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Aug 2006 at 3:55 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-08 04:19:20 PM  
Never have sex on a waterbed while wearing stiletto heels. Insurance won't pay for any of the damage, including the water damage to the flat below.
2006-08-08 04:20:40 PM  
Just recently I heard a story of something similar happening... A girl was receiving penetration in the doggy syle position when her head went over the headboard of a bed and through the wall of a cheep motel. Needless to say she was stuck there for five minutes while the penetrator tried to get her out.

/she was fat
//I would have charged admission to people who would want to see a fat girl with her pants down and her head stuck in a wall.
2006-08-08 04:20:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-08 04:21:38 PM  
Open the door, get on the floor
Everybody walk the dinosaur
2006-08-08 04:21:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Unavailable for comment.
2006-08-08 04:22:02 PM  
Wanna tell you a story,
'Bout a woman I know
When it comes to lovin',
She steals the show
She ain't exactly pretty,
Ain't exactly small
Forty-two thirty-nine fifty-six,
You could say she's got it all!

Never had a woman,
Never had a woman like you!
Doin' all the things,
Doin' all the things you do!
Ain't no fairy story,
Ain't no skin and bone!
But ya give it all ya got,
Weighin' in at nineteen stone!

You're a whole lotta woman!
A whole lotta woman!
Whole lotta Rosie!
Whole lotta Rosie!
Whole lotta Rosie!
And you're a whole lotta woman!

Oh honey, you can do it,
Do it to me all night long!
Only one to turn,
Only one to turn me on!
All through the nighttime,
And right around the clock!
Whoo! To my suprise,
Rosie never stops!

She was a whole lotta woman!
Whole lotta woman!
Whole lotta Rosie!
Whole lotta Rosie!
Whole lotta Rosie!
A whole lotta woman!
Yeah! Yeah!


Oh, you're a whole lotta woman!
Oh whole lotta woman!
Oh whole lotta Rosie!
Oh whole lotta Rosie!
You're a whole lotta Rosie!
Whole lotta woman-man-man-man-man!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
A whole lotta Rosie!
Whole lotta woman!

Oh whole lotta woman!

2006-08-08 04:23:06 PM  

Hey, I think I just discovered the elusive G spot.
2006-08-08 04:23:40 PM  
So the guy on top was some fat farker whose belly was too big to fit through the hole?
2006-08-08 04:24:40 PM  
Maybe SHE needs to donate 145 pounds of fat and 50 pounds of skin to hernia patients...
2006-08-08 04:24:42 PM  
TickleMyElmo: I caved in the tile on the side of a bathtub shower once, while, uh, entertaining someone.

Just because you lost your footing and slipped doesn't mean you were "entertaining" "someone". You're not fooling any of us loofa boy.
2006-08-08 04:24:48 PM  
... it doesn't say with someone, just having sex...
2006-08-08 04:24:51 PM  
when she goes down...she goes down
2006-08-08 04:25:47 PM  
Too bad there's no video...That would make the funniest pwned.gif ever.
2006-08-08 04:25:54 PM  
Maybe she was just doing the Chicken Dance.
2006-08-08 04:26:22 PM  
Crap, I only broke a bed once. Not the bed, floor, and in a hilarious context, the cofee table one floor down.
2006-08-08 04:26:36 PM  
Her last words? "A little lower baby."
2006-08-08 04:28:45 PM  
If it was good it was probably worth it.
2006-08-08 04:29:04 PM  
"...while in the meantime her lover cleverly escapes barely noticed."

[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-08 04:30:35 PM  
I'll bet the guy she was screwing ran off cuz he didn't want to be spotted.

/I know, that was cold.
2006-08-08 04:33:27 PM  
Limeyluv: Never have sex on a waterbed while wearing stiletto heels. Insurance won't pay for any of the damage, including the water damage to the flat below.

Had a similar moment, only we got lucky and were on the first floor. Wasn't stiletto either, just popped the mattress with 6 people on it.
2006-08-08 04:33:54 PM  
Probably with this guy..

[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-08 04:34:10 PM  
Good evening. We in the Wood Party...feel very strongly about...the present weak drafting of the Local Government Bill and no, no - it’s no good, it’s not working ... I think I’ll have to try and make a grab for it. Ah. There we are. Good evening. We in the Wood Party feel very strongly about the present agh, agh. Oh dear. Hello!
2006-08-08 04:35:08 PM  

You had sex in a tree? How high up were you?

I'm all for being adventurous, but I don't think I would ever fark in a tree. Anything that could potentially cause me serious bodily injury or even death during sex is a no-no in my book.
2006-08-08 04:35:15 PM  

Do we know each other?
2006-08-08 04:35:22 PM  
Ya know why they call it the 'G' spot?

Because when you find it you say, "Gee, that was cool. I'll go get a mop".
2006-08-08 04:36:42 PM  
Told you I was hardcore.
2006-08-08 04:39:24 PM  
so, why and how- exactly do beached whales get into estonia? moreover, where was the partner and how big of a hole did he have to get out of? On a side note, I've been with big women, and maybe its just me and my average peter, but farking fat chicks, is like pounding a five-gallon tub of miracle whip.
2006-08-08 04:40:25 PM  
MilEastGirl: Do we know each other?

Going by the fact that your Irish, live in the cheese state and me being Scottish and from Chicago it's entirely possible that we've met before... but no hun.

Only in my fantasies. ;)
2006-08-08 04:40:27 PM  
2006-08-08 04:41:15 PM  
Shell have another piece of pie
Shell have a double reuben rye
She kicks hard at eating well
Thats why I love her

Shes got a couple of pony kegs
Her arms are bigger than my legs
And when she holds me I cant breathe
Thats why I love her

Im her butter she my bread
Shes like a mobile waterbed
And hwen I got on top of her
I cant touch the mattress

And when her flesh begins to sag
Shes like a human sleeping bag
I feel so cozy safe and warm
Shes my insulation

I always know where she sat
And when shes on me I get flat
Some broken ribs a punctured gut
Thats why I love her

Shes my phillie Im her stud
Her bean is bigger than my pud
Its like feeding a tic-tac to a whale
Thats why I love her
2006-08-08 04:42:13 PM  
Dr. Knockboots: no mention of the other person?
umm, excuse my ignorance, but when you are having sex, usually (Smookys wang not withstanding), you are so close to the other person that if they were to fall through a hole.. so would you.

Who's to say they didn't? Someone who has the mass to collapse the floor may have been gelatenous enough to envelop the other person upon impact, something like an amoeba absorbing a foreign body. They'll probably pull him out in a week or so.
2006-08-08 04:42:46 PM  
MilEastGirl: Its like feeding a tic-tac to a whale

2006-08-08 04:49:25 PM  

I made a nofx cd a couple mons ago and I was with a girl. I totally forgot I put Hotdog in a Hallway on the cd, and when she heard it; well, she thought I put it on the cd for her and well, it got her blood pumping!

/some of the best I've had. she rocked my world and almost broke the jacks on my trailer.
// no I am not white trash, just a struggling college student with no patience for roommates.
2006-08-08 04:49:49 PM  
Like a hot knife through butter, sharp knees on a wood floor.
2006-08-08 04:50:08 PM  
But Adriana Lima is A Virgin

So she will not fall through holes ... for a while :)
2006-08-08 04:50:41 PM  
Fat people make me laugh.

People falling makes me laugh.

Fat people falling through the floor while having sex? It's almost too much to handle.
2006-08-08 04:51:03 PM  
People it's so obvious:

They were going at it cowgirl when the floor gave out. The guy is currently 20 ft under the ground weeping for something to end his suffering.
2006-08-08 04:51:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

/Both Obligitory
//I Think
///Ehh Who Gives a falling fark
2006-08-08 04:51:58 PM  
So she was on top or bottom?

/broke a bed once
//she was on top
2006-08-08 04:51:59 PM  


I considered an "\obscure?" but that's ususally a bad idea.
2006-08-08 04:53:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Kitty Pryde unavailable for comment...
2006-08-08 04:54:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-08 04:55:57 PM  
tortilla burger

I'll bet the guy she was screwing ran off cuz he didn't want to be spotted.

Yeah, he rode off on his moped.
2006-08-08 04:56:08 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-08 04:56:20 PM  

Damn that is some funny shiat!

/need a new keyboard
//and some more slashies
2006-08-08 04:58:41 PM  
Sometimes there's nothing we women want more than to be drilled through the floorboards, but this is ridiculous.
2006-08-08 05:00:34 PM  

Nice timing!

See the first thing I posted :)
2006-08-08 05:03:47 PM  

I did...

...after I hit "submit".

Great minds aren't ours think alike!
2006-08-08 05:13:28 PM  
Mr_Smartypants: Colossus wanted for questioning?

/it was totally his fault.

I'm dissapointed that not a single other Farker got a perfectly good X-men reference. On written by Joss Whedon too, might I add.
2006-08-08 05:15:29 PM  
Guy could have at least held on a bit tighter, geez.
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