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(Chiacago Tribune)   MLS all stars 1, Chelsea 0. Suck it, EPL   ( divider line
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713 clicks; posted to Sports » on 06 Aug 2006 at 9:08 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-06 10:04:13 AM  
Did the Chelsea holligans, err,,, fans make the trip across the pond?
2006-08-06 10:10:44 AM  
What do the Eastern Plague Lands have to do with this?
2006-08-06 10:16:17 AM  
WoodyHayes: What do the Eastern Plague Lands have to do with this?


It's Chelsea. They're going to finish third in the EPL this year.
2006-08-06 10:22:44 AM  
2006-08-06 11:04:53 AM  
Yeah, suck it! All the best players from our league came together to barely beat ONE TEAM from the EPL! And if you were watching the game you know that it was about five inches away from the EPL taking a 1-0 lead on a stupid own goal by the MLS! Not to mention that this is mid-season for the MLS, and this is the first organized game that Chelsea has played this year! Suck it! USA USA USA!
2006-08-06 11:17:16 AM  
Hmmm... i am glad that chelsea lost. EPL goes to Liverpool this season.. davai Benitezz!!
2006-08-06 11:30:40 AM  

I do believe that some of the notorious members of the Headhunters (Chelea's delightfully named hooligan firm) have been railroaded out of Stamford Bridge and to the willing arms of Woking FC.
2006-08-06 11:36:48 AM  
did you get your feelings hurt?
2006-08-06 11:47:22 AM  
Isn't Chelsea kinda like the Cleveland Browns of the MLS? What's so great about that?
2006-08-06 11:51:32 AM  
Well done MLS

but, I have to say, this happens all the time in pre-season. When living in Hong Kong people always looked forward to European teams coming over during summer. But invariably they played like shiate. I remember seeing Ruud van Nistelrooy miss an open net. And local side Kitchee beat AC Milan 2-1 or something like that.

Try again mid-season when Chelsea are fit and sharp, and I think the result would be different.
2006-08-06 11:59:19 AM  
Nice to see I don't have to download it now.

Much happier about F.Marino's beating Celtic up anyways.
2006-08-06 12:10:04 PM  
On the plus side, Chelsea is comprised of mostly World Cup players from their respective countries, while MLS only had like 3. The World Cup concluded not too long ago so the Chelsea players, while maybe not in perfect conditioning, it wasn't like they were coming off six months of eating donuts and fried chicken.

On the minus side, this was just a preseason match for the Chelsea footballers, so they probably didn't play up to their natural abilities. You see it all the time when a good team plays a team they should probably destroy, the better players play down to the level of the opposition.

I'll bet the Chelsea boys were hungover, after spending all night on the town in the Windy City.
2006-08-06 12:25:23 PM  
For Chelsea, most of these guys haven't played in over a month, they had one week of training together, and the MLS guys have been playing for months. So you can't read much into it. Also remember that soccer is notorious for upsets and the distinct problem of having the better team lose, more so than any other sport. So in the end of the grand scheme of things, this probably meant nothing. Dwayne De Rosario and a few of the other guys might get a try out w/ a smaller English or Euro team. But you could tell these guys wanted to win. When you have a 1-0 game, that means the players were actually playing hard and trying to win, not saunter through a vacation. It was a good day for MLS, not an Earth shattering Cameroon over Argentina type moment.
2006-08-06 01:01:10 PM  
With all due respect, Chelsea are in preseason form right now, so an MLS victory didn't really surprise me. Chelsea was more worried about next week's Charity Shield match against my Liverpool Reds, as well as the beginning of the EPL season.

I think Chelsea will not win the EPL this year. I really like my club's chances this year, and Man United and Arsenal will be strong again. Also, Chelsea seem to have too many star players and not enough role players on their team, and it may fall apart if they start off the season poorly.
2006-08-06 01:30:48 PM  
a little bit of a thread jack but was there supposed to be an all fark epl fantasy league? where can i find that?
2006-08-06 01:32:06 PM  
Up the Villa! (Well, up from 16th, anyway-- O'Neill should be able to do that blindfolded.)
2006-08-06 02:14:39 PM  

no hurt feelings...i want to see the mls succeed as much as anyone. i just hate the ridiculous, ugly-american expression that the epl should "suck it", especially when it's glaringly obvious to anyone who knows the sport that the mls is a couple steps down from the epl.

/classy screen name, btw
2006-08-06 02:15:39 PM  

also: go arsenal!
2006-08-06 03:09:29 PM  
especially when it's glaringly obvious to anyone who knows the sport that the mls is a couple steps down from the epl.

I could live with that if more than one game a week was shown. In the DOMESTIC league. But if the network that owns the rights can't be bothered to show a sufficient number of games, I can't be bothered to care.
2006-08-06 06:51:14 PM  
MLS All Stars... who?

Don't care so long as Chelski lost.
Go Liverpool!
2006-08-06 08:28:22 PM  
As a Chelsea supporter of many years I was reasonably satisfied with the result. To the EPL suck it poster you have to realise to Chelsea this was no more than a work out in still early stages of pre season, for some of your players it would be one of the biggest matches they have ever played in, coupled with being at not just peak fitness but full match sharpness. Losing by a single goal didn't surprise me in the slightest but if it were a competitive game in mid season don't expect a result even close to that.

Never the less is was still a good advert for the MLS.
2006-08-06 08:52:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-06 08:54:34 PM  
something vague
The chelski men were riding on hangovers too, have to take that into account
/ the anouncer said he went to the party and snoop dogg and tony blair were there "hangin out"
//nuff said
2006-08-06 09:15:56 PM  
I was there! Woooooooo. I'll just say what I assume was posted above me only in a more timely manner. Chelsea wasn't exactly in shape, they were playing with new guys for the first time ever, and I think the MLS team played better than anyone wants to give them credit for.

IN ANY CASE I had good seats and got to see Robben and Cole warming up, and had a nice view of their asses when they repeatedly bent over to wave their butts at us.

So I think we're ALL winners here.
Or at least I am.
2006-08-06 10:25:33 PM  
Riotstamp - what did the new kid Kalou look like? Did he look at all out of place or do you think the hype is justified?
2006-08-06 10:45:51 PM  
I say great for MLS, Ballacks transfer fee was probably more then the MLS all stars salaries combined, MLS isnt the best league but its a nice place for the US players to start before they go across the pond.

/Go Man U
//Also root'n for Reading, 2 US Players on their team.
2006-08-07 01:33:05 AM  
Just a though above poster but Ballack signed on a bosman free. You may be reffering to his signing on fee which no doubt was substantial.

RE: Reading, I'm expecting good things from Convey next season. It will be interesting to see how he adapts to a step up in level but I'm sure he'll take a few people by surprise. I'll be putting him in my dream team!
2006-08-07 08:06:20 AM  
spittersRquitters: a little bit of a thread jack but was there supposed to be an all fark epl fantasy league? where can i find that?

go here to register and join the "FPL" league
2006-08-07 08:07:43 AM  
oh, sorry you need the code to join the league, its

2006-08-07 11:33:39 AM  
what i really hate about these games is that if an MLS team loses, the eurosnobs go on and on about how much the MLS sucks. however, if they win, it's "oh, well they're out of shape", "they didn't use their starters", "jetlag" or one of a dozen other excuses.

MLS is damned if they do....
2006-08-07 01:07:05 PM  
I watched some of this game. Although it was in a purpose built soccer stadium, the field looked really narrow. Anyone know anything about this or am I just wrong?
2006-08-07 03:12:10 PM  
Rod Flanders - "eurosnobs...going on about how much the MLS sucks...dozen other excuses"

Thats an amzing attack it must be said. I'm failing to see the snobbery, you may not realise what football means to fans in the u.k. For many people football isn't just a hobbie or some thing they go to from time to time like most u.s spectators sports, it's a way of life. The team you support may go back to religious beliefs and entire communties are based around the local football team. Most teams have been around since the 19th century, we have built up one of the, if not the strongest league in the world and certainly the most passionatly followed. Snobbery and pride are very different things. Not only this but I can't really see anyone slagging the MLS off either so where's your point?!

And as for the 'excuses' they are nailed down reasons. I'm sure most reasonable MLS fans would see that, apparently not you.

The result is a massive boost to the MLS and as I said in an earlier post the league gave a good account of it's self and certainly provided a good advert. I quote one of the MLS allstar players 'this was my world cup' thats how much it meant to some of those players for Chelsea that was no more than a work out with a little bit of global marketing through into the mix.

This is by no means a criticism but really think things through before shooting off your mouth.
2006-08-07 03:47:22 PM  
look bluedroog, i stand by word. next time you should take a look at my profile before you shoot your own mouth off. i understand the European football history, i understand the European football culture, but what i don't understand is that there are a lot of soccer fans in the US who only watch the European leagues and never support their own local teams in the MLS. they feel that the quality isn't the same as it is across the pond. i'm saying that, "yeah it is", and that i'm sick of seeing every time a European team loses over here, it's never to the credit of an American team. they never flat out admit that they lost it's always some lame excuse.

so yeah, eurosnobs can go suck a mean one and next time bring a team to the States and not just a bunch of excuses.
2006-08-07 04:19:29 PM  
Your so blinkered it's impossible to have an adult conversation with you. 'suck a mean one' very good.....

And having an Arsenal crest in your profile means what?!
2006-08-07 04:26:17 PM  
that i support a team that doesn't buy their trophies. you guys are screwed once the Russian goes to jail. ;)

(ok, that wasn't really necessary, but it was just for fun.)

in all seriousness, if your team is so out of shape that an MLS team thrown together at the last minute can beat them 2 weeks before their season starts....well, good luck with that.

then again, i'm sure Roman can alway spring for a new team when things don't go his way....
2006-08-07 04:40:51 PM  
You can't just buy a trophy, you still have to build a team. Our two key players John Terry and Frank Lampard were there way before R.A ever turned up. And of course any team would welcome and make the most of a huge cash injection.

It's no different than Arsenal selling out to Emirites for their new stadium. Teams change owners all the time, we just happen to have a richer one than most. Better than whoring out our NAME!

There is still two weeks of intensive training which will make alot of difference, having been a world cup summer many players need extra time off so pre season starts later. I don't expect many premier league teams to be in full match fitness for at least 3 or 4 games in to the season but then every one is in the same boat.
2006-08-07 04:49:07 PM  
how can you honestly say any of that that being a Chelsea fan?

i may be immature, but you are truly deluded.

"building a team..." if that's what you want to call it....
2006-08-07 05:05:04 PM  
You obviously know nothing about football, look what happened to jack walker. United have spent not far off we have and every knows about expensive flops, look at Reyes you payed 17 mil for.
2006-08-07 05:14:35 PM  
but what you're failing to see is that there's a difference between buying flops and just buying everybody just so that no one else has them (and sometimes illegally might i add).

but fine, you're right i know nothing about football.
2006-08-07 05:23:08 PM  
OMG you just get better and better, If you truley believe a club like Chelsea would buy a player just to stop some one else getting them you are deluded. The top clubs inevitably often go for the same players and to suggest that is the biggest load of trip i've ever heard. Thats the kind of football argument I'd expect to hear on the playground.

Can you tell me which players chelsea have gained illegally please? If your going to make accusations like that back them up.
2006-08-07 05:25:27 PM  
i'll call you back after Ashley Cole leaves...
2006-08-07 05:38:00 PM  
ahh thats fantastic! Well again check your facts first. Ashley Cole and his agent set up the meeting with Chelsea. Not the other way round. That was proved by an investigation. Lets remember which club is currently being inverstigated for dodgy accounts yeah. You actually do talk rubbsih.

You make statements with no substance, get your facts wrong and seem to be incapable of seeing any opinions if they don't agree with the ones you have create for your self. Not only this you turn to childish insults when you can't think of anything else to say.

Your ignorant, naive, immature and I think it's way past your bedtime.
2006-08-07 06:00:03 PM  
...and yet you've debated me for hours in a forum that no one has read in days. congratulations, you're the big winner tonight.
2006-08-07 06:11:31 PM  
It's hardly hours, each post takes a minute. Even if you havn't I have been doing other things inbetween. I think it's quite ammusing your try and say the fact I'm talking to you is an insult, well you actually are you. Thats alot worse. You have failed to anwser any questions put to you witha decent anwser. I've managed to anwser all of yours and you've had no come back.

Now I'll just pass over to you as I'm sure your no doubt the kind of person that needs to have the last word. Even if it is rubbish.
2006-08-07 08:25:39 PM  
ButteryDamage: Isn't Chelsea kinda like the Cleveland Browns of the MLS

Maybe the 1954-55 Cleveland Browns. They just won two championships in a row. For all the talk of buying their team, not even the Yankees have done that since skyrocketing payroll.
2006-08-07 11:23:58 PM  
Thanks for correcting me, i meant shevy not ballack and it was more like 30 mil or 35£, but yeah reading should be a good thing to watch, talk of them snaggin gooch also.
2006-08-07 11:38:20 PM  
I thought you might of meant Shev, he signed for £30.8 mill around $56 ish. Not a world record but certainly the most ever spend on some one approaching his 30th birthday. He's not worth that but when one powerful club wants a player from another powerful club and said club has no reason to sell it's always going to push the price up. As well as just being Chelsea and interested in a player pushes the price up too.

I really can't wait to see him in action though. He looked quiet in the all stars game but I think he wasn't really at full fitness during the world cup carrying a knee injury. When he's at 100% he looks an awsome part of the puzzle.Ohhh I'm getting excited now!
2006-08-08 06:47:22 PM  
bluedroog: If you truley believe a club like Chelsea would buy a player just to stop some one else getting them you are deluded.

*cough* *shaun wright-phillipd**cough*
2006-08-08 08:47:41 PM  
Yeah because Chelsea really did buy SWP to stop any one else getting him! Nothing to do with the fact the club didn't have a single right winger on the books and had been looking for one for a while after cooling their interest in Joaquin.

The only other club to show any interst were Arsenal and they couldn't afford him.

To say Chelsea bought SWP to put on the bench and not use is also rubbish, people seem to conveniently forget how many oppurtunities he was given at the begining of the season, he didn't perform and lost his place. People said the same about Joe Cole when he first arrived, look at him now.
2006-08-09 06:10:06 PM  
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