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(CNN)   Weird Al Yanukovych named new Ukraine PM   ( ) divider line
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13736 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Aug 2006 at 6:48 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-04 04:39:00 PM  
That's too bad about his parents.
2006-08-04 04:45:57 PM  
What about his parents?
2006-08-04 04:54:18 PM  
They died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a closed flue in their fireplace
2006-08-04 05:13:09 PM  
This time of year?
2006-08-04 05:15:21 PM  
It was April 2004
2006-08-04 05:28:52 PM  
Oh my God, no wonder he stopped being funny.
2006-08-04 05:59:37 PM  
ChairmanKaga: Oh my God, no wonder he stopped being funny.

It was suicide. You'd do the same if your offspring turned out like him.
2006-08-04 06:24:50 PM  
Harvey the Wonder Hamster is going to be his closest advisor.
2006-08-04 06:53:30 PM  
Is Ukraine where they have Leiderhosen and Sour Cream?

(Voting Enabled?)
2006-08-04 06:53:57 PM  
Thanks for the laugh submitter
2006-08-04 06:55:40 PM  
I certainly hope we don't meddle in their interal affairs *THIS* time around.

Last time, maybe, was OK. But from what I gather, Mother Russia wasn't trying to fix the election this go-round.

In that case, the USA should acccept the decision of the Ukrainian people.
2006-08-04 06:58:56 PM  
We only wish it was Weird Al. (Free polka albums for everybody!)

Instead, it's this stooge of the Putin government. Bye bye, Orange Revolution, increased civil liberties. Hello corruption, centralized autocratic power, the Ukranian version of the KGB....

(But it must be okay, because Bush says he looked into Putin's soul, right?)
2006-08-04 06:59:11 PM  
Oh my God, no wonder he stopped being funny.

Bite thy tongue, child. He could be unfunny for twenty straight years, and he'd still be ahead of the game.
2006-08-04 06:59:19 PM  
Dare to be stupid!
2006-08-04 07:00:15 PM  
Bite thy tongue, child. He could be unfunny for twenty straight years, and he'd still be ahead of the game.

2006-08-04 07:09:35 PM  
"This link was already submitted on 2006-08-04 15:35:27 (US/Eastern Time) ... and was not listed"

You guys dropped a link about 3 rockets landing in Haders in Israel, which is major news. Instead i come here and see this stupid shiat about "Yanukovych named new Ukraine PM".
Get with the farking program
2006-08-04 07:10:09 PM  
The people of Ukraine freely elected this guy. It might seem insane to Americans and Europeans. AFAIK, they do not appear to be planning an invasion of American (or even NATO) territory, so why should the US care?
2006-08-04 07:12:27 PM  
About farking time.
2006-08-04 07:12:31 PM  
klowd: You guys dropped a link about 3 rockets landing in Haders in Israel, which is major news. Instead i come here and see this stupid shiat about "Yanukovych named new Ukraine PM".
Get with the farking program

It's not news, it's

/Get with the farking program
//wee votes
2006-08-04 07:13:41 PM  
Here is the news link about the rockets hitting Hadera.
Missiles hit Hadera, Israel
2006-08-04 07:13:51 PM  
Yanukovych's only virtue is that the US opposed him two years ago.
2006-08-04 07:18:12 PM  
actually, it's not as bad as the doom-and-gloomers might make you think. it comes down to this: why do you think so many in southern and eastern ukraine voted for this guy? is it because they are stupid and/or corrupt? Well, partially, yes. But much more so, it is because they felt left out by the orange revolution which was very much about western ukraine (look at a map of who voted where). Long story short, what we have here is a country where for the first time the ENTIRE electorate can reasonably claim reasonable representation (even if they are not in the majority) and inclusion, just like the overwhelming majority of americans feel a general sense of being represented in a general sense by their government even if their particular red-or-blue party isnt in power at the moment.

despite her cool hairdo, a yuschenko-yanukovich alliance is ultimately much better than some alliance with the populist, thieving, timoshenko.
2006-08-04 07:18:26 PM

/would hit it like stalin's iron fist
2006-08-04 07:19:21 PM

/of course, hindsight is always 20/20
2006-08-04 07:21:13 PM  
stpickrell: Yanukovych's only virtue is that the US opposed him two years ago

Reads TFA


I thought it was an honorary PMship for Weird Al.

Meh. Too bad Yushchenko kicked Yulia out...

Why does public service have to be so goddamn corrupt?

I know I know...ask not.
2006-08-04 07:23:14 PM  
And the Ukraine should be putting all their resources into a gene-splicing program that keeps the women hot past 30...;)

*Nods knowingly at MrExcess*
2006-08-04 07:25:23 PM

/thread needs more hottie Yulia Tymoshenko
//what thread wouldn't?
2006-08-04 07:28:28 PM  
whidbey: Heheheh I think we shut the thread down for a fap break. :)
2006-08-04 07:32:36 PM  
I'm telling ya.

Ukrainian porn is my favorite....Hands, uh...DOWN!
2006-08-04 07:44:03 PM  
Dear klowd:

A) We don't come here for news.
B) You, obviously, don't either.
C) After you get the corn cob out of your ass, please don't just leave it where some poor child can pick it up.


2006-08-04 07:45:58 PM  
This thread needs more dioxin, please.
2006-08-04 07:47:25 PM  
Whoa, I didn't know Yulia went brunette. Check my profile, I've always known she was teh hawt.

A day with Yulia Tymoshenko AND Athina Onassis de Miranda!

Here's another brunette that went blonde before the world cup.
2006-08-04 07:48:19 PM  
Let me be the first to welcome you to Fark, klowd
2006-08-04 07:57:49 PM  
He could be unfunny for twenty straight years, and he'd still be ahead of the game.

Wierd Al is the MAN.
I spent endless hours listening to him with my friends when I was young, we laughed our arses off. I must've listened to "My Bologna" a thousand times. Plus he's a cool guy, and good to his fans.

/Friend had him autograph a spatula one time.
2006-08-04 08:11:41 PM  
Thank you for the update. I have been completely unaware that anything was going on in the Middle East. I had absoutely no idea anyone was doing anything to anyone else. It's a good thing I came into a thread about Ukraine to find out what's happening in Israel, since they are neighbors and all.
Now stop jacking the damn thread.

//hell, a vote for me is a vote against klowd's threadjack
///a vote for me is also a vote against working on friday nights.
2006-08-04 09:10:40 PM  
Submitter is corny. Everyone knows that it's spelled YANKOVICH!
2006-08-04 09:14:47 PM  
You got my vote Erin_Go_Braghless!
2006-08-04 09:50:45 PM  
This just in...

Inagural ball for Viktor Yanukovych to be held at Spatula City!
2006-08-04 10:02:44 PM  
"In this hall, we will ... unite the two teams, which have spent these last two years standing on opposite sides of the Dniper," Yanukovych said, referring to the river that bisects Ukraine.

I finally have a word that involves the resolution of acrimony and rhymes with "sniper"!

Is there anything Weird Al *can't* do?

Obligatory video reference:
2006-08-04 10:04:52 PM  
aww man. i got so excited when i saw the words "weird al" in the headline. now i'm disappointed :(

(weird al's new album will be in stores sept 26. everyone go buy a copy or ten)
2006-08-04 11:40:51 PM  
...Weird Al trifecta in play?
2006-08-05 02:32:34 AM  
So much for the Orange Revolution. Sigh.

Ahh, Yulia Tymoshenko:

/Kramer: Ha ha, the Ukraine. Do you know what the Ukraine is? It's a sitting duck. A road apple, Newman. The Ukraine is weak. It's feeble. I think it's time to put the hurt on the Ukraine.

//Ukrainian: I come from Ukraine. You not say Ukraine weak.

/Kramer: Yeah, well we're playing a game here, pal.

//Ukrainian: Ukraine is game to you?! Howbout I take your little board and smash it!!

///The Ukrainian pounds the game board, destroying it and sending army pieces flying.
2006-08-05 04:49:55 AM  
I think he prefers "Weird Viktor"

/still daring to be stupid
2006-08-05 06:29:50 AM  
stpickrell: The people of Ukraine freely elected this guy.

Not exactly. His party won most places in parliament, but 3 orange parties had majority. They couldn't share power and smallest Socialist Party joined Yanukovich side. Dioxin Guy had choice to call new election but decided not to
2006-08-05 07:01:11 AM  
"Autocircumcisor", lol.
2006-08-05 07:04:24 AM  

wwwaaaaaaaahhhhha! biatch, biatch, biatch....STFU and submit something not pertaining to war, GWB, Lindsay Lohan or the Cletus Four.
2006-08-05 01:28:54 PM
2006-08-05 01:31:54 PM  
2006-08-05 02:25:42 PM  
I guess this means Yanukovych's government would be VERY fragile.

Wouldn't it be possible for the Russian-speaking eastern provinces to join Russia? That way, everyone's happy -- the Ukrainians don't have these people whose first loyalty is to Russia and the Russians are part of the country they want to be a part of. Or are people thinking, "THIS IS UKRAINE WE CAN'T GIVE UP ANY UKRAINE CAUSE THEN THE RUSSIAN TANKS WILL COME IN AGAIN" and/or "Hmm, I'd like to have more rights for ethnic Russians, but Russia is a pretty bad place. So we'll complain a lot."
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