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(Local6)   Ghost tracker notes, "Usually, 99 percent of the time, the spirits are very friendly" -- but one percent of the time, it's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man   ( divider line
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2006-08-03 12:26:17 PM  
late to the party!


/chick is toast...
2006-08-03 12:32:46 PM  

Weird story, but...

She was photographing a old,two story house that was abandoned like 30-40 years ago.I don't rememeber why she was there photographing this house but that's not important.

It might be important. It seems a bit strange that she would just randomly photograph an abandoned house for no reason.

So she makes a few photographs of the front of the house from the road so the whole house is in view.She later uploads them to her computer and notices something very strange about one of her panoramic shots.The house looks brand new and there are lights on in every window!I saw two of the photographs side by side and the hair stood up on the back of my head.

Weird. I can't explain this.

I saw the originals still in the camera's memory and I don't think there is a way to fake those.

Agreed. There's absolutely no way to fake digital photographs. In order to do something like that, you would need some sort of magical software... something that would allow alter pictures much like an old-fashioned Photoshop... if only there was such a thing... ;)

(My guess is that she was having a bit of fun with you, although it's strange, because you don't seem to be the gullible type... ;)
2006-08-03 12:33:00 PM  
The best ghosts are the ones that appear with chain letters. I like the idea that the spirits of the dead hang out on Outlook to ensure proper forwarding occurs, lest they slay you.
What amazes me is that people really do send them around. I get the ghost under the bed from some dumbass at least once a year.
2006-08-03 12:43:21 PM  
Also known as "the scourge of Carpathia", and "The sorrow of Moldavia"
2006-08-03 12:51:38 PM  
SuperDuper28, which is more likely:

(a) some supernatural entity manipulated the photons going into the camera in order to produce the picture,

(b) some supernatural entity rearranged the bits in the file to produce the picture,

(c) when you friend took the picture, three events all happened within the space of 100 microseconds: she blinked, the shutter opened/closed, and a wormhole opened up and spat out an image of the house as it used to be 30-40 years ago,

(d) the best pranksters are the ones you don't expect; your friend pranked you.
2006-08-03 12:53:09 PM  
...and I think I've already established that (a) and (b) are implausible, since ghosts are too busy whacking off in changing rooms to fiddle with photons and jpeg data. So that leaves wormholes or pranking.
2006-08-03 01:04:55 PM  
one thing about Ghost Hunters that you have to remember is that they spend a few days at the place (not everything is shown on tV) and they do take into account every fuse box, wiring, etc.

as for psycho's and such....i don't believe them.
2006-08-03 01:05:57 PM  
"Usually, 99 percent of the time, the spirits are very friendly"

So, spirits with personalities are pretty much like people with personalities.

Most of them are OK, a few are dickwads, I guess. I'm sure, just like in the material world, the dickwads rise to the top and become leaders of countries and corporations.

2006-08-03 01:26:25 PM  
It could be manifestions of psychic ability, similar to astral projection. Most higher ranking pratcitioners claim that with the proper degree of meditation you could not only move through space, but time as well.

ladies, meet Dughan:

he's single and enjoys anime, masturbation, and weeping softly through the night. he'll take anything but prefers fictional characters with gigantic breasts capable of astrally projecting at 17th level or higher.
2006-08-03 01:32:35 PM

2006-08-03 02:02:35 PM  
Dennis_Moore: "Egon, this reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole through your head...Remember that? "

It would've worked if you hadn't stopped me.
2006-08-03 02:10:39 PM  
I just came in here for the Ghostbusters references...

/was not disappointed
//don't cross the streams!
2006-08-03 02:17:44 PM  
06-08-03 10:47:09 AM Great Janitor
"What I often felt was that I would be completely alone and have the feeling that I was being watched."

That's perfectly normal paranoia. Everyone has that.

/why no Dirk Gently movie, BTW?
2006-08-03 02:32:18 PM  
You're all missing the mark here. Those funny feelings you get in 'haunted' houses are Thetans.

/surprised no one thought of that yet.
//way to make the electrical readings fly off the charts, Xenu!
2006-08-03 02:50:03 PM  
My son has been making me watch these two movies for the past week and a half... I still love them though. For a 4 year-old he is really into Ghosts. I record Ghost Hunters for him all of the time and we've even been by their headquarters. Well we do live about 15 minutes away...
2006-08-03 03:11:00 PM  
loki see loki do: why no Dirk Gently movie, BTW?

After seeing the 2005 movie version of HHGTTG I really don't want to see Hollywood fark up the Holistic Detective stories too.

/I think we'd better split up.
//Good idea.
///Yeah... we can do more damage that way.
2006-08-03 03:18:16 PM  
I tried to start a Ghost Hunting group here in Roswell, GA. BOY was that interesting. We never got the group off the ground because well let's just put it this way.. the first person to join was a female who thought she was an alien. She didn't return next meeting. Then the next meetings were all about when do we go and investigate. I was like when people that just joiun show up for consecutive meetings and show they are serious. Never happened. It's ok. They all probably thought DUST were Ghosts also.
That picture is a picture of dust in the article.
It annoys the crap out of me when "Ghost Hunters" publicize pictures of dust. It discredits the whole idea of Ghost Hunting.
Thats if Ghost Hunting were credible anymore.
I will still watch Ghost Hunters because they are freaking AWESOME..atleast they are skeptical.
2006-08-03 04:19:36 PM  
Aww, don't start dissing the SPMM. It wasn't his fault everyone thought he went coocoo-bananas, he just wanted to spread his white gooey love around to everyone in NYC.

Even if the remainder of his corpse was just shaving cream in the movie...
2006-08-03 09:14:16 PM  
Best Ghost Movie evar? Surely Ghost Busters, but "The Others" totally rocked.
2006-08-04 01:19:29 AM  
Legend of Hell House.
2006-08-04 03:30:28 AM

I'd hit it.

And I wouldn't cross the streams.
2006-08-04 03:11:10 PM  
Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!
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