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(YouTube) Video This is why Miss France lost the Miss Universe pageant   ( divider line
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11783 clicks; posted to Video » on 03 Aug 2006 at 10:02 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-03 08:08:24 AM  
Heh...caught me by surprise.
2006-08-03 10:23:03 AM  
Not really surprising, since the retard who put the video up had already given away the punchline in his description to the right of the vid.
2006-08-03 10:24:56 AM  
2006-08-03 10:25:31 AM  
They're not going to let that die are they?
2006-08-03 10:26:40 AM  
Hopefully not.
2006-08-03 10:40:03 AM  
If I was French I would be glad about this recurring joke. It's better than the surrender one.
2006-08-03 10:41:36 AM  
Wow! Now that was rude...
2006-08-03 10:41:52 AM  
2006-08-03 10:57:10 AM  
i want my 10 seconds back

/and i shall never get it
2006-08-03 10:59:09 AM  
I think it's fake.
2006-08-03 11:13:48 AM  
Definitely fake, otherwise there'd be lawsuits everywhere, why yes I'm serious, seriously.
2006-08-03 11:39:46 AM  

I lol'd
2006-08-03 11:40:11 AM
2006-08-03 12:09:33 PM  
Clip is from The Jimmy Kimmel Show
2006-08-03 12:41:29 PM  
Tres Drole lol.
2006-08-03 12:43:26 PM  
This is the only Miss France I recognize:

/oh, and this one:
2006-08-03 12:58:50 PM  
JoshTheTech: Clip is from The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Ahh, no wonder it sucks.

/would rather watch Craig Ferguson or The Soup
//Jimmy Kimmel - Adam Corola = unfunny
2006-08-03 02:42:14 PM  
Oh I get it. It's that Zidane soccer thing. From a month ago.

/a vote for me is a vote for random voting
2006-08-03 02:52:58 PM  
I will NEVER get tired of Melissa T. pictures. Ever.

She's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

/Except for you honey.
//No, no seriously, you look great babe.
///Wait, where are you going? Aww c'mon not again!
2006-08-03 06:16:46 PM did she surrender?
2006-08-03 06:23:44 PM  
Not to you she wouldn't
2006-08-04 09:20:13 AM  
headbutt lol
2006-08-04 01:46:35 PM  
Yeah, that's great. I'm peeing myself from the hysterical laughing fit I'm having. Ow, my sides, how they hurt.

Can't we shiat-can this stuff? The media made the whole incident so much more of a big deal than it was, then 'teh intarwebs geeks' made it even worse by showing it in every format imaginable and lampooning it in the every unfunny way imaginable.

Now, we've got this.
2006-08-05 03:54:12 PM  
I can't even see it says its private. So its even crappier for me then for you.
2006-08-05 07:45:20 PM  
No, believe me, it's better for you.
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