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(The Sun)   Wasp invades man's trousers. Good thing he had a friend nearby to break his arm with a shovel.   ( divider line
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10282 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jun 2002 at 12:22 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-27 12:28:16 AM  
That's the funniest tag line I have ever read!
2002-06-27 12:29:26 AM  
Dear Penthouse letters,

Imagine my suprise when one day a wasp flew up my trowsers and...

I got nothing

2002-06-27 12:30:54 AM  
Yes, a very good thing it is.
2002-06-27 12:30:56 AM  
Best title ever.
2002-06-27 12:32:15 AM  
Dammit, that's photoshop material if there ever was any.

Pity I don't know how to use Photoshop.

(would someone like me to retouch it with MS Paint? I thought not)
2002-06-27 12:32:17 AM  
Can't... stop... laughing...
2002-06-27 12:32:29 AM  
lol. The SUN is fake news right?
2002-06-27 12:32:30 AM  
Hahahaha haven't read the article yet, but that tagline is great!
2002-06-27 12:33:08 AM  
I'm sure I've heard this as an urban myth - Man shaking his leg to get mud off his boots, colleague hits him with wood as he thinks he's being electrocuted. Not that I'm suggesting The Sun made it up, just seem to have heard something similar before. Am I going slowly mad?
2002-06-27 12:33:23 AM  
"The pair were digging at Dan's £170,000 house in Leeds."

Knowing the monetary value of the home they were digging at makes all the difference.
2002-06-27 12:33:51 AM  
Well, at least the guy had a valid reason for whacking him in the arm with the shovel.
2002-06-27 12:34:26 AM  
I really could do without friends like that.
2002-06-27 12:34:50 AM  
ha. didn't need to read the article, i was laughing. haha.
2002-06-27 12:35:16 AM  

Then he had the audacity to ask if I was all right.

True story. My wife slammed my hand in a car door once. Full contact, closed and locked[1]. I managed to get my hand out finally and was shrieking and holding my hand, bellowing like a wounded waterbuffalo and she had the *ahem* balls to ask me:

Are you okay?

Could have put a fist through her pretty little head for that one. meh.

[1] newer cars have a big gap filled with that black tublar foam stuff between the body and the car frame. Small space, but enough for a finger, I discovered. Fingers were ok afterwards.

Ok, threadjack over. sorry.

2002-06-27 12:36:54 AM  
"Suddenly Matt came at me and started hitting me with a spade. I thought he'd flipped and it was really painful. I started to panic. All I could think was that he was going to kill me."

That - is - priceless.
2002-06-27 12:36:56 AM  
Any ol' excuse is good enough to indulge in a bit of the ultraviolence. I wonder if he could hear Ludwig van as he pummeled him?
2002-06-27 12:37:02 AM  
having a friend there to break my arm, is the best friend i could have.
2002-06-27 12:38:31 AM  
At least we know which one is the stupid sidekick in that team.
2002-06-27 12:38:40 AM  
Jashter, mnftiu rules. :)
2002-06-27 12:43:33 AM  
oh man that's some FUNNY shizit!
2002-06-27 12:45:31 AM  
"having a friend there to break my arm, is the best friend i could have."

Especially if it get's me three weeks off work ;-)

2002-06-27 12:46:53 AM  
The funny thing is if the guy was right about his friend getting electrocuted (how deep were they digging?)then he would be a hero. Funny how being fairly dense can really screw up a day.
2002-06-27 12:49:37 AM  
I always wanted to do that to somebody. Everybody, actually.
2002-06-27 12:50:19 AM  
Since the PoA thread is closed right now I figure this is the only other thread I can really relate to. Except for the fact that none of what was described in the article has ever happened to me in any way.
2002-06-27 12:50:41 AM  
He was doing the "Hula-hula" dance.
2002-06-27 12:50:52 AM  
I agree Jess. I also like This Modern World.
2002-06-27 12:51:58 AM  
2002-06-27 12:52:06 AM  
I can understand hitting him with a shovel. Dude probably thought that a 20 pound monkey was in his pants, biting him.

In other news, the Devil Rays would like to talk to Matt about being a new hitting coach, since he at least made contact.
2002-06-27 12:53:31 AM  
I hate The Sun. Why the fvck does Fark keep posting articles from it? Who the hell cares if some guy hit another guy with a spade?
2002-06-27 12:57:33 AM  
um... so what happened to the wasp?
2002-06-27 01:04:44 AM  
I think the wasp laughed itself silly and fell to its death.

That just seems to fit.
2002-06-27 01:06:28 AM  
Gimme your finger and I'll take your mind off that pain...
2002-06-27 01:22:27 AM  
I've heard of this problem before, a psychological experiment with a person faking electrocution, and instead of using the available stick to PUSH or PRY a person away from the current, most people prefer to beat them with it.

"Look! I'm helping!"
2002-06-27 01:30:49 AM  
Yes, it is a funny headline. But, it's not nearly as funny as the one about laser-guided missile launching deathbots.
2002-06-27 01:39:57 AM  
I wonder if he would have used the same rescue methods if he was aware that his buddy was just freaking out over a wasp.

WHAP! "There you go buddy...I killed that little farker in your shorts!"
2002-06-27 01:41:37 AM  
I laughed ... out loud even.
2002-06-27 01:41:51 AM  
Great headline, even if the Sun is fake as hell.

End transmission.
2002-06-27 01:51:00 AM  
Nice headline, Farksubmitter.

Also, I'd like to personally thank the Sun Newspaper Online for showing me what a British wasp looks like, since they're so significantly different from their American wasp brothers and sisters...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-27 01:53:12 AM  
Funniest headline ever!
2002-06-27 02:19:40 AM  
I spent summers in university planting trees in the clearcuts in British Columbia. One day a few of us were sitting on the road taking a break and we saw one of our coworkers running and jumping and dancing and screaming and hollering. He'd hit a bee hive on the ground and they gone into his boot and up his pantleg. He could have died, but it was so goddamn funny, because he was such a little bastard.
2002-06-27 02:36:43 AM  
If someone you know is being electrocuted, the proper way to save them is to hit them with something to throw them clear without being electrocuted yourself.

I'm surprised he knew that.
2002-06-27 03:25:12 AM  
Those things are HUGE, not wonder he needed a shovel!
2002-06-27 03:26:08 AM  
It's as big as my fist!
2002-06-27 04:48:14 AM  
They then followed up by launching into a classic 'When I nod my head, you hit it' routine.
2002-06-27 08:00:52 AM  
2002-06-27 08:38:43 AM  
W.A.S.P. invades man's trousers.

Priest invades little boy's trousers.
2002-06-27 09:15:14 AM  
Ok, Most pickaxe handles are made of wood. Wood is typically a poor conductor, by default an excellent insulator of electicity. Most people picking up a shovel, which also likely has a wood shaft, would know that if there is any possibility of the man being electrocuted through the pickaxe, the shovel is an equally poor choice.

But, most people cannot possibly be that stupid.
2002-06-27 09:18:08 AM  
Because it's farking funny as balls...
2002-06-27 09:21:54 AM  
About 20 years ago me and a few other guys were helping a friend put a deck on the front of his home. Before we started we asked him if he checked on where his utilities were and he told us they were all on the back side of the house. When we pulled the power auger up after the first hole, there was a bunch of wire wrapped around it. We wanted to stop there but he said "Keep going, It has to be some old wire because everything is in the back" So we start on the next hole and all of the sudden there's a big spark. We figured we hit a rock since this guy assured us that everythings buried on the other side. We go on to the 3rd hole and all of the sudden we hear what sounds like air escaping. We knew then that we had hit a gas line, so he runs in to call the gas company but his phone doesn't work, turns out the wire was his phone line. He also didn't have any power because the spark from the 2nd hole was his electrical wiring. We still give him shiat about it when ever we see him.
2002-06-27 09:30:44 AM  
once i pooed on my dads face and he fell over.
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