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(Some Guy)   Joe Lieberman and Cynthia McKinney both face tough primary challenges: Lieberman for having his head screwed on straight, and McKinney for having hers shoved up her backside   ( divider line
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220 clicks; posted to Politics » on 31 Jul 2006 at 8:49 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-07-31 07:59:48 AM
2006-07-31 08:16:26 AM  
I would never accuse Lieberman of having his head on straight.
2006-07-31 08:41:01 AM is once again 'Some Guy'. When you have to trick people to get hits, it's time to rethink your relevance.
2006-07-31 08:49:12 AM  
Huzzah for the conservative white man! Because there aren't nearly enough of those to go around!

/flame on
2006-07-31 09:00:52 AM  
The only thing obvious is the lame troll attempt of Smitty.
2006-07-31 09:06:39 AM  
How fast will the DU conspiracy theorists start if McKinney looses?
2006-07-31 09:07:12 AM  
way to troll
2006-07-31 09:26:04 AM  
I don't think you will find too many democrats who would rush out of the woodwork to support McKinney.
2006-07-31 09:32:49 AM  

for Calling his own democratic peers unpatriotic for questioning the president

for energetically supporting the Iraw war

for fervently supporting George Bush and his agenda

for refusing to fillibuster Alito

for pushing the government in the the Schiavo case

for losing touch with the voters of connecticut

for generally being an entitled arrogant asshat

for being a DINO
2006-07-31 09:33:05 AM  
Could it be that they are both candidates that feel entitled to their office and are arrogant enough to openly show their disdain when voters indicate they don't feel the same way?
2006-07-31 09:33:08 AM  
Cynthia McKinney:

A politician known only through Fark.
2006-07-31 09:34:54 AM  
Anyone who has driven through Connecticut lately can tell you Joe is in trouble. The Lamont sign outnumber the Lieberman signs about 30 to 1 .
2006-07-31 09:35:44 AM  

Could it be that they are both candidates that feel entitled to their office and are arrogant enough to openly show their disdain when voters indicate they don't feel the same way?

By George I think he's got it!
2006-07-31 09:39:12 AM

This float has been making appearances accross the state.

Some refer to Joe's makeout session with the president as "the kiss of death".
2006-07-31 09:41:01 AM  
Stopped reading after the second sentence: In Connecticut, moderate Sen. Joe Lieberman faces a challenger whose single issue is opposition to the Iraq war.

If you're going to blatantly lie like that, your opinion means next-to-nothing to me.
2006-07-31 09:42:10 AM  
If Lieberman is considered to have "his head screwed on straight" I'd really hate to see what you people consider "having it screwed on backwards".

/he's an asshat of the highest order
//ya rly
2006-07-31 09:43:59 AM  
RminusQ: I agree. The article is clearly biased.

Lamont is not a single issue guy. They appear to have bought the Liebermerman lie that Lamont is some far left wing nutjob. It just ain't that way.

And come on, McKinney is just an A-1 nutjob and everbody knows it.
2006-07-31 09:48:40 AM  
Seperated at birth?
2006-07-31 09:49:40 AM
2006-07-31 09:50:33 AM
2006-07-31 09:57:53 AM  
Cynthia McKinney is a farking hero.
2006-07-31 10:00:54 AM  
RminusQ / SpectroBoy--

"In Connecticut, moderate Sen. Joe Lieberman faces a challenger whose single issue is opposition to the Iraq war."

The dumbest thng about this statement is that even if it were true (which it isn't), it'd like saying "Nicole's only problem with O.J. was that he murdered her."

The Iraq war is hardly a "single issue". It's the Bush administration's entire foreign policy. It's 2,500+ U.S. troops killed. It's 20,000 U.S. troops wounded. It's 100,000+ Iraqi civilians killed for no reason. It's $300 BILLION AND COUNTING flushed right down the drain. It's weakening the U.S. military for other conflicts which we WILL have to fight (as opposed to this one which was on Bush's whim). It's thousands of National Guard troops and their equipment who aren't available to do the stuff they usually do--putting out forest fires in Montana, helping with the cleanup operations after Katrina, etc.

The list goes on and on. Dismissing it as a "single issue", as if it's some minor quibble, is an insult to every soldier--and civilian--who has died, as well as their families.
2006-07-31 10:07:07 AM  
BigTuna: is once again 'Some Guy'. When you have to trick people to get hits, it's time to rethink your relevance.

What trick? There's no "Opinion Journal" tag.

Are you saying you had no idea a headline like this represented a highly opinionated political piece?
2006-07-31 10:08:56 AM  
BlueDjinn: Good freakin point.

Even if Lamont was a single issue candidate it is one HELL of an issue.

Also, the Iraq debacle itself is not really a single issue. How we got in to the war was a problem. The international ramifications are a problem. The are political, financial, and ethical problems all rolled up in the "single issue" of Iraq.

Joe is SO doomed on August 8th. I just hope the general election goes equally well.

And shame on Joe for jumping ship out of a sense of entitlement.
2006-07-31 10:11:46 AM  
My favorite McKinney cartoon:

Cynthia McKinney is dangerous type of hypocrit because she purposely invokes race and plays on the fears of her base thus exacerbating the problem she claims to be fighting.

She also discredits claims of racism that come from people who really ARE victims of racism. The representative that cries wolf!
2006-07-31 10:15:04 AM  
They both can die in a fire.
2006-07-31 10:16:32 AM  
Poor Lieberman. The first Democrat to understand from his own party what Republicans have felt since The Club for Growth came about: Orthodoxy = Money. What's happening to him is no different than what is happening one state over with Lincoln Chaffee. What's newsworthy about Lieberman is, of course, that he almost got elected Vice President back in 2000. And also a tad ironic considering how Lieberman got his seat in the first place: The Conservative Revolt against Lowell Weicker.
2006-07-31 12:07:06 PM  
I'm hoping that the DLC notion that the way for a Democrat to win is to sound as much like a Republican as possible dies with Lieberman's Senatorial career.
2006-07-31 12:12:40 PM  
As a CT voter, my opposition to Lieberman isn't solely on the basis of the Iraq War. It also includes his agreement on censorship issues with our good friend, Mr. Jack "I'm-batshiat-farking-loco" Thompson.

Gamers are a demographic too. However small.
2006-07-31 12:20:03 PM  
I hope both of these get their asses kicked in the primary. I can live with the democratic party being well within those boundaries.
2006-07-31 12:39:53 PM  
You want to know the sure sign that Liebermann is too far right for mainstream Democrats (at least in Connecticut)?

Conservative rags like the WSJ Opinion page have come out in support of him.
2006-07-31 12:58:10 PM  
Do a whois on Cynthia McKinney's campaign website. The results are quite interesting.

/Republicans have a lot to lose if McKinney loses.
//Ted Kennedy not looking forward to regaining his spot as the default answer to any question about Republican integrity.
2006-07-31 01:03:19 PM  

I was saying the same thing (re: Iraq as a "single issue") in this thread earlier.
2006-07-31 01:26:36 PM  
What trick? There's no "Opinion Journal" tag.

Er, um, it's part of the Wall Street Journal. Which I think--I'm not entirely positive--does have a tag here...

If the Toledo ABC station's tag can stand for an ABC station in Texas, then WSJ can stand for Opinion Journal...
2006-07-31 01:42:19 PM  

2006-07-31 02:45:28 PM  
this whois only tells who has access to the dns.

I have registered domains for local Ds and Rs with mostly silly contact info to avoid spamming. I used to brand them all under one company name but then we learned that some netnerds think if a D and an R use the same webmaster there is a conpiracy. Now also have to make sure Ds and Rs never share the same IP address, even if it is hosting 100+ other domains. Sort of sad but the tinfoil is think on the net.

The registrant's listed name of "Candi Lane" probably is a bigger clue.

And most likely says more about webmasters' twisted humor. I currently am being a bit of a jerk about dns control of a domain name since a client has never paid for the domain or hosting.

Appears this just broke as lefty news last week so will be interesting to see what political snowball becomes of it.
2006-07-31 03:13:14 PM  
Where are the talking abouts about why Lamont should be a U.S. Senator, beyond the fact that he's not Lieberman?
2006-07-31 03:16:21 PM  
Where are the talking abouts about why Lamont should be a U.S. Senator, beyond the fact that he's not Lieberman?

You could've just gone to his webpage where, right there in the middle, is:

I am running for the US Senate because we deserve a Senator who will stand up for Connecticut and stand up for our progressive democratic values. Rather than spending hundreds of millions of dollars a day in Iraq, it is time for America to refocus on issues back home: fixing our health care system, upgrading our schools, and rebuilding our aging infrastructure. We will start winning in Iraq as the Iraqis take control of their own destiny, just as America has to start investing again in our own future.

That succinct and Lieberman free enough for you?
2006-07-31 03:27:56 PM  
Also, here's a *better* article on why Lieberman and McKinney are facing primary challenges: The End of Checklist Liberalism at Talking Points Memo.

Basically, liberals are moving beyond being single issue voters to caring about a broad spectrum of issues. And Congresscritters who thought they could simply placate groups with just one "button" are finding themselves in trouble.

The best point:
Each group has one issue. For the enviros, it's ANWR (the most trivial of victories, but the one that raises the money). For the minorities, affirmative action. (Likewise, of minor relevance to the actual structure of economic opportunity for most African-Americans and Latinos.) For women, it's all about "preserve abortion rights." There are a couple others, but those are the basic buttons you press to be credentialed as a good liberal Democrat. After you press them, you can do whatever you want.

But has Lieberman failed to press those buttons? No! In fact, he's been pounding on them like that guy at the elevator who thinks that if he presses "Down" hard enough and often enough, eventually the elevator will recognize how important and how late he is.

But it's not working.
2006-07-31 03:40:56 PM  
What makes Lamont qualfied to carry the "progressive democratic values" banner?

I see a lot more comments (and you can see them here as well) that are negative about Lieberman rather than positive about Lamont.
2006-07-31 05:06:51 PM  
Aexia: That succinct and Lieberman free enough for you?

Hardly. It's not much better than the recent "I'm not Bush" presidential campaign.
2006-07-31 06:34:54 PM  
BigTuna " is once again 'Some Guy'. When you have to trick people to get hits, it's time to rethink your relevance."

Awwwwwwww ... did you get some Opinionjournal cooties on you?
2006-08-01 01:38:16 PM  
the_gospel_of_thomas: Awwwwwwww ... did you get some Opinionjournal cooties on you?

Congrats on your greenlight.
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