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(Reuters)   Teenagers bagging mothballs to get high, no word on how they got those little legs apart   ( divider line
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6715 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jul 2006 at 4:44 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-07-27 05:13:40 PM  
2006-07-27 05:14:55 PM  
To get the little legs apart requires a few accessories:
1. Tiny tweezers
2. Magnifying lens
3. Somebody drunk enough to believe you actually did it
2006-07-27 05:16:27 PM  
thespindrifter: Allegedly it makes for a great octane booster in regular gas

Regular gas, as in pre WWII
Check the Gasoline FAQ (No pop)

And that was only if the mothballs actually had naphthalene in them, instead of some other compound.
2006-07-27 05:18:25 PM  
That joke was funny about 30 years ago when I first heard it.
2006-07-27 05:20:01 PM  
jay-dub: Regular gas, as in pre WWII

Thanx. Feeling teh lazy today. Knew it had to be too good to be true. I guess urinal cakes are safe from theft for now.

/Not that I would do that
//Hope I never see anyone with their head in a urinal, trying to get stoned.
2006-07-27 05:22:30 PM  
Damn, teenagers are stupid.
2006-07-27 05:23:03 PM  
I toss the occasional mothballs into the flower beds around my house to keep rabbits and squirrels out, and use rubber gloves to do it. That stuff is bad enough in the open air, I can't imagine sticking my nose into the bag.
2006-07-27 05:25:28 PM  
God I love that stupid joke. So old. I always heard it as "Well how did you fit your nose between its legs?"
2006-07-27 05:28:24 PM  
thespindrifter: Allegedly it makes for a great octane booster in regular gas


Doesn't anyone watch Mythbusters anymore?
2006-07-27 05:29:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Unavailable for Comment.
2006-07-27 05:29:41 PM  
Darwin cries.
2006-07-27 05:30:50 PM  
Damn, French people are retarded, or these two kids were tricked by their 'friends' to do that.

"Hey, you can totally get high of mothballs"
"Fo' Reals?!?!?!"
"Yeah man, It'll totally fark you up."
"Aight (walks off)"
"Damn what a farkin tard, he's the only one that actually fell for it."
2006-07-27 05:36:35 PM  
Robokev: FTA: "The 18-year-old French woman was hospitalized with scaly skin on her legs and hands, appearing unsteady and mentally sluggish, doctors said."

Maybe this is the real explanation for the ravages of old age! Old people don't naturally get scaly, unsteady, and dumb - it's the effect of all their damn mothballs!
2006-07-27 05:38:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-07-27 05:40:07 PM  
^Hahahahahaha, too funny.
2006-07-27 05:41:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Thank you. Play again.
2006-07-27 05:57:01 PM  
When mothballs are banned, only moths will have balls.
2006-07-27 06:02:35 PM  
The discovery comes at a time when teenagers are increasingly experimenting with legal drugs like OxyContin, widely known as "hillbilly heroin," and Vicodin, often bought online or taken from medicine cabinets, even before trying marijuana or alcohol, health officials say.

before trying marijuana? wha wha wha.. but I thought marijuana made people crazy and kill people and move on to harder drugs like the heroin. When will the press/DEA get their stories straight...
2006-07-27 06:02:58 PM  
smitty got a snicker.
2006-07-27 06:05:44 PM  
Wait, I thought moth balls were naphthalene. What's all this dichlorobenzene stuff. I mean, naphthalene is just two benzenes together, it can't be any better for you.
2006-07-27 06:08:46 PM  
Darth Darth Binks wins teh intarwebs with that sign.
2006-07-27 06:10:01 PM  

That's the first idea I had when I heard that quote today. Cheers ;)

2006-07-27 06:12:51 PM  
WTF is with the "non-image image" message?!
2006-07-27 06:14:50 PM  
lol...that's an AWESOME headline, nice work OP
2006-07-27 06:17:34 PM  
The teenager told the doctors that she continued to use the mothballs during her hospitalization "because she thought her symptoms were not related to her habit,"

*SIGH* We need, I say NEED, to amend the law to make it legal to just kill people this dumb.
2006-07-27 06:18:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

good jorb smitty
2006-07-27 06:24:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
not impressed.
2006-07-27 06:54:51 PM  
*golf clap* submitter
2006-07-27 07:21:46 PM  
Marijuana's not a gateway drug. Cocaine is a gateway drug.
2006-07-27 07:26:03 PM  
naturalbornposer: Marijuana's not a gateway drug. Cocaine is a gateway drug.

apparently mothballs are the true gateway drug.
2006-07-27 07:34:08 PM  
Mothballs today: Paradichlorobenzene -- toxic to moths, humans, etc. Also the main ingredients in the big mints in urinals.

Mothballs old school: napthalene. Will not assist gasoline engines in any way! Have seen them used to clean chimmneys -- once!
2006-07-27 07:36:17 PM  
I LOL'd at the headline.
2006-07-27 10:23:47 PM  
serpent_sky: Thanks, submitter -- it's not awkward at all for a girl to have to explain to an office full of men that she is cackling at a moth balls joke.

Just flash some cleavage. They'll forget you were ever laughing.
2006-07-27 10:51:17 PM  
just smoke a joint for christ sakes. granted thats not the smartest thing to do, but its a hell of a lot smarter than huffing mothballs.
2006-07-28 12:05:30 PM  
The shiatheads in the condo directly below mine are constantly smoking pot and sniffing/chewing mothballs. I can no longer open windows in hot weather or sit on my balcony without wretching from the stink. There gonna get a visit from Strata and/or the cops real soon.

/typing complaint letter to Strata this weekend
2006-07-28 12:11:47 PM  
wtf? who's idea was this?

"hey guys, i've got a great idea for a fun night: lets all chew some mothballs. and then later, we can all drink some bleach. i hear that gets you really farked up too!!!"
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