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(CNN)   New character for Beetle Bailey is a "computer geek"   ( divider line
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2002-06-25 09:57:46 PM  
I always liked Beetle Bailey.
I'm glad Mort Walker is STILL kicking that strip out.
This will definitely enhance one of the greatest newspaper daily/weekend strips.
Chip Gizmo.
I had a cat named Gizmo.
2002-06-26 05:18:14 AM  
Oh yeah. That will be real funny. Can't wait for the movie to come out starring Brendan Frazer.
2002-06-26 05:20:05 AM  
these new geeks will be the death of us.

fashonable tech.. bah.
2002-06-26 05:20:35 AM  
Who in the hell reads that crap?
2002-06-26 05:24:02 AM  
or example, when Gizmo warns Halftrack not to use his pop-out CD-ROM holder for a coffee cup holder, the general relents. Next, Gizmo finds him using it to hold his martini glass.

In next weeks episode, Gizmo says to Halftrack, "so I just flew in from fixing a computer", Halftrack relents to the awful, droning comic humor, "BOY are my arms TIRED!" Next, Gizmo is found gouging his eyes with a martini glass stem to avoid reading any more of this crap.
2002-06-26 05:28:02 AM  
I hate Beetle Bailey. They should just kick his ass for being so lazy and cancel the comic strip for good.
2002-06-26 05:31:43 AM  
Ohh how jewish
2002-06-26 05:33:26 AM  
I hear that there are plans to make PJ, in the Family Circus comic strip, a sysadmin.
2002-06-26 05:37:54 AM  
or example, when Gizmo walks in on the Sarge fappin' to some Brazillian Soccer, and he acts like he sees nothing and proceeds to vaccuum out Sarge's keyboard.
2002-06-26 05:44:38 AM  
They need to beat Beetle Bailey with soap in a sock. Like they did to Pyle in Full Metal Jacket.
2002-06-26 05:55:17 AM  
Columbia (Reuters): In the small town of Farkolan, the U.S. Army moved in Thursday and killed every last native citizen. A private for the Army, one "Beetle Bailey", was quoted as saying, "It's time for new characters, so we've introduced Cpl. Wrongspot Yohannsen, who is the guy I call in my airstrikes. With his bad eyesight aiming the deck guns from the battleship off the coast, it'll bring a fresh new look to the comic strip."
2002-06-26 05:55:46 AM  
the family circle jerk and beetoff bailey both suck. i never got Hi Lois or whawtever either.
2002-06-26 06:49:06 AM  
*lifts head*
*looks around*

"Huh?? What?? Beetle Bailey is still in print?!"

Seriously. This is another one of those strips like Peanuts - very funny back in the comic's prime days but now just a "Hallmark Card" generator. Let it die in piece.

My hat is off to comics who had the brass ones to acknowledge this and end their strips with some shreds of dignity intact, such as Berkeley Breathed (Bloom County), Jim Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes) and Gary Larson (The Far Side). These guys made the time when all three were in print the golden sunset of the comics era.

It's all crap from now on kids. Save those collection books.
2002-06-26 06:55:07 AM  
My local rag runs Beetle Bailey. But they pulled "Boondocks." The bastards. There is no justice in this world.
2002-06-26 06:58:20 AM  
The Boondocks is a much more socially relevant comic than this strip.

At least Aaron McGruder wouldn't come up with bullshiat like this.
2002-06-26 07:00:50 AM  
I don't think I'd like to draw the same comic strip for 50 years straight. Ug.
2002-06-26 07:03:56 AM  
"Chip Gizmo"

Aren't those just two names of chipmunks (or other critters) from "Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers" put together?

If I were Disney, I'd sue. WTF am I saying?!?! It's Disney....OF COURSE THEY'LL SUE!
2002-06-26 07:20:03 AM  
Comics that are the same crap over and over:

The last years of Peanuts
Beetle Bailey
oh wait, all of them.

God bless Gary Larson and Bill Watterson for knowing when to quit, ie, before their comics began to suck.
2002-06-26 07:22:47 AM  
I've been using the name "Chip Gizmo" to make porn for the last five years.
2002-06-26 07:38:53 AM  
BAH! Beetle Bailey. BAH!!

Here's some links to some REAL comic artists:

Bill Watterson of Calvin & Hobbes fame


Berkeley Breathed of Bloom County/Outland fame.

2002-06-26 07:42:14 AM  
Walker, who started drawing Beetle, Gen. Halftrack and Sarge in 1950, soon understood just how much computers have permeated our lives. Many fans had ideas for gags, including the old joke of struggling for hours to repair a computer that -- surprise! -- is unplugged.

Wow!! That is pure comic genius!! Yes siree Bob!! Mort you still got it!!!
2002-06-26 07:59:26 AM  
It's a shame there's so many strip that, although having an admirable print run, have just either grown old and stale or simply aren't relavant anymore.
And besides, during this era of terrorism, the last thing I want to see (besides my corpulant, life-draining ex-wife who I refer to fondly as the "psycho hose-beast") is a comic strip showing military guys screwing up.

Sarge: "Hey, Beetle, don't open up that vial of super-anthrax!"

Beetle: "Huh?"

Sarge: "Ho Ho Ho! Much hilarity!"

The best military-in-comic-strip form was when the Doonesbury strip covered the Gulf War. Now, that was damn damn funny (the strip, not the war).
2002-06-26 08:08:38 AM  
WTF... On the first day of the poll I submitted "Gizmo" and I get no credit... bastards
(seriously... I want a check!)
2002-06-26 08:19:51 AM  
Monty666-When exactly was Hagar "relavent"? Did the Vikings or whatever he's supposed to be have newspapers with comics in them?
2002-06-26 08:20:42 AM  
I can see people badmouthing the strip if you don't like it.
But 50 fuggin' years in major newspapers across only proves my theory that Mort Walker is one of the greatest comic strip creators ever. History WILL look strongly upon it's legacy. I'd like to see ANY of his detractors show me something that they have done considerably well for OVER 50 years.
I'm older than probably 90% of FARK members so I guess I just approach legends in their field differently. I see Mort Walker taking a last shot of greatness with the creation of his character. THAT you have to respect.

And I still think when all is said and done, he will be mentioned undoubtedly in the same breath as Schultz and Ketchum.

[image from too old to be available]
<img src="
2002-06-26 08:22:28 AM  
Hopefully we'll see Chip call an air strike after he changes the batteries in his GPS.
2002-06-26 08:25:41 AM  
My family gets the Philadelphia Inquirer and i got to tell ya, some of the comics that piece of crap runs are so stupid you just want to hang yourself after reading them. In case your paper gets them as well, here are the ones i was talking about:

Cathy- stupid wemons comic

Blondie- Hey day was 35 years ago

Hagar-Stupid. (Trick or treat, im horrible! You got that right!)

Beetle Baily-Dumb

Rex Morgan-Doesn't have the cure for the daily blues.

Nest Heads-Retarded

Pearls Before Swine-gay animals that aren't funny


B.C.- i don't think this has ever been funny. Not once, ever

Helen, sweetheart of the internet-is about a woman who supposedly is a tech god. gay and not amusing.

One big happy-a friggen kid mispronouces words in just about every strip. Retarded.

Sally Forth- All of the characters have smiles, but nobody is funny.

Baldo- one big unfunny spanish stereotype.

fred basset- I hate my life for ever reading one of this strips of mindless crap

edge city- its about a jewish family in this day and age. gay.

Family circus- nothing can be said to correctly describe this monster

Shirly and son- Its about a fuggin divorced mom and her retarded kid. Super unfunny.

I urge you to never read any of these, ever. You'll want to die when you're finished.
2002-06-26 08:25:44 AM  
Well put, SLAYERSWINE. I happen to like Beetle Bailey and all those other "crappy" comics. I have some of Hank Ketcham's Dennis the Menace books, too. One from I think the 50's. Also an extensive collection of Peanuts books. My own kind of comics books collection.
2002-06-26 08:51:21 AM  
They showed off their equipment belts -- with dangling cell phones, pagers, tape recorders, Palm Pilots, BlackBerrys and hand-held Global Positioning Systems

2002-06-26 08:51:24 AM  
I love Beetle Bailey, but how does a computer geek jive with the 1940's style uniforms? Is he gonna 0wN vacuum tubezzzz?
2002-06-26 08:52:09 AM  
Personally, I can't wait for Mort Walker to create the Black-Ops Wet Works Assassin to the Camp Swampy crew.

Instead of ole Sarge having to beat the crap out of Beetle, he'd just send this guy in to slit his throat and blow up his bunk. Hee hee hee! My sides are hurting.
2002-06-26 08:56:13 AM  
Mort Walker funny?
Check out Ivan Brunetti.
2002-06-26 09:14:00 AM  
I'm 20 and I enjoy Beetle Bailey. I read almost all of the comics every day. The only ones that I've thought were bad were Cathy (thank god my paper finally got a clue and dropped it), Mark Trail, and Mary Worth. Just plain unfunny and pointless. While none of the comics I read make me laugh outloud, that isn't the point. Even on an unfunny day they still puts me in a more light-hearted mood.
2002-06-26 09:15:20 AM  
Beetle Bailey isn't funny and never will be.

Beetle Bailey appeals to the same people who laugh at Peanuts when Lucy moves the football Charlie is trying to kick.
2002-06-26 09:16:17 AM  
I've collected comic books for almost 20 years and studied sequential art, of all types, seriously for the last 7 or 8. There are certain names in the field of newspaper strips that will constantly be spoken with respect by those who know what they're talking about--Little Nemo, Pogo, Peanuts, Krazy & Ignatz, etc. Let me just say that Mort Walker and Beetle Bailey will never be spoken of in that light. The art is the same 5 or 6 panels repeated in different combinations for the last 50 years and the writing, as perfectly evidenced by this article, is the most hackneyed and insipid brand of sight gags and one-liners that would make Henny Youngman wince. Another 50 years from now guys like Windsor McKay, Wally Wood, and Bill Watterson will still be acknowledged as the geniuses they are/were--Mort Walker won't even be a footnote. The fact that he's been around for 50 years doesn't not equal greatness. I suppose next you'll be recommending Rex Morgan and Mary Worth for the hall of fame? Don't forget Blondie, Gasoline Alley, Hagar, Andy Capp, etc etc ad nausium.
2002-06-26 09:18:02 AM  
*doesn't not equal greatness*

It also doesn't equal greatness.
2002-06-26 09:20:31 AM  
Well said Scoots.

50 years of mediocrity is still mediocrity.
2002-06-26 09:23:21 AM  
hm. boondocks. boondocks is funny. and garfield. not original, but funny. who cares if it's pulitzer-worthy. if it makes me chuckle sat. mornings it's good.
2002-06-26 09:29:26 AM  
However, Doonesbury is thirty years old, and is as relevent and as clever as ever.
2002-06-26 09:29:50 AM  
I_h8_everybody, you forgot Marmaduke.
2002-06-26 09:34:47 AM  
Beetle Bailey can't be any worse than User Friendly, the least funny comic strip...EVER!
2002-06-26 09:37:29 AM  
TheAnusThatAteManhattan -- it's BILL Watterson, not Jim Watterson.
2002-06-26 09:42:46 AM  
DjArcas - the BlackBerry is a pager by RIM that allows you to send email... AOL also licensed it for their mobile communicator that lets you send AOL email and IMs.

As for comics, only three I really enjoy reading are Boondocks, FoxTrot, and Grand Avenue
2002-06-26 09:44:06 AM  

I'm up their in your age demographic and I agree wholeheartedly. What other job can you consistently write and produce a daily product for 50 years? My hat's off to Mort Walker.

I remember the old Beetle Bailey cartoons and comic books and wish I had kept some of that old stuff. Does anyone remember when Lt. Flap had a REAL afro? Hilarity ensued nonstop.

There is some good stuff out there now. I enjoy the Far Side-esque humor of strips like 'The Quigmans' 'Non-Sequitur', and 'Rhymes with 'Orange', but you cant beat the simple humor of 'B.C.' or 'Peanuts'.

BTW: 'Gil Thorp' was the best comic EVAR. But only when it was being drawn by Berril in the 1970's-1990's. 'The Phantom' was good in it's day, too.
2002-06-26 09:48:57 AM  
I disagree with you.
And you are supposed to be some type of expert?
Have you written a book on it? Are you a writer for a major newspaper?
You have your opinion and here is mine on your statement above.
You obviously have NO IDEA what you are talking about when it comes to the history of the comic strip in the daily newspapers IMO. You sound like the music critics that slagged Led-Zeppelin in the late '60's while they tried shoving some record that will eventually sell 3 units worldwide down our throats. You don't like them, big deal. 100 years from now Beetle Bailey WILL be remembered in some historic archive. Will we be able to say the same about your 'expert analysis'? I doubt it very highly.

06-26-02 09:20:31 AM TheAnusThatAteManhattan
50 years of mediocrity is still mediocrity."

His 50 years of mediocrity sure made him a well known commodity and very wealthy I am sure. I'd sure like to see you earn a great living doing something you love for over 50 years. Mediocrity...FEH, you sound jealous to me. I know I wish I could get paid for doing something I do well for over 50 years.
2002-06-26 09:51:12 AM  
Yes, and the new character will have a red-and-black tie that flips up at the end, and he'll have a little dog with glasses.

Also, Gen. Halftrack will now have pointy hair.
2002-06-26 09:53:42 AM  
Who gets a paper anymore?,, & give me everything I need to read to laugh in the morning. I don't know about everyone else but I would have prefered a few more years of Calvin & Hobbs and The Far Side. Even if the guys started to suck at the end, a few more years of their stuff would be worth it.
2002-06-26 10:05:05 AM  
Yeah, I really wish that Bill Watterson would come back, that'd be rad. He mentioned in one of the Calvin and Hobbes books that a comic from Susie's perspective would be neat to do. But, he also said a woman must do it. Watterson was the best and will always be the best writer. He had the perfect blend of social commentary and humor which would actually make me laugh, and that is very rare for comics. Mort Walker and 90% of every other comic depends on puns and the ignorance of society to keep their comic alive. Now if you'll excuse me, I smell Golden Grahams.
2002-06-26 10:06:29 AM  
Slayerswine: I've always avoided personal comments toward you because flame wars are pointless and demeaning toward both parties involved, but I have to tell you that you are being a pompous jackass. It's amazing how you constantly brag about your years of fandom and claim that it makes you a "music expert" but instantly put me down for doing the same thing. I own several THOUSAND comic books as well as THOUSANDS of pages of collections and omnibuses, including stuff I dislike, like Andy Capp, Beetle Bailey (yes, I remember Flap's afro, Badger), and Garfield, as well as the greats like the '30s Dick Tracy, Little Nemo, Calvin & Hobbes, etc. I've spoken and corresponded with several published comic artists and have shelves of books devoted to the history and theory of comics and sequential art.

You sound like the music critics that slagged Led-Zeppelin in the late '60's while they tried shoving some record that will eventually sell 3 units worldwide down our throats I'm not even sure what you mean by this since I enjoy many comics and strips that are extremely mainstream and popular. I don't recall advocating anything that might be deemed obscure.

Just because I have a conflicting opinion you want to say I have no idea what I'm talking about? It's hard to argue with logic like that. Suffice it to say that I do indeed know what I'm talking about. Without knowing you personally I 'll go one better and say I know I damn sight more than you about it.
2002-06-26 10:08:14 AM  
screw baily...long live ballard street

[image from too old to be available]
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