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(Black & White)   Hole-y Matrimony. Krispy Kreme wedding cakes new rage   ( divider line
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8644 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jun 2002 at 12:37 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-25 10:39:04 PM  
It won't be the only creamy filling my bride would be swallowing that night...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-26 12:40:36 AM  
Start the 15 pound gain in your 1st year married with a bang!

Slayer: And then pearl necklaces for every anniversary after...
2002-06-26 12:45:22 AM  
you 3 MUST be going through puberty.... pervwads !
2002-06-26 12:46:18 AM  
Krispy Kreme = heroin
2002-06-26 12:52:28 AM  
<billy idol>

"It's a nice day for a white trash wedding."

</billy idol>
2002-06-26 12:52:47 AM  
You know it's a cop wedding when . .
2002-06-26 12:53:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-26 12:54:27 AM  
I say we should feed the ugly and stupid people until they're too fat to bump uglies and make more ugly and stupid people.
2002-06-26 12:55:20 AM  
Next in production: pure butter wedding cakes.

(For this to be effective, please pronounce BUTTER as Norm McDonald doing a Larry King impersonation)
2002-06-26 12:55:32 AM  
2002-06-26 12:56:51 AM  
Wow...nothing says class like a doughnut wedding cake.
2002-06-26 12:57:51 AM  
It's hole-y because donuts have holes in them.

Ha ha ha.

2002-06-26 12:58:55 AM  
Krispy Kremes are definitely the devil's work.

That said... I'm now craving a couple, hot off the conveyor belt. Thankfully, the closest store is 60 miles away, and the closest place that carries them (in the kiosk) is 12 miles away (though it is only a short side-trip on the way to work).

Supersizing also needs to be outlawed.
2002-06-26 12:59:08 AM  
Perfect for that mobile home wedding reception. Plus, you can pick it up at the drive-up window! You don't have to put your shoes on to go inside.
2002-06-26 01:00:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]? We're a country of farking redneck lardasses.
2002-06-26 01:00:34 AM  
I still have several boxes of our "wedding cake" in the fridge. I love it, but our collective wedding present (a TBS Superstation descrambler) serves me better. I'm not as pasty as the Krispy Cremes, though my Sears FotoSenter photo would suggest otherwise.
2002-06-26 01:00:52 AM  
actually, i'd like to try a slice of that - could be......interesting.
2002-06-26 01:05:07 AM  
To the best of my knowlege, the Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon Avenue, in Atlanta, has been cranking-out doughnuts, nonstop, since the late 50's.
2002-06-26 01:22:18 AM  
This will send shock waves through the high society of trailer parks Florida-wide.
2002-06-26 01:31:15 AM  
Nanookanano, trust me, there is NOTHING more wonderful thatn going to get your sugar fix at 2:00 a.m. with the hookers and cops on Ponce de Leon. The cops don't hassle you as much and the hookers are said to give discounts. As for the doughnuts, both swear by them. As for a cake, could be worse.
2002-06-26 01:32:11 AM  
I can't believe no one has screamed REPEAT yet.
I guess I'll be that guy.
2002-06-26 01:33:16 AM  
Have'nt read a line, but if Slayer is #1, then it must be true (don't fark with me, I will kill you)
2002-06-26 01:33:43 AM  
Now, if they were real smart, they would offer a free case of Ol' Milwaukee to reach the maximum white trash market.
2002-06-26 01:47:01 AM  
"New York caterers and chefs have begun fashioning stacks of fresh doughnuts embellished with ruffles and flowers for adventurous (read white trash) couples tying the knot. "--this is not even cool; assinine is more like it. I can't believe anybody but someone who works for KK, or whoever does marketing for them, thought this shiat up. For fark's sake, have the decency to get a cake that's worthwhile and not made from the scourge of the earth (as donuts go).
What has being "trendy" come to already? Are people/consumers really so mindless that they jump on the bandwagon and get KK wedding cakes? oy freakin' vey...!

I'm off to think up the next great scam. After I drink some more beer, anyway.
2002-06-26 01:48:02 AM  
I, too, dream of the day when my wedding cake comes off the conveyor belt. Yep, that's the day when me an' Uncle Grandpa finally make it legal.
2002-06-26 02:05:41 AM  
Hey, think of it as representing the bride/bridesmaids:
Who said rednecks had no influence in the north?
2002-06-26 02:09:52 AM  
Rednecks? It's stupid city trash doing it.
2002-06-26 02:32:27 AM  
Minister: "I now pronounce you..."
*sees wedding cake*
"Fatass and Fatass... You may, no make that, "You farking will" wipe the drool off of your 3 pairs of chins and not slobber too much as you get thought the kiss so you can have your donuts."
2002-06-26 02:47:20 AM  

Never overestimate the intelligence of the average A-merican. If they'll buy 10 million Brittany Spears Albums (I'm sorry CDs), they'll buy anything you tell them is cool. Toss back a couple for me, I've got to go download some new Andrew W.K. stuff.

(to self) Its time to party to party.............
2002-06-26 03:12:17 AM  
....and from Uncle Herb, four seats on Southwest for the bride and groom!
2002-06-26 09:58:53 AM  
From what I've tasted of most wedding cakes, Krispy Kremes would be a *huge* improvement..
2002-06-26 12:21:27 PM  
My fiancee nixed the "three tiers of frosted cupcakes" cake idea.. I wonder what she'll think of this....
2002-06-26 01:01:11 PM  
It's a sweet ass idea.
2002-06-27 11:15:13 AM  
2002-06-27 07:36:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available],
2002-06-27 08:30:53 PM  
2002-06-28 01:20:20 AM  
2002-06-28 01:38:58 AM  
2002-06-28 01:39:35 AM  
2002-06-28 01:41:22 AM  
2002-06-28 01:42:13 AM  
testing some more
2002-06-28 01:45:09 AM  
2002-06-28 01:47:53 AM  
hope no one needs this thread anymore...
2002-06-28 01:50:46 AM  
testing lalala
2002-06-28 01:51:53 AM  
Better when larger and arial...
2002-06-28 01:52:36 AM  
did it work leaving my html open?
2002-06-28 01:53:48 AM  
nope, it auto closed. But people have left running their italics!
2002-06-28 01:58:10 AM  
Can you hear me?
2002-06-28 01:59:26 AM  
apparently font size 2 is standard, and 3 is large. How about 0?
2002-06-28 02:00:07 AM  
Font Size 10!
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