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(Tehran Times)   Nicole Kidman to use bus of dead communist dictator while in Romania   ( divider line
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2664 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jun 2002 at 10:08 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-25 10:11:14 AM  
shame on her
2002-06-25 10:11:20 AM  
This article sucks...
2002-06-25 10:12:22 AM  
I'm with Agnes on this one.
2002-06-25 10:12:33 AM  
Like a ride?
2002-06-25 10:13:13 AM  
Stupid woman, Stupid article
2002-06-25 10:14:12 AM  
"Well whoop-de-freakin-doo"

Chris Farley
Tommy Boy (1996)
2002-06-25 10:15:00 AM  
I once took a shiat in Bob Hope's cabana. Is this news worthy?
2002-06-25 10:16:23 AM  
If Bob Hope was filming you at the time, maybe.
2002-06-25 10:16:58 AM  
It'd be nice to bang her in the bus
2002-06-25 10:17:48 AM  
of course, it'd be nice to bang her in a pile of chicken shiat too
2002-06-25 10:19:24 AM  
So... What does the Tehran Times have to do with Romania?

This is like the Guatamala Post having the scoop on a Hollywood star visiting Guam.
2002-06-25 10:20:23 AM  
Open Wider:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-25 10:21:34 AM  
"The Others" sucked. Super predictable.
2002-06-25 10:21:44 AM  
And why exactly are we filming a story of a US soldier in Romania? They're even building a town to look American. Can't we save money by filming in the US or is Romania really a new Hollywood hotspot?

Thanks to Tehran for the scoop on US movies...
2002-06-25 10:28:08 AM  
"The Others" was a complete rip-off of "The Sixth Sense" which also sucked....both were the suckiest suck that ever sucked suck.
2002-06-25 10:28:56 AM  
WOW, a 1969 bus....lucky her.
2002-06-25 10:30:34 AM  
They're filming in other countries, namely Canada and Australia, because of lower cost of labor.

The unions in California are so overpaid and work short hours, that it's cheaper to have people in Romania build a town than it is to hire 5 union electricians and 2 carpenters to scratch each other's asses.

Thank you UNIONS for taking things TOO far.
2002-06-25 10:40:39 AM  
I agree...strange using Romania for a movie set in Virgina and North Carolina.

And someone tell these Farkers that Kidman isn't a US actress (although she does "act" IN the US)...she is Australian.
2002-06-25 10:47:04 AM  
Damn that Ausie Kidman...
Taking work away from hard working American womens.
[image from too old to be available]

(This picture is just plain embarassing in many ways)
2002-06-25 10:50:07 AM  
Anyone remember Aerobiz?
2002-06-25 10:50:21 AM  
Who farking cares?
2002-06-25 10:55:21 AM  
I find that really stupid. Go all the way to Romania to build an american-like city. But oh well, more money for Romania..(btw, i grew up in romania...and and..ohh..the WOMEN ...:D)
2002-06-25 10:56:04 AM  
Too bad it wasn't the Bang bus.
2002-06-25 10:56:10 AM  
article: U.S. actress Nicole Kidman will use a bus formerly owned by communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu as her make-up truck during the filming of her latest movie, the Romanian press said on Monday.

What language is the the Tehran Times written in. It's strikingly similar to English, but with conflicts as in the above: the abbreviation "U.S." means "Asutrailian", and the word "actress" must mean "political figure". I mean, come on, what legitimate news source would think that anyone should give a fried fark who previously owned the bus that some twit entertainer powedered her bimbonic features in?

2002-06-25 10:56:24 AM  
You know Phit-it, that picture isn't all that funny per se. But I couldn't stop laughing for 5 mins. I'm not sure if it was the low key commentary (This picture is just plain embarassing in many ways) or the look from the kid in the back of the truck. You are todays winner of a luke warm Mountain Dew.
2002-06-25 10:56:52 AM  
Yes, especially the gymnasts...
2002-06-25 10:56:54 AM  
I'm surprised any of you know where Romania is.
2002-06-25 11:00:04 AM  
I shall enjoy the luke warm mountain dew. After all I broke the damn water cooler at work today... damn small leak cause the whole bottle to basically spill out in 5 minutes...

I should have stayed home.
2002-06-25 11:00:33 AM  
Phix-it, it's too true. I live in a "labor city" where any politician who votes against more extortive labor laws is soon abandoned by the electorate. Consequently, anyone who wants to develop in this town has to figure 80% extra into the labor budget and 70% into the time frame, so he can pay more teamsters than necessary to scratch their fat asses and pretend they're executives.
2002-06-25 11:15:46 AM  
Phixit..that is a photoshop opportunity if I've ever seen one.
2002-06-25 11:33:41 AM  
Hopefully her career will suffer the same fate as the dictator.
2002-06-25 11:33:44 AM  
I'm surprised any of you know who Nicole Kidman is.
2002-06-25 11:48:26 AM  
I'll give her my 'dictator'
2002-06-25 12:02:27 PM  
I hear some city someplace wants to start a "bring your dog to work" day. Equally as fascinating as anything about Nichole Kidman, IMHO.
2002-06-25 12:12:49 PM  
Nicole Kidman needs "The pigskin bus pulling into Tunatown"
2002-06-25 12:27:28 PM  
And of course, Matt Hooker will be advocating everyone to boycott this film...
2002-06-25 12:43:28 PM  
What, is she doing a foreign-language arthouse remake of Speed?
2002-06-25 12:47:02 PM  
it's like Rat Race. but not jon lovitz. and not hitler.
2002-06-25 01:10:59 PM  
Hitler was in rat race!?!??!
i really need to see that movie methinks
2002-06-25 01:17:29 PM  
Oh, you guys are just jealous of her because she got to sleep with Tom Cruise and you haven't.
2002-06-25 04:04:25 PM  
Lepus: Give me a break. I could bang Tom Cruise any time I wanted to.
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