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(CNN)   One in every 26,000 Israelis has been killed in a terrorist attack in the past six months   ( divider line
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2002-06-24 07:15:02 PM  
Europeans are pretty apathetic when faced with world threats. Lets just hope you guys can make the trip down to Vienna to defend againsts another extremist islamic european invasion if they get the best of the US.
2002-06-24 07:19:39 PM  
Vman a few differnences between swedens export to germany over fifty years ago and recent U.S action.
1. For us it was over fifty years ago, for you it was 4 months ago.
2. You do it to make money, we did it to save lives.
3. I do not support the actions taken over fifty years ago, you appearently support your government.
2002-06-24 07:20:37 PM  
simple solution - they should all (jews and arabs) become scientologists! everyone knows what a nice stable religion that is- they'd all be brainwashed to live happily ever after together
2002-06-24 07:21:04 PM  
So that must mean that 1 in 9,000 palestinians have died in the last 6 months.

How sad.
2002-06-24 07:22:06 PM  
ErikS: Prescott Bush, Rockerfeller, and countless US industry leaders fed the German war machine.

As for the pictures of the execution, the Israeli police lied when they initially stated that the suspect was shot when he refused to comply to remove his overcoat(who was then handcuffed and unable to do so). But, photographic evidence proves otherwise. Look for the naked guy with the blood pooling around his head. Why do you think they carried off the only other witness?
2002-06-24 07:23:51 PM  

Like Yaffa Yarkoni, the "Singer of Wars", famed previously for following the army around singing patriotic songs, and now comparing Israel to the Nazis? :) You're not kidding. :)


Thank god women in Afghanistan have rights now, and are so thankful for us bombing! Just check out RAWA, and look at all of their praise! No, really, it's in there, between the "We condemn you for destroying our country worse than it already was and cutting off aid" stuff and the "Thanks a lot for putting back in power the people who ruined our country between 1992 and 1996" stuff.

- Azazel (The Poster Formerly Known As Rei)
2002-06-24 07:24:12 PM  
Jonc the only proof I have found of that plot was on (Attempted deposing of a dictator is worse then 6million slaughtered? I see how heavily you weigh the lives of jews in that statement), which I trust as much as arafat. I could go off on the many reasons poland fell so quickly but many of them lead back to tanks, which stem from iron, which stems from sweden but this is off topic.

AS for tense, I assume you have read fark enough to realize that there is no grammer check or qualifications on grammer for posting, I assumed you made a mistake in tense as you do frequently with facts.

How do you get off defending Palistinians? They target civi's exculisively how do you even try to compare isreals atrocities with that?
2002-06-24 07:24:34 PM  
2002-06-24 07:31:54 PM  
uhm, and you've never heard of pinochet?
Maybe if the palestinians had someone like the U.S to provide them with weapons they could afford to fight back in a more civilized matter. I can imagine they don't have access to much weapons (or food, water, shelter, job, reason to live) in the refugee camps they've been forced to live in for the past generations.
2002-06-24 07:32:26 PM  
FLecktonz, Hitler was Time's Man of the Year in 1938, hosted the Olympics which the US attended. Did Time magazine tell the it subscribers how he got into power?
2002-06-24 07:32:34 PM  
Give them a damn state. Then the next time there is a suicide bomber, we take the person who cashes Sadam's big fat check gets dragged out in the street and a bullet in their head.
2002-06-24 07:33:41 PM  
Correction: civilized manner
2002-06-24 07:34:57 PM  
"no, just spineless europeans and their arab terrorist friends."

Are you by any chance from Texas? Oops, Florida. My bad. Texans can figure out how to punch a ballot.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

This post brought to you by the Society for a Buzzword Compliant America. Thank you.
2002-06-24 07:37:10 PM  
REi!!! your back! Joy, you have made my day! Nice name, suited Denzel better I think tho. Goat-god you are not but ironic that you use that monicer.

What would you have us do rei sit down to tea with the taliban? maybe fund them some more? Perhaps admit wrong and commit suicide ourselves, till we reached their target death toll for what is appropriate compensation for all the horrors we visited on their nation in the past. RAWA great unbiased site you got there, been there had that debate back when you were saying that we would have mass casulties and have this war wind up being annother vietnam.

AS for Rawa, we are haing the nation select their own form of government right that is why that yorba jirga (Whatever) meeting is going on right? how are we to blame for that?

But here is what Rawa has to say
Since the end of Taliban rule in Afghanistan in November 2001, women and girls have had growing access to education, health care, and employment. At the same time, many Afghan women still live in an environment in which personal physical security is constantly under threat. The Human Rights Watch briefing paper documents a number of cases of sexual violence in the northern city of Mazar-i Sharif, including gang-rapes.

getting worse is it, why is RaWA hiding it from us?
2002-06-24 07:40:07 PM  

Speaking of much access to food, water, shelter, job, reason to live, etc, it's amazing how noone's paying attention to the fact that over half a million people so far have been virtually imprisoned in what's left of their homes, *and* that Israel has said that, while it's basicly shutting down Palestine, they're not going to provide any services (sanitation, water, etc). Meanwhile they're fencing them in...

god, I hope these right wing nuts in power in Israel start getting some public flack, or else...


Please, no more blatantly false statements. The rate of attacks within Israel *itself* has been less than 50% civilian. In the occupied territories, it's been in the 20s, and most of those on the settlers. "exclusively"? Get a life here. :P

Meanwhile, Israel has literally torn down every semblance of statehood, much of it outright vandalism (graffiti included). Have you seen what they did to the ministries of *education* and *health* for god's sake? The tank treads across the rose garden was a lovely touch, in addition to the smashed apart computer equiptment. Of course, none of this is nearly as good of a touch as 4,000 new homeless which even Israel says were innocent in *Jenin alone*, thanks to their lovely armored D9s... Of course, few touches are as ironic as them bombing the very prisons that were holding the prisoners that they told the PLO to arrest, causing the release of everyone inside, simply because they needed another target to hit to "punish" the PLO.

- Azazel (The Poster Formerly Known As Rei)
2002-06-24 07:42:07 PM  
paletinians made war against Isreal with the help of other countries . They got thier ass kicked in and their land occupied . It all statred with war MADE by palestine .

Now after years of humilliation they now use threats and homocide bombers to get what they want , Isreal into the sea .

So under threats we should give into thier demands . Why ?
2002-06-24 07:42:26 PM  
Maybe if the palistinians stopped lying, suicide bombing, and basically making terrorist asses of themselves they would get a little support from the international community. If they had a nuke they would blow isreal sky high, maybe that is why nobody wants to give them anything more then money and explosives.

Ranxerox, man of the year is not an accolade or an endorsement of behavior it is mearly saying that he had the most effect on the world that year, OBL was up for it if you remember. Attending olymipic does not mean that we endorsed his actions, half truths and distortions is all you have to offer I see.
2002-06-24 07:47:39 PM  
Rei I must be missing 50% of the attacks to 80% of the attacks could you tell me which suicide attack was targeted at a military instalation (Unless bus stations count) All I have seen is cars, coffee shops, night clubs, busses, small restraunts and crowded civilian shopping centers, I place the burdon of proof on you, post a link, we are all familiar with the CNN stuff and I am sure you agree teh attacks say in the last three weeks have been civilian in nature.

If you harbor terrorists, you place yourself at risk of getting in the way of a bullet aimed at one, they made their choice why not wage a war against the suicide bombers and try to negotiate peace without blowing up nightclubs and wedding receptions
2002-06-24 07:55:19 PM  

Are you familiar with the ritual of the Azazel goat, from the ceremony from the day of atonement?

On the day of atonement, two prized goats are selected - one for a sin offering, and one to be the "Azazel" goat - the "goat of escape". The people cast apon this goat their own sins, and send it off into the wilderness, to drive away their own failings.

Laf, we picked Karzai, do you know that? Time magazine interviewed a number of the warlords at the conference in Bonn, they all told the same story - the US said basicly "You pick him, or you're seen as the enemy as well". Naturally we chose him, of course. He has no stained past because he was - guess what? Working for the US government and Unocal during all that time! (gee, what a shock...). Then, he comes into the loya jirga, and states "This is going to be your cabinet, you don't get to debate. Vote yes or no for the whole thing.". About 1,000 of the 1,600 people attending the loya jirga walked out in protest.

Amazing what you find out when you just bother to read, ne?

BTW, you're still back at your old strategy of putting words in my mouth about afghanistan. Do I need to reiterate what I said initially about this conflict, or no?

As for RAWA, lets take a look at their top articles, shall we?

Loya Jirga under the shadow of guns and threats
(refugee and protest articles)
Rawa's statement on International Women's Day (a sharp condemnation of our actions - check it out).
(another ceremony article)
Rawa's appeal to the UN and world community (Rawa condemning the US working with the Northern Alliance. - check it out)
Testimony of RAWA representative before the Subcomittee of the US House on International Operations and Human Rights (basicly "Don't Do This!")
Rawa Statement on the US strikes in Afghanistan (yet another sharp condemnation).

the list goes on, and on, and on, and on....

But oh, we are so for women's rights there! That's why we're alienating probably the strongest voice for women's rights, Ishamel Khan, right? :)
2002-06-24 07:55:40 PM  
Vman, but to run those tanks, you need oil; which was transported to Germany through Spain, courtesy of Rockerfeller's Standard Oil.
2002-06-24 07:56:03 PM  
If I am inaccurate it is not delibrate, I get my news from reputed sources like cnn, others too of course, but major media says things like this..

Since January 2002, about 225 Israeli citizens have been killed in terrorist attacks, suicide bombings or shooting rampages targeting innocent civilians at home, on buses, on city streets, at weddings, in discos or pizzerias

I did not see ANY military targets there Azezel could you post some of your sources, maybe you will not after the RAWA link was not as US damning as you made it out to be. It went so far as to admit that life is better for the afghani woman now then it was in say sept.
2002-06-24 08:04:25 PM  

Oh yes, they started it, of course! They started it by bringing in all of those Israeli settlers, and razing their own villages and shooting-on-sight, right?

And of course, you conveniently forget that seizure of land by war is *illegal*... :)

BTW: What kind of desparation of an entire people do you think it takes for these numbers of people to strap bombs on themselves and take their own lives? The more desparate the people, the more desparate the actions. You see, our ancestors simply resorted to the public torture of pouring boiling tar on their victims before covering them with feathers, with the occasional lynch mob to follow, in their quite successful attempts to drive thousands apon thousands of tories out of the country.


The largest points targetted are the checkpoints (they're probably amonst the most hated). However, things like these and attacks on security forces, police (the Israeli police being lovers of torture), etc, don't make the front pages of US papers. Want me to get you some articles?

BTW, our ancestors fought in plain clothes in mob attacks until they were able to get equipped and organized. That's pretty much the entire history of the world right there :P The weak don't line up in battle formation, be they arab or american. To condemn them for staying in hiding is just plain idiotic. Though, of course, not as idiotic as whoever it was who was trying to blame the people trying to hold Jenin from being captured by the IDF for "fighting in a civilian area". My god, ok, please, give me some suggestions on how they could hold it by fighting *elsewhere* ;) The fact that they didn't run but stayed to fight such an exponentially more powerful force - and a force who was using their own people as not only human shields but even as gun mounts - is very impressive.
2002-06-24 08:04:43 PM  
Azazel, let's not forget.
The kidz can fly kites there now as well. And listen to radios.
We might not have killed bin laden, but we sure put a dent in his hide. And now the kids can fly kites and listen to rock n roll and Unocal can finally get that pipeline laid.
Life is good.
2002-06-24 08:12:21 PM  

What on earth???? I just showed you *all* of RAWA's top articles that were relevant to the subject matter, and all of them were damning of the US. Did you not even read?

Here's some articles:
(notice how they're still "terrorists" even they manage to be able to attack soldiers without getting slaughtered flat-out first :P)​231.stm​/news/in ternational/ap_bomber01302002.htm+checkpoints+attack+suicide+israeli&h​l=en&ie= UTF-8

That's just a couple articles to keep you busy until I can dig up a stats page again.
2002-06-24 08:13:19 PM  
I think a Simpson's quote is pertinent at this time:

"All our money goes to three things now: pro-tobacco legislation, anti-tobacco legislation and Israel."

Just think about that for a minute, then respond.
2002-06-24 08:15:34 PM  
As per usual, I am astounded at the number of rabidly pro-Israel FOX news listeners who cannot correctly spell the name of the country to save their souls.

(shiat, where'd I put my SAD tag?)
2002-06-24 08:17:50 PM  

Here's the *IDF*'s statistics. They show in Israel, ~50% more civilians killed but ~80% as many wounded; in Gaza, over *6* times as many soldiers killed as civilians, and almost 5 times as many wounded.

The IDF's statistics, however, are rather skewed towards civilians getting killed compared to most other sources I've seen. And even *they* completely and utterly counter your front-page-news-only inspired fallacy.
2002-06-24 08:19:36 PM  
Then, take these stats, and realize that almost all of the civilians attacked in the gaza strip are going to be settlers. Do you have any clue the sort of things the settlers have done???
2002-06-24 08:22:04 PM  
07:24:12 PM Vman
Jonc the only proof I have found of that plot was on

Here's a link that is used by journalists.

Washington benefits from end of interruption of oil supplies(Apr 12th, 2002)

US returns to bad old ways in Venezuela(Apr 13th, 2002)

Washington suffers a major reverse in Latin America(Apr 14th, 2002)

You know - you really should take advantage of the internet - there are plenty of other news sites that covered the failed coup. It was wildly reported that America had given it's approval; it's had operatives there since last Summer; provided back-up (blocked mobile phone transmissions, broadcast false newsreports etc), and gave them the nod to go ahead an overtrhow the democractically elected leader.
2002-06-24 08:22:41 PM  
One last thing on this topic:

Finally, the fact that they combine Israel with the West bank (a cheap shot towards trying to claim it as their own), tosses more settlers into the "normal Israeli civilian" pool. The terms "Judea and Samaria" to describe Israel have been historically used by those who advocate the complete settling of all of the occupied lands, and want the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from those territories, via a forced exodus of ~6 million people from their homes - the exact same strategy the Nazis were initially planning to use, BTW (no exaggeration - read up about the Madagascar plan).
2002-06-24 08:27:33 PM  

If you are talking about aiding war crimes, anyone else aware of how IBM aided Germany?
2002-06-24 08:29:15 PM  
Dose anyone have links to the creation of Isreal ?

Or links to exactly when and why Isreal IS where it is ?

And finall links to exactly what happened right after Isreal was established .
2002-06-24 08:37:17 PM  
Vman, sorry to disappoint you, but both Hitler and Stalin were both painted in a favorable light by Time magazine. Hitler was depicted as a charismatic, who brought an economically struggling nation into prosperity. Stalin was Time magazine's man of the year in 29 and 43 for similar reasons. If you look at every Man of the Year prior to these two, you won't see any dictators or mass-murderers. It was supposedly an award to those who made a major contribution to society(i.e Ghandi). They even tried to improve Stalin's image following the numerous attocities, he committed(1943). Guillani was man of the year in 2001, not Osama.
2002-06-24 08:37:24 PM  
I am familiar with it, are you familiar with muslim demonolgy? Basically Azazel is the devils main man?

AS for RAWA anything is better then what they were dealing with. Women have much better access to Govenment education, health care etc then they did before we took out the taliban. IT is improving by all accounts sorry it did not make a total 180 when the taliban was overthrown, but these things take time
2002-06-24 08:42:59 PM  
08:29:15 PM Jonnykill

Any site you find will be biased :-)

Going back (even 50 years) is too long. The current mess can be put down to 1967, here's an interactive guide -

present unrest

Israel & Lebanon
2002-06-24 08:43:30 PM  
You know one thing iv'e seen here is a lot of bashing in the way of " All your American Web sites are lies " debates . It's funny , but not for onr second do i ever take whats in the news here in america as " TRUE " . I go all over . besides our news is pussified and won't show bloody pics to the public .

So i go all over the net and read the same thing basically , its all true , but bent towards the side of the reader . If i got a Russian web site its all about how chechans did this and the chechans did that . If i got a chechan web site it's all about the russians did this and the russians did that . BOTH basically have the same exact story but wrapped in a propagandic view to please the reader . Now you can read how the Russian millitary heroically defeated the chechan rebels in a russian website , but then read how the russians slaughtered and massacared the innocent chechen civillians on a chechan web site . Then there are flat out lies . Lies that are wrong and lies that are nothing more than a persons view .

In Jenin i heard there was a massacare of civillians . I read a bunch of web sites . From what i read it sounded like a massacare . But then an interview on CNN with a Hama's member claims that there was no massacare at all . Only 30 poeple were killed and only 4 of them were woman and children cuaght in a cross fire . The rest were fighters who died as Martyers and are now off to heaven as shalied . So here we have a guy who says , with bravado mind you , they didn't massacare us . It took them all night and into the next morning to kill us . We made it hard for them and we fought well .

My point here is that , yes , there were killing and both sides will agree to that . But the guy on the massacared side says there was no massacare at all , that they fought well , and state any fifferent is a lie .

My final point is people please give up the " You just listen to CNN " shiat . Its really getting old .
2002-06-24 08:45:20 PM  
If Palistine were to push the Israelis into the sea, the Israelis would just make it profitable to live in the sea. Then the Palestinians would want to live in the sea.
2002-06-24 08:50:41 PM  

If RAWA thinks it was a change for the worse when everything is weighed - having the butchers whose troops committed mass-rapes in office, having the country turned to such lawlessness that the UN is considering pulling *all* of their aid workers out of the country (something that was never even dreamed of during the Taliban rule) (this decision came after widespread extortion, murder, even the gang rape of an aid worker, now that each warlord is taking what they can for themselves and letting their troops do what they want, with no power center to enforce them), well, I have to be inclined to agree with that. Imagine that - agreeing with an afghan women's rights group on what is good for women in Afghanistan! Who would have thought of such a crazy notion?

[image from too old to be available]

I'm going to bed now, I'm nearing 24 hours awake here. Nite! :)

- Azazel (The Poster Formerly Known As Rei)

P.S. - Even Lilith was portrayed as a demon, she who initially was only portrayed as being made equal to Adam, and by that he grew disgusted with her. Later, though, she became the embodiment of some of the most vile traits. It seems that everyone's god is someone else's demon, and everyone's demon is someone else's god, in the ancient world, and cultures clash and merge. When multiple meanings exist, the usage is given by context. My context is quite clear as symbolism, ne? :)
2002-06-24 08:51:08 PM  
Ranxerox I said he was considered, which is pretty much as it was stated in a Time article. They explained it much like I did, I wish I could find the article. Hitler did turn germany around but then took it way over the line.

Rei that is a damn 1999 link got anything more current say in the last 18 months? You would not accept that from me, I hold you to the same standard. I have not heard of ONE military targeted palistinian terror attack this year, can you cite one? Yes I read some of the links on the site sorry I chose a different one to quote then you did.

how is this related again? Thanks for the link. As you know the internet is a huge place and 90% is trash. Good reading on that site. not sure 100% on it's accuracy but it is linked now. Seems a little anti US slanted but oh well, info is info, I read it all
2002-06-24 08:52:47 PM  
Besides, one would think that the fact that the Azazel goat is the origin for our commonly used english word "scapegoat" would have at least a tiny bit more weight than muslim demonology ;) Oh well... oyasumi :)
2002-06-24 08:57:07 PM  
I was sure you meant the european demonolgy but I just found irony if taken the other way. Felt like pointing it out. I still think Falling down was the best azazel movie to date, but it sticks more with the demon aspect then goat sent off to carry away sins.
2002-06-24 08:58:37 PM  
Not arguing with you on teh goat Rei, but to say that one has more weight the other is not your normal style. I understand you chose one and that is how it should be interpreted, but understand that it has double meanings.
2002-06-24 09:00:15 PM  
Sorry the mods shut down your Rei identity, unfair world extends to fark once again, but reilly some were NSFW and links would be better on those.
2002-06-24 09:03:52 PM  
HowlingFrog: During the last election, I lived in my home state of S.C.

Besides, in Brevard County they don't use punch tickets...and another besides, I'm a College-Educated Republican that knows how to correctly vote.
2002-06-24 09:04:23 PM  
azazel- the phrase "seizure of land by war is illegal" is nonsensical and worthless. War is by its nature a state BEYOND legality. Not to mention, by all estimation, the Israeli people have been more than 50% in favor of giving it all away and even dumping the settlements if they could be assured that no Palestinians would come into an Sbarro pizzaria and go "boom". By continueing their terror attack Hamas and others are getting exactly what they want which is to force Israel to enter into "war" with them and to destroy the authority of Arrafat, whom they hate. If these guys get their way peace will NEVER arrive. Meantime Israel has to patrol the WB and Gaza and spend quite a lot of $$$ and lives to ensure that the Arabs dont get WORSE weapons than rat poison laced rusty spring fertilizer bombs.

Oh, many of the Israelis killed or wounded on the buses and in cafes' have been soldiers off duty or on their way to duty or back from. And a few of the explosions occured at check points where the bombers were caught on their way into Israel to hit a civilian location and they blew themselves up when caught... so its likely that they got some soldiers that way too... in other cases police catch on to the bomber's and give chase, the bombers set themselves off and take out the police giving chace.

On the other hand the IDF is firing into crowds and into buildings were they think gun men are. Occassionally it becomes obvious that the soldiers were uneccessarily apprehensive, that the crowd was completely harmless, women and children who thought the curfew was over. for example. In these cases the IDF holds an inquiry and makes it clear domesticly and internationally that they do not condone such trigger happiness.

This is a fundamentaly different position from what happens in the WB, where the suicide bomber's family gets a check, his coffin is paraded like a hero, and the children learn that this is how you get into heavan, take care of your family, and get famous.

This direclty counters what you imply about "how desperate these people must be to blow themselves up like that?" That is a very reasonable viewpoint and question, but also very Western. You seem to miss that these people do not value life the same way that Westerners do. The father of the latest bomber said something to the effect of "the afterlife is an ocean compared to the drop of water of this life, why sacrafice the ocean for one drop?" THAT is the starting point for them, add to that the fiscal rewards for your family, and the fame of a hero.... now sprinkle in years of being taught that the guy over that hill is your enemy and he is making your life her hell, he deserves to die, you will be loved for killing them.... go to it... So, it doesnt necessarily follow that a suicide bomber's life is misserable or that they are suffering so much that they have been driven to be suicide bomber.

Again, this compares to the Israeli side where some people refuse to serve in the Reserves or Border Police because of concience, and where public sentiment HAD been leaning towards giving up control of land for peace...

The suicide bombers destroy Arafats position with the West as a leader of a people, the suicide bombers destroy any trust by Israelis that the Palestinians can be lived with in trust of peace, the suicide bombers turn American public opinion firmly against them.

The leader of Hamas, misunderstanding the nature of international criticism, says of the bus bombings "we have an effective weapon here, this is why everyone is trying to take it off our hands, we will not stop". And so the American audience turns the tv channel over to Friends instead, this leave the Israeli hawks free to do whatever they think will work... and we know from Sharon's past that this is not "gentle".

So, stop defending suicide bombers, they delay their own statehood and they kill Israelis in an unconcionable manner.

(sorry for spelling).
2002-06-24 09:05:45 PM  

Ok, I lied, back for one more post (mainly for Jonnykill). Although I would mention two things. 1) It's hypocritical to classify the reality of your actions as too "obscene" to view when you cheer them on in a public forum, and 2) There was not so much as a warning or the removal of the post, but an instant, permanent block.


You want to read this:

Jenin: IDF Military Operations

It's by Human Rights Watch. They're incredibly in depth and criticize both sides of the Palestine/Israel conflict. They cover virtually everything that's come out from all different sources in this report. It's an excelent read. If you must read only one part, I recommend section IV - Background.

Ok, nite nite (for real this time! :) ).
2002-06-24 09:07:37 PM  
azazel, new profile, same old tired bullshiat.
2002-06-24 09:13:23 PM  
how is this related again?
It was regarding your earlier (7:24?) comment about Venezuela/CIA coup etc, and the only report you had seen had been from

Seems a little anti US slanted but oh well

What can I say? It's based in Washington......
2002-06-24 09:15:16 PM  
Still no link for this years stats to date on suicide bomber victims Rei, I was hoping for that. Sblafren makes a good point in saying that the checkpoints foudn the bombers on their way to civi targets. I agree that removing you without warning was unfair and uncalled for, but you know there is a difference between what is acceptable at work in written form and what is acceptable in pic form. I can say I can't wait till Thrusday when I go pick up my girl in phoenix so I can do what couples do. but I could not make photos of said event my background on my work computer. Likewise I can say that I think Isreal is showing a remarkable level of restraint in dealing with the situation. I can say suicide bombers can be shot on site without offending my sense of justice, but I could not show pics, I go to your links at home when I want to see daniel pearls decapitation, oh wait you would never post that as it does not serve your agenda, but hey nm goodnight
2002-06-24 09:25:11 PM  
your witty lilac, may that take you far. Still of topic, I was blasting someone for blaming 9-11 on our past forign policy if you hold that view further discussions are warrented, I just posted it to blast the holier then tho euro trash attitude of pure past, by pointing out their flaws as often as they point out ours.

Isreal is in a war for their survival, our standards of acceptable do not apply there. In war the story is 180 depending on the side you talk to, like jonny said both claim the other is lying. Both are wrong in a sense, but at least Isreal is trying to keep up the guise of targeting only the "Bad Guys" and not makin a policy out of slaughtering civilians. Both sides agree palistinians target civi's, I find that wrong and I make my decisions on who to support based on what both sides agree on. Sorry I do nto find bombing weddings acceptable means of waging war and I think the isreal is justified in their actions.
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