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(Denver Channel)   JD Power and Associates says cable companies are high in customer satisfaction. Unlikely tag demands overtime pay. In other news, this is submitted from the library as submitter's cable internet is down   ( divider line
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1736 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jul 2006 at 4:39 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-07-12 10:29:02 PM  
I've never had a complaint with my cable companies. A year ago I moved from Comcast to Charter. Both have served me well (two hours outage in 11 months with Charter).
2006-07-12 10:34:32 PM  
Considering that I'm not paying for mine...
2006-07-12 10:51:19 PM  
Joe the car salesman pointed out to me that companies pay about $250,000 for these outfits to say how they rate. They live in fear of not being counted if they don't pay up. Quite a bidness they got there.
2006-07-12 10:55:20 PM  
*lets loose a blistering stream of profanities directed at comcast*

yeah, i got problems.
2006-07-12 11:19:03 PM  
There have been times with my cable company where the internet has gone down, and I've just left it and hoped it'd get better on its own.

I don't want waste my entire evening on hold, with brief interludes of trying to speak monkey.
2006-07-13 03:46:48 AM  
I'm part of a member-owned cooperative: Internet, DTV, phone.

We vote on everything, and I get a check in the mail every year.
2006-07-13 04:48:09 AM  
Ironic tag, maybe?
2006-07-13 04:49:54 AM  
I hate it when a salesperson has the nerve to ask/bribe you into filling out a JD Power and Associates survey you have been mailed and explicitly requests you to put in the highest marks possible.

I just say I will, take whatever they offer me, then mark down whatever I feel like putting... which are typically very low marks. They have no way of knowing what you actually put down.
2006-07-13 04:52:57 AM  
In Arizona I've been having all kinds of trouble with my Cox cable internet of late. Finally I started calling the "restart everything" technicians. I say that because all they can tell me to do is reboot everything.

Hint: If I tell you the "cable" light on the modem isn't coming on after several power cycles, rebooting my damn PC isn't going to do a thing. I might as well reboot my toaster while I am at it.

But I just told them I did to shut them up....

Tech is coming out Friday to check my lines. Maybe he'll be as much of an arrogant bastard as the last four that came out when I got the screwed up install back in Feb.

/Hates Cox
//DSL is too slow, and that's my only alternative
///WideOpenWest, I loved you in Michigan, please expand to Phoenix
2006-07-13 04:54:37 AM  
Comcast has been good to me... Why does everyone hate it so much? I haven't had problems so far.
2006-07-13 04:55:51 AM  

/uses Cox Cable
//wouldn't, if there was any other option--ANY
///monopolies are fun
2006-07-13 04:55:51 AM  
Dish Network was #1 in JD Power in 2004.
2006-07-13 04:57:07 AM  
2006-07-13 04:57:08 AM  
It's too bad every service isn't as good as Cablevision's Optimum Online. Once I was spoiled with that, nothing else seems good in comparison.
2006-07-13 05:00:25 AM  
Echoic: Comcast has been good to me... Why does everyone hate it so much?

I'll agree that Comcast has pretty good service. The problem most people have is with the prices they pay for service. My cable/internet service is over 150 bucks a month. Since they're the only player in town I either suck it up or do without.
2006-07-13 05:00:53 AM  
I used to work for one of the big software companies that was evaluated by JD. The first evaluation run didn't go so well. But apparently the company got another chance to be inspected and lo and behold, we got the certification (or whatever they called it).
2006-07-13 05:01:32 AM  
I've had Comcast internet for most of the last five years, and I haven't had a single complaint. It's been great. In all that time, I've had fewer than ten outages, and they were all no longer than an hour or two, and always in the middle of the night, when 95% of people would be asleep.

Now, Qwest DSL on the other hand, well, I'm quite sure that the other end of my line plugged directly into Satan's ass. Those motherfarkers will never get another dime from me as long as I live.
2006-07-13 05:01:41 AM  
Whenever a cable guy comes over to fix something a few channels that don't work start working... and some others stop working. This has happened around three or four times. When I explain this to the cable guy, they think I'm crazy.
2006-07-13 05:23:22 AM  
I can honestly say I have never had a problem with my cable TV.

But my internet has been problematic from the start, but that's normal.

The phone service, on the other hand, can't connect to 1-800 numbers on Saturdays, and on Friday nights, when I call home from work, the line is always busy.

Oh, and the big box that connects my phone jacks to the cable line is supposed to have an 8-hour emergency back-up battery on it. I accidently unplugged it and it was dead within a half hour. That will work well in an emergency...
2006-07-13 05:32:31 AM  
one time my comcast went out for about 20 5 in the morning while I was playing BF2. Now that sucked.
2006-07-13 05:34:57 AM  
Friends don't let friends get digital phone service from the cable company.

Well, unless you want your friends to have weird pauses, static noises, frequent loss of service, lack of 911 service, frequent loss of service, echo effects, loss of service when the power goes out, loss of service when the cable goes out, static noises, and did I mention the frequent loss of service?
2006-07-13 05:36:55 AM  
TFA says this high ranking is specifically for phone service:

The study measured customer satisfaction with both local and long distance telephone service. It found that cable companies ranked the highest in customer satisfaction in five of six U.S. regions.

But screw TFA, because we hate cable companies and they should all be farked with spikey 10 foot curari-laced pole. At a party.

//killin' for fun
2006-07-13 05:49:50 AM  
I can see why my cable-phone service is high ranked. It has free long distance. So, when I can actually get through, I don't pay for it!
2006-07-13 06:06:10 AM  
TV, Phone, Internet all with Comcast. no complaints. battery back up for power outages, and has 911 service.
2006-07-13 06:07:15 AM  
i used to work customer service for TCI...which became ATT, which became Comcast.

I loved getting calls from customers who had been an "engineer for 20 years" but couldn't understand that you can have power but no cable...because DUH, cable isn't strung in the same grids as the power lines.

with as much as we had to pay the power companies to run our amps, I'm surprised we made any money at all.

then again, that shows you that you're just paying for dish networks satellites, otherwise there are almost no costs involved for them.

even better than the engineers were the deadbeats who would call every five minutes trying to get someone new to turn their service back on after not paying for 3 months. Totally clueless that their accts were littered with comments about them already being told no money no cable. and these were always the ones to file complaints with the city.
2006-07-13 06:23:38 AM  
I have had vondage,run though adelphia for a year now,and had no problems with calls at all,had a small problem with internet once,some type of bad conection in there lines and that was fixed and no other problems.
2006-07-13 06:34:30 AM  
JD Power is a research firm that will design their results to meet the requirements of the sponsor. In other words, you pay for them to say whatever you want.
2006-07-13 07:01:31 AM  
I would think cable companies would have to pay more than that to get someone to say they get good customer relations. Time Whorener is so full of lieing idiots you would find a better class of people in a crack house.
2006-07-13 07:33:18 AM  
I could have read this article sooner, but my cable phone/internet was down at home, so I had to wait till i got to work...

/Has had nothing but problems with TimeWarner digital phone
2006-07-13 07:33:48 AM  
2006-07-13 07:34:06 AM  
Unlikely tag never more appropriate.
2006-07-13 07:47:53 AM  
Had Comcast in Beaver Falls PA for a year. Very fast internet, and was down only once. Now in Ohio with Road Runner and this thing is slow as balls in comparison.
2006-07-13 07:49:45 AM  
I have Mediacom high speed internet & it is the shiznit. On the rare occasion it does go down, it's only down a few minutes. Plus, their customer service is very good. Expensive, but worth it.
2006-07-13 07:52:22 AM  
South Louisiana... Charter sucks COX
2006-07-13 07:59:40 AM  
I had adelphia cable before the breakdown, and had only minor problems (one channel was fuzzy upstairs, downstairs it was fine) Then the whole embezzlement story broke. and I moved.

Now, I have Comcast Cable. I still have no problems.
2006-07-13 08:03:23 AM  
You can't say all Cable sucks, that's like saying all cars suck just because you had a bad Ford once and one crappy dealer didn't repair it right.

The bigger and newer the city usually has the best technology, that's where the money is unfortunately.

/works at COX
//used to work for PacBell/SBC
///COX is a way better company
2006-07-13 08:06:04 AM  
In Arizona I've been having all kinds of trouble with my Cox cable internet of late. Finally I started calling the "restart everything" technicians. I say that because all they can tell me to do is reboot everything.
I've had cox for the last 2 years with no problems. It hardly ever drops service and when it does it's during the day when i'm at work, so i dont much care. Now Time Warner was another story, it sucked the big one. That service would drop during a storm when my SATTELITE WOULDN'T. And it was slower than DSL, pfff.

I guess it has more to do with where you live and how much edumaction and common sense your local cable techs have.

2006-07-13 08:21:51 AM  
Comcast = sucks
Insight = amazing
Brighthouse = too soon to tell, but good so far

The things I like about Brighthouse so far are that when I added HD service, I didn't have to pay somebody to come out and swap boxes (because as a consumer I'm completely incapable of unplugging cables). I was able to go to the brighthouse office with my old box and get the new one free. That was my biggest complaint about comcast, they charged service fees for everything. Well, that and the fact that they decided to switch their ESPN+ sports games for local schools to pay-per-view. And the fact that they never, ever, updated their channel lineup. And didn't carry FOX or ABC in HD even though the stations themselves had been broadcasting in HD for a while.
2006-07-13 08:24:38 AM  
They didn't look at what is on cable anymore. I get a big package but the fact is, there is still nothing to watch.
2006-07-13 08:37:48 AM  
I'm not *entirely* sure, but I have deep suspicions that JD Power and Associates will say pretty much anything, as long as you pay them enough.

/tired of hearing their name
2006-07-13 08:41:45 AM  
I've been with Comcast for 4 years (high-speed and TV) and I have never had an issue.

The thing with JD Power and Associates is that they just go by customer survey cards. I know some places (Casa Mitsubishi in Albuquerque) will ask customers to bring those cards in, in exchange for a free oil change or what have you, and then the dealership gives themselves full marks and sends the card in.
2006-07-13 08:44:18 AM  
I had Charter and the service blew! It would go out at least twice a day. I am very happily using DSL and Satellite!
2006-07-13 08:51:00 AM  
I've had TCI->ATT->Comcast for 18 years. The Cable has been awesome. The problem is that there is nothing much to watch on cable anymore. So my parents moved to Comcast's $13/mo Cable service and actually have shows to watch, thanks to my TiVo they are using.

At College, they had their own system setup by DirectTV, they got most channels over the satilite but used antenna for local channels, because whenever it would rain, the signal would drop, when it snowed, the signal would drop, when the wind blew, the signal would drop, when ever the sun came out, the signal would drop. My aunt and uncle have the same problem, but for them, it only happens whey they are about to have a huge storm, so they know its coming.

My Boss has DishNetwork, and when I was living at an apt on his property, I had it too. The only complaint was that if there was something happening between Michigan and California, I'd loose access to all signals originating in California.

As for Internet, at home we tried Comcast. At first it didn't work because they had a filter on the line somewhere to prevent noise from traveling back down the line, instead of fixing the noise. It also didn't help that we were at the end of the street at the end of the cable line. As a result we were lucky to get 3 hours of service before it would cutout for hours at a time. We switched to our local telephone company's DSL and haven't looked back. Infact they just reciently tripled our speed for no aditional charge.

I currently have Comcast in Michigan and the basic cable costs 4 times what we pay in Washington, which ticks me off, but the Internet seems to work consistantly.

I love cable, if for no other reason than you actually get all your local channels (like 'i', CBC, and Independent Channels) plus you rarely loose signal.

I wouldn't trust anyone but a phone company to deliver my phone service, so I've used my Cellphone Exclusivly since Jan 2005. (Especially since there is a $200 deposit on phone hookups in Michigan, regardless of credit score)

2006-07-13 08:53:45 AM  
there is a special place in hell reserved for-
the cable company
the cellphone company
whoever thought of the US banking system
presidents who send US citizens to die fighing for someone elses freedoms
and of course anyone who isnt southern baptist (or so im told)
2006-07-13 08:55:24 AM  
Yeah Comcast is great compared to the alternative in my area. Oh WAIT -that's- right, there is no freakin' alternative. Unless I want to pay an extra 500$ deposit to my apartment complex so I can put in a dish.

Comcast can suck on a big fat-hair-corn-filled turd.
2006-07-13 08:55:47 AM  
Rogers needs to DIAF. Our television signal is junk with lots of distortion and snow in the background, and I'm lucky to get 3mbps with my 6mbps connection.

/tech support some of the worst outside of India as well
2006-07-13 08:59:49 AM  
The hardest working department at Comcast is the Department of Customer Prevention. I had an igorant Comcast beatch scream at me that surround sound doesn't work if you don' have an HD TV.

We have the Motorola DVR where PBS HD and CBS HD work sometimes and it actaully can get confused if you try to get it to do challenging things like, oh, play after fast forward.

We know its not even worth calling them to complain. They just bring another brain dead box to replace teh one you have. It never fixes the problem.

But hey, at least it's expensive.

Our plan is fix it is to dump Comcast ASAP. The way we'll fix it is to hope for AT&T Uverse. We already know that DirecTV is doomed thanks to Rupert Murdoch.
2006-07-13 09:11:16 AM  
Despite having to unplug/replug my cable modem about nine times a day (looking into network-attached power supplies) for reasons I still can't divine, Mediacom is about as OK a cable monopoly as I could hope for.

Why exactly do customer satisfaction studies matter when most people have only one provider? (not counting satellite, which is cool)
2006-07-13 09:20:04 AM  
my overall experience with cable companies(comcast) is that they are a bunch of arrogant idiots. After numerous outages that lasted sometimes for days, and fuzzy pictures that lasted for weeks, I finally switched to Dish 4 years. The installer was a nice guy, and the few times I had to call customer service I never waited more than a minute and they solved the problem quickly. It will go out as a thunderstorm approaches, but I probably shouldn't have the tv on then anyways.
2006-07-13 09:20:50 AM  
popfreak thus saeith:

"In Arizona I've been having all kinds of trouble with my Cox cable.."

A problem with your cox cable? You should see a doctor about that...
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