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(Female First)   Michael Jackson wants to move to Ireland because he wants to meet leprechauns. No, really   ( ) divider line
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13640 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jul 2006 at 2:57 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-07-08 11:20:21 AM  
I knew he had mental problems but, wow.
2006-07-08 11:53:54 AM  
Surely, he will be a blight worse than potato famine.
2006-07-08 12:11:24 PM  
OK, so when is he gonna start lookin for midget-sex?
2006-07-08 01:21:05 PM  
OK, so when is he gonna start lookin for midget-sex?
Gonna start?
2006-07-08 01:34:42 PM  
leprechauns...young, hairless leprechauns.
2006-07-08 01:49:00 PM  
leprechauns = little Irish boys.
2006-07-08 03:00:23 PM  
This Irishman is embarassed.

Someone get this freak an island (not Ireland!) and isolate him there.
2006-07-08 03:00:43 PM  
When will he ever learn to leave the little people be.
2006-07-08 03:03:19 PM  
and by "meet" you mean "fondle" right?
2006-07-08 03:03:22 PM  
He's gonna grab those little leprechauns and not let go until they give up their pot of gold.
2006-07-08 03:03:22 PM  
That's just sad. It's too bad he can use the influence his name alone has to stay out of mental institutions. He created his own fantasy world using his fame and fortune, then forgot he was living inside it. When it comes to stories like this, I don't feel disgust for him anymore. I just feel pity for the man.
2006-07-08 03:04:16 PM  
I seem to remember last month he was supposed to be thinking of moving to Japan. Do I recall correctly?
2006-07-08 03:04:38 PM  
Boy, if the King of Kiddy-Diddling actually meets some leprechauns, they'll fark him over royally... they'll think of something nasty to do to him.
2006-07-08 03:05:44 PM  
I think that he read J. Swift's A Modest Proposal the wrong way. (pops)
2006-07-08 03:05:53 PM  
Die in a Pepsi sponsored fire!!!!!!
2006-07-08 03:06:32 PM  
The source for the story is a psychic in California. I'd be interested to know how she came by this information.
2006-07-08 03:06:34 PM  
He's gonna grab those little leprechauns and not let go until they give up their pot of gold.

And by "pot of gold" you mean *********, right?

He's probably screwed his way through the underage population of Quatar and is finding it harder and harder to pay off the authorities.
2006-07-08 03:06:48 PM  
Am I the only one to RTFA and notice the "source" for the story was none other than... a California psychic?

Just... wow.
2006-07-08 03:07:10 PM  
Couple that with the answering machine tapes released at a trial (civil, with MJ in absentia) against him last week and we've got more Jackson family madness!
2006-07-08 03:07:29 PM  
OK, nope, not the only one. (beat me by 16 seconds, you lousy baastid!)
2006-07-08 03:10:00 PM  
I really really really really *really* hope that he isn't allowed to stay there.

I mean, I know it's a Thriller to have him over for a visit, but it's a Bad idea, and he really should just Beat It. I know that he's the type of guy who thinks, "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough", but there's going to be Blood on the Dance Floor for this Man in the Mirror because We've Had Enough of these antics.

I Remember the Time when he was still cool, but nowadays, when you don't know if he's Black or White, or In the Closet, I'm not really willing to give HIStory One More Chance. He may think he's Invincible, but he's a bit too Off the Wall and Dangerous to Rock With You. Say, Say, Say, he may be a Smooth Criminal, but this Moonwalker has to Leave Me Alone.

/Billie Jean is not my lover either.
2006-07-08 03:10:16 PM  
Just imagine the Celtic cheiften or English lord who built a castle finding out in the afterlife that Michael Jackson know lives in his former home.
2006-07-08 03:11:43 PM

aisle seat
2006-07-08 03:12:27 PM  
Michael Jackson wants to move to Ireland because he wants to meet molest leprechauns. No, really

Fixed that for you, Submitter
2006-07-08 03:12:56 PM  
muninsfire: Good job.
2006-07-08 03:14:27 PM  
Everybody knows that the leprechauns moved to Alabama a few months back.

/They won't let me come back to Ireland
2006-07-08 03:15:06 PM  
muninsfire wins the thread!
2006-07-08 03:16:33 PM  
I love how Submitter put "No, really" at the end of the headline as if it would be hard to believe or something.
2006-07-08 03:17:50 PM  
Officer, he touched me Lucky Charms!
2006-07-08 03:19:21 PM  
"Try as they will, and try as they might, who steals me gold won't live through the night."
2006-07-08 03:19:37 PM  
I think you are all forgetting that Michael was found innocent by a court of law, and that there is no evidence to...

Aw, sorry, I can't even type that with a straight face.
2006-07-08 03:19:55 PM  
I heard he wanted to live in France when he heard someone say Boner Petite.
2006-07-08 03:20:39 PM  
He should go to Mobile, Alabama.
2006-07-08 03:21:04 PM  

I think my leprechaun-boy has a more appropriate message for Michael Jackson. (the text came with the picture, not shop'd)
2006-07-08 03:21:07 PM  
Anyone here remember the joke about leprechaun nuns?
2006-07-08 03:21:43 PM  
One of my favourite Jackson jabs came from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, he was talking to some fans camping outside the courtroom:

"So, on a scale from one to ten....... old is Michael's boyfriend?"
2006-07-08 03:22:38 PM  
The leprechauns there have myspace pages (but for some reason don't hook up with their teachers)
2006-07-08 03:23:12 PM  
"muninsfire" wins easily.
2006-07-08 03:26:37 PM  
For a broke arse little old white lady, Michael Jackson seems to have a lot of living options.
2006-07-08 03:30:28 PM
2006-07-08 03:30:50 PM  
".......leprechauns - a type of treasure hording elf associated with Irish mythology......."

Apparently there are people who don't know what a leprechaun is.
2006-07-08 03:31:50 PM  
The ultimate rehab for kiddie-diddlers (including Mikey J) everywhere:

It's called the Chink-Chink-Kablam Rehab.

100% guarantee against relapse.
2006-07-08 03:31:58 PM
2006-07-08 03:32:20 PM  
I am surprised no one has posted the photo sequence showing Jackson every 5 years from age 12 to age 42, with the caption: "Only in America, can a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman!"

2006-07-08 03:35:10 PM  
He's not going for the leprechauns and fairies, he's going for the "leprechauns" and "fairies" (wink)

He's also got quite a few kindred spirits there as well:
2006-07-08 03:35:30 PM  
Michael Jackson wants to move to Ireland because he wants to meet meat leprechauns. No, really
Fixed that for you, Submitter
2006-07-08 03:35:37 PM  
Tell him to go, and take Cindy with him......
2006-07-08 03:35:42 PM  
Sick_tired_and_needing_to_laugh: That's just sad. It's too bad he can use the influence his name alone has to stay out of mental institutions.

I've heard that the difference between "eccentric" and "crazy" is how much money the person has. Think about it.
2006-07-08 03:37:13 PM  
He'll also be putting his musical talent to work, with a boy's choir and skin flute quartet
2006-07-08 03:37:18 PM  
Michael Jackson is living in fantasy world if he thinks Irish people are not all too aware of his "reputation". If he wants to hunt for leprechauns, he'd better do so on whatever estate his dwindling cash reserves can afford. If he expects any sympathy or enthusiasm from his new neighbours, he is in for a rude awakening. It's too bad that none of his advisors don't try to slap a bit of reality into him rather than toadying to his every obscene / bizarre fantasy.
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