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(Some Guy)   Twenty-five things I learned on Google Trends   ( divider line
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38640 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jul 2006 at 1:33 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-07-07 01:36:32 AM  
28) Arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics.
2006-07-07 01:38:16 AM  
Competing makes me tired. And the punchline is just too obvious. Sorry.
2006-07-07 01:38:43 AM  
26) It's all Bush's fault.
2006-07-07 01:42:21 AM  
There's more interest in Bluetooth than in Wifi

maybe that is because Bluetooth sucks, and nobody can get it to work right, resulting in lots of "Help me!" google searches?
2006-07-07 01:43:01 AM  
What I don't get is why Google ranks so well compared to other searches. I mean, who in their right mind searches for Google *on Google*?
2006-07-07 01:44:32 AM  
0) Meaningless statistics don't mean anything.

/seriously, how can you search for the letters "pr" and expect them to specifically be related to searches for public relations - that's not how google works. If I search for something where the model number is a Thingamajig PR, I'll be included in your dumb statistic. If I search for "Blackberry sucks", you'll take the stat to mean that I searched for Blackberry and it must be good. The rest of this is all equally flawed.
2006-07-07 01:47:31 AM  
St. Louis is a sucker for God, Jesus.
2006-07-07 01:48:02 AM  
Wikipedia is huge in Eastern Europe and it started to lead Britannica, Encarta and Webster's in 2004

What a coincidence! In Japan, I'm HUGE!
2006-07-07 01:48:12 AM  
Personally I find this thread to be very informative. I mean look, the Burger King looks just like David Hasselhoff in his swimwear, who knew?

FYI, discarded my last cell phone in 1994. WIFI
/in a related story I gained my life back @ 1994.
2006-07-07 01:48:38 AM  
Dwedit - that is horrifying. Now I am going to have bad dreams.

/and yet, mesmerizing...
2006-07-07 01:48:58 AM  
29: Never post your pic on the internets.

[image from too old to be available]

"Hi, I'm Steve, and I prefer deliveries in my fun door!

That whole MySpace/Dateline thing was just, wait someone's ringing my doorbell"
2006-07-07 01:49:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Before having read anything but the headline, my first thought was...

"omfg, look at this guy. what an assclown."

my second thought was...

"he kinda reminds me of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist."
2006-07-07 01:51:16 AM  
12) Dogs are by far killing all other pets while cats and fish battle for second place

Wrong! Alligators kill all other pets. That's why you have to walk them separately.
2006-07-07 01:52:41 AM  
I care this much.
2006-07-07 01:55:29 AM  

did you mean: who gives a farmer?
2006-07-07 01:56:23 AM  
Who gives a farmer?
2006-07-07 01:56:31 AM  
EdgeRunner has never seen a tiger take on an crocodile.

I think it must have used it's powerful magic on the crocodile though... proving it was a liger.
2006-07-07 01:56:41 AM  
Rather than get deleted by the mods, I'll skip the actual link and suggest that some racist jokes are more searched than others. Specifically, a slang term for african american jokes may be way more frequent than any other joke category.
2006-07-07 01:57:07 AM  
Kryptonite Lock? Blog blow-up?
2006-07-07 01:57:09 AM  
SmnM4g1s -"omfg, look at this guy. what an assclown."

Is it because he doesn't look like a flaming douche, such as yourself? Go back to primary school.
2006-07-07 02:01:39 AM  
I learned that 4 out of 5 people agree with 80% of the population.
2006-07-07 02:03:09 AM  
Holy crap, that filter zinged me even on an off-site search. Wait, I mean...yeah, I meant to say's kind of an inside joke...between me and, like this other guy that you don't know because he lives in Canada. Ha ha ha....ha.....ha
2006-07-07 02:06:45 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

Get your finger out of my ass.
2006-07-07 02:09:20 AM  
Hey, guess what! God and Jesus are finally bigger than the Beatles!
2006-07-07 02:10:27 AM  
i found this article to be intriguing and informative. i learned a lot about the services google provides
2006-07-07 02:16:26 AM  
The most popular way to waste time on the internets, and ..
The currently preferred investment strategy
2006-07-07 02:19:28 AM  
whats up with the camel riders and sex?

should be safe unless you work in a church
2006-07-07 02:20:37 AM  
Rather than get deleted by the mods, I'll skip the actual link and suggest that some racist jokes are more searched than others. Specifically, a slang term for african american jokes may be way more frequent than any other joke category.

Really, even "blonde jokes" or "yo mama jokes"? (look it up; unless you specifically meant racial jokes, in which case nevermind...wait, wtf?)

P.S. - Still appalling to find that your hypothesis almost holds up (tried "fat jokes" and a few other likely suspects and all were less than your stated "category").
2006-07-07 02:24:23 AM  
It used to be a blowaway, but finally, Wikipedia is catching up to porn! Check it
2006-07-07 02:25:56 AM  
And sadly, Frasier and Frasier are still neck and neck.
2006-07-07 02:30:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

Kiss. Kisssss.
2006-07-07 02:31:50 AM  
SmnM4g1s, you show stupidity, you get the UFIA.

What makes you think the guy looks like an assclown? you aren't one of those non-conformist/comformist goth types are you? Heh, loser.
2006-07-07 02:33:49 AM  
That's a funny find aardvarkage. Sexually repressed cultures, nowhere to turn but google.
2006-07-07 02:36:20 AM  
OH MY GOD! Jeans finally surpassed pantaloons! See for yourself!
2006-07-07 02:39:53 AM  
brokeback fountain: The currently preferred investment strategy

The investment capital of the world confirms your results. How appropos.
2006-07-07 02:40:00 AM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2006-07-07 02:40:51 AM  

"he kinda reminds me of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist."

I didn't think anyone else remembered that show. Is it out on DVD?
2006-07-07 02:46:16 AM  
Yahoo crushes Google. Interesting.
2006-07-07 02:53:14 AM  
'bluetooth' beats 'wifi' because there is only one typical search term for bluetooth... but several for the concept of wifi. Such as 'wi-fi', 'wi fi', '802.11', 'wireless'... such comparisons are thus invalid.

This is true for several items in the list; 'New York' refers to both the city and the state, while 'LA' is also searched for by 'Los Angeles'; 'movie' is more popular and closer to 'TV' than 'movies', and people also search for 'film' and 'films' and 'television'; there are several non-American political parties with the word 'Democrats' in their names, and many with 'Republican' (but fewer with 'Republicans')... and so on and so on.

Essentially, most of the results are rendered meaningless due to these distinctions. It is necessary to compare conglomerations of all likely search terms for one concept vs. a similar collection of terms for the other concept in order to get reasonably useful results.
2006-07-07 02:58:33 AM  
Oh yeah, also, Wikipedia gets a lot of searches, because their website is Lots of people probably try or wikipidia or whatever. A popular website with an unusual URL is more likely to get lots of searches, right?
2006-07-07 02:58:47 AM  
The current unhappy marriage resolution trend is somewhat frightening though.
2006-07-07 03:09:06 AM  
I remember a similar thread a few months ago except people were looking up various sex terms. I seem to remember that every common search was dominated by Eastern European and Middle Eastern cities. Well, simple words like "sex" and "naked women" were--terms that would get you a lot of porn even if you had a limited grasp of English. American/Australian/British cities did dominate searches that required more comprehensive English skills, such as "Lesbian Grandmother Anal Fisting." Still, if I remember right, there were far more searches for this stuff from the Middle East (I guess repression will do that to you).

/I do not recommend doing a GIS for "Lesbian Grandmother Anal Fisting" and am not responsible for any damage or necessary applications of eye-bleach that could occur.
2006-07-07 03:11:32 AM  
bikerific: Kryptonite Lock? Blog blow-up?

that you can open a Kryptonite lock with a bic pen
2006-07-07 03:12:45 AM  
oldsbone: /I do not recommend doing a GIS for "Lesbian Grandmother Anal Fisting" and am not responsible for any damage or necessary applications of eye-bleach that could occur.

Your search - Lesbian Grandmother Anal Fisting - did not match any documents.
2006-07-07 03:15:47 AM  
This aint even funny. I wonder what caused that odd spike at the start of 2005?
2006-07-07 03:18:23 AM  
Darwin, maybe because the number of people searching for Google ON GOOGLE is low?

I didn't take the time to read through all the comments, but am I the one that noticed in quadropheniac's link the massive difference between "Wikipedia" and "porn" searches in London?

By the way, aardvarkage, Muslims they take premarital abstinence seriously. Now that it's all Westernized, everyone wants to know what sex is about... plus, porn is most likely illegal there so it's not like they could go to the nearest supermarket and buy a Playboy mag.
2006-07-07 03:18:43 AM  
If you've got BugMeNot to bypass the registration, this is a good article on internet trends:

(Sorry, I'd make it a clicky link, but my HTML seems to have been revoked.)
2006-07-07 03:19:19 AM  
Hmmm... The WWE is strangely popular in India.

2006-07-07 03:22:50 AM  
anal beats oral

/proves that my ex-girlfriend was wrong
2006-07-07 03:29:01 AM  
Because she didn't like giving you anal, BoronCarbon?
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