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(Some Road Rage Guy)   Man shot for honking at stop light. Since you're reading this here, you can guess which state this happened   ( divider line
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2006-07-03 12:09:57 PM  
I Didn't know a honk of the horn was a threat to one's life. What a bunch of vaginas in that state.
2006-07-03 12:10:05 PM  
Living in Florida, I can sort of see why this occurred. Almost nobody honks their horn down here, at least not like they do elsewhere. There is always someone trying to beat a light, so that's a two second leeway. And we are swamped by old geezers who take a while to get going after the light changes anyway. But on recent trips to California and Philadelphia, Pennslyvania I noticed that they seemingly hit the horn the second the light changed. I was very suprised that they used their horns so much and so fast, it was quite a change from Florida.

/No excuse for this shooting, just saying.
2006-07-03 12:10:24 PM  

That's what I thought.

/ packs kevlar
// rents .50 cal MG
2006-07-03 12:10:24 PM  

Don't feel bad. It sounds like she brought it on herself.

/loves "just desserts" stories like that one
2006-07-03 12:15:21 PM  
She (I saw the driver at this point) got about 2 inches from my bumper and would slowly drop back and then zoom up and come as close to hitting me as possible.

Why do people do that.....? It makes no sense to me. Is it the law in the States that if you rear-end someone, it's automatically your fault, regardless of how it happened....?

That's the rule here. Great stuff. Die, Tailgaters.
2006-07-03 12:18:10 PM  
006-07-03 11:59:59 AM gradatim

you mean there are exceptions to rules?
thanks for pointing them out.
2006-07-03 12:19:21 PM  
Road rage is a terrible thing.It's when people scream profanity at you just because your car doesn't have ultra fast acceleration to drive off at top speed limit when the stop light turns green.

Don't do it to other people, and when they do it to you- don't feel wrathful about it. The most I ever let myself have anymore is just to imagine those people getting in their future accident somewhere else with someone else. Then I feel better about it and can move on.
2006-07-03 12:19:39 PM  
I once had a guy behind me lay on his horn for the entire light because he didn't like the way I changed lane (a full car length infront of him) shortly before hitting the redlight). Probably would have shot the guy had I been a gun owner.
2006-07-03 12:20:16 PM  
TheSignPost: I'm considering a trip to Key West. Am I foolishly putting myself in harm's way....?

/ on the plus side, there are strippers

On the other other hand, they're probably in drag.

Funniest thing I ever saw on DuVall was a pickup truckload of frat boys tooling up and down the street hollering at the girls, six or eight of them in the bed of the truck, waving beers and generally being obnoxious.

Said truck had made about four passes up and down DuVall, and was stopped at the light by the 801. The "ladies" at the club had taken note of this behavior (It was mid-afternoon and they were just arriving for the evening shows) and came out en masse, in their full garb, and just lit into the frat boys, giving them a taste of their own "Ooh, I see me something yummy!", "Come over here, little boy, and let Momma make a man out of you", etc. etc.

You never saw such sheepish cringing and cowering in your life.

When the light changed, and the truck sped off, the passersby broke out in applause, and bows worthy of a curtain call were returned by the ladies.
2006-07-03 12:25:08 PM  
TheSignPost Reyals

That's what I thought.

/ packs kevlar
// rents .50 cal MG

Don't forget scuba stuff. It's well worth the risk hehe ;)
Of course it is hurricane session....
2006-07-03 12:25:32 PM  

Didn't mean to cause an accident, but she was putting both our lives in danger.

Well, it was her fault for in Ohio, I've heard, you can get pulled over for tailgating.

Maybe she'll figure out what "assured clear distance ahead" means.
2006-07-03 12:25:52 PM  
Don't do it to other people, and when they do it to you- don't feel wrathful about it. The most I ever let myself have anymore is just to imagine those people getting in their future accident somewhere else with someone else. Then I feel better about it and can move on.

You, my friend, are one smart cookie, and I wish we had more drivers like you. Seriously...
2006-07-03 12:27:24 PM  
There is "following too closely", where it is NOT your fault if you get rear ended, if it's proven that the individual was following too closely.

You can get a ticket, a pretty hefty one, for "following too closely".

Especially in North Carolina.

And then they lose your payment.

And don't tell you.

So you can't get your license renewed.

And it takes six months to work out.


What was the article under discussion again?
2006-07-03 12:31:12 PM  
I was driving to D.C. one morning in rush hour traffic on I-395 near Edsall road when some asshat in a little red sports car behind me took exception to the fact that I left 1.5 car lengths ahead of me. He kept about a foot behind me for a mile or so, and I didn't dare hit my brakes because he would have hit me, and we would have both been late for work. Traffic was literally stop-and-go, with all the lanes packed. I was eventually able to maneuver into the center lane just so I could get rid of this tailgater, and he shot ahead and assumed the same position behind the car that I'd been following. That's when fate made my day. Someone two cars ahead of the asshat dogged his brakes, and in the chain reaction asshat had no reaction time available due to his proximity to the car in front of him, and he messed up the front of his car pretty bad. I don't remember for sure, but I think I rolled my window down and pointed and laughed at him.
2006-07-03 12:33:58 PM  
Venezuelan Beaver Cheese

I don't remember for sure, but I think I rolled my window down and pointed and laughed at him.

If you didn't, you should have!

Ah, that karma is so wacky sometimes...
2006-07-03 12:38:13 PM  
Venezuelan Beaver Cheese

Someone two cars ahead of the asshat dogged his brakes, and in the chain reaction asshat had no reaction time available due to his proximity to the car in front of him, and he messed up the front of his car pretty bad.

They say you shouldn't try to teach people a lesson on the road...I agree, let them learn the hard way.
2006-07-03 12:47:08 PM  
I find it remarkable how many tailgaters seem to be truly unaware of what "no room to decelerate" really means. When I get the idiot behind me trying to play at intimidation, I tap the brakes just enough to get a reaction. The almost-inevitable resultant panic tells me that the tailgater never gave a thought about the consequences.

/He farking will the next time
//after he cleans up the grande coffee from the floor
2006-07-03 12:55:58 PM  
What are you talking about? This sort of things never happens in Florida.
2006-07-03 01:21:10 PM  
Verdelak:...The last time she got on my ass, I kept my foot on the gas, but also tapped the brake. I never actually slowed up at all, but figured she would see the brake light and back off.
Well, it appears that she was so close to me that when the brake light went off, she panic and slammed her breaks and smashed the front left corner of her SUV on a guard rail and did a lot of damage. I could tell, because I saw the shower of pastic flying off into the air.

Isn't that illegal in most states ("brake-tapping")? Personally, I slow down a tad, flash my emergency flashers at them, and move over when I get a chance. If they don't get the message, calling 911 with make, model & license # of the SUV(*) tailgating you tends to help.

* cheap shot, but often the case.
2006-07-03 01:24:56 PM  
In most states, you are pretty much "at fault" if you rear-end someone, no matter WHAT the circumstances. I think the only exception is if you can prove that the car behind you actively PUSHED you into another car.

When there are multi-car pile-ups, and everyone rear-ends everyone else, you wouldn't BELIEVE how crazy the paperwork gets for tickets and insurance payouts.
2006-07-03 01:25:14 PM  
did yall see the post in their thread that read "20 to 30 kids throwing firecrackers at each other is better then [sic] them getting high..." good point ma'am. stay away from demon weeds!
2006-07-03 01:25:40 PM  

Isn't that illegal in most states ("brake-tapping")?

I don't think so. When I had driver's ed in Michigan, it was recommended that you tap brakes to discourage a tailgater.
2006-07-03 01:44:39 PM  
Verdelak: but figured she would see the brake light and back off.

..... HAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!1!

That kicks ass. Seriously.

Sometimes I honestly believe these kinds of people tailgate you simply because they don't want you in their lane.

It wouldn't be the first time I was driving about 5 carlengths in front of some SUV in a different lane, moving the same speed, and I change lanes to move in front of them--and they quickly speed up to get on my ass, as if it was wrong of me to assume I had the right to be in front of them.

Either way, I'm not quick to pull the brake-tapping thing.. most of the time because they aren't within 2 feet of my bumper: It's kind of soul-crushing when the tailgater isn't discouraged by brake-flashing.
2006-07-03 01:49:13 PM  
Honk.. honk..

2006-07-03 01:49:51 PM  
I caught one of the tailgate-you-even-at-10-over ones today, and after waiting a bit, I sped up to see how much would be too much for him. However, the determination of an asshole is second-to-none: my speedometer read 72 (in a 45) before I realized an asshole at 70MPH is still an asshole.

Usually though the best solution for relentless tailgaters (as in, will tailgate you at +10MPH in the right lane) is to slow down to EXACTLY the speed limit. Anything below is probably technically illegal, but so is anything above.. and it pisses tailgaters off. Eventually they'll realize you're not worth their time and stomp away to their important meeting (Happy Meals at McD's).
2006-07-03 01:51:16 PM  
OMG if they shot everyone who honked at you in NYC, everyone would be dead or injured. They honk the SECOND the light goes green, no exaggeration...

/NYC tourist

I like to give ppl a little "toot" if they take longer than usual to get going at the green light. Maybe they're daydreaming (I've done it). Just a little "toot". It doesn't call for a big "WOOOONK!"

(People stall at the green lights so often here in Nashville, tooting the horn is just not worth the energy anymore.)
2006-07-03 02:00:12 PM  
Verdelak wins the thread. Well done!

/All tailgaters should die in fires
//Not kidding
2006-07-03 02:06:58 PM  
A tailgater was behind me on the turnpike in Indiana headed towards Ohio while I was in the left lane passing a line of trucks. I was maintaining about 10 mph over the speed limit but he was still riding my ass and flashing his lights. After passing the final truck, I signaled a lane change, checked my mirror and looked over my shoulder to make sure I was clear, and this frickin' bonehead squeezed in between me and the truck, pulled even with me and tried to catch my eye so he could gesture his thoughts of my transgression against him. I refused to play his game, so he mashed the accelerator to the floor and shot off at about 90 to 100 mph.

I was starting to wonder if there was any justice in this world when my prayers were answered. The tailgating jerk blew past an Indiana state patrol car that was hiding under an overpass. It took the cop nearly a mile to stop him -- enough time for me to roll down my passenger window and cackle victoriously as I drove by. Definitely a good memory of my otherwise miserable trip to Indiana.
2006-07-03 02:21:19 PM  
Theres a (mostly, some parts are 4) 2 lane road that runs through the middle of my town, a main street more main than main actually is. It's speed limit is 30, doing 35 puts you at a serious disadvantage when it comes to stopping. 30 is perfect. People want to do 40 on it all the time and it causes tailgaters.

I do the limit and they have no choice as you either take an offshoot road that goes where you don't want to, or you follow the guy in front of you and live with it. Maybe I'll do 60 in the fast lane around here, see how they like the speed limit.
2006-07-03 02:25:06 PM  
Hey! It's bound to happen!

You take a nice State that's mainly wild woods, swamp, jungle and with three borders of vast beaches. Toss in a subtropical climate, palm trees, lots of great lonely areas, fresh air and low population. (Florida in the 1950s.)

Add a previous Governor who starts the Be A Friendly Floridian campaign to draw in tourists to build up the State treasury. Within a few decades have everybody and their brothers pouring into the State for the 'Florida Climate' and the 'Florida Lifestyle' and swell the population to 100 times what it used to be.

In the process, pave every damn thing over, wipe out half the natural wild life, dump in various imported species, strain the resources and develop the vast, tropical style beaches into an urban hell. Instead of homes being widely spaced apart, cram them into developments were the zoning laws have been changed to diminish the distance between structures by several feet.

Mix well with neighbors who (A) just have to crank that outboard motor up at 6 AM, (B) mow their damn lawns at 7 AM, (C) fire up the leaf blower at 7:30 AM, (D) pack the roads at 8 AM, (E) fire up the power saws and drills for DIY projects at 8:30 AM, (F) turn loose the screaming kids at 9:00 AM -- especially those whose folks were thoughtful enough to build them a plywood skateboard halfpipe in their back yard, (G) fire up the stereo systems at 9:15 AM, (H) start arguments -- loud ones -- among each other at 9:30, (I) crank up the gas powered chain saw to hack off tree limbs that don't actually need hacking off at 10:00 AM and by 11:00 AM have your buddies drop in with their mega-stereo systems booming from their cars and then chat with them in the driveway by yelling over said stereo system.

Now, don't forget trying to drive on roads that once rarely saw more than 20 cars in an hour and now get pounded to krap by several thousand. Drive out to that peaceful, quiet, beautiful stand of wild woods you used to visit as a kid and eat wild grapes, raspberries and watch the colorful song birds as you kicked back in the shade and find it being plowed under for yet another housing development.

It's enough to make you pull your hair out.

Forget about the beaches because they're trashed, crowded and over built. Not to mention that you risk the possibility of getting your car broken into and robbed while you're trying to find some spot on the sand away from those damn kids and their rap playing ghetto blaster. (Wear shoes. Broken glass is in the sand now.)

Don't bother with the river. If the portable ocean liners crowding the waters don't swamp you, the kids in their hyper fast water toys will. Besides, fishing isn't any good because the river is nearly fished out, runoff pollution from the streets has contaminated the water and, during the hot summer months, fecal bacteria infests the whole area. (I always knew people were full of shiat.)

Courtesy and politeness has pretty well vanished from the roads after the traffic passed the critical stage. That huge SUV that cost more than your house just has to abruptly cut in front of you because there's a space there about two feet bigger than the vehicle itself. Then there's that mini-van poking along at EXACTLY 35 mph in a 35 mph zone when everyone else normally does 45 and the drivers behind YOU are getting pi$$ed. Don't forget that kid pulling out who watches you barrel down the highway at 50 and waits until you're within 20 feet before peeling out in front of you and you get to lay down 10 feet of rubber braking.

Find that good parking space in the mall lot and head for it only to have someone a bit faster get there first JUST as you're about to pull in.

I won't even mention walking through the mall, where folks stare you right in the eye and you wind up playing chicken to see who gets out of who's way first.

There are times when I wish I could equip my car with the old style police crash bumpers and mount a couple of machine-guns on it. Maybe get one of those big 1960s V-8 Ford trucks that could basically plow through walls and continue going. Today's cars would fold up like tinfoil if hit by one of them and SUVs would just fall over.

/'scuse me. I aint got much of a lawn but I'm going out to tell those darn kids to get offa my weeds.
2006-07-03 02:27:18 PM  
Reason #324,671 that I carry. Someone starts shooting at me on the highway they're in for a nasty response...unless they hit me in the first barrage of course, in which case I'm dead and wasted $400.00 on a .40 paperweight.
2006-07-03 02:33:45 PM  
Around here that is called, "Teaching him manners".
2006-07-03 02:38:17 PM  
They need to take their stolen gold exped and get back to New Orleans and stop bothering normal people.
2006-07-03 02:44:32 PM  
Should be a hero tag! Nothing like a jerk behind you who thinks you should hit the gas like your driving nitro-burning-funny cars at the quarter-mile track at the instant the light turns green.
2006-07-03 03:01:26 PM  
...he honked at a gold Ford Expedition that hesitated at a traffic light.

So how long was this hesitation? Was the dude who got shot mad because this car wasn't creeping out just before the light turned green? Or did this hesitating driver wait there till the light nearly turned yellow again?

I've had experiences with both. And I've also witnessed first hand why it's not always a good idea to fly into the intersection right as the light changes green. I was daydreaming and realized the light had turned green. I hadn't hesitated very long, just enough for the cars in the lane to the right of me to be out in front by one car length or so. It was enough of a gap to keep the toyota pick-up that flew through the red light to not hit me and land it on the front of the car just to the right of me. I never come right out at a green light anymore.
2006-07-03 03:05:55 PM  
No, no, no, you don't shoot somebody for honking at you just to show they can hit the horn faster than you can hit the accelerator. You just sit through the entire green light.
2006-07-03 03:14:06 PM  
Rik01: There are times when I wish I could equip my car with the old style police crash bumpers and mount a couple of machine-guns on it. Maybe get one of those big 1960s V-8 Ford trucks that could basically plow through walls and continue going. Today's cars would fold up like tinfoil if hit by one of them and SUVs would just fall over.

/'scuse me. I aint got much of a lawn but I'm going out to tell those darn kids to get offa my weeds.

Lighten up, Francias!

/I keed, I keed
//agree 100%
///same thing happening to the NC beaches
2006-07-03 03:56:40 PM  
A while back, I was driving and I came to this annoying redlight in my residential neighbourhood. It is timed and not triggered, so you can wait at it with no cars crossing. Anyways, the light turns green and the guy in front of me doesn't realize this, so I give him a honk. He still doesn't move. So I honk him again, and this dumbass STILL isn't moving. So I drive around him and go on my way. I look in my rearview, and I guess seeing me pass him finally made him realize the light was green. Someone that dense should not be driving imo.

On to the topic, I really hope they catch the asshat shooter here. Hope he spends the next decade and a half behind bars!!!
2006-07-03 04:43:41 PM  
Some of you say "it could happen to anyone" and that is true. But to lower the odds, you want to do things that lower your risk. For instance, who do you associate with & where do you drive? What is your own criminal record look like if you look it up at:
2006-07-03 04:52:29 PM  

The most I ever let myself have anymore is just to imagine those people getting in their future accident somewhere else with someone else.

I was lucky enough to see the future accident once. Guy in tremendous hurry tries to pass me on the outside, while making a right turn (both of us), while in the same lane as me the whole time. Hard to visualize this, I know. Essentially, he was trying to get around me in the intersection itself. He isn't able to pull it off, and he ends up still behind me.

A little down the road, it opens up into two lanes, and he pulls up alongside me, screaming and cursing through the window, and, while looking directly over at me, proceeds to slam right into the car in front of him, ensuring that this will be one of his slowest commutes ever.
2006-07-03 04:59:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This could have had a better ending if the victim had been armed.
2006-07-03 05:04:27 PM  
The only time I really get ultra-pissed on the road is when I witness people changing lanes without blinkers, especially in dangerous situations such as crowded highways, bad weather, etc. And when people haul as much ass as possible down the exit-only lane for the whole length of the exit only lane, then, at the last possible moment, shoot across 3 lanes of traffic with no blinker or so much as a glance over their left shoulder. It goes the same way when I'm coming off an onramp into an exit only lane, and I need to get over onto the highway, but every jerkoff asshole in the lane left of me is trying to race me just so they can get far enough infront to switch into my lane WITHOUT A farkING BLINKER! I mean, how hard is it? It's right there by your left pinky finger at all times. It's not like you have to reach into the backseat to turn the farker on. And, although it doesn't really anger as much as annoy me, what's with the people that are cruising down the road 5 miles less then the speed limit, then as soon as you start to pass them and get about dead even with them, they speed up to match your speed? What the hell? *shrugs* Oh well. I'm in New Orleans right now, and compared to driving around in Ft. Worth, I have to say that a large majority of the drivers down here are nucking futs. I see one of those things I just biatched about happen every 10 seconds, just on the drive to work. At the same time, I'm seeing 15 different car wrecks that could have been easily avoided if the drivers of both vehicles weren't complete asshats. Every once in a while, you get that courteous driver on the road that will slow down a bit to let you get over a lane, or actually move out of the passing lane once their done passing, instead of using it like their own personal VIP lane.

/wants to go play battle car now
//with a 1970's model El Dorado...
///and an irish man in the passenger seat with a sawed-off shotgun...
2006-07-03 09:32:26 PM  



Isn't that illegal in most states ("brake-tapping")?

Depends on a lot of factors, many of which are difficult to prove in a courtroom. First of all, if it was truly just a short tap, you're probably OK. A serious brake-check that depresses your front shocks and reduces your speed by 10mph or so and you've probably committed assault w/a deadly weapon, vehicular assault, road rage, etc (whatever it is in your jurisdiction). Your intent is a big part of it, since it's usually one of those "willfully" types of statues.

Anything you do with the intent to impair another driver's ability to safely navigate his vehicle is assault. You have a duty to other drivers to drive safely regardless of whether or not they are violating their similar duty to you.

Similar acts include pretending to swerve into another lane, "rushing" another car from behind (which is what the other person did to you, so technically you might have a self-defense excuse there) and for you Spy-Hunter fans, the popular smoke screen and oil slick tricks.

Not saying the jerkette didn't deserve it- just that what you did put you on severly shakey legal grounds.
2006-07-04 12:26:06 AM  
2006-07-04 10:17:50 AM  
Flipping people off can also be hazardous to your health. I had a guy chase after me after I flipped him a half bird after he honked at me at a light (I only hesitated for like 2 seconds at the light). The dude went ballistic- he put his car perpendicular to the road on a busy street- I went around him.
2006-07-04 01:42:48 PM  
I hate people who honk after only a half second at a green. I wish we had your gun laws up here so that I could shoot everyone who pissed me off too.
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