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(Reuters)   North Korea will respond to any military action against them with a "nuclear war"   ( divider line
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2006-07-03 10:28:07 PM  
Ugh. Where's SD-6 when you need them?
2006-07-03 11:33:49 PM  
There really isn't much that can be done about North Korea, with the possible exception of a nervous, pissed-off, and newly remilitarized Japan breathing menacingly down their necks. Hell, if the Japanese weren't so thoroughly hated in East Asia they could probably make common cause with South Korea to keep the DPRK in line.

I do think that Korean unification is for all intents and purposes impossible -- if Kim Jong-Il were to fall tomorrow the military would probably take over and turn the country into North Burma (which really isn't all that much of a stretch from what it is now, just more arbitrary and bizarre). I mean, North and South can't even agree on a common name for the country as a whole; forget the stress of trying to reintegrate a country that has, as a whole, been out of the loop for fifty years.
2006-07-03 11:41:04 PM  

I'm not saying we really ought to do it, but....

D'ya think we could discourage third-world attention-whores in funny hats from distracting us from things we actually care about with their annoying prattle by occasionally taking them up on their challenges and just stomping them into the stone age?

I dunno.

It's not right, it's not wise; as Poppa Bush might have said, "It wouldn't be prudent"; still, recently, Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong-Il, and Ahmedinejad are all just getting up my left nostril once too often.

I'm reminded of this twerp (name of Stephen Shapiro, no idea what toilet-stalls he's cleaning today) in my middle-school whose primary occupation was going up to other guys with his chest stuck out and his arms back, bumping his chest into them and getting in their face and saying, "Y'wanna fight?" I didn't. Nobody else did either. What was the point? But he kept doing it because nobody felt it was worth doing what would stop it; namely, saying, "Yes" and beating the ever-living dog-squeeze out of him. If they had, we could have all lived in comparative peace.

Toward that end, and in a similar spirit, I'm tempted to say, "Let's pre-emptively nuke North Korea." Just get it over with; just get them out of our hair and move on to more constructive topics. Like renewable energy; like education reform. Like Paris Hilton's next farking television commercial. Like anything.

But we won't do it. Not because we can't find ways to reduce the risks of retaliation to South Korea and Japan or anything. Just because we're too civilized and prudent. We feel it's our moral obligation to be thanklessly sniped at. To be the Great Dane who has to endure endless years of yapping Chihuahuas interminably rushing up to us to assert "I'm as good as you."

(About which, note: Nobody who says "I'm as good as you" ever actually believes it. The Great Dane never says it to the Chihuahua.)

So, okay. We'll be prudent, and all that.

But it's tempting. Just one MOAB, right on the parade-stand....

-- Dr.Dipwad
2006-07-04 12:13:01 AM  
start another war. that is sure to solve everything.
2006-07-04 12:14:00 AM  
you only got 2? wars now?
i for one am unimpressed..
2006-07-04 12:40:29 AM  
Mercenary Fox: How bout this: we stop feeding the bastards. Just stop sending them rice, grain, and cash. Let the people take care of the rest.

trade restrictions have done a wonderful job of destroying their economy already. just like in Iraq, what has come out of it besides a still powerful dictator and a huge population of poor desperate people? Do you have any morals at all?
2006-07-04 12:51:17 AM  
Big Al: trade restrictions have done a wonderful job of destroying their economy already.

If these leaders are truly evil dictators (which is neither here nor there), what makes you think any international aid shipments would actually be getting to the people?

All aid shipments do is stock the bad guys' fridge.
2006-07-04 12:54:48 AM  
I guess we will get a chance to use all those nukes we've been storing for decades soon enough...
2006-07-04 01:00:26 AM  
I for one eagerly anticipate an end to either of the two pan-Pacific regimes, as both can't possibly be more annoying with their international relations policies.
2006-07-04 01:58:03 AM  
We could do this scientologolistically and shoot Tom Cruise missles.
2006-07-04 02:39:52 AM  
You know, I think I've had enough of their lip. Thirty-some-odd years ago, they launched a war of unprovoked aggresion and conquest on one of our allies. We proceeded to beat them down in an extremely brital fashion (It cost a lot of good lives, but in the end, we did protect the south Koreans). After the war, we offered our help, we tried to fix the damage, but they kept up with that snotty attitude problem of theirs.

Now, they're trying to do it again. A petulant eight year old trying to jump into a "who-has-the-bigger-package" competition that ended decades ago when all the original players grew up and moved on. The majority of their people are starving while the upper one percent try to build WMDs and mouth off to their betters. This is one of the few areas on the planet in which I wouldn't mind seeing a "strategic depopulation" of the current ruling class.
2006-07-04 04:56:14 AM  
@Radioactive Ass

Close enough, the fact I don't have the numbers memorized exactly doesn't really detract from the fact that one boomer submarine has an entire order of magnitude more nuclear warheads than they have in their entire country.
2006-07-04 06:00:54 AM  
antialias: Sleep easy, America. Kim Jong-il is just throwing a tantrum because he doesn't think he's getting enough attention.

So ronery, so ronery, so ronery and sadry arone...

2006-07-04 08:03:41 AM  

Thanks for the link to the NK photos. Was definitely worth the time.

FWIW ...

I live in Beijing. (US Citizen. Working here.)

Some of the pictures reminded me very much of what it's like in Beijing, outside of the tourist spots.
--25 story apartment buildings (My building has 23 stories. My apartment complex has over 200 buildings ranging from 6-25 stories.)
--walls to block ground level sight of whatever is on the other side (usually construction of yet another building)
--Veggie vendors on the street (Tons of them right outside my apt building. I always buy from the vendors or the "locals" market. Much fresher than the supermarkets. Meat is the opposite. Supermarkets have decent refridgeration.)
--Some places have the same purchasing system as PRNK. Select here, pay there, come back here and collect item. In particular, pharmacies.)
--Vehicles: Unlike Pyongyang, Beijing has tons of vehicles. Cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and every other imaginable wheeled conveyance. One thing that is similar is the sign that restricts certain vehicles from going on a particualr road.


Once again, FWIW...

I think "the West" should mellow out about China. Sure, China wants to "win". But, I don't think anyone here wants to do so militarily. Economically? Sure.

Of course, this is just my personal opinion, based on the facts that:
-- I live here (in a neighborhood with no other Westerners)
-- I work with Chinese people that have been educated abroad
-- I hear what "the people" say.

/Then again, I could be wrong.
2006-07-04 10:24:28 AM  
...yeah me too. Any a youse pigs try to give me a speedin ticket, you're goin down cause I got The Bomb, biatches, and I'ma retaliate with ferocious nucular Ninja might!!!1!

Whaaat, you don't believe me? But but but you believe Kim Il Jong when he says he has a mighty nucular arsenal, though he's never tested one bomb yet.
2006-07-04 01:39:00 PM  
on the dance floor!
2006-07-04 04:45:58 PM  
Here we go.
2006-07-04 05:00:06 PM  
"Here we go."

You betcha.
2006-07-04 05:04:57 PM  
Okay, why the missile defense shield was a bad idea in 5. . . 4. . . 3. . . 2. . . 1. . .

Hey! Where'd everyone go?
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