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2002-06-20 11:19:32 PM  
Good for them, I say. I remember when they first started that series on Nick. It wasn't too bad.

Hazed_blue, I share your concern, but there are too many parents out there who see the tv as just that, for whatever reason(too little time, not enough money, etc.). Also, and forgive me for going into media scholar mode, but media such as television it is so ubiquitous that one has to expect a significant level of influence to come from that medium. One supposes that as long as that medium supports messages of tolerance and respect in non-fictional segments, than it's better than no message.

Though I agree that parents should talk to their kids about issues like this, it may be hard to get any message of tolerance in this case, especially when parents are unaccepting or call homosexuality "sinful and "dirty"(which I've heard about numerous times from many parents, a good number of which had gay children and didn't even know it.)
2002-06-20 11:24:55 PM  
I kinda wish TV had never been invented. At least with the internet you have to do some searching to find information. Not so with TV, where they put any old thing up (gay==good, this guy is a TERRORIST, all hail Fuhrer Bush, etc) and pretend it is the absolute truth. There are two sides to every story.

Also, Agent Orange, I would like to ask you something: if people are born gay (they pretty much have to be), then what good is posting propaganda against them? They have always existed, and will continue to exist, in hiding or not, as long as humanity does. So, why would you post statistics about how dirty and wrong being gay is (whether they are true or not)? It won't change the fact that some people are gay. All it does it reinforce the stereotype that gay people are sick bastards bent on destroying the world, and that they must be destroyed at all costs. Also, most of the limited selection of gay people I know tend to keep their sex lives PRIVATE and therefore wouldn't respond to a survey saying, "Queer test" or something similar.

As for the TV special, it doesn't seem like a TV program could have any effect on a child's sexuality, and if the child has good parents, they shouldn't be pissed off. Being pissed off is just a sign that you park your kid in front of the tube for hours on end with no supervision, and were disgruntled when you came home from your night on the town to catch the end of the sex program your kid just watched.

So shut up before you look like even more of a terrible person.
2002-06-20 11:51:39 PM  
"Using your argument, then TV teching things like history, drugs, or anything else would be just as 'bad' of a "move" because kids should learn this from their parents.
You're putting my argument in a scope that it's not designed for. I'll say again, television such as the tv can be wonderful to educate, showcase, or inform, etc. I mean crying out loud, I'm at college getting a BA in Multimedia with emphasis on Game Development, I'll be the last to write media off as an exclusive tool of the devil.
What I'm trying to get across though, is that I'm disappointed to see the societal conglomerate turn to the tv to instill something like this. In a perfect world, all media would have no need to be partisan or overtly slanted towards one opinion or the other, and families would still be strong enough to talk with one another. Unfortunately, that's not the way it works nowadays. The only true way for us as a culture, on a whole, to get the picture is if we raise our kids. No one else is gonna do it. I just feel that it's not a good move, not a good one at all to trump a cultural question on a children's television show. Neither the time, nor the place to do it.

"but if you truly are not anti-homosexual (which i do not believe), then how is this any different?"
Hmm, you've been on a high horse through a couple replies to other people, how about you stop catergorizing people, the same thing you're getting mad at others for? I'm not anti-gay, thank you for jumping to conclusions. Do I agree with a homosexual lifestyle, per se? No, I don't, that's me... I also don't agree with premarital sex. Does that make me anti-sex? (That's a rhetorical question)

And before we jump off the deep end into calling me a gay hater, I've had a gay friends before, one was in fact a very good friend of mine all through high school. He knew that I didn't agree with a homosexual lifestyle. I respected him and his opinions, and he respected mine, with no problems. So let's drop the "hazed_blue is anti-gay" stuff before it even starts.
2002-06-20 11:57:07 PM  
Whoa, my apologies, I was getting you confused with some other posters. I'd like to retract my high horse comment, sorry about that.
jbc [TotalFark]
2002-06-20 11:58:58 PM  
"I'm surprised at how many people are not bothered by this. Nickeloden is channel that the youngest of young kids watch, most of whom have probably never even thought about sex let alone homosexuality, let alone same sex couples raising kids. Why must Nickeloden be showing specials about this and exposing kids to this material that most normal parents would not want their kids to see. Unfortunately now parents can't even let their children watch Nick anymore without first finding what is coming on. "

I doubt you even watch this channel. Newsflash for you, they regularly broadcast a show where a fat accountant and a mailman sit around and get drunk all day. A show for kids? No. One of the funniest shows in history? Yes. But I seriously doubt that anyone who has been brainwashed by Dobson's "Fascists on The Family" has a sense of humor.
2002-06-21 12:00:34 AM  
Courtney Cox-Zucker- Haha. Good one. Too true!

Ok, to all the anti-gay people out there, why do you always end up on the sexual habits of homosexuals? You think gay and scream "Anal sex! Auughh!!." You are the one obsessed with sex. You see same sex parenting and you think sex. If it had been a straight couple parenting show would your first thought have been sex? No. And Plank, or whomever said they didn't want to see gay couples because then they would have to explain gay sex, do you have to explain straight sex everytime you see a male/female couple?

Fundies are sexual repressed thus everything revolves around sex. Enough already.
2002-06-21 12:07:59 AM  
Maybe they should air their special in China where there are 40 million more men than women.

I challenge anyone to prove there is such a thing as a homosexual. There are people who practice homosexual acts, but their DNA would still show that they are male or female, not some sort of combination of both. All men are born with the same equipment and all women are born with the same equipment. There is no third gender. Only some people are born with a weakness towards people of the same gender and choose to indulge in it.
2002-06-21 12:15:21 AM  
06-20-02 10:22:29 PM Scofield99
The world is just going to hell in a handbasket. the day has come when homosexuality is discussed as a legitimate lifestyle on a children's network. Of course they don't care about the protests, they are all owned by mtv, thus by viacom and basically you have 2/3 guys in charge of the media and they don't give a rat's ass

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one man screwing another man in the butt is disgusting to the point of perversity. You can act like this show was all innocent, but the very next step is for kids to start asking about homosexuality and you're gonna have to tell 'em what makes a person a homosexual: anal ramming. Enjoy son!

I can't really say I would go for it...but my wife...:)

I would like my 2 sons, 12 and 7 to be hetros, but if they don't...I'm going to still love them. End of line.
jbc [TotalFark]
2002-06-21 12:36:51 AM  
"I challenge anyone to prove there is such a thing as a homosexual. There are people who practice homosexual acts, but their DNA would still show that they are male or female, not some sort of combination of both."

Great logic, Samster. Watch what happens when we change just one word, but continue to use your line of reasoning.

1. "I challenge anyone to prove there is such a thing as a liberal. There are people who practice liberal acts, but their DNA would still show that they are male or female, not some sort of combination of both."

2. or if you prefer: "I challenge anyone to prove there is such a thing as a Christian. There are people who practice Christian acts, but their DNA would still show that they are male or female, not some sort of combination of both."

Either you believe Christians, and liberals, and homosexuals all exist, or none of them do. When you come up with Christian DNA, or Hindu DNA, or farmer DNA, or lawyer DNA, or conservative DNA, or liberal DNA, thinking people might take you seriously.
2002-06-21 12:42:51 AM  
No Samster, your wrong. Not all men/women are born with the same brain structure, body, ect.

Under your logic you at some point decided to be straight, and could be gay but choose not to. Do you think about being gay often?
2002-06-21 12:53:05 AM  
Thanks Jbc for helping prove my point. In fact you could leave out the first sentance and a half:

"but their DNA would still show that they are male or female, not some sort of combination of both."

so they are still a male OR female whether they are christian or libberal is irrellevent
2002-06-21 12:53:42 AM  


You're all over it.

This crap doesn't belong on a kids channel. Nuff said.

2002-06-21 12:55:06 AM  
Um -- I could care less myself -- But the fact is if people didn't want their kids to watch the farking show they had one easy answer: CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!!

Oh and who ever made the comment:
Unfortunately now parents can't even let their children watch Nick anymore without first finding what is coming on.

They should know what's coming on ANYWAY Damn it!!! Better yet they should be sitting down a reading a farking book with their kids, or playing trivial pursuit, or...... Never mind. You aparently don't get it.
2002-06-21 01:00:01 AM  
I am a more conservative than liberal. But you're 100% moron.

So free speach as long as it is your speech? how is it gay bashing to not like the Nickelodeon show?

Yeah you sure are more conservative than liberal . So you take a extreme way out of an argument and resort to name calling. Because you take a abusive stance and I realize that you are incapable of a logical debate. You have lost any credibility with me, I will not waste any more time with you.
2002-06-21 01:10:00 AM  
Samster, please tell me you are in this to be a troll. In this day and age it's hard to believe anyone can function properly and still think things like this.

Instead of telling you how wrong you are, why don't you actually go read about something like this. You obviously have never done any research into this topic judging by how far off your last post was.

Homosexual isn't another species, or another gender. Just the same as you prefer the opposite sex, or classical music, or the color orange... other people have preferences too.

Despite the fact that I don't like Nascar or Britney Spears, I could still donate blood to anyone watching TNN or a teeny-bopper.

If you fail to understand this, I lack the ability and time to try and argue with you. Arguing with people who don't do research and only go by hearsay and refusing to listen to anything is like arguing with a brick wall, especially since I've seen some brick walls with grafitti that outshines your last few posts.
2002-06-21 01:16:30 AM  
I seriously doubt it needed to be on nickelodean..........
but it was, deal with it, i dont really have a prob with it, it needs to be a video in counsiling centers or somthing of the sort.......

it needed to be made but i dont see another way it could of been shown
2002-06-21 01:29:47 AM  
I was raised by same sex wolves. What's wrong with just wanting to be loved?!!!!
2002-06-21 01:39:04 AM  
first of all, there is nothing in the bible that says homosexuality is wrong, so if you are against it for religious reasons, you are severly mistaken. also, the church used to give same sex marriages. they had ceremonies in the books up until about the 14th century

"Throughout history, the major civilizations [and] major religions condemned homosexuality. Until 1961 homosexual acts were illegal throughout America. COMPLETELY untrue. Homosexuality is found in every culture all over the world. From prehistoric to modern times. It is still open in the middle east and a lot of other places. Homosesuality wasnt considered immoral until Christian invaders came and declaired it so.

as for all the risky behaviors. sex itself is a risky behavior. if others did not villify gays, their lifestyles would be much easier. i have plenty of gay and bi friends and most of their c.r.a.p. is given to them by the intollerant straight society.

in many cultures, men regularly had sex with boys. in fact, in some cultures, boys were REQUIRED to have sex with men in order to be considered adults. this was a norm of society and part of growing up. hardly a dangerous thing.
2002-06-21 01:40:13 AM  
also, a much larger percentage is gay. 10% in the US.
2002-06-21 01:40:56 AM  
They should start a whole series of specials:

My mommy is married to a horse.

My daddy beats my mommy, but it is ok.

How to strap a bomb to yourself.

How to Start a holocaust.

the list could go on
2002-06-21 01:48:34 AM  
but I DO believe in Darwin. And for that reason, I thinnk one COULD make a non-relisious compelling argument against homosexuality.

See, if you take natural selection as a given, the ultimate aim of a species must be propigation. Breeding like rabbits. A.k.a. Irish-catholicism... but I digress.

how homosexuality helps humanity.

1) in some cultures, homosexuals are medicine men.
2) in some cultures, homosexuals help woman raise children
3) in some cultures, the theory is woman for breeding, men for sex. they have sex with males which creates greater bonds between them. this enables them to become better warriors, as they tend to care more for each other on the battle field
2002-06-21 01:54:15 AM  
I challenge anyone to prove there is such a thing as a homosexual. There are people who practice homosexual acts, but their DNA would still show that they are male or female, not some sort of combination of both.

i just keep finding more stuff... they havent located any gay genes yet, but they have found that gay males tend to have greater hypothalamuses than straight men. females have larger hypothalamuses than males
2002-06-21 02:00:53 AM  

Like I said before I don't care if people are homosexual.

But could not those positions be held by heterosexuals also? Why should we have to look for specific roles that homosexuals play in society. I think when homosexuals are given special status because who they are only hurts them.
People need to see that homosexuals are like everyone else, and their sexual orientation should not really be a factor in who they are. Basically they should be judge for who they are, not for their sexual preference, and they also should not remind us about their sexual preference. There are a lot of people that I do not want to know about what goes on in their bedroom, Homo or Hetro.
The "in your face," and "you will accept us weather you like it or not" approach only seems to hurt movements.
2002-06-21 02:03:41 AM  
The bible does say homesexual acts are wrong. God destroyed a whole town because the men were hitting on the angels (Book of Genisis). Also, in the new testament, The first chapter of romans exaplains the sins of the gentiles, verse 27 more specifically talks about homosexual acts.

However, I am not judging what is moral and what is not. I am only saying there is no such thing as a homosexual, only people who practice homosexual acts.
2002-06-21 02:04:58 AM  
dear Plank.

honey, people were asking what roles homosexuals could possibly serve to help a soceity. i told them.

There is no third gender.
tell that to plato. what about hermaphrodites?
2002-06-21 02:07:46 AM  
You all have some very good points. Well, except for a few of you.
2002-06-21 02:14:09 AM  

Sorry, about my short attention span. I guess I'm still reved up from a response I got above from a person that totally missed my point..
That was a dumb question however, I guess the question should be what roles can they not serve as long as their sexuality does not come into play (same for hetros too).
2002-06-21 02:40:15 AM  
"Clarissa Wears Comfortable Shoes"
2002-06-21 02:45:22 AM  

Fundies...the underwear for two.

[image from too old to be available]

2002-06-21 02:45:58 AM  
that's okay Plank. I understand.

The bible does say homesexual acts are wrong. God destroyed a whole town because the men were hitting on the angels (Book of Genisis). Also, in the new testament, The first chapter of romans exaplains the sins of the gentiles, verse 27 more specifically talks about homosexual acts.

The towns were not destroyed because the men were hitting on angels. it was destroyed because the people were trying to hurt Lot's guests. See Leviticus 19:33-34 and Matthew 25:35, 38 and 43.

Jeremiah 23:14:"...among the prophets of Jerusalem I have seen something horrible: They commit adultery and live a lie. They strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns from his wickedness. They are all like Sodom to me; the people of Jerusalem are like Gomorrah."

no mention of homosexuality...

Ezekeiel 16:49-50:"Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen."

same there

in Matthew 10:14-15 Jesus is saying that the sin was inhospitality.

as for romans read this

i went to 4 years of christian schooling and i find biblical study very interesting.

here is the problem i have with people who condem homosexuality because it's in the bible. they dont condem banks, they dont condem resturants that serve pork, etc. they are hypocrites
2002-06-21 04:08:45 AM  
In Andy Rooney voice: "Didja ever notice that the people that are against homosexuality have to use so many quotes and passages and long diatribes to allegedly back up their beliefs?"
I'm more afraid of the agendas of heterosexuals than I am of the alleged homosexual agenda. What's wrong with a lot more pastels in the world and a booming interior decorating industry?
2002-06-21 04:15:55 AM  
Heterosexuals scare me. I just don't think its a responsible lifestyle. They are doing things that have been scientifically proven to lead to offspring in a world that's already overpopulated. Most cases of heterosexuality I know of lead to adultery or divorce. And there are so many shows and movies that are just advancing the heterosexual agenda. I can't remember the last time I was able to sit down and watch TV whitout getting all sorts of heterosexual messages thrown at me.
2002-06-21 04:50:57 AM  
I can't believe there's so many people in this day and age who are so rabidly anti-gay.
"I'm not anti-gay, I just don't agree with their 'lifestyle choice" is complete crap. Yes, people can choose to engage in sex or not- but how many straights choose to remain celebate their entire life? Not very freakin many. Gay people are gay because the are primarily, if not exclusively attracted to the same sex, and that is not a desire they chose, it's a predisposition they were born with. Yes, I suppose, Christans can say it's immoral for them to act out their sexuality in the way they like, but where's the fairness in telling someone to be celibate their entire lives because you simply find their attractions perverted? Hey, I think sex with the lights out is pretty close to a sin, but Christian sex-phobic married straights do that on a regular basis. I may think it's sad and lame, but you don't see me trying to outlaw it.
2002-06-21 04:58:29 AM  
I'm a hetero/breeder and I find my counterparts' behavior shocking. I mean, they just throw it in your face. Some of them want to adopt children! But thank Drew there's a large bureaucracy in place to stop that! They spread all sorts of diseases like Herpes, Gonnorhea, V.D., Chlamydia and Syphilis by having sex all the time. I mean, just because there parts fit together doesn't mean they should do so. I can fit my penis in the exhaust pipe of my car, but do I? NO! They are strangely fascinated with whether or not other heterosexuals are having sex. They're constantly having children they don't want to won't take care of. We had our cat spayed because of that.
Heterosexuals... they should just keep that stuff behind closed doors or in the closet er sumthin.
Actually, I'm feeling rather insecure about my heterosexual urgings so I think I'm going to go out straight-bashing. Anyone going to join me?
2002-06-21 08:06:17 AM  
"See, if you take natural selection as a given, the ultimate aim of a species must be propigation. Breeding like rabbits. A.k.a. Irish-catholicism... but I digress.

Okay, taking THAT as a given, then anything that works against propigation threatens a species' survival and thus is not in the interest of a species. I.E., homosexuality."

You species don't have "aims". Natural selections operates on genes, not on species. Social darwinism and other social application of evolutionary thought have been debunked over and over and over again. Also, from a dawinian perspective, it is quite possible that genes that appear to be "anti-propagation" are in fact propagating. You may want to read up and kin selection.
2002-06-21 08:53:17 AM  
Jesus Christ, let kids be kids for once. Let them worry about sex in Junior High....
2002-06-21 09:06:36 AM  
My two boys' (age 7 & 10) mom is gay, and they live half the week with her and her lover. We make an odd, and often ostrescized, trio on the sidelines of the weekend soccer games. But hell, we all get along, and it doesn't (yet) cause any problems.

Being gay in Virginia is essentially illegal, a far cry from my native San Francisco.

Funny to have opinions like some i have read about above. Whole lot different to deal with it every day.
2002-06-21 10:11:48 AM  

The 9PM weekday timeslot is targeted at 12-17 year olds -- i.e. 8-12 grade. This wasn't a Saturday morning special.
2002-06-21 10:44:30 AM  
Wow a lot of you guys really got the wrong message that the show was trying to put across. I will assume this is because you either didn't actually watch it but feel the need to voice out against any media publication that has the word "homosexual" in it or you just didn't have the volume up loud enough to hear what was being said.
This show wasn't about sex nor was it promoting gay sex nor teaching gay sex in any way. Linda made a very clear statement of the fact at the beginning of the show. And Nick was quite clear that the show was intended to be watched with parents present. It's so rare that a subject now a days is given equal balance in representation and doesn't break down into a circular debate. This show did a wonderful job of that. It allowed both sides to speak freely without interruption and did not pass judgment on either side nor try to change or sway the opinions given at any point. There were three Christian children who spoke with far more eloquence and clarity then their elder counterparts speak usually. They were quite sincere that though they did not approve of homosexuality they also did not approve of doing harm or treating homosexual families badly and they made it clear that they felt that it was wrong to hate or condemn a people just because they were different. They seemed to be more interested in extending gods love then expanding on god's judgment. The three children from homosexual households were very well versed and gave intelligent points that their homes were full love and that the only problems they had with having gay parents was from people who were prejudice of homosexuals outside the family. And the most eloquent child to speak was the one Muslim girl who could teach quite a number of world leaders I can name a few lessons in wisdom. She said that though her religion didn't condone homosexuality it was only god who could judge and was not for mankind to do so. And most importantly that there were far more important issues in the world today to argue over then this one.
I'm a gay man and though I'm not a religious person I give respect to those who are who understand that the point of religion is self enlightenment and finding peace with ones self and the world they live in and that it is not a tool for hate or divisionism.
If I were a religious person I think I would look for gods words in his creations and not so literally in the words of a book. Id see that we live in a world of 6 billion human beings each unique and each soul an individual, each with the same desire to be understood and accepted. And that we live in a incomprehensible vast universe wherein no two items are exactly the same and every star every leave every blade of grass is unique and diverse and this would tell me that whoever created it all applauded diversity and abhorred sameness. That's a beautiful lesson to learn. And I hope there come a day when we all do learn this and choose to teach this message from god to our children and not the ones that inspire divisionism.
2002-06-21 11:18:58 AM  
I don't usually like to say things like this, but in order for this discussion to move along at a good pace, I think Samster should be ignored. Samster has enough posts, and enough information worldwide to answer his question. He blatently ignores any replies, and trying to play his little game will only slow the thread down.
2002-06-21 04:28:28 PM  
nickelodean should start playing there cool ass old school shows. like pete and pete, hey dude, guts, what would you do. those shows kicked ass.
2002-06-21 05:21:56 PM  
Go get 'em Bjamesj! That's my roomate! *puffs chest out proudly*
2002-06-21 06:05:46 PM  
yo conversative homophobes: Once again, y'all prove how assininny y'all really are. Namely, "homosexuality = men ass farking".

Uh, it's just a little bit broader than that. As in "broads licking broads." But no one ever gives a shizzat about lezzies because, hey...boobs and cooch. Nope, you have to wig out over erections and asses. Penis panic pervades.

And penis envy. Cuz we know how jealous y'all are knowing that gay men can hook up, get their nut and say their "thank you, man"s without the hassle of chasing Amy.

But anal sex and gay men ain't going away. Ever. Y'all need to reconnize that the growing acceptance and, yup, approval of homosexuality and bisexuality is global. In other words, bigger than you.

The article above is hilare. The "report" by the FRC is a joke; it's agitprop. Have you heard about the scientists who want their names removed from it because it deliberately distorts their findings? Also, again, "What about the sapphos?" And what about this "backlash"? Are we talking baseball bats or re-criminilization of "sodomy"? What are the practical tactics to effect a backlash? Cuz you know damn well we ain't goin' back into the closet. Tuff titties.

In short: Get over it. Cum ride the peace train. Or else run the risk of growing old badly, like a muttering cranky old man reading his newspaper, crapping in his diapers about the "decline of civilization." People will avoid you. And a sad lonely relic of past bigotry you will be. Worse, you'll be a joke and an embarrassment to your grandchildren.
2002-06-21 08:57:58 PM  
Thanks Bjamesj!
2002-06-21 10:59:49 PM  
In the interest of an open and informed discourse:
I am a 20-year old woman. My parents divorced when I was five. My mother moved in with another woman a year and a half later. My mother was denied full custody of me, despite the fact that my father was unemployed, abusive and alcoholic. My father (Catholic) forbid me to speak about my mother or my mother's partner. However, in fifth grade word got out of my mother's orientation, and I was beaten up on a near-daily basis. In junior high I was stalked by members of our local baptist church, and have been plauged by homophobia and hatred since long before I even knew what sex was.
If you want to know what having gay parents is really like, ask me. (AIM/MSN/Yahoo Redsouffle)
2002-06-22 12:54:26 AM  
Redsouffle: That is just totally ASININE. I wouldn't go beating up on gays, much less pick on the child of one! It's not your fault!

My AIM is AlexaofHyrule btw.
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