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(CNN)   New Osbourne CD "doesn't transcend its shameless cash-in feel"   ( divider line
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2002-06-19 06:23:51 PM  
I don't know what's more pathetic, that people will pay for this CD or the fact that people still pay for CDs at all.
2002-06-19 06:57:43 PM  
Yeah, a mix cd from a bunch of people who I can't understand.
2002-06-19 07:25:58 PM  
"Maybe the Osbournes are saving their full-on creativity for all the other tie-ins they've signed off on while the getting's good"

Maybe they've deluded themselves into not realizing their 15 minutes is counting down and there's really only 5 to start with.
2002-06-19 07:52:34 PM  
I like how one of their daughters refused to participate on the show :P
2002-06-19 07:54:09 PM  
I can't wait to see Florida kick Tennesee's ass this year in the FedEx Ozz-bowl.
2002-06-19 07:57:21 PM  
Ozzy = media whore sellout

Plus his kids are little rotten no talent shiats
2002-06-19 07:57:27 PM  
Meshman - If I ever got my 15 minutes, and if it lasted half as long as Ozzy's has, I'd be very happy.

My DAD listened to Black Sabbath, and it's been nearly 10 years since I was in high school.
2002-06-19 07:57:39 PM  
They talked about this on the daily show last night...gotta catch the reun
2002-06-19 07:58:28 PM  
Where is the Noshiat Tag?
2002-06-19 08:00:24 PM  
Kelly's hot.
2002-06-19 08:02:24 PM  
Heh, well I hit F7
2002-06-19 08:03:07 PM  
Ozzy = media whore sellout

Given the chance, most people who say this would be quicker to sell out than Oz. Face it, the guy's been making music for years that was popular but not "mainstream". Took him a while to sell his soul for the almighty dollar.

If someone's throwing money at him in his old age, and his status is being used to launch a (hopefully short) career for one of his kids, good for him.

If I had the opportunity to sell my likeness or a bunch of songs for a huge sum of money to people who were stupid enough to buy them, I'd jump at it.
2002-06-19 08:03:34 PM  
There's System of a Down's cover of Snowblind on there which is just a kickass song. But apart from that, there's just not much else on the CD.
2002-06-19 08:07:30 PM  
Has anyone noticed how fast System of a Down went from Toxicity to Sell-Out?

One week I was listening to Sugar, and the next they were playing on KROQ with that goddamn limp bizket song.
2002-06-19 08:08:17 PM  
Plastique_Jesus you are right, and I would jump at the chance too.

But damn whats next, Sharon selling his internal organs on E Bay ? There has to be a limit some where.
2002-06-19 08:18:48 PM  
If you've heard those unreleased songs that are floating around kazaa (Side of the Freeway, Boom, Power Struggle, etc.) you'll see that the music is still the same and that's what really counts.
2002-06-19 08:27:47 PM  
Sure, he is cashing in. I think that he deserves to at this point. How many more years of touring do you suppose that he has in him? Probably not too many, unfortunately. Cha-ching and retire.
2002-06-19 08:32:45 PM  
I don't use Kazaa. My CPU cycles are mine, and mine alone.

I hope you're right, I don't want to see them pulling a Blink 182 on us.
2002-06-19 08:34:01 PM

Keep your CPU cycles, I do.
2002-06-19 08:35:12 PM  
I suppose there's no harm in running two p2p programs at once, thanks TKO.
2002-06-19 08:37:52 PM  
its all sharon's fault, she comes up with these kooky gay ideas.
2002-06-19 08:37:58 PM  
Er, empty web page. Well, empty with a pop-up ad.
2002-06-19 08:49:10 PM  
Hmm, not empty on my end. But the popups are hell.
I guess try then.
But your current P2P program would probably have the new System stuff too.
2002-06-19 08:50:05 PM  
2002-06-19 08:57:15 PM  
Ben Orr (of the Cars) is probably spinning in his grave right now.

Poor guy passed on due to pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago, and missed this heartfelt tribute.
2002-06-19 09:02:20 PM  
Sharon Osbourne - A very sharp business lady

Ozzy Osbourne - A much loved tool of Sharon for World Domination

Osbourne Offspring - Other much loved tools of Sharon for World Domination, but they seem OK in a loved kind of way.

Good luck to you & your family Ozzy
2002-06-19 09:02:49 PM  
Found both the program and the songs. Thanks man.

(Feels the farker love)
2002-06-19 09:19:59 PM  

All I can say is the guy has written some kickass tunes in his time, from "Black Sabbath" to "Revelation (Mother Earth)" to most recently "Gets Me Through". From what I've seen of him recently he ain't got a whole lot left in him, and if he can use this last burst of fame to generate some extra income more power to him. Ozzy's the Godfather of hard rock and he will always have a place in my CD player.

Long live Ozz.
2002-06-19 10:20:57 PM  
Can't wait to see The Osbournes. It's starts here on free to air TV in about 2 weeks.

The hype surrounding it is full on. One TV show showed a bit of it the other week, with Ozzy falling off a chair. Hysterical.
2002-06-19 10:37:57 PM  
After what the RIAA has done to Audiogalaxy, I will NEVER AGAIN buy any CDs until the RIAA can prove to me that they have removed their heads from their asses.
2002-06-19 10:57:06 PM  
I almost cried after seeing what Audiogalaxy looks like now. There's, like, nothing!

Kazaalite is great though, woo!
2002-06-19 11:01:15 PM  
To quote John Stewart, "There are those whom feel Ozzy is over-exposed in the media, and there are those whom are amish."
2002-06-20 12:02:28 AM  
Action figures.... Good lord are there parents out there that are getting these for their kids???? Must be the Apocalypse.
2002-06-20 12:02:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

When I was at Explicitwrestling, I used to use this guy as a mascot. I thought he was just a crazy homeless bum, not the singer of a famous metal band!
2002-06-20 12:36:03 AM  
I can't blame the guy, he has some heavy-duty mainstream exposure now, he paid his dues so I figure who cares? More power to him. I have only seen the show twice, but it was indeed hysterical. Loved the bit about him being the King of Darkness and how can he go on with effing bubbles everywhere. Obviously, he is still a ticketholder on the crazy train. =)
2002-06-20 12:47:16 AM  
Another reminder of Ozzy when he was at least producing amazing music with an amazing band:

[image from too old to be available]

image from
2002-06-20 12:56:44 AM  
GEARJAMMER: Ozzy didn't really write too many of the songs he's sang over the years. Truth is, he's one of those musicians whose had enough sense to stick with the right musicians. Iommi, Butler, Ward, Randy Rhoades, Bob Daisley, Lee Kerslake, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde, etc. Ozzy is a frontman who has always relied on the talents of others to keep him in the spotlight. For more info on Ozzy's bullshiat shenanigans see
2002-06-20 02:21:42 AM  
The Osbournes are cool. I'd chill with them for a lil' bit.
2002-06-20 08:24:50 AM  
The Osbournes are lame. I can't believe people watch that tripe.

Ozzy was good for about 10 minutes in the 1970's.

Why people want to see his fat ass limping around stage and swearing to his fat kids I don't know.

Kelly Osbourne singing Papa Don't Preach is funny cause she looks pregnant.

2002-06-20 10:23:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ozzy's family is on the Mo' Money trip.
2002-06-20 11:04:38 AM  
See, the Osbournes are definitely missing the point. The reason why people watch them is, not b/c of any talent they might (not) have, but rather it's because they are a bunch of 'tards. People love Tards. It's in our human nature. Why do you think that the Tard Dance is such a popular website? Sure, Ozzy's first solo album or two were decent, and you might be able to squeeze a listenable greatest hits CD out of Sabbath, but really, what's he done since the mid 80's? Nothing, except coast along.

We love his show, b/c it makes us feel good about ourselves. After a long, tough day, we can look at it and feel relieved that we're not him and we don't have fat, ugly kids.

It's a damn classic show in the "we're not laaughing with you, we"re laughing at you" vein.
2002-06-20 01:20:57 PM  
well, i know you can't work in fast
food all your life
but don't sign that paper tonight, she said,
but it's too late.
i don't remember what i read, i don't remember
what they said, i guess it doesn't matter,
i guess it doesn't matter
anymore - you're gonna go to the record store
you're gonna give 'em all your money
radio plays what they want you to hear
they tell me it's cool but i just don't believe it...

sell out, with me oh yea, sell out, with me tonight
record company's gonna give me lots of money and
everything's gonna be. (all right)

no more flippin' burgers puttin' on my silly hat you
i don't want that no more, i didn't ask when we'd
get paid, i quit my day job anyway, i guess it
doesn't matter, i guess it doesn't matter anymore
you're gonna go to the record store, you're gonna
give 'em all your money, radio plays what they want
you to hear, they tell me it's cool, but i just don't
believe it

sell out, with me oh yea, sell out
with me tonight, the records company's gonna give me
lots of money and everything's gonna be.

i don't think it'll be so bad
i know it won't be so bad
cause the man said "that's the way it is" and the
man said "it don't get better than this" no no no

so i signed on to the record company,
they say they're
gonna give me lot's of money,
if i play what they want you to hear
they tell me it's cool,
and i sure believe it...
2002-06-20 01:32:40 PM  
The Osbournes are so

Seriously, I'm a big Ozzy fan, but this family shiat has got to go. I hate those biatchy little twats...
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