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(Some Guy) Boobies I'm fawning over Flora. (Not safe for work)   ( divider line 8
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18348 clicks; posted to Boobies on 24 Jun 2006 at 9:49 PM (9 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-06-24 07:54:57 PM  
I grew up in Flora....
2006-06-24 08:21:37 PM  
Oh my GOD! What the hell is wrong with her leg in that first shot? Is she made of PAPER?!
2006-06-24 09:01:21 PM  
too thin, no muscle tone whatsoever, the breasts have no substance because they lack the necessary fat, the corset is even loose, that's pretty sad

girlie's gonna' be unhealthy all her life is she keeps on like this...probably too late already

Man, I wish we could get away from this thin is attractive crap and realize that a healthy body requires so much more character, dedication, and self-control than just starving yourself

/just pissing in the wind, but wth
2006-06-24 09:08:56 PM  
I dated her sister: Whor-a
2006-06-24 09:26:27 PM  
rack looking pretty good for having breastfed and lost 100lbs. on meth-fast
2006-06-24 10:07:31 PM  
/piling on
2006-06-24 10:08:08 PM  
grr. I forgot that image linking is disabled in adult threads.

She looks like a mole.
2006-06-25 01:39:57 AM  
I thought her sister would've been named Fauna.
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