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2042 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jun 2002 at 2:01 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-19 02:02:55 PM  
no one falls for it.... :P
2002-06-19 02:02:56 PM  
At least 5!
2002-06-19 02:03:09 PM  
Infected only one as far as I know, but trying on others...
2002-06-19 02:03:15 PM  
Um, about 10.
2002-06-19 02:03:20 PM  
10 friends have started comming here sence i showed it to them...
2002-06-19 02:03:24 PM  
2002-06-19 02:03:44 PM  

all 3 of the icy hot stuntaz and 1 cuter than cute kitten.
2002-06-19 02:03:51 PM  
half a dozen???
2002-06-19 02:03:55 PM  
Is this virus transmitted by farking with strangers?
2002-06-19 02:03:55 PM  
Make that 11
2002-06-19 02:03:55 PM  
I haven't told anyone because I don't want Fark to run any slower than it already does in the afternoons.
2002-06-19 02:03:55 PM  
Which fark virus? You can get lots of virii from unprotected farking.
2002-06-19 02:04:28 PM  
This is just blatant pandering. You should be ashamed!

Nonetheless: I have told at least 20 individuals. Many of whom have spread the word themselves. They are all lurkers, though. They feel no need to get a membership or an ID because they "have nothing funny to say."

That never stopped 99% of us farkers!
2002-06-19 02:04:32 PM  
the first rule of fark club is, you dont talk about fark club.
2002-06-19 02:04:49 PM  
and i did infect that one girl, but the doctor says it wasn't with fark.
2002-06-19 02:04:57 PM  
20 easily since '98 or so. :)
2002-06-19 02:04:58 PM  
did someone say all of scitech school district?
2002-06-19 02:05:06 PM  
roughly 15-20 :)
2002-06-19 02:05:09 PM  
I caught it about a year ago - I still haven't told my wife.
2002-06-19 02:05:39 PM  
of course, none of them post... ever.... those dman lurkers.... you know who you are!
2002-06-19 02:05:46 PM  
Tried to, but mostly people want to see how many boobies links are up; they aren't interested in the whole read/comment/flame/discuss aspect.
2002-06-19 02:05:46 PM  
Yeah, what Andonbray said.......
2002-06-19 02:06:17 PM  
I have spread this oh-so virulent strain to my whole department. We do level one, two, and three support for a large life sinurance company. Productivity is down suffice to say!
2002-06-19 02:06:20 PM  
'bout five...
2002-06-19 02:06:44 PM  
All my Hispanic friends are too busy sleeping to visit...OK, so I've beat the racial shiat into the ground. Enough is enough.

I've given about 10 people the low down on Fark, and I've mentioned it in passing to another handful or so. Out of those 15, I'd say that 2 or 3 are lurkers.
2002-06-19 02:06:46 PM  
Fark has BOOBIES?!?!?!?!? I never knew....
2002-06-19 02:06:49 PM  

The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor roman nor an empire....
2002-06-19 02:06:52 PM  
I'd say I've brought nearly a dozen people by, although honestly I doubt more than a quarter of those have become true farkers...
2002-06-19 02:07:10 PM  
is that the virus where i pretend that im way cooler or above every mainstream movie/music artist/clothing manufacture/idiology/religion/website/political stance?

cuz that sure seems like the majority of farkers to me..

"some new artist has a great song"
Farker: he sucks, his music is trash.. listen to "insert very underground group whom no one else has ever heard of"

"hey that movie was great"
Farker: i wont watch anything that isnt directed by "insert unknown director"

yada yada yada..

remember.. you are unique.. just like everyone else.
2002-06-19 02:07:21 PM  
Ash - Well they don't talk about farkclub....yet

And I've introduced a few (~5) to it, most of them lurkers (except FrksAmor, but he's not been around a lot lately)
2002-06-19 02:07:32 PM  
this is like a pyramid scheme for nerds.
2002-06-19 02:07:34 PM  
Some of the people I work with (20ish)
Friends (10)
Family (2)
2002-06-19 02:07:34 PM  
2002-06-19 02:07:52 PM  
At least a dozen in the last year. One of those 12 went on to tell many, many people. Something like 50.
2002-06-19 02:07:54 PM  
I've recently been infected.. and I don't know by who!!! It seems I'm another helpless victim of "Surf-by-Farking".
2002-06-19 02:08:10 PM  
you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.
2002-06-19 02:08:13 PM  
Probably about 50...

Oh, wait , did you say HERPES virus?
2002-06-19 02:08:36 PM  
I brought two into the fold, and they're both TotalFarkers now, too!
2002-06-19 02:09:00 PM  
Most of my co-horts are mindless AOL junkies... :-(
2002-06-19 02:09:11 PM  
0, i'm smart
2002-06-19 02:09:45 PM  
The TIVO forum
2002-06-19 02:10:46 PM  
4 so far...
2002-06-19 02:10:53 PM  
I don't particularly want anyone else to discover fark.
None of the peeps I know would be good for any $$$ anyway.

I'm keeping it my little secret. I'm Anti-Newb.

My brother in 'Bama farks occasionally, I think, so 1.
I also have a link to Fark on one of my websites, but can't tell ya if anyone ever used it.

2002-06-19 02:11:23 PM  
My past two girlfriends and most of my family. My online environs have already been saturated due to Drews previous status as a nerdy mudder.
2002-06-19 02:11:38 PM  
I have successfully converted 35,867.

I am, however, Jim Jones, and we all plan on killing ourselves next Thursday.

Until then, enjoy the hits.
2002-06-19 02:11:47 PM  
precisely 63 people in the PC Repair and Web design classes at my school.
2002-06-19 02:11:50 PM  
I have infected no-one, I am ashamed to admit my Fark sickness.
2002-06-19 02:11:54 PM  
Do Companies count??
so far, I know of about 12 of my clients that have Fark as the home page. No telling how many individuals. When I install a computer, I turn of the MSN homepage and set it to Fark. They think it comes default that way.
2002-06-19 02:12:08 PM  
Everyone I meet, the first thing I do is grab their head and jam my magic plastic hypnotic eye hopelessly into their field o' vision and intone, "You must read must read Fark..."
If anyone is interested in Pope Fez's Authentic Hypnotic Coin, contact me at po­p­efe­z[nospam-﹫-backwards]ooha­y*com. They are free, but shipping and handling is 59.95 Burmese dollars.
2002-06-19 02:12:09 PM  
i generally dont advertise to my friends that i am a complete tool and post on internet boards all day at work.
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