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24109 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jun 2002 at 2:00 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-18 05:44:10 PM  

I know lots of people who make those kind of statements all the time. "Society" says this, "society" says that. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. For example, those elements of society that are sexualizing young girls are not the same elements that say having sex outside of marriage makes you a slut. So when you say a girl can't win, that's only if she's trying to do everything everyone ever says. Anyone who tries to do that, girl or not, will inevitably fail.

Anyone who can't think for themself enough to ignore what "society" says and think for themselves has bigger problems; their way of life is an accident. I have no sympathy for those that never question what they're told, never evaluate ideas based on merits and flaws inherent in the ideas themselves (as opposed to just blindly accepting things).
And if I did have sympathy for them, I would try to educate them, try to change things, not biatch about a vague boogeyman called "society".
2002-06-18 05:44:13 PM  
"I am like, so totally empowered you guys. Like, oh my God!"

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-18 05:45:52 PM  
also (excuse my ranting here :)): it has been shown over and over and over again that most girls who choose to dress in a suggestive way at an early age (or really at msot ages) are doing so for the sake of recieving positive attention because they lack self esteem and have internalized societies view that their only redeaming trait as females is their physical apperance -- critisizing the way these girls look in these outfits (ie "she's too fat to wear that anyway") is not only extremly hypocritical but it perpetuates the problem.

critisizing the size and apperance of young girls will add to their low self esteam -- i can't believe we continue to think it's ok to critisize someone if they fail to live up to our unrealistic beauty ideal, esspecially when that someone is a child.
2002-06-18 05:48:42 PM  
Brianna: Have you seen "Jessie the Kid?" You can blame society all you want, but what the hell are the parents thinking?
2002-06-18 05:51:18 PM  

those that advocate girls dressing sexy and staying a virgin until marriage are often from the same ilk: britany and her keepers are making millions off exactly that logic.

while i agree that parents bare the brunt of the responsiblity of raising children with a clear sense of values (and hopefully a certain amount of self esteam) we (and by we i mean: us, society, the media, etc) cannot complete escape a certain amount of blame: girls are barraged with the message that they need to be sexy (and often only sexy) to be successful -- even the best parents have to work extremely hard to counter act society's collective skewed (and contridictory) values.
2002-06-18 05:53:35 PM  
She despises looking like a slut. Any problem with behaving as one?
2002-06-18 05:54:03 PM  
It's down hill after 7, I guess.
2002-06-18 05:58:50 PM  

Again, instead of blaming "us, society, the media, etc", wouldn't it be far more effective to teach these girls critical thinking skills? Is it the media's fault that when girls see models, they think they have to look like that? We should educate, teach intellectual rebellion. Not only would these girls then rely on their own standards of beauty and happiness; but every other social problem perpetuated by herd-style thinking would be lessened as well.
2002-06-18 06:08:02 PM  

i agree: but who do you think should be doing the teaching? i think it is everyone's responsibility -- i don't have any children, but i try to teach all of the little girls that i come into contact with those exact values, i would hope that you do the same.

we can't expect children to come up with these things on their own (esp when they are confronted with images and encourage the exact opposite -- right now cooperations are ruling a lot of our society and coorperations LOVE homogenity -- it's easy to sell crap to sheep)-- i don't think it's fair to figure girls who are not blessed with parents who work at instilling the ability of independant thinking are unworthy of sympathy or help.
2002-06-18 06:29:17 PM  
Remember Jodie Foster's character in the movie "Taxi Driver"? :O)

Kids shouldn't dress like this though it's disgusting.

At least wait until you can really fill out those tight skirts and short tops before going full-slut ;-)
2002-06-18 06:36:46 PM  
I'm sexy.
2002-06-18 06:59:54 PM  
Shopping to outfit her very young daughter, CNN and Fox News commentator Betsy Hart found the summer wear - even at Target - inappropriately suggestive.

What, they're manufacturing baby clothes with the words "suck me suck me" on them?

Oh, she means they're not burqas... someone should inform this soccer mom that they are the ones who are finding immorality where there is none. Heaven forbid someone should wander around with just their genitals covered.
2002-06-18 07:04:31 PM  
CLICK HERE TO VIEW SOME OF THOSE EVIL KID FASHIONS (Safe for work, it had better be you pervs)


2002-06-18 07:33:15 PM  
I say let's just go to a fully nude society, then we won't have to worry about it cuz it'll all be out there anyway! Oh, and mandatory weight control so we don't hafta look at flaboid. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.
2002-06-18 07:36:40 PM  
Incidentally, the woman in question (Betsy Hart) isn't particularly fat herself.

In fact, she's pretty damn slim for having so many kids.

2002-06-18 08:06:49 PM  
"In any event, where in the world are the parents of these young girls who are dressing this way and why aren't they setting some simple boundaries so the school principal doesn't have to? "

The parents are out swinging with neighbors and the school principle is looking up girls skirts to make sure they are not wearing thongs.
2002-06-18 08:08:38 PM  
Ok then, let me ask the question of the day:

All this talk about Americans getting fatter, is it not in the interest of at least good health to start early with a strong sense of good image?
2002-06-18 08:14:39 PM  
If you allow your daughter to dress herself like a piece of candy, then people will treat her as a piece of candy.

Parents have to take some responsibility in this area ... throwing your hands up and saying "what can I do?" is not enough.
2002-06-18 08:20:37 PM  
I blame the Olson Twins and their clothing line.
2002-06-18 08:21:56 PM  

it sounds as if you're saying that telling a child "hey you're fat" (or "she's fat" or "he's ugly", etc) is a good way to teach a child what proper image is. i'm hoping i'm missreading you here... as i can't imagine any good that could come from teaching a child that you should judge people based only on their physical appearance. which is not to say we shouldn't encourage healthy eating habits -- but pubescent girls often have a lot of body issues to adjust to and don't need to be told that the're fat -- i'd venture so far as to say that almost all of them (even the skinny ones) are overly aware of just how "fat" they are... you don't hear very many girls wishing they were a biatchubbier.
2002-06-18 08:22:29 PM  
The other day my 3 year old niece announced that she was "sexy". My Mother was horrified, but it is the TV and the crap the parents expose them too. I think the parents think its cute, or doll the lil girls up because they wish they could still dress like that. Its pathetic where the emphasis is placed for little girls AND boys. Its like there isn't any room to be a person, just a typecast.
2002-06-18 08:27:30 PM  
Look at me I dress funnnn1!!!! whoopdeeeee doooooo you freakin slut!
2002-06-18 09:02:20 PM  
i was at best buy the other day and this huge fat dad was there with his daughter who was maybe 15 at most. she had black daisy dukes shorts and a black bikini-style top that matched it. was disgusting. i almost muttered 'slut' when i walked by she was that disgusting. not that she was ugly or fat but because she looked like a whore. hmm ... maybe she wuz. =/

pS I AM SEXAY!!~~~ click here to see me NAKED!~ with 2 hot naked 15 year old giRlz!
2002-06-18 09:03:08 PM  
2002-06-18 09:13:43 PM  
2002-06-18 09:31:23 PM  
Nihil8r: Is that a playboy bunny? Anyway, I blame it on society, but the society is made up of the parents, right?
2002-06-18 10:13:04 PM  
I can see it right now. Frist graders that dress to sexy. Next on Jenny Jones.
2002-06-18 10:13:52 PM  
Parents need to stop wussing out every time their kid whines. I was pleased to see so many parents in this thread saying hell, no. BTW all my kids are grown. Been there done that and happy it's over. However, we work in a high school and deal with this every day, trying to get the young honeys to cover them up with something more substantial than a terrycloth washrag. My wife thinks the girls are too young to know what they're doing to the boys' heads - I disagree, I think the little bimbettes know EXACTLY what they're doing to the boys and love every minute of it. ("I just grew 'em and I want to show 'em off!")

Why cover it up? - VISUALIZE THIS: Pot gut with pierced belly button pouching out. Raaalph!
2002-06-18 10:17:55 PM  
I think there should be more child beating in this country. These kids are like a wild pack of dogs and need to be corraled. I would publicly flog children for $30,000 bucks a year and a new PC every year with broad band internet access, if anyone is looking for a public flogger, I am your man.
2002-06-18 10:56:49 PM  
Its obvious.
2002-06-19 12:52:00 AM Some of your updates rock. I could see that stuff on Something Awful. The Yahoo thingy was a stroke of genious.

Speaking of genious, I got my Genniss key chain in the mail today.
2002-06-19 01:03:25 AM  
Saw a shirt for a 6-8 year old the other day that said "Hot to Trot".

If your daughter would go out with her allowance and buy that stuff anyway, then why is she getting an allowance?

Farking idiot "parent". Yeah, you have to pick your battles, but letting your daughter dress like a whore isn't something to ignore.
2002-06-19 05:08:18 AM  
The world needs more sluts
2002-06-19 08:49:55 AM  
5%Nation Some of your updates rock. I could see that stuff on Something Awful.

Nope, it's too funny. Non-Lowtax stuff on SA can't be funny by Lowtax's orders.
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