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(KSTP)   Gas... Check. Washing Machine... Check. Getting blown up... Check   ( divider line
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11613 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jun 2006 at 8:32 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-06-04 05:39:46 PM  
2006-06-04 05:54:20 PM  
Ok, everyone makes mistakes. Let's walk through the fingers of submitter

Possibly what he meant to write:
Getting blowed up
Getting blown up

Notice that the n and the d are nowhere near eachother. This is really odd, I have no idea what they were trying to do.
2006-06-04 06:00:49 PM  

Yeah... Thanks. My finger slipped.

I seriously question the state I live in after seeing this on the news.
2006-06-04 06:07:07 PM  
My first greenlight... More proud now then when my son took his first step.
2006-06-04 06:56:09 PM  
Welcome to the GL club, Peach_Fuz. Your UltraFark subscription is now o...

%$@#%#(@NO CARRIER
2006-06-04 08:36:47 PM  
Hidden subtext not mentioned in the article..

Alcohol MAY have been involved....

2006-06-04 08:38:41 PM  
This moron should hook up with the chick who makes minimum wage and has a $500 a month car pmt.
/On the other hand we should not encourge either one to be breeding.
2006-06-04 08:39:37 PM  
And everyone comments on how nice his clothes smell.
2006-06-04 08:39:39 PM  

"Johnson is a mechanic and says it's a trick his father taught him years ago."

..right before his father died in a tragic accident, that involved a plugged in toaster, a piece of stuck bagel, and a metal butterknife.

2006-06-04 08:39:43 PM  
It even tells you on the inside lid not to wash clothes soaked in anything flammable in it!

/darwin missed one
2006-06-04 08:40:08 PM  
That's why you do that here...
[image from too old to be available]
...not in your own basement.
2006-06-04 08:40:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Blowed up, sir!"
2006-06-04 08:41:38 PM  
Has this guy never heard of Tide with Grease Relief?

/Available at your local supermarket...
2006-06-04 08:41:57 PM  
Near-miss Darwinism? Cheeeeeeck-a-rooni!
2006-06-04 08:42:16 PM  
Gas is a pretty common way to get grease out of clothes, I remember my dad using it to get tar out of his clothes (and sometimes off his hands). Apparently it's fairly standard in the construction industry, he and my uncles and grandfather all did/do it to some extent. That or I'm doomed to inherit a particularly stupid streak and will soon be a Fark headline myself.
Of course with gas prices the way they are now, he probably should just buy new clothes...
2006-06-04 08:42:50 PM  
Alexandra had the idea first...
2006-06-04 08:44:21 PM  
"Johnson works on the transmissions of cars throughout his yard, which neighbors consider to be eyesores and would like removed. They hope the landlord will make some changes."

Damn those are some cold-hearted neighbors - the guy burns himself and all they talk about in news interviews are how they think his cars are eyesores. Sounds like they're hoping he gets kicked out too.
2006-06-04 08:49:45 PM  
You know, until I got to the "up," it didn't sound so bad.
2006-06-04 08:49:48 PM  
You dumbass! Huh huh, huh huh huh.
2006-06-04 08:54:02 PM  
This story exemplifies why there is a "dumbass" tag. Haven't laughed this hard in a while.
2006-06-04 09:01:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"He done blowed it up good Louie!"
2006-06-04 09:02:12 PM  
This story reeks of Hillbilly goodness!

/In Jersey we keep beat up 83-92 camaro's in your yards!
2006-06-04 09:06:38 PM  
It blowed up then he R-U-N-N-O-F-T
2006-06-04 09:13:14 PM  

"May the good Lord take a liking to you and blow you up real good!"
2006-06-04 09:17:36 PM  
That's what happens when you let a man do the laundry.
2006-06-04 09:28:53 PM  
I like getting blowen
2006-06-04 09:38:49 PM  
**sends laundry to LabBunny**
2006-06-04 09:43:47 PM  
If only this happened in FL. Easily could have.
2006-06-04 09:45:46 PM  
2006-06-04 09:45:57 PM  
blown-washed Wranglers?
2006-06-04 09:48:05 PM  

If only this happened in FL. Easily could have.

Minnesota is pretty bad with... uh... things like this.

/not saying that FL isn't but MN is a close second
2006-06-04 09:48:24 PM  
"Warnings are printed all around the washing machine about putting flammable materials the machine."

I am filing a missing prepositions report for a lost IN.
2006-06-04 09:52:14 PM  
you might be a: redneck, half cretinous, sub human, vacuous, idiot, fool, troglodyte with the i.q. of an aglet if you're inclined to wash your clothes...

50% detergent and 50% gasoline makes napalm (gel ignite in Britain)...

i needed a good laugh today...i GOT it

hahahalolhahalolhaha adinfinitum ;>)


///sides ache
2006-06-04 09:57:25 PM  
I've used paint thinner to get tar out of a shirt. I rubbed it on the shirt and let it evaporate though. I wouldn't be dumb enough to pour something flammable in the wash.

/Just a little.
2006-06-04 10:03:49 PM  
There is video of this "news" on the KSTP main page... I got a good laugh out of it but can not figure out how to link it.
2006-06-04 10:09:41 PM  
So, THAT'S how K-Fed keeps his wifebeaters so white and bright!
2006-06-04 10:09:49 PM

just scroll down a bit...
2006-06-04 10:39:28 PM  
How come we don't have a "white trash" tag. Would be appropriate here.

/Darwin missed this time.
2006-06-04 10:44:57 PM  
why do I have an urge to see if gasoline really gets grease stains out now?
2006-06-04 10:51:18 PM  
Johnson works on the transmissions of cars throughout his yard, which neighbors consider to be eyesores and would like removed. They hope the landlord will make some changes.

this last paragraph has pretty much nothing to do with the rest of the "article".

Only thing that crossed my mind was "what an unimpressive afterthought"
2006-06-04 10:54:11 PM  
Bah! I use carburetor cleaner to get the residue out of my coffee maker screen.

Brake-parts cleaner works, too.
2006-06-04 11:11:02 PM  
Anyone else notice the washing machine in the pic is a coin-op machine? They mention a landlord... so this is a multiple family dwelling, eh?

Even better.

Speaking of laundromats... insert speed queen joke here.
2006-06-04 11:38:22 PM  
I believe that gas goes right through a sewer processing facility so this moron has been polluting lakes or whatever his nearest processing facility discharges into for a long, long time.
2006-06-05 12:06:08 AM  
Yup, the last words of a redneck...

/someone else provide the well-known punchline
2006-06-05 09:04:50 AM  
You do get a lot of stupid people in those blue states.
2006-06-05 09:36:25 AM  
"Then they found an ignition source, probably the hot water heater."

Since when did hot water need a heater?
2006-06-05 11:13:57 AM  
My thoughts exactly, mooseyfate.

And Major Thomb sucks fat ones.

2006-06-05 12:30:01 PM  
Anyone else notice the washing machine in the pic is a coin-op machine? They mention a landlord... so this is a multiple family dwelling, eh?

Well, since the old one's been "blowen up", I imagine that is NOT the actual guilty washing machine in question.
2006-06-05 07:44:34 PM  
I wonder if the clothes dryer in the laundry room was gas and if it was running at the time?

/Instant ignition source.
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