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(SFGate)   Hingis prevails over Doughgirl McDimpleskin in French Open (with scary pic of opponent)   (sfgate.com) divider line 37
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2006-05-30 03:06:34 PM

Her father is still very proud of her.
2006-05-30 03:07:35 PM
Yet, submitter would hit it.
2006-05-30 03:11:31 PM
WOW, submitter wasn't kidding. That's a professional tennis player?
2006-05-30 03:14:16 PM
For those too lazy to RFTA:


Yeesh. I thought submitter had to be overstating the case in the headline, but not at all. img.fark.com indeed.
2006-05-30 03:14:59 PM
Yes, she doesn't deserve to be in the tourney because she doesn't meet Farkers' description of beautiful.

/such bullshiat.
2006-05-30 03:16:47 PM
I'd hit it like she's about to hit that ball.
2006-05-30 03:20:03 PM
Lets see what you look like when someone takes an action shot of you playing tennis or any other sport. Your skin does funny things when you are in motion that you might not realize. Especially when your foot impacts with the group.

Remember, it was a picture of Lindsey Lohan walking down the street that made her freak out and go on that crazy coke diet when she didn't need it.
2006-05-30 03:20:12 PM
Can Steriods make you retain water?

/Just asking
2006-05-30 03:20:42 PM
Oops, group=ground.
2006-05-30 03:21:02 PM
Yes, she doesn't deserve to be in the tourney because she doesn't meet Farkers' description of beautiful.

/such bullshiat.

Be honest: those legs are pretty surprising for a professional athlete, aren't they? Because...they're not very athletic.
2006-05-30 03:24:35 PM
Oh, come on darkhorse23. No one's saying the French Open is a beauty contest, but surely Ms. Raymond realizes that she'd be able to get around the court much more easily if she weren't carrying around those extra pounds. Even with the young power-sluggers topping the rankings, women's tennis is still largely about ball placement and being able to outmaneuver your opponent. It's not like the men's game where you basically stand in one place and try to blow a hole through the other guy's racket. She was ousted in the first round anyway, but it's still impressive just to get an invitation to the French Open. Could be interesting to watch her next year if she can drop some weight.
2006-05-30 03:25:59 PM
Doghgirls accompleshments (from her site):
the amazing beginnings

[+] Became first player to win three collegiate Grand Slam titles in a single season (1991/92); 1992 and 1993 NCAA Singles Champion; 1993 national college ranking: No. 1 in singles; received 1993 Honda Award for collegiate tennis; among 1993 Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year finalists; 1992 Volvo Rookie of the Year, 1992 TENNIS Magazine Collegiate Player of the Year; received 1992 and 1993 Broderick Award; No. 5 on the University of Florida's list of its 50 All-Time Greatest Athletes; 1990 TENNIS Magazine Junior of the Year; 1989 and 1990 Maureen Connolly Brinker Award.

[+] Won five U.S. National age group singles and doubles titles as a junior; ranked No. 1 in the U.S. national 18s in 1990.

[+] At the University of Florida, her tennis matches became known as the ' Lisa Raymond tanning hour' because they never lasted more than an hour.

the unfulfilled potential: singles

[+] Named the 1996 World Team Tennis Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year competing for the St. Louis Aces, and the 2001 world team tennis MVP competing for the Philadelphia Freedoms.

[+] Elected to the Sanex WTA Tour Players' Council in 2001.

[+] Inducted into the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame on April 11, 2003.

[+] United States Fed Cup Team 1997-98, 2000, 2002-4.

[+] United States Olympic Team 2004.

among the greatest: doubles

[+] Named ITF World Champion in women's doubles twice: in 2001 partnering Rennae Stubbs, and again in 2005 partnering Samantha Stosur.

[+] Qualified for the season-ending championships in doubles in 1994, 1996, 1998-2002, and 2005.

[+] Won the 2006 Hopman Cup for US partnering Taylor Dent.
2006-05-30 03:26:33 PM
That sure is alot of cellulite for a professional athlete. My thighs aren't perfect, but then again, I don't think I could make a living playing tennis.

/my typing fingers are lean and mean
2006-05-30 03:26:34 PM
Her legs are only surprising for a tennis player because we're used to seeing such thin, muscular women, but there are plenty of strong athletes that don't have picture perfect bodies. What first comes to mind is half of the NFL, they look like couch potatoes, but they have the physical strength to play the game. You have to be in pretty good shape cardi-wise to play tennis so I consider her pretty athletic, no matter what she looks like.
2006-05-30 03:32:48 PM
And DrRatchet brings up another good point. She's not horribly old for a female tennis player, but she's getting up there. She entered UF (Go Gators!) 13 years ago, which would make her somewhere around 30 years old. At some point, it becomes nearly impossible for a female athlete to eat the amount that she needs to in order to maintain her training while keeping the figure of a 20-year-old. Some amount of weight gain is inevitable. Think Janet Evans at her first olympics versus Janet Evans at her last olympics. Still an incredible athlete, but not nearly the physical ideal she embodied as a teen.
2006-05-30 03:49:21 PM
LuLu Columbia [TotalFark]

What first comes to mind is half of the NFL, they look like couch potatoes, but they have the physical strength to play the game.

What they DON'T have is the endurance, which is why Jerome Bettis only played 5 downs per game or so in the end. Can they play? Yes. Can they play well? Maybe. Are they in a team sport instead of a solo one? Yes. Not a very fit analogy, although I see your point.

Still, it is worth mentioning that her body looks like that considering that her career of choice is a very physical sport.
2006-05-30 03:57:25 PM
2006-05-30 03:14:59 PM darkhorse23
Yes, she doesn't deserve to be in the tourney because she doesn't meet Farkers' description of beautiful.

Oh, come on. She doesn't look particularly . . . athletic, does she? Nobody would make a comment about her if she did desk work for a living or worked as a waitress or something, but it's pretty unusual to see a professional athlete--especially in a sport that requires as much fitness as professional tennis--with cottage cheese thighs like that.

People would make similar comments if it was a male tennis player with a huge beer gut. Hell, people make snide remarks about the fact that Phil Mickelson--a farking golfer fer Chrissake--has some man-boobs. And now that I've mentioned him, of course, I have to post one of the classic sports photos of the last few years (which he's in), which gave rise to a Fark photoshop contest a year or so ago:

2006-05-30 04:10:44 PM
Obviously not very many here are athletic.

If you were, you'd realize what gravity does to skin and muscle.

Bunch of fatties on here.
2006-05-30 04:13:04 PM
I bet she could outserve submitter any day of the week.
2006-05-30 04:26:25 PM
I understand your point too Lambeau, but I was trying to say that you can't always judge how healthy someone is by how they look. All through grade school and high school I was pretty stocky, yet I was a soccer player and cheerleader. Even though I was heavy, I was just as strong (if not stronger) than many of the other players and I always played the entire game. It doesn't seem to matter how active and athletic I've been, I've always had cellulite on my legs since I was a kid (not as bad as the picture). On the flip side, I know plenty of thin women who look good, but are far from healthy or strong.

If she can make it through an entire tennis match she's got to be in better shape than most people I know.
2006-05-30 05:04:15 PM
looks like shes biatchubby and retaining a fishtanks worth of water.
2006-05-30 05:07:01 PM
It's not really the legs that bother me.

2006-05-30 05:22:04 PM
2006-05-30 05:58:35 PM
I'm not a doctor, but i went out with a girl in college who had a condition in her legs(and other areas) that looks like this girl. She was very pretty but had extreme varicose veins . She went through some surgeries and other hellish procedures which in the end masked the purple discoloration but left the extreme cellulite looking bubbles on her thighs and butt(age 19). In the end, i was a shallow 20 year old guy who couldnt get past it and moved on. Point is this looks like a condition she has no control over.

/just sayin
2006-05-30 06:41:23 PM
2006-05-30 06:43:22 PM
What this looks like is damning proof that women's tennis is very top-heavy in terms of talent, and that the bottom ranks are filled with players this unathletic. They may as well just invite only the top half of the players and replace the first round matches with "short-skirted grunt-offs" among the sexier women on the tour, since that is exactly what a substantial quantity of people are there for anyways. You can tell them, they're the ones that look like Comic Book Guy and claim that the women play a better game.
2006-05-30 06:50:54 PM
Cellulite appears when there is not enough muscle fiber. I find it odd that a professional tennis player would have that much cellulite.

It isn't a beauty contest though.
2006-05-30 07:50:21 PM

Womens tennis has always been top heavy, or just isn't heavy at all. How do you think Martina Navratilova STILL wins titles? I remember reading a tennis magazine article about how a college player from UCLA beat the #1 female in the world in the 80's routinely. I learned tennis from a pac-10 women's champion and within a year I was taking matches from her.
Why do you think people are begging the Williams sisters to come back to tennis? Because they have more talent and attract bigger crowds than 95% of the womans field even after they've been away for years. Womens tennis is farked.
2006-05-30 07:56:19 PM
As long as we're on the truly important aspects of women's athletics.....

anybody else think the the long-haired Martina is hotter than the short-haired version?
2006-05-30 08:01:19 PM
2006-05-30 09:17:56 PM
She's just insanely out of shape for a tennis player. We know she fits in among the real humans, but we don't expect real humans to play tennis professionally.

\more sharapova needed in thread... any takers?
2006-05-31 02:57:33 AM
As long as we're on the truly important aspects of women's athletics.....

anybody else think the the long-haired Martina is hotter than the short-haired version?

I agree! I wondered if I was the only one who had noticed. She came back better looking than when she left. An, I'm glad to see she's doing well in her comeback. It spices up the tennis circuit.
2006-05-31 06:48:43 AM

//No Sir, I don't like it.
2006-05-31 07:13:09 AM

here's a specimen with less cellulite...
2006-05-31 09:00:53 AM
Funny, funny headline.
2006-05-31 09:39:05 AM
Mutineer: I think she looks kind of cunning, either way.
2006-06-01 01:01:17 PM
i recall seeing her on and off over the past ten years or so...i believe she was a collegiate standout who wasn't quite talented enough to make much impact in the singles, but was a noteworthy doubles player...nevertheless she was definitely more than a journeywoman...she was always a little husky, but definitely much more toned and reasonably attractive in the past...i think she's pretty much in the twilight of her career at this point...
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