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1883 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jun 2002 at 10:29 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-14 02:21:40 PM  
JimJones once again, your mom has great taste:)

And here's something people aren't taking into consideration about salaries of Wings. With Scotty gone, Illitch is going to have a LOT of $$ to play with.
2002-06-14 02:22:50 PM  
How many heads can come out of Clown College's ass?
2002-06-14 02:25:17 PM  
Lakers win: check
Red Wings win: check
Tiger Woods more than likely winning the US Open: check


The single biggest thing I hate about the Red Wings is that for every fan like Sweater Girl, there are about 100 frontrunners who only talk smack about the Wings when they win and hopped on the bandwagon a couple years ago.
2002-06-14 02:25:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I remember this picture after the Roy vs. Vernon fight in 97.

Osgood never drew blood, but I would say that ending the fight on top of Roy infront of the Redwings bench summed that fight up pretty well.
2002-06-14 02:26:12 PM  
SweaterGirl : How about bringing signs to games next year depicting Lemieux as a turtle

or a turtle chant
2002-06-14 02:28:32 PM  
Damn tripod and its crappy image hosting... BTW that was the pic of Roys bloody face after Vernon in 97.
2002-06-14 02:29:19 PM  
I actually miss the days of Denver when Claude was on the team. Back then they had Claude, Ricci, and Forsberg, thus giving them the undisputed title of the ugliest team in hockey.
2002-06-14 02:31:29 PM  
The only thing that could have made the revenge game better is if Kocur and Probert of the 80's were on the team still. Coked up and ready to bludgeon.
2002-06-14 02:36:41 PM  
Albatross :

I'll agree with that. Kocur was fun to watch work someone over. He was never very flashy, but he almost always won.
2002-06-14 02:39:12 PM  
Ah, when we were goons...
2002-06-14 02:47:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Dave Schultz, anyone?
2002-06-14 02:50:07 PM  
Everyone who is in this thread slamming the wings:

1)You can say we're not the true hockeytown... see item 5.
2)You can say we were too rough and took cheap shots ... see item 5
3)You can say we bought the championship...see item 5
4)You can say what you want to degrade the sport or the team/management/owner/fans...
(and yes I use the term "we" because I have supported this team, since the late 80's with my taxes, my tickets and dedicated viewership).
2002-06-14 02:53:04 PM  
Stiffler: I know how you feel...I'm from New England

[Super Bowl Champions, that is]
2002-06-14 02:55:49 PM  
it belongs in toronto because that's where the Hall is. duh.
2002-06-14 03:00:41 PM  
It belongs in Detroit because we're a better team than Toronto. This really isn't that complicated.
2002-06-14 03:01:55 PM  
Theotherrob, et al.

I am aware that Detroit is north of some points in Canada. What I said was SOUTH OF THE BORDER. If Detroit was north of the Canadian border, then it would be in Canada...

See, borders are these imaginary lines that divide countries from each other. Borders are also very rarely straight. For instance, the southern most point of Ontario is actually as far south as the north point of California. Does that mean that Ontario is in California? No. That would be silly. Just like saying 'Detroit is north of Canada'.

Thus endeth the lesson. Canada is still the greates hockey nation on earth. Canada rocks, you silly ass-farkers.
2002-06-14 03:03:49 PM  
Yeah, , that would explain why all the American hockey teams are jumping ship and headed to Canada.

Wait a minute...
2002-06-14 03:04:03 PM  

Heh. The only folks that like the armchair 'I like them only when they are in the playoffs/finals' fans are the vendors:)
2002-06-14 03:04:57 PM  
Bass555: Someday maybe I can type the same note about the lions....but sadly, probably not.
I have to give you credit, I'm a bigger hockey fan than football fan, but its harder to win football championships with a salary cap, let alone upset the 40-1 (*guessing*) favorite!
2002-06-14 03:07:51 PM  

(and yes I use the term "we" because I have supported this team, since the late 80's with my taxes, my tickets and dedicated viewership).

Have any of the millionaire players rewarded your dedication by inviting you over for dinner or taking you with them on their next trip to Europe?

I'm still trying to figure out how I have benefited from my tax dollars being flushed on sports stadiums.
2002-06-14 03:09:13 PM  
Every team gets the bandwagon people when they get good.

And then you have the casual fans who still care but don't go all out when the team is bad.

And then you have me, who continues to watch the Tigers and hope beyond hope that someday.....
2002-06-14 03:10:17 PM  
Detroit did not win the cup. A team based in Detroit that is mostly made up of Canadians and Europeans won the cup.

Hasek = European
Larionov = European
Shanahan = Canadian
Yzerman = Canadian
Federov = European
Hull = Rejected Canadian (too weasely for our country)
Robitaille = Canadian

So much for the 'Detroit' superstars...
2002-06-14 03:11:40 PM  
Yeah, you're right, dragon. If you're not born in a city then YOU CAN'T PLAY THERE!! There oughtta be a law...
2002-06-14 03:12:04 PM  
It's called entertainment, Bevets. By them winning is what we get out of it. It bonds a community.
2002-06-14 03:12:30 PM  
WinnipegDragon I am aware that Detroit is north of some points in Canada. What I said was SOUTH OF THE BORDER. If Detroit was north of the Canadian border, then it would be in Canada...

2002-06-14 03:13:05 PM  
Bevets: I haven't been invited to any players' houses, but I am invited over to one of the Illitch's places to hang out with the cup. So nyah.
2002-06-14 03:13:51 PM  
WinnipegDragon, just because you don't have a team anymore is no reason to be so bitter. Have a Fruit Loop.
2002-06-14 03:15:04 PM  
No, no millionaire athlete has taken me to Europe with them, but my CEO hasn't either, nor has any actor, nor politician or really any millionaire for that matter..
Unfortunately you un-athletic types who sit in front of your screens all day will never see the benefit or experience sports in any way.
I play many organized sports, I enjoy taking my kids to games and therefore I'm happier to see my "tax dollars being flushed on sports stadiums" versus some god damn liberal law to save the african spotted cockroach.

Uh oh... I think I just altered the thread to politics.. sorry.
2002-06-14 03:15:09 PM  

Pat Robertson hasn't invited me on a fancy trip overseas either;)

Seriousl;y though, I'm with JFathers, it does bond the community.
2002-06-14 03:17:43 PM  

All I'm saying is that all Detroit did was put up the cash. Hell, I'm happy they won because of all the good Canadian boys on the team. I just always find it amusing that it becomes an issue of WE won, not OUR TEAM. Get over it, the sport is still dominated by us Canadians. With a total population of only about 28 million, we still produce about half of all the NHL calibre players. Compare that per capita to the US or to any country in Europe.

The roots of hockey are still firmly entrenched in the Great White North, regardless of where the cup is won!
2002-06-14 03:18:26 PM  
06-14-02 03:11:40 PM Funkychuck
Yeah, you're right, dragon. If you're not born in a city then YOU CAN'T PLAY THERE!! There oughtta be a law...

Funny thing is, there used to be regional ownership of players. Back when there were only 6 teams, they would pretty much hold you to drafing players from "your" part of North America, wonder why the Montreal Canadiens had so many French Canadiens and why Toronto, Chicago and Detroit had so many western Canadians, and why Boston had so many eastern Canadians and why the Rangers sucked?

Ahh, the good ol' days..
2002-06-14 03:18:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-06-14 03:18:41 PM  
WinnipegDragonIf Detroit was north of the Canadian border, then it would be in Canada... Canada rocks.

Yeah, if the border were an unswerving straight line. But you see, the funny thing about borders is they kind of follow the shape of the thing they border. When Windsor peeks out under Detroit, so does the Canadian border.

Yes, Canada rocks. And Canada pines, and Canada falls.
2002-06-14 03:19:07 PM  
Sweater Girl: I think that's the first time anyone has ever agreed with my on Fark.

Sniff. (tear slides down cheek)

I was up much to late last night. I need a nap.
2002-06-14 03:19:32 PM  

All kidding aside, Detroit had a kickass team this year. I was happy to see them win. However, yes, losing the Jets sucked. I was born and raised in Toronto though, so I can still live vicariously through the Leafs.

2002-06-14 03:19:36 PM  
Well, seeing as Canada is basically America's largest National Park, I guess I can agree.
2002-06-14 03:21:36 PM  
Yes, hockey was NOT invented by the US, and it IS dominated by canadians. But it seems lately that teams are leaving Canada left and right(quebec, whalers too name a few), and that players (Canadian, Russian etc. ) are playing here...hmmm

Good O'le USA, if you don't have it or didn't invent it, just BUY it.
I love the USA.
2002-06-14 03:23:57 PM  
The Leafs need someone cool headed to help Sundin. If they get that (think Holik), I think they stand a good shot.

Let's get next season started already. I need hockey!!!
2002-06-14 03:23:59 PM  

Thanks for proving my point... I think you were trying to argue with me, but you may be too retarded to understand. Is Detroit in Canada? No. Therefore is North or South of our East/West border at that longitude and latitude?

Think about it...

Careful now...

Don't hurt yourself...

Let me know when you can muddle through the rat infested swamp that is your intellect and come up with an answer.
2002-06-14 03:25:12 PM  

I'm still trying to figure out how I have benefited from my tax dollars being flushed on churches. You know the ones that eat up valuable land and don't pay for it.

I'm still trying to figure out how I have benefited from my oxygen being flushed on Bevets.
2002-06-14 03:25:58 PM  

Touche' However, is that really something to be proud of?
2002-06-14 03:28:28 PM  
I must add too that I hope canada can keep the teams it has left. I would love to see De-town play toronto or Montreal for the cup.
I travel to Toronto every now and then and they are extremely hard on the leafs.. I think every radio station is filled with leaf talk year round usually bashing quin.

Another thing too...rumor has it that Hasek is done and the wings are going for cujo.
2002-06-14 03:28:38 PM  
Besides, the Canada argument is moot. It wasn't invented in Canada, it was adapted from an old Irish game and brought over by English soldiers to Canada where it spread.

And the first professional hockey game was played where? Michigan.
2002-06-14 03:29:16 PM  
ArmyOfFun: If it makes you feel any better, we all get sucked in with arguing with Bevets from time to time. You are not alone.

It's not his fault that imaginary beings tell him how to live his life. He simply was brainwashed as a child. We need to be understanding to those who have suffered.
2002-06-14 03:31:02 PM  
Toronto and Montreal can't ever leave Canada. That just wouldn't be right.

Of course, I said that about hockey in Raleigh too for a while.

I still maintain that the Ducks are a mistake though.
2002-06-14 03:31:56 PM  
The Stanley Cup was not purchsed. Hockey is not a game where you can purchase championships. If that was the case then the New York Rangers would be in the finals every year.

Detroit traded three solid NHL players for three older, veteran NHL players last season. They knew they have to win and they have to win now. Yzerman isn't getting any younger. Even their role players like Draper, McCarty and stuff are getting older. The fact that these guys are older and they gotta pay them more is why their payroll is bloated. But look at the changes for this year:

Martin Lapointe - Luc Robitaille
Slava Kozlov - Brett Hull
Chris Osgood - Dominik Hasek

They made the right trades to win the cup and it worked. Lapointe actually gets paid more than Hull or Robitaille too.

It is not like Colorado who gets a new superstar at the trade deadline every year. (Fluery, Bourque, Kasper, Blake, etc) The Avs should kiss Lindro's butt. It is amazing the number of great players and the value of the picks Philly gave up for the big loser, just the fact that they got Forsberg made that deal a steal.
2002-06-14 03:33:32 PM  
I'm not trying to argue with Bevets. Its pointless arguing with someone so dumb.

I simply hate Bevets. And pray to Satan every night to come take him away.
2002-06-14 03:36:14 PM  
Thank you all for the last thirty minutes or so of riveting posts. Fun was had by all, and no hard feelings. I really don't mind Americans, it's just the overbearing big-brother thing us Canadians get from time to time.

Well done to the Red Wings. Extra kudos to Scotty Bowman (ahem, Canadian). Now I must go back and do some work, lest I be unemployed. Let's do it again sometime, on the next Canada/US thread, perhaps. I miss you all already, and... I love you.

2002-06-14 03:39:21 PM  
2002-06-14 03:39:29 PM  
one more time to beat the soccer post...hehehehe

[image from too old to be available]
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