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(Belper News)   Giant silver orb washes up on beach. Air Force bomb squad, the Coast Guard and the state Department of Health can't identify it   ( ) divider line
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25244 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jun 2002 at 11:42 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-13 11:45:23 AM  
It's a giant gonad. One of a pair, I'd wager.
2002-06-13 11:45:32 AM  
"The bloops have stopped!"
2002-06-13 11:45:36 AM  
Sounds a lot like the Simpson's episode where they discover the 'angel' skeleton.
2002-06-13 11:46:30 AM  
There are numbers on the surface, but no other clues."

Deep sea Bingo?

2002-06-13 11:46:38 AM  
Mulder! Is that you?
2002-06-13 11:46:40 AM  
It's one of those pleasure orbs from "Sleeper".
2002-06-13 11:46:45 AM  
Wow. I guess there are strange things we don't know about in the ocean...

*ponders bomb sent from Atlantis*


[South Carolina Destroyed by Sea Monkey Plague]
2002-06-13 11:47:17 AM  
Oh... there it is... yeaaah, lemme just get that from ya. *picks up red swingline stapler* Thanks a bunch Milton!
2002-06-13 11:47:22 AM  
Just a weather balloon that weighs several hundred pounds. Nothing to see folks. Move along.
2002-06-13 11:47:26 AM  
Jodie Foster unavailable for comment
2002-06-13 11:47:33 AM  
I hate stories that describe something that sounds incredibly interesting to see and then <b>DON'T SHOW ANY F'ING PICTURES</b>.
2002-06-13 11:47:33 AM  
Oh my! It is one of Pamela Anderson's breasts!
2002-06-13 11:47:38 AM  
colonization has begun
2002-06-13 11:48:23 AM  
The Sphere anyone?
2002-06-13 11:48:42 AM  
I hate when articles like these don't have a picture. I want to see, damnit!
2002-06-13 11:48:45 AM  
I was more interested in the woman puts hot baby in oven story....or was it baby in hot oven? Or hot woman is a baby in the oven?
I never can get these things straight.
2002-06-13 11:49:03 AM  
Oprah lost her diaphram?
2002-06-13 11:49:14 AM  
"Mork calling Orson, come in Orson."
2002-06-13 11:49:38 AM  
Poseidon's neuticle?
2002-06-13 11:49:53 AM  
I'll bet the freemasons are behind this.
2002-06-13 11:49:54 AM  
spiffy. wonder if they secured it well in a safe location just in case its a bomb or a "trojan horse"
2002-06-13 11:50:31 AM  
What's up with the ad on the home page of fark.... The one that say TRY THE NEW HOTMAIL the link does not go anywhere.
2002-06-13 11:50:38 AM  
its in Hanger 18
2002-06-13 11:51:08 AM  
Its Cthulus left nut, and boy, is he pissed.
2002-06-13 11:51:42 AM  
Osman bin Laden claims responsiblity for "Orb of Terror." "Stupid Americans have no idea how deadly this, bomb or homing device thing is. Return it to me at once."
2002-06-13 11:51:49 AM  
Hey, just feel lucky, had it been a green orb, we'd really be farked!

(a free arse-kicking to who recognize the reference)
2002-06-13 11:51:50 AM  
There are numbers on the surface, but no other clues.

I told them this 10 000 sided dice thing was a bad idea. Did they listen? Nooooo.....
2002-06-13 11:52:48 AM  
Ok, I'm sick of this...

2002-06-13 11:53:09 AM  
"A bimb?"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-13 11:53:10 AM  
I wonder if it's one of those "pigs" that they run through oil pipelines...
2002-06-13 11:53:10 AM  
how does a metal sphere weighing "several hundred pounds"
"float" to shore?
2002-06-13 11:53:13 AM  
Why did you think a bubble would stop him?

2002-06-13 11:53:18 AM  
Of course nobody seems to have caught.
"About 3 feet in diameter" so it is just a little bigger than an average person could wrap his arms around.
"weighs 'several hunderd pounds' " That would make it pretty dense.

I wonder how people even think this thing can float...
2002-06-13 11:53:31 AM  
06-13-02 11:51:49 AM Padraig
Hey, just feel lucky, had it been a green orb, we'd really be farked!

Are you talking about the Lok-Nar (spelling?) by any chance?
2002-06-13 11:53:34 AM  
I saw this on Johnny Quest... it's the Moai...
2002-06-13 11:53:58 AM  
Watch out if two little blades pop out and it goes whizzing around funeral homes. Ugh. That comment has been stricken from the record.
2002-06-13 11:54:02 AM  
"Numbers" on surface are NCC 1701.
2002-06-13 11:54:34 AM  
2002-06-13 11:54:36 AM  

Congratulation, man! You won a free arse-kicking, ti be administered whenever you like!
2002-06-13 11:54:51 AM  
There are numbers on the surface, but no other clues.

Earth numbers? or Alien Numbers

*Request to Admin/Drew: Insert X-files theme song here*
2002-06-13 11:55:40 AM  
2002-06-13 11:55:45 AM  
The same way a big metal boat does.
2002-06-13 11:55:52 AM  
I can only maintain the facade for so long, Master_Mind, before my powers weaken.

Do I need to CAPITALIZE the b, is that it??
2002-06-13 11:55:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-13 11:56:48 AM  
2002-06-13 11:56:56 AM  
2002-06-13 11:57:10 AM  
For some odd reason this came to mind.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-13 11:57:25 AM  
okay I give up. Can't find actual pictures of this thing anywhere. Why couldn't the lady who found it have a vanity website?
2002-06-13 11:57:26 AM  
Botched Bocci.
2002-06-13 11:57:26 AM  
Oh, bugger!
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