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13270 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 May 2006 at 11:49 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-20 08:18:07 PM

Just this on an emerald background. :)
2006-05-20 08:26:32 PM  
2006-05-20 08:27:26 PM  
2006-05-20 08:29:37 PM  
Clicky for a full size version. That is my laptop, der Apfel. Yes, that is a screenshot of Halo 3.
2006-05-20 08:29:37 PM
2006-05-20 08:30:37 PM
2006-05-20 08:31:33 PM

click for bigger (pops)
2006-05-20 08:36:29 PM

Clicky for full size
2006-05-20 08:40:44 PM  
I need a new wallpaper, and don't make me go searching through deviantART.

Something 1024x768, somewhat darkish in color, no nudity, looking at you Alexis.
2006-05-20 08:40:57 PM
2006-05-20 08:45:49 PM
2006-05-20 08:51:03 PM  
2006-05-20 08:51:15 PM
2006-05-20 08:52:43 PM  
Alexis: Something 1024x768, somewhat darkish in color, no nudity

Oooh, so do I, thanks. Didn't mean to pick you out, just for the no nudity bit, saucy girl you.

*save, apply*
2006-05-20 08:55:21 PM  
oops. i took this to be a "what are you have running on your desktop right now" kinda thing instead of a "what's your wallpaper" thing...
2006-05-20 08:57:39 PM  

From where is that pic? That looks really interesting. May I please have a copy? (gmail in profile)
2006-05-20 08:58:55 PM  
nf plays PokerStars!

Should we meet online sometime, lookup SockPuppet.
2006-05-20 08:59:06 PM

Knoppix 4.0

Old Sorry.
2006-05-20 08:59:20 PM

2006-05-20 09:01:50 PM  

May I have a copy of that pic?

That is Cool.
2006-05-20 09:03:11 PM  
Alexis: Whoa.

Indeed. Polar bear in a snow storm?
2006-05-20 09:05:08 PM  
Flupid Bloroplope

May I ask what OS?

Looks BSDie.
2006-05-20 09:06:25 PM  
Looks BSDie.

Looks like an XP Theme to me.
2006-05-20 09:10:54 PM  
freak-n-geek: May I ask what OS?

Looks BSDie.

WinXP running a custom Windows Blinds theme.
2006-05-20 09:13:43 PM  
I found it at
2006-05-20 09:13:49 PM  
Indeed. Polar bear in a snow storm?

Nah, took me a minute to load the real picture.

Here's another background I really like that I have up on another computer (click for 1024):
2006-05-20 09:14:54 PM  
Just took this picture today. Also, just signed up for TF today. :)

link goes to full size
2006-05-20 09:15:24 PM  
Oh, Jesus... greenlit?

*prays for her Photobucket bandwidth*
2006-05-20 09:16:01 PM

dual screen rules
2006-05-20 09:16:51 PM  
Oh no, this got greenlit..

/always wanted to say that :D
//*love* to airosche
2006-05-20 09:19:02 PM

Haha. I must be new here. Here's the real thumbnail, with a real link to the full size.
2006-05-20 09:20:42 PM

Taken at Sutter Home winery in California.
2006-05-20 09:45:11 PM  

That's a cool website that your comic came from. Thanks for posting it.
2006-05-20 09:56:14 PM
2006-05-20 10:10:34 PM

I have no idea ...
2006-05-20 10:18:49 PM  
charmed1782: That's a cool website that your comic came from. Thanks for posting it.

I feel kind of bad now that the headline is going green. I hope it brings him lots of viewers!

I really enjoy the quirky humor there. :)
2006-05-20 10:25:22 PM  
For everyone else who doesn't want to follow the pic all the way back to the original page:


With my complements.
2006-05-20 10:29:53 PM

I've used this as my background for as long as I can remember. It's humbling, in a way.
2006-05-20 10:39:52 PM
2006-05-20 10:44:42 PM
2006-05-20 10:46:03 PM  
2006-05-20 10:46:35 PM
2006-05-20 11:34:15 PM  
TheKnownUniverse, you put that folder on your desktop just to make my mind wander, didn't you?
2006-05-20 11:47:42 PM
I don't need none of that fancy shmancy wallpaper.
2006-05-20 11:52:51 PM
2006-05-20 11:52:51 PM  
Man I need to clean up a bit.
Click thumbnail for full size.
2006-05-20 11:54:28 PM  
So what were are the odds of a simulpost on a desktop posting thread?
2006-05-20 11:54:48 PM  
Black, it's the new black.
2006-05-20 11:55:29 PM
2006-05-20 11:56:27 PM  
Shadow Blasko

Can you link the original pic for your desktop without the folders? That picture is really damn cute.

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