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(CBS News)   Another big black bear killed by police in NJ. Newark gay community locking their doors just in case the police get confused   ( divider line
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2721 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 May 2006 at 7:53 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-17 09:30:44 PM  
Lisa, I'd like to buy your rock.

/keeps away the tigers
2006-05-17 09:30:54 PM  

Good point. South Jersey: good. North Jersey: gross.
2006-05-17 09:32:41 PM  
jimmy70: It is a shame that over-development has forced the black bear into urban environments. Too bad they couldn't just release the bear into the wild in some other state.

Not really true in this case. There were only 50 or so bears in the state about 20 years ago. Hunting had been banned and the bears slowly (at first) came back. Population exploded about 10 years ago.

/lives in the rural part of the state (yes, it does exist) for 30 years. Never saw a bear until 10 years ago. No, I don't want bears from other parts of the state dropped off in my neighborhood (they used to release them within a few miles of my house).
2006-05-17 09:34:26 PM  
TerminalEchoes: New Jersey is only good for one thing: it's a fine place for New York to dump its trash.

I've lived in Phoenix. Moving back to Jersey was an improvement, douchebag.
2006-05-17 09:40:56 PM  
Yeah, maybe for North Jersey. Don't get South Jersey involved...we're a totally different state from dem north "joisey" people.

This part of the state would have fought for the South if it had the chance.

/hate south jersey
//used to live in north jersey
///live in nyc now
////nj can go to hell
2006-05-17 09:44:36 PM

2006-05-17 10:23:40 PM

Save the cozy bears
2006-05-17 10:36:04 PM  
"We're here! We're queer! We don't want anymore bears!"

//jk, I know it's not obscure
///seriously, obscure?
////not serious
2006-05-17 10:49:02 PM  
LOL @ simpsonfan's post
2006-05-17 10:54:30 PM  
Look out Ned he's coming right at us!!
2006-05-17 11:33:04 PM

2006-05-17 11:52:09 PM  
Because black bears are SO agressive! That's why so many people are mauled and attacked by black bears when they visit state and national parks. I mean, I was mauled over the weekend while I was backpacking in the Guadalupe Mountains of Texas!

People are so stupid. You move to the wilderness, the wilderness still exists in spite of your presence. Deal with it or move away.
2006-05-18 01:38:09 AM  
Headline almost cost me a keyboard!!
2006-05-18 02:02:36 AM

yes plz.
2006-05-18 05:09:05 AM
2006-05-18 08:22:09 AM  

/mmm bears
2006-05-18 10:18:55 AM  
"Good point. South Jersey: good. North Jersey: gross."

TerminalEchoes: Methinks you are confusing 'North Jersey' with 'that shiathole strip along Route 95'. The best part of New Jersey is the section north of Route 80, and west of Route 287. Try visiting Sussex County sometime.
2006-05-18 10:42:34 AM  
"Retards keep moving closer and closer to the boundary between wild and urban, then they're surprised when the two areas begin to mingle, and the first reaction is to kill. And by retards, I mean humans"

2006-05-18 10:49:31 AM

They better not get the Fridge by mistake. No one's seen him in a while...
2006-05-18 01:29:02 PM  
Fridge was present during the most recent Lingerie Bowl. He is alive, well, and thoroughly chunky. You should see how he plows (through) the ladies.

/Awwww, yeah.
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