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(Fort Frances Times)   Man that beat off a bear wishes to remain anonymous   ( divider line
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15841 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 May 2006 at 6:05 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-15 06:46:25 PM  
So so beautiful. I wish I was this creative, submitter.
2006-05-15 06:47:21 PM  
lbthepdd --I'm not sure went over very well...
2006-05-15 06:51:42 PM
2006-05-15 06:52:17 PM  
Wanted by Sheriff Lobo for questioning:
2006-05-15 06:54:46 PM  
Is this thread useless without pics?

/just askin'
2006-05-15 07:06:42 PM
2006-05-15 07:08:45 PM
2006-05-15 07:09:58 PM  
damn you, Theaetetus
2006-05-15 07:10:38 PM  

is that Abe from Clone High?
2006-05-15 07:12:31 PM  
Unavailable for comment,
2006-05-15 07:39:07 PM
We all know who did it.
2006-05-15 08:03:25 PM  
Shadow Fairy: I bet it was Kevin from Kids in the Hall.

Hahaha, I LOVE that skit!

/KITH geek
2006-05-15 08:17:48 PM  
lollers at submitter
2006-05-15 08:28:06 PM  
I suppose it's alright as long as the bear consented.
2006-05-15 09:08:29 PM  
That is too Farking Funny. Great job mitter.
2006-05-15 09:18:09 PM  
funny sh*t!
2006-05-15 09:34:49 PM  

Wow. Looks like it's bearied in, to the hilt.


Honestly, I'd rather do an actual bear.
2006-05-15 09:57:24 PM  
So again I ask, why would the link to the article go to the Fort Francis, ON paper (think north of, uhmmmm... Minneapolis) for an incident that occured in Quesnel, BC (think north of Idaho - way farking north). Neither is what you would consider a major metroplis, and certainly not a media hub. but classic headline, submitter.

Consumed too much liquor with a group of RCMPer's in Quesnel one time. Then we grabbed a 12 pack and drove...yes drove... to Williams LAke where we got rowdy. Good times. Oh, then we bought another dozen and drove home.
2006-05-15 10:03:03 PM  
BearToy if you made that, bravo
2006-05-15 10:50:15 PM  
I've been to Quesnel once(pronounced Kwen-Ell)on a fishing trip in 2001 (on the way to Babine Lake, BC [east of Smithers, BC]). There are as many goddam bears up there as are beavers and fish. If that RCMP didn't have a shotgun, I shure as shiat don't see how 2 dogs were going to help him on a daily jog. He Farked up by not getting the bear reports.
2006-05-15 10:50:36 PM  
It was good.
2006-05-15 11:14:43 PM  
Wow, my reply to BearToy gets deleted but plenty of the other off-topic shiat doesn't? I'll bet you $10 that if I were still shelling out $5 a month for TotalFark, it wouldn't have been deleted. What a crock of shiat.
2006-05-15 11:35:01 PM  
2006-05-16 12:15:49 AM  
A police account of the incident suggests the officer kicked the bear after it began to threaten one of the dogs.

Sorry, but I ain't bigger than a bear...or stupid enough to kick one.

In this case, your bear wants dog--and it can have them. Shiat, I'd even give him a toothpick for afterwards.
2006-05-16 12:40:36 AM  
Hey, mods, none of them were 'redx-ing' before. Vaguely suspicious. You guys have a thing for Kissyfur?
2006-05-16 02:37:18 AM  
they must have noticed because now it says he beat AWAY a bear. DAMN YOU, INTERNETS
2006-05-16 02:44:22 AM  
thamike: Hey, mods, none of them were 'redx-ing' before. Vaguely suspicious. You guys have a thing for Kissyfur?

2006-05-16 03:48:02 PM  
Now we know where Captain Canuck has got himself to...
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