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(Pravda)   Was the Kursk wrecked by a foreign submarine?   ( divider line
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7093 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jun 2002 at 3:45 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-12 09:36:16 AM  
2002-06-12 09:46:51 AM  
That's better. (original title was all caps you see)
2002-06-12 10:20:53 AM  
I know, the buttwipe that submits theses things puts everything in upper case, every time.

Re: the article, is it just me or does it not make much sense and not just 'get to the point'? It seems like too much effort to understand what he's trying to say.
2002-06-12 12:00:09 PM  
Pravda is only a little bit less reliable than the WWN, but quite a bit less respectable. I guess it comes from being the state propaganda mouthpeice for so many years.

I like pancakes. Does anyone else like pancakes?
2002-06-12 12:44:26 PM  
Sheesh! Is that a Babelfish translation? There too many are sentences sense no make that.

Besides that, I thought that it was determined that the new fuel mixture used in the torpedos was to blame, that the Russians had officially dropped the pretense that a western submarine had rammed the Kursk. Of course, that was what the BBC said, and given the choice between believing the BBC and this inarticulate Russian story....
2002-06-12 03:48:40 PM  
I thought it was the CSM. The sub had black oil on it.
2002-06-12 03:51:33 PM  
Yes , according to the Russians it was.
2002-06-12 03:52:01 PM  
I tought it was the 'screen door' problem
2002-06-12 03:52:13 PM  
it was written by a babbling conspiracy schitzo, then translated by babelfish from Russian to Spanish then into English.
2002-06-12 03:53:12 PM  
My intelligence sources have discovered that the Kursk sank because there was water on the inside and I guess that's bad for a submarine (or so I'm told...I think it's a conspiracy really). Frolixo...I've got the pie...are you coming over?
2002-06-12 03:53:33 PM  
Answer: No.
2002-06-12 03:56:43 PM  
"Was this article translated by an Indian interpreter trained
in China?"

Jaysus, that was a tough read. I see PeterNorth already pointed that out, but its worth saying again.
2002-06-12 03:56:48 PM  
[Quote from TexasSkeptic]Sheesh! Is that a Babelfish translation? There too many are sentences sense no make that.[/Quote from TexasSkeptic]

Beat me to it.. I was only able to get through the first 2 paragraphs and I had to stop reading for fear of having to get my Sylvan Learning Center books out.
2002-06-12 03:56:51 PM  
anyone who doesnt realize that the Kursk crash was caused by aliens is just fooling themselves.
2002-06-12 03:56:53 PM  
A torpedo explosion sank the Kursk. One of the missiles leaked hydrogen peroxide, which is used in its fuel system. It's usually safe but was found to react violently with the metal inside the torpedo. This set off a further explosions.

Hydrogen peroxide was used in some British torpedos fifty years back. It was stopped after we had a submarine disaster because of the chemical.
2002-06-12 03:57:54 PM  
yes yes, torpedo explosion, thats just what they want you to think. open your eyes.
2002-06-12 03:59:21 PM  
"torpedo explosion"

(start innuendo here)
2002-06-12 04:04:16 PM  
Abre los ojos!
2002-06-12 04:11:05 PM  
I think this belongs here, not in the Hiroshima thread:

06-12-02 04:02:50 PM Logweasel
This is kind of old news. British researchers did an in-depth review and determined that a practice torpedo with an experimental battery exploded - it was powered by hydrogen peroxide, which is quite volatile. Russia's naval chief admitted in February that this was the most likely scenario and that investigations following the accident had revealed "serious violations by both Northern Fleet chiefs and the Kursk crew." The Kursk had for years gone to sea with both its emergency antennae and buoy incapacitated, he said.
2002-06-12 04:12:11 PM  
Och, yer all a buncha bleedin' idjits,
twas Nessie sank that fookin' sub
sure enough. Slainte. Idjits.
2002-06-12 04:13:41 PM  
Had there been such a collision, we would have heard about it. You can't keep secrets like that when over 100 men would have been on the offending submarine. Not possible- you would have had a cook or something squealing.

The Russians are just desperate to keep their people from realizing that the parts of their military that still exist are in poor shape.
2002-06-12 04:14:18 PM  
There are seismological records that show two explosions occuring at around the time the Kursk sank, one vastly bigger then the other, the first was probably caused by a hydrogen peroxide (HTP) leakage in one of the torpedos. This happened before as CCG said on a British sub when one of the torpedo engines was turned on without the torpedo being submerged in water; this caused it to overheat, rupturing pipes, HTP then drips onto copper pipes releasing hydrogen gas. The gas "burst" the torpedo, a fire breaks out and within a few minutes all of the torpedos go off. The Kursk was so big and powerful that any other sub colliding with it would have been worse off.

more info from the BBC
2002-06-12 04:14:37 PM  
(it was a joint effort of the trilateral commission, FEMA, the illuminati and the globalist cabal of luciferians, headed by the bush family, that sank the sub. i'm typing in all lowercase inside of parentheses because that stops their infernal editing rays from changing my ascii text)
2002-06-12 04:19:33 PM  
Yes, it was attacked by an ancient race which previously inhabited the Ural Mountain area, but now live on the bottom of the ocean. And they want their map back, dammit.
2002-06-12 04:20:34 PM  
I think the masons were involved
2002-06-12 04:25:16 PM  
This article is so poorly written its ridiculous. Russians can't keep their subs together and their education system is falling apart too. but hey, they've got somewhat cheaper oil!
2002-06-12 04:25:42 PM  
Masons no Aliens yes!
2002-06-12 04:34:41 PM  
An Iceberg? Perhaps that is what they want us to think? You know, they (Russia) have their mind controlling satelites flying around us....
2002-06-12 04:36:48 PM  
"Had there been such a collision, we would have heard about it. You can't keep secrets like that when over 100 men would have been on the offending submarine. Not possible- you would have had a cook or something squealing."

Plus any Western sub that collided with it most likely would have sunk. An Oscar class sub is a huge, double hulled missile sub. All US subs are single hulled.
2002-06-12 04:40:27 PM  
It was a collision with a submarine coloured yellow.
Damn those pesky beatles paul and ringo must be shot!
2002-06-12 04:45:42 PM  
This article is smoke-and-mirrors crap. Someone wanting their 15 minutes of fame, grabs a microphone.

The cool part about the Kursk was the torpedos themselves. The Russians have reportedly developed a "rocket" torpedo, that forms a cavitation chamber in front of it (possibly by rechanneling some of the rocket exhaust forward, to form a gas cavity ahead of the torpedo, so it is almost flying in air, underwater), that will travel underwater in a straight line, at 250 mph, with a range of 7-8 miles! YEOW!
2002-06-12 04:51:47 PM  
God, what a tedious article.
2002-06-12 04:53:37 PM  
As AnyName points out, the OscarIII class is a giagantic sub - it's as big as a WW-II US Navy "Jeep Carrier" (small 4-6 aircraft-carrying flattops used to escort convoys).

This gets brought up in rec.aviation.military and sci.military.naval from time to time, usually posited by conspiracy-happy, west-hating Russians who are ironically enough posting from either the U.S. or Canada (the same three yokels, over and over).

Fact: There was a training accident involving ridiculously volatile torpedo fuel within the torpedo room itself. The accident was caused by either poor maintenance or badly trained crewmen, both of which are endemic to the Russian Navy these days. Result: a sudden, uncontrollable fire, followed quickly by the near-simultaneous detonation of all of the torpedos within that section. It is likely that few, if any, survived longer than a few hours. Period, end of story.

All else is tinfoil-hat nonsense brought up by ultra-nationalists unable to admit that their military is capable of mistakes.
2002-06-12 04:58:48 PM  
06-12-02 04:53:37 PM FlightDeck
All else is tinfoil-hat nonsense brought up by ultra-nationalists unable to admit that their military is capable of mistakes.

Boy, if I were trolling, that comment would be easy to use.

Ahh, what the heck. Sure sounds like some people in this country, too.
2002-06-12 05:00:29 PM  
This story, its permise, content and prose, is proof that the Russian vodka industry has recovered.
2002-06-12 05:02:16 PM  
"premise", and i'll have another, thank you.
2002-06-12 05:04:04 PM  
Another seabreeze for me as well.

Oh, wait, that was insenstive. Make
it a screwdriver.
2002-06-12 05:12:49 PM  
The volitile fuel was actually ROCKET FUEL that powers their advanced super-speed torpedo called the Shkval, or the Squall in English. This is a revolutionary technology that the Russians are WAY ahead of us developing. When the Kursk went down there were actually Chinese observers on a nearby ship. This was a demonstration for them because they are buying these torps. Further development and deployment of these torps could easily cause our entire navy to become obsolete. Read the article at (scientific american) from the May 2001 issue. There is a ton more info out there that all points to a pretty serious Russian coverup. For example, the kursk was actually raised recently. Unfortunately they took unbelievable efforts to freekin saw off the entire bow section and leave in on the bottom. This section of the boat would have obviously shown that the accident was caused by an internal explosion leading to a catastrophic hull breach implosion. Nevermind the fact that we had a spy sub very nearby that recorded the entire incident and pretty much proves that this is what happened. The russians were screaming the second boat theory from the start. It is pretty silly
2002-06-12 05:16:52 PM  
From another article on the same site:

"More than a month later, the weekly "Version" and then Lenta.Ru, which cooks information hamburgers, decided to ask themselves the same questions as ourselves."

Information hamburgers... mmmmmmmmm...
2002-06-12 05:50:29 PM  
Jbrooks544: I've seen articles in pop-science mags on "cavitation" and its potential in high-velocity underwater travel since, well since hydrofoils came out in the late 1960's. The U.S. and U.K. should have at least thirty years of ToP s3kret supersonic torpedo technology squirreled away that we're not letting on about, don'cha think?
2002-06-12 05:55:25 PM  
The Omen, no I am not coming over, but Tallfarm is.
2002-06-12 06:10:18 PM  
Probably not, if someone did hit it, you would hope they would have had the decency to leave a note.
2002-06-12 06:13:47 PM  
What I heard is that Sean Connery hijacked it and was going to give it to the Americans, so they actually blew up another Russian sub, and then the diplomat said, "don't tell me you've lost another submarine," and the one guy wanted to live in Montana with a fat wife.

That's what I heard.
2002-06-12 06:16:34 PM  
My submission from Cosmiverse said it was a really friendly whale that did it.
2002-06-12 06:18:06 PM  
Info on the rocket torpedo --
2002-06-12 06:39:43 PM  
Answer: No, it wasn't.
2002-06-12 07:20:48 PM  
i second the alien intervention hypothesis

didn't y'all see:
[image from too old to be available]

2002-06-12 08:12:35 PM  
pravda = propaganda
fark pravda!!!
2002-06-12 08:24:04 PM  

Never said the US military doesn't make mistakes. That doesn't even remotely enter into this. Care for another vodka-and-strawman martini?


Anyway, my point stands. RuNavy suffered a loss. Either they were screwed by physics (breakdown of seals or fittings in the torpedo) or stupidity (conscripts mishandling weapon), and that's pretty much it.

The still-wanna-be-Soviet foil hat brigade can go sit in a can of lukewarm borscht. There'd be pieces of NATO sub all over the ocean if they'd hit one. Further, the Kursk would still be afloat.

Hey, here's one for you - if the Russian military was so sure a western (and we all know they mean "U.S." when they say "western") submarine was responsible, why did they raise the sail section - and use UDTs to destroy the forward section? You know, the one that would've had to have struck something to have filled with water and sunk?
2002-06-12 08:39:07 PM  
That has definately been on Fark before.
i dont buy it, stupid russians probably replaced their oxygen with vodka.
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